Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who is the Ancestry Insider?

There is a new genealogy blog called the The Ancestry Insider. Fittingly, it has a green coloring (at least for now). The description reads:

"The unofficial, unauthorized view of the big four genealogy and family history websites:,,, and Since the parent companies of these sites rarely publicly comment on ANYTHING, there's a big need for an unofficial outlet. I'll be upfront in saying I'm sympathetic to the problems faced by these companies. If you have an inside scoop send it to Your identity will remain completely confidential."

This blog has been online since 3 April. There are some very interesting posts
in the Archives.

I look forward to reading everything the Insider posts, and I've added it to my list in bloglines.

Thanks to Chris Dunham for his post providing a link. I notice that Hugh Watkins found the Insider on the first day of operation - he left a comment!

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