Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Some Celebrity Family Trees

I ran across the web site while clicking through my Bloglines list today, and digging down a bit I found that they have a decent list of family trees articles (or at least family lines) of many celebrities, including:

* The Addams Family's Carolyn Jones: A Descendant of Geronimo?

* The Bewitching Family Tree of Elizabeth Montgomery

* Eva Longoria: The Roots of a Desperate Housewife

* The Family of Mysterious Lizzie Borden

* The Family Tree of Anna Nicole Smith

* The Family Tree of Roseanne Barr

* A Glimpse at Bill Cosby's Virginia Roots

* Jack Albertson's Kinship to Cloris Leachman and Sharon Stone

* A Look at Tori Spelling's Family Tree

There are many more, of course.

The site also has some research tip articles - included with the celebrity stuff at


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