Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Night Fun - the Genealogue collection

For Saturday Night Fun this week, I want you to go to The Genealogue blog at and tell me the funniest post you found there.

To help you, you could click on the A Few Favorites link to see Chris's favorites, or on the Top Ten Lists to find a Letterman-like list. If you're pressed for time, click on the Random Post link.

If nothing else, we'll drive Chris's traffic up for a day or two! I'm taking a big risk here - that you'll go there and not come back to play the game here. You vill kum bock, won't you?

Have fun...and please come back and post what you thought was the funniest post you read.


  1. OK The funniest has to be the Top Ten Signs Your Genealogical Society Is in Trouble.

  2. This has always been my favorite...

  3. I love his "Dinner with the Dunhams" AND his 6 word biographies. Of course the Top Tens are great, too. We always knew genealogy was fun, but Chris makes sure it's funny as well.

  4. "Dinner at the Dunhams" for me too
    because of my Dunham connection. The exchange between Deacon John and Samuel made me laugh out loud!

  5. All the Genealogue Exclusives! What would we do without him?)