Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your Genealogy Database Statistics

Hey genea-philes - it's Saturday Night!  Time for more Genealogy Fun!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  If you have your family tree research in a Genealogy Management Program (GMP), whether a computer software program or an online family tree, figure out how to find how many persons, places, sources, etc. are in your database (hint:  the Help button is your friend!).

2)  Tell us which GMP you use, and how many persons, places, sources, etc. are in your database(s) today in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or in a Facebook status or Google+ stream comment.

Here's mine:

I use RootsMagic 4 at present for my Genealogy Management Program of choice.  In File > Properties this window popped up:

The information in this window says my current database has:

*  People: 41324
*  Families:  16331
*  Events: 107906
*  Alternate names: 377
*  Places: 4839
*  Sources: 686
*  Citations: 22917
*  Repositories: 65
*  To-do tasks: 4
*  Multimedia items: 9
*  Multimedia links: 8
*  Addresses: 1
*  Correspondence: 0

If I do this in other programs, the process is:

*  Family Tree Maker 16 (and earlier):  Tools > Family File Statistics
*  Family Tree Maker 2008 (and later):  in "Plan" workspace, click "More" button
*  Legacy Family Tree 7: Help > General Information

*  Ancestry Member Tree:  Select your tree, then click on "Tree Pages," and select "Tree Overview."

While I use each of these programs, the only program file that is "up-to-date" is my RootsMagic 4 database.


  1. Randy
    Am very glad you are sharing how to do different things with RM. I love the property list, as this helps me clean up dups of events, citations and people.I do the property list after a day of cleaning and working in my database. Have several databases, one is a book only, paternal and maternal line in one database, and then my children's father line in another database.

    Enjoyed your talking a WI bout historical society, which is one of my favorite places to do research. I love the stacks. I use their online catalog before going to make sure they have what I am looking for. Have friends who had some interesting stories to tell about WI Dells and other places around Madison, on one of our several research trips.

  2. Legacy Deluxe Edition
    Number of Individuals: 24,978
    Number of Families: 8,667
    Unique Surnames: 4,661
    Master Source Entries: 3,034

    Was just curious if people with a large number of individuals in their databases are experiencing any problems such as slowdowns, problems uploading large GEDCOMs to websites, etc. I've been debating if splitting is the way to go, or not.

  3. Karen,

    With large databases the quality differences between applications become readily apparent, but most applications will handle your medium size database just fine.
    Many reviews I wrote feature importing a 100k INDI GEDCOM, and it is surprising how many applications fail to import it.
    This year, I developed the fan value as a single number indicative of the largest database an application can import, handle and export again.
    If you check the table in that article, you'll see that you need an application with fan value 15 or more.

    In my personal experience, Legacy has a practical limit of a bit more than a quarter million individuals.
    I still have a 32-bit machine to run it on, but it takes hours and eventually fails to import the GEDCOM for my database :-(

    - Tamura

  4. Using FTM 16:
    People - 4,483
    Marriages - 1,292
    Generations - 13
    Surnames - 903
    Places - 735
    Sources - 842
    Media - 743

    On interesting stat: average lifespan - 62

    Thanks for reminding me. I haven't checked my stats for awhile:)

  5. Thanks for tonight's challenge, Randy. I found it interesting to compare my statistics in FTM and TNG. I've posted my findings here:

  6. Using FTM2009:

    People: 1845
    Marriages: 623
    Generations: 11
    Surnames: 476

    Clearly, I'm volunteering more than I am recording my own research :) Must do something about that!

  7. I did mine on Reflections, here is the link:


  8. RM4 - My favourite program.
    People 8066
    Families 2410
    Events 15334
    Alternate names 326 (many nicknames!)
    Places 4218
    Citations 10174
    Lots to do still!
    Cheers, Celia

  9. My primary family tree is online at
    People = 11,922
    People with hints = 1385
    Photos = 1615
    Stories = 153
    Records = 29,419
    Comments = 21
    Audio = 0
    Videos = 0

  10. I've blogged my results:

  11. Thanks for the mission. Here is mine:

  12. Here's mine, Randy:

  13. Hi Randy, I use RootsMagic as well and have the following:
    People: 8561
    Families: 2795
    Events: 17603
    Alternate Names: 61
    Places: 1711
    Sources: 1397
    Citations: 22644
    Repositories: 67
    To do Tasks: 50
    Multimedia Items: 2
    Multimedia links: 1
    Addresses: 11
    Correspondence: 17
    And posted to my Genealogy By Ginger Blog

  14. Using Legacy 7.5
    You can find mine at

  15. Thanks, Randy.
    I needed this check on my progress between TNG (last upload, May 2011) and RootsMagic 4 (current). My blog post is at

  16. I've finally risen to one of your challenges due to a quiet Sunday downunder.

    I've enjoyed reading the comments and blog posts. Thanls all.

    Here is the link to my blog post:

  17. Hi Randy,

    I use RM4 as my DGP for the KEMP one-name study and publish online using TNG (

    * People: 91380
    * Families: 29076
    * Events: 124258
    * Alternate names: 1387
    * Places: 13950
    * Sources: 2020
    * Citations: 264613
    * Repositories: 48
    * To-do tasks: 216
    * Multimedia items: 382
    * Multimedia links: 439
    * Addresses: 126
    * Correspondence: 15

  18. I use Ancestry's online tree as my main Genealogy Management Program. I have 5 trees:
    My father's (Irish side)
    People: 4120
    Photos: 3136
    Stories: 805
    Records: 6711
    Comments: 139

    My mother's maternal line:
    People: 5157
    Photos: 1193
    Stories: 403
    Records: 6820
    Comments: 149

    My mother's paternal line:
    People: 3615
    Photos: 2322
    Stories: 330
    Records: 4150
    Comments: 142

    My son's father's line:
    People: 3723
    Photos: 726
    Stories: 373
    Records: 2797
    Comments: 33

    My husband's tree:
    People: 3246
    Photos: 1243
    Stories: 197
    Records: 2655
    Comments: 108

  19. The Master Genealogist produces the following report when I click File\Project Summary:

    Project Summary

    The Project Summary topic in the File menu gives you statistical information about your current project. You can use the Filter to look at all data sets in the project, or at each data set individually.

    Data type Records Avg/Person
    People 4105 ----
    Names 5883 1.43
    Events 8909 2.17
    Witnesses 11292 2.75
    Places 1436 0.35
    Relationships 4976 1.21
    Citations 15121 3.68
    Sources 350 1.10
    Repository Links 77 1.02
    Repositories 23 0.01
    Exhibits 31 0.01
    Research Tasks 235 0.06
    Timeline Locks 20 0
    Tag Types 332 0.08
    Source Elements 148 0.04
    DNA Fingerprints 18 ----

  20. I posted mine last night at

  21. I use Family Tree Maker 2011 and following are the statistics:
    people - 5279
    marriages - 1315
    file size - 36,550 KB
    generations - 22
    surnames - 1062
    avg lifespan - 61.4
    earliest birth - 1320
    most recent birth - 2009
    places - 3048
    sources - 170 (way too low)
    media (717) mostly census pictures

    My tree:
    5645 people
    311 photos
    274 stories
    2518 records

  22. I use TMG:
    People: 5594
    Events: 14902
    Witnesses: 22168
    Places: 1274
    Sources: 1051
    Citations: 18362
    Repositories: 138
    Multimedia items: 12

  23. I only wish FTM could easily show me the number of sources. It just shows source groups.

  24. Good exercise. I figured out how to get the number of sources, just by changing to All citations on the Source screen. It will be interesting to see what the stats look like in a year.