Monday, December 21, 2009

Megan's List

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak has written Name Game: Celebrities Have Nothing on the Rest of Us on the Huffington Post blog. Yes - it has ... funny names from the census.

For instance - Prince Charming, Toothless Widow, Sacred Heart and Mustard Mustard. Read all of Megan's article - a nice list with many unique names.

Of course, funny names in the census are not new... check out:

1) Chris Dunham on The Genealogue has --

* Censuswhacking for Halloween
* Censuswhacking in England
* Yet More Censuswhacking
* Even More Censuswhacking
* More Censuswhacking
* Censuswhacking in America
* Censuswhacking and Other British Diversions

2) I have posted on Genea-Musings --

* What Were Their Parents Thinking?
* Census Whacking #1
* More Census Whacking - PG Rating
* More Census Whacking - Strange or Funny Names
* Census Whacking - Famous Names
* More Census Whacking - Strange but True Names
* "Different" Occupations in the 1880 Census
* More Christmas "Characters"
* Valentine Censuswhacking
* Funny Names in the Census - St. Patrick's Day Edition
* If Mary April Married Claude Fool...She Would be Mary April Fool!
* Berry People in the Census
* Census Whacking on St. Patrick's Day

Great - now I have more material for my Genealogy is Fun! Seriously! talk. Thanks, Megan!

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