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RootsTech 2016 Conference Blog Compendium - UPDATED!

This is a blog compendium for RootsTech 2016 related posts.  I am trying to capture all of the blog posts about RootsTech 2016 here. I am not including press release blog posts of a general interest nature.

 If I have not included your blog posts, please let me know in Comments to this post and I will be glad to add them.

1)  Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings blog:

*  I'm Ready to Explore the RootsTech 2016 Expo Hall (3 February 2016)
*  My Day at the Family History Library - 2 February 2016 (3 February 2016)
*  Day One at RootsTech 2016 (3 February 2016)
*  My Day 2 at RootsTech 2016 - Part 1: Activities (4 February 2016)
*  My Day 2 at RootsTech 2016 - Part 2: Photos (4 February 2016)
*  RootsTech News: TapGenes Wins First Place of 2016 Innovator Showdown (5 February 2016)
*  My Day 3 at RootsTech 2016 - Photos (5 February 2016)
*  My Day 3 at RootsTech 2016 - Activities (6 February 2016)
*  My Day 4 at RootsTech 2016 - Photos (6 February 2016)
*  My Day 4 at RootsTech 2016 - Activities (6 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 Highlight - MyHeritage Party Slide Show (8 February 2016)
*  My Day 4 at RootsTech 2016 - The Geneabloggers After-Party (8 February 2016)
*  Tuesday's Tip: Watch RootsTech 2016 Videos on YouTube (9 February 2016)
*  DearMYRTLE YouTube Videos About RootsTech 2016 (9 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 Keynote and Class Videos Available on (10 February 2016)
*  12 Takeaways from the RootsTech 2016 Conference (10 February 2016)

2)  James Tanner on Genealogy's Star blog:

*  #RootsTech 2016 -- Innovators Summit Keynote now on YouTube  (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 -- Genealogy, Genetics and the Next Generation (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 -- Innovators Summit -- A Case for Immutable Data (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 -- Innovators Summit Semi-Finalists Showdown (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 -- Innovators Summit -- BYU The Cutting Edge (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 Day #2 -- Innovator's Summit Impressions (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 -- Salt Lake Survival Guide (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 -- Tough challenges which need automated solutions (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 -- Innovator Summit Finalists Announced (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 Day Three (for me) Checking in and tying to keep up (4 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 Innovator Summit Keynote Ken Krogue (4 February 2016)
*  #RoosTech2016 - Keynote Speakers (4 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 My Experience So Far (5 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech2016 Trying to Keep Up (6 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 Day Five (for me) The beginning of the end (6 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 is now over (6 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 Keynote Speaker Videos (6 February 2016)
*  Genealogy at Warp Speed (7 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 Still More Videos (7 February 2016)
*  Highlights of the MyHeritage Party at #RootsTech 2016 (9 February 2016)
*  Changes in #RootsTech 2016 Conference from previous years (9 February 2016)

3)  authors on the FamilySearch blog:

*  DIY Marketing Guerilla Strategies  by Maggie Stevens (3 February 2016)
Get a Peak Into What’s Coming with Innovator Summit Keynote Speakers by Debra Woods (3 February 2016)
*  Partner Town Hall with FamilySearch Executives by Lynn Broderick (3 February 2016)
*  Stiff Competition at the 2016 RootsTech Innovator Showdown Semi-Finals by Debra Woods (3 February 2016)
*  State Archives and Libraries: Free Online Resources by Diane Sagers (4 February 2016)
*  Innovator’s Summit: Marketing Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank by Jan Meyer (5 February 2016)
*  David Isay—Recording America’s Stories by Steve Anderson (6 February 2016)
*  Naomi and Josh Davis of Love—Sharing Stories of Their Life by Trice Boenens (5 February 2016)
*  U.S. Census Record Secrets Revealed! by Debra Woods (5 February 2016)
*  TapGenes Wins First Place of 2016 Innovator Showdown by Paul G. Nauta (5 February 2016)
*  Paula Williams Madison: My Chinese—Jamaican Legacy by Steve Anderson (5 February 2016)
*  Bruce Feiler Teaches Us We are All Story Tellers by Steve Anderson (5 February 2016)
*  Giving Life to Journals with by Debra Woods (6 February 2016)
*  Michael Leavitt and Doris Kearns Goodwin Encourage Us to Tell Our Stories by Diane Sagers (6 February 2016)
*  Facebook and Family History—What a Match! by Christine Armstrong (9 February 2016)
*  Entrepreneurship: Validation Precedes the Money by Maggie Stevens (9 February 2016)

4)  James Tanner on the Rejoice, and Be Exceeding Glad blog:

*  #RootsTech 2016 -- What's new and What's hot (3 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech 2016 Day Three (for me) Summing up so far (4 February 2016)
*  Dramatic Changes in LDS Family History Announced at #RootsTech 2016 (7 February 2016)

5)  Diane L. Richard on the Upfront with NGS blog:

*  Rootstech Keynote Speaker Paula Williams Madison's personal Afro-Chinese-Jamaican journey (3 February 2016)
*  Rootstech Index-A-Thon -- Freedmen's Bureau Records -- TONIGHT (Thursday)! (4 February 2016)
*  Forbes + Rootstech = Great Press for Genealogy! (9 February 2016)

6)  Christine Woodcock on the Scottish Genealogy Tips and Tidbits blog:

*  Headed to RootsTech!! (3 February 2016)
*  Registering and Researching (3 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Interview with Find My Past (8 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Interview with (8 February 2016)
*  The Great Canadian Genealogy Summit Team Gets Interviewed (9 February 2016)

7)  Chris Paton on The British GENES Blog:

*  Ulster Historical Foundation at RootsTech (3 February 2016)

8)  Scott Fisher on the Extreme Genes blog:

*  And So it BEGINS! Welcome to ROOTS TECH 2016! (3 February 2016)
*  Innovators Summit Is Done. Roots Tech Hits All Cylinders in the Morning!  (3 February 2016)
*  Thursday Update from #RootsTech! (4 February 2016)
*  Genealogy Wall Charts Has World’s Largest Genealogy Chart at Roots Tech (5 February 2016)
*  Doris Kearns Goodwin Headlines Final Day of #RootsTech! (6 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech is Histoire! (7 February 2016)

9)  Lynn Broderick on The Single Leaf blog:

*  The Ascent Begins Today with the Innovator Summit @RootsTechConf (3 February 2016)
*  Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders & Interested Genealogists Gathered for the Climb @RootsTechConf (10 February 2016)

10  Teresa Clark on the  Family Storytelling blog:

*  Join Us at rootstech2016! (3 February 2016)

11) Frederick Wertz on Findmypast Blog:

*  FamilySearch CEO Steve Rockwood addresses #RootsTech innovators; lays out future vision (3 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Live Stream: My ancestors are from Britain, what do I do next? (5 February 2016)

12)  Linda Stufflebean on the Empty Branches on the Family Tree blog.

*  RootsTech 2016, Day 1 (3 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016, Day 2 (4 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016, Day 3 (5 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016, Final Day (7 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 - Expo Hall Discoveries, Part 1 (8 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 - Expo Hall Discoveries, Part 2 (10 February 2016)

13)  Amy Archibald on the Revealing Roots and Branche blog:

*  RootsTech 2016 Speaker and Ambassador (2 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016: Innovator Semi Finalists (4 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016: Kenneth Green GoFundMe (4 February 2016)

14)  Richard Young on the  Family History Tech blog:

*  $100,000 at Stake (4 February 2016)

15)  Kirsty Gray on the Family Wise blog:

*  RootsTech - Day 0 (4 February 2016)
*  RootsTech - Day 1 (5 February 2016)
*  RootsTech - Day 2 (6 February 2016)
*  RootsTech -- The Final Frontier (7 February 2016)

16)  The writer of The Ancestry Insider blog:

*  Tune In Now to #RootsTech Online (4 February 2016)
*  #InnovatorSummit at #RootsTech – Inside-out and Upside-down (4 February 2016)
*  #InnovatorSummit at #RootsTech - Business Sense for Family History Entrepreneurs (4 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech: Finding Samuel Lowe (5 February 2016)
*  Help at Home Right Now! #RootsTech Freedmen’s Bureau Index-A-Thon (4 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech in #Hog Heaven (5 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech is a Gathering of Heart Specialists (5 February 2016)
*  Watch the Final Day of #RootsTech and Family Discovery Day (6 February 2016)
*  From #RootsTech to @pamadison (8 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech: Bruce Feiler – Understand the Desert (9 February 2016)
*  #RootsTech Friday: Taza, Huzzah, Extravaganza, Advertize (10 February 2016)

17)  Lara Diamond on Lara's Family Search blog:

*  RootsTech, Day 1 (4 February 2016)
*  RootsTech, Day 2 (4 February 2016)
*  RootsTech, Days 3 & 4 (7 February 2016)
*  TapGenes--Family Health Information (7 February 2016)

18)  Dick Eastman on Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter:

*  The Innovator Summit was Held Today at RootsTech2016 (3 February 2016)
*  Day #1 of RootsTech2016 (4 February 2016)
*  TapGenes Wins First Place of 2016 Innovator Showdown (8 February 2016)
*  A Report from the EOGN Dinner on Saturday Evening (8 February 2016)
*  RootsTech2016 Days #2 and #3 (8 February 2016)
*  The Highlight of RootsTech: MyHeritage Party (8 February 2016)

19)  Jill Ball on the GeniAus blog.

*  Commonwealth Cousins (3 February 2016)
*  Religious Beats (3 February 2016)
*  Sitting Down to Dinner (4 February 2016)
*  Once a Librarian (4 February 2016)
*  Great Teamwork (6 February 2016)
*  That's Kirsty not Kristy (6 February 2016)
*  Judy's Next Adventure (7 February 2016)

20)  Roger Moffat on the Roger's Ramblings blog:

*  RootsTech 2016 – Day One – Wednesday (3 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 – Day One – Innovator Showdown (3 February 2016)

21)  Leland Meitzler on the GenealogyBlog blog:

*  Check Out the RootsTech 2016 Innovator Summit Finalists! (3 February 2016)
*  TapGenes Wins the Innovator Showdown at RootsTech 2016 (5 February 2016)
*  Governor Mike Leavitt Speaks at Saturday’s RootsTech Opening Session (6 February 2016)
*  Bits, Bytes & Thoughts from Donna by Donna Potter Phillips (8 February 2016)

21)  Renee Zamora on Renee's Genealogy Blog:

*  Family Discovery Day is just a few days away! (3 February 2016)
*  Relative Race Promotion for RootsTech (4 February 2016)

22)  Jana Last on Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog:

*  RootsTech 2016 ~ Day 1 (3 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 ~ Day 2 - Expo Hall Tour (4 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 Innovator Showdown Finalists (5 February 2016)
*  TapGenes Wins First Place of RootsTech 2016 Innovator Showdown (5 February 2016)
*  Photos from the RootsTech 2016 Expo Hall (9 February 2016)

23)  Fran Kitto on the TravelGenee blog:

*  Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Genealogists (3 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Innovator Showdown Finalists Announced (4 February 2016)

24)  Jana Greenhalgh on The Genealogy Kids blog:

*  RootsTech Day 1 (3 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Day 2 did not disappoint!! (4 February 2016)
*  Kid stuff in the expo hall at RootsTech (6 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Expo Hall Treasure Hunt (6 February 2016)

25) Ruby Baird on  Ruby's Genealogy Ramblings blog:

*  RootsTech Adventures: Day One (3 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Adventures: Day 2 and 3 (5 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Adventures, Day 4 (8 February 2016)

26)  Laura Hedgecock on the Treasure Chest of Memories blog:

*  #Rootstech Innovator Showdown Semifinals (4 February 2016)
*  Stories of the Heart: The Future of Family History (4 February 2016)
*  Family stories: fire on a stick (6 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016: Exhaustion & Rejuvenation (9 February 2016)

27)  Shannon Bennett on the Trials and Tribulations of a Self-Taught Family Historian blog:

*  Pre-RootsTech Wrap-up (4 February 2016)
*  DNA Panel at RootsTech Innovator Summit (5 February 2016)
*  Last Day at RooitsTech (6 February 2016)
*  RootsTech and Tech Issues (8 February 2016)
*  Keynote Speaker from RoosTech Paula Williams Madison (10 February 2016)

26)  Jennifer Alford at Jenealogy blog:

*  Periscope Fun at #RootsTech (5 February 2016)

27)  Israel Pickholtz on the All My Foreparents blog:

*  Thoughts From Salt Lake City (5 February 2016)

28)  Russ Worthington on the Family Tree Maker User blog:

*  Initial Observations of the new home for Family Tree Maker (5 February 2016)

29)  Amie Bowser Tennant on the My Kith N Kin blog:

*  RootsTech: The Genealogy Hub of the West (5 February 2016)
*  Recommitting to My Own Family History (10 February 2016)

30)  Eric Jelle on the GeneDocs blog:

*  Rootstech Innovator Summit and Day 1 Summary (5 February 2016)
*  Friday at Rootstech - another Remarkable Day (6 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Saturday and Close (7 February 2016)
*  RootsTech Saturday and Beyond (7 February 2016)

31)  Writers on the In-Depth Genealogist blog:

*  Attending the FamilySearch Wiki Social at RootsTech by Christine Woodcock (5 February 2016)
*  Innovator Summit, Guerilla Marketing and Much More by Terri O'Connell (10 February 2016)

32)  Louis Kessler on the Behold Genealogy blog:

*  RootsTech 2016 Random Thoughts (6 February 2016)

33)  Amy Johnson Crow on the Amy Johnson Crow blog:

*  Websites and Apps for Local History: The Recap from RootsTech (6 February 2016)
*  There’s Room for Everyone in Genealogy: RootsTech 2016 Musing (10 February 2016)

34)  Cheri Passey on the Carolina Girl Genealogy blog:

*  RootsTech From My Rocking Chair (5 February 2016)
*  RootsTech From My Rocking Chair Part 2 (6 February 2016)\
*  RootsTech From My Rocking Chair Part 3 (7 February 2016)

35)  Arlene Eakle on Arlene Eakle's Tennessee Blog:

*  Live From Roots Tech 2016! (6 February 2016)

36)  True A. Lewis on the Notes to Myself blog:

*  RootsTech  ✔︎List - Calling Card (7 February 2016)
*  My RootsTech Journey! February 3rd, 2016 Wednesday - Day 1 (9 February 2016)
*  My RootsTech Journey! February 4th, 2016 Thursday - Day 2 (10 February 2016)

37)  Thomas MacEntee on the GeneaPress blog:

*  TapGenes Wins First Place of 2016 Innovator Showdown (7 February 2016)
*  Advanced Supplier of Family and Organization Image Protection at RootsTech Conference (7 February 2016)\

38)  Judy G. Russell on The Legal Genealogist blog:

*  Index-a-thon from RootsTech (6 February 2016)
*  Introducing TapGenes (7 February 2016)

39)  Maureen Taylor on The Photo Detective blog:

*  RootsTech 2016 Wrap-Up (7 February 2016)

40)  Elizabeth O'Neal on the Little Bytes of Life blog:

*  10 Things I Liked Enough to Share With You: Rootstech ’16 Edition (8 February 2016)

41)  Geoff Mulholland on the Mulholland Family History blog:

*  My first visit to the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, 30 January, 2016 (31 January 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 - The Mysterious Life of A Record - Family Search Panel (4 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 Day 1 Wednesday 3 February and Day 2 Thursday 4 February (4 February 2016)
*  RootsTech 2016 - Photos (6 February 2016)

42)  Lynda on the McCollier Heritage blog:

*  McCollier Heritage on Tour - Days 2 & 3 (4 February 2016)
*  McCollier Heritage on Tour - Day 4 (5 February 2016)
*  McCollier Heritage on Tour - Day 5 (6 February 2016)

43)  Lilian McGill on the Lilian's Tree blog:

*  Research (3 February 2016)
*  RootsTech (6 February 2016)
*  Catching Up (8 February 2016)

44)  Dawn Bingaman on the Ancestor Roundup blog:

*  RootsTech 2016 Syllabus Links (5 February 2016)

45)  Geoff Rasmussen on the Legacy News blog:

*  World's Largest Family Tree Chart - designed by Legacy Family Tree (8 February 2016)

46)  Nancy Messier on the My Ancestors and Me blog:

*  Getting More From RootsTech When You Can't Be There (2 February 2016)
*  A Full Noggin After RootsTech 2016 (7 February 2016)
*  About Stories at RootsTech 2016 (8 February 2016)

47)  The writer of the Genealogy Now blog:

*  Learn from a Master  Story Teller-  RootsTech  Video (6 February 2016)
*  RootsTech's 9 Live Streamed Thursday Sessions (8 February 2016)
*  Let's Tell Our Stories (9 February 2016)

48)  Thomas MacEntee on the Geneabloggers blog:

*  MyHeritage RootsTech After-Party Slide Show (8 February 2016)
*  pc nametag: That’s Where He Got Those Conference Ribbons! (9 February 2016)

49)  Diane Haddad on The Genealogy Insider blog:

*  Findmypast News From RootsTech: Searchable Irish Catholic Parish Registers and More (9 February 2016)

50)  Kitty Cooper on the Kitty Cooper's Blog:

*  RootsTech Wrap Up (8 February 2016)

51)  Miles Meyer on the Miles' Genealogy Tips blog:

*  Welcome Back! A Return From RootsTech 2016 (9 February 2016)

52)  Valerie Elkins on the Family Cherished blog:

*  What Makes Rootstech So Special? (9 February 2016)

53)  Esther on the MyHeritage Blog:

*  Highlights from RootsTech 2016 (9 February 2016)

54)  Anne Mitchell on the Finding Forgotten Stories blog:

*  My Family Married Each Other a Lot and Other Musings from RootsTech (9 February 2016)

55)  Jessica Dalley Taylor on the Legacy Tree Genealogists Blog:

*  RootsTech and a DNA Contest (4 February 2016)
*  Legacy Tree Genealogists at RootsTech 2016: Recap! (9 February 2016)


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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

12 Takeaways from the RootsTech 2016 Conference

Here are some of my thoughts and conclusions from the RootsTech 2016 Conference in Salt Lake City last week, in no particular order:

1)  The MyHeritage after-party was a first and set a marker - we may see these at every major conference from now on.  Well done, MyHeritage!

2)  The Ancestry/Family Tree Maker/RootsMagic sync announcement on 2 February was a bombshell, and resulted in significant buzz at the Expo Hall.

3)  Findmypast made several announcements at the conference, and put my parents' wedding photo on their Marriage promotion wall.

4)  I enjoyed the Keynote talks by Steve Rockwood, Stan Ellsworth, Paula Madison, A.J. Jacobs, and Mike Mansfield, but thought several others were a waste of time.  The Doris Kearns Goodwin talk would have been better with some visuals.  The best was Paula Madison's story.  Just wow.  I prefer genealogy stuff to stories stuff.

5)  The Expo Hall had over 130 exhibitors, and I managed to visit maybe 30 of them.  I didn't watch any of the talks in the MyHeritage, Ancestry, Findmypast, FamilySearch, Genealogy Gems, and Demo Stage "little theaters," but lots of attendees did.  

6)  The 30 x 50 foot family tree wall at the Genealogy Wall Charts exhibit was amazing.  They did land office business making color wall charts for a fee from the FamilySearch Family Tree.

7)  The Media Hub was really busy with more Ambassadors and schedule video booth and sofa interviews with celebrities and others.  The FamilySearch team did a remarkable job of managing all of this!  I tried to stay out of the way and just watch and blog and wander the Expo Hall occasionally.

8)  I enjoyed the MyHeritage and luncheons, and made a 15-minute presentation on the MyHeritage Record Matches at their luncheon.   Kendall Hulet had interesting "coming soon" news at the Ancestry lunch.  Unfortunately, it lasted past 1 p.m. and I missed the Geneabloggers group photo in the Media Hub.  My bad!

9)  The DearMYRTLE After-Party was a lot of fun with about 40 in attendance.  I finally met Israel Pickholtz, Geoff Mulholland, and several other new-to-me persons.  Thank you Pat and Gordon and Carrie and Stacy.

10)  I attended the Innovator Summit and watched the Keynote talks, the Innovator Showdown, the DNA panel and the BYU technology talk.  The BYU Technology lab is really a great technology incubator.  

11)  I attended no presentations of RootsTech classes, although I will watch several of them on the video channel later this week.

12)  It is amazing how many young people are involved with the exhibitor companies. This is very good news for all of us - the innovation and advancing technology will continue to grow the genealogy industry.  


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SDGS Meeting on 13 February Features Steve Morse on DNA

The monthly San Diego Genealogical Society program meeting is Saturday, 13 February 2016 at 10 a.m. at St. Andrews Lutheran Church (8350 Lake Murray Blvd) features Steve Morse as the speaker for two presentations:

1)  From DNA to Genetic Genealogy: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

The study of genetics that started with Gregor Mendel's pea experiments in 1865 has now entered the genealogy field with Megan Smolenyak's coining of the term "genetealogy" in 2000.  To understand the genealogical aspects requires an understanding of some of the basic concepts. This talk introduces genes, chromosomes, and DNA, and goes on to show how DNA is inherited. That knowledge of inheritance can be used for finding relatives you didn't know you had, learning about your very distant ancestors and the route they traveled, and determining if you are a Jewish high priest (Kohan). Examples presented include Genghis Khan's legacy, the Thomas Jefferson affair, and the Anastasia mystery.

2)  Genealogy Beyond the Y Chromosome: Autosomes Exposed

Classical genetic genealogy deals with the Y chromosome and the mitochondrial DNA. The Y chromosome test is for males only and traces the direct male lineage. The mitochondrial DNA test is for everybody and traces the direct female lineage.  Recent advances in genetic genealogy make it possible to trace all lineages by testing the autosomes. Although the autosomes can be used to find ethnic mixes as well as recent cousins, it has some limitations.

Steve's CV:

Stephen Morse is the creator of the One-Step Website for which he has received both the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Outstanding Contribution Award from the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, Award of Merit from the National Genealogical Society, first ever
Excellence Award from the Association of Professional Genealogists, and two awards that he cannot pronounce from Polish genealogical societies.

In his other life Morse is a computer professional with a doctorate degree in electrical engineering. He has held various research, development, and teaching positions, authored numerous technical papers, written four textbooks, and holds four patents. He is best known as the architect of the Intel 8086 (the granddaddy of today's Pentium processor), which sparked the PC revolution 30 years ago.

The two classes at 9 a.m. are:

1)  “DNA Series: Ancestry DNA & 23 and Me Interfaces” with Kathy Fernandes, Upstairs Classroom.

2)  “Census Records” with Anna Acosta, Upstairs Classroom #2.


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RootsTech 2016 Keynote and Class Videos Available on

The website now has the individual Keynote and class videos from the Innovator Summit, RootsTech, and Family Discovery Day.  

1)  Here is the home page.  The links to the videos are below the Thank You banner:

2)  The RootsTech video archive is on

3)  The Innovator Summit video archive is on

4)  The Family Discovery Day video archive is on

More class videos may be added at a later time.

5)  The individual class syllabus articles are available on  You can download them one at a time to your computer.  They are arranged by session numbers.


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Jamboree 2010 Photos -- Post 399 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

I'm posting old (and sometimes new) family photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, but they won't be wordless posts like others do - I am incapable of having a wordless post.

Here are some of the most precious (to me) images from my Seaver/Leland photograph collection:

1)  At the 2010 Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank, Linda and I wore some of our genealogy-themed T-shirts:

2)  One of the blogging tables in the Marriott lounge area - here are Thomas MacEntee, Steve Danko, Elyse Doerflinger, Miriam Robbins and yours truly:

3)  The official Geneabloggers photograph after the Bloggers Summit panel:

4)  I think that this is the ProGen group photo outside of the hotel:

A great time was had by all!


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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Information About Family Tree Maker and RootsMagic Synchronization to Ancestry

I posted Bombshell News: to Sync with RootsMagic AND Family Tree Maker on 2 February 2016, which left more questions than answers in my mind.  

The BIG question for many of us is "Will FTM and RootsMagic sync to an Ancestry Member Tree just like the current Family Tree Maker TreeSync feature?"  I want to explore this question a bit based on what the companies say on their websites and on conversations at RootsTech.

1)  Here is the Family Tree Maker page ( on the Software MacKiev website:

The page has a link to a Frequently Asked Questions ( about the acquisition and MacKiev plans:

From the FAQ:

Note the words in the text above: "After January 1, 2017, while TreeSync will not be supported by Ancestry for the versions you have now, you will still be able to access your trees on and keep your online tree consistent with one on FTM through new technologies being developed together by Software MacKiev and Ancestry."

So TreeSync as we know it now will no longer work.  Some other "new technology" will be used to access your Ancestry Member Tree and keep it consistent with your Family Tree Maker file.

According to persons who talked to Software MacKiev (I didn't) at RootsTech, has not created or provided the API required (the "new technology") to interact with Family Tree Maker.

I encourage all Family Tree Maker users to read all of the FAQ questions and answers.

2)  The RootsMagic website has a "We're Turning Over a New Leaf" page (

Further down this page is a "Questions" section with answers:

You have to click on each question to see the answer as I did above.  The two questions concerning RootsMagic synchronizing with Ancestry Member Tree are:

This indicates that "RootsMagic users will have convenient access to Ancestry's vast collections of trees and records, as well as synchronizing with private online trees."

Note that it doesn't say that RootsMagic will synchronize a RootsMagic user's tree to an Ancestry Member Tree as TreeSync does at present.   Discussions with RootsMagic personnel did not provide a clear definition of what would synchronize and how it would be done.  They did indicate that has not provided the API to accomplish whatever synchronization will be implemented by the new technology.

The commitment for these changes is by the end of the year 2016.

As RootsMagic users know, RootsMagic currently synchronizes in formation for one person and individual events, sources, notes and discussions with matching persons in the FamilySearch Family Tree.  It also provides links to MyHeritage Record Matches and FamilySearch Record Hints, but those have to be entered into RootsMagic manually.

New interaction capabilities of records with a RootsMagic tree may be similar to what Family Tree Maker users can perform now - from within the program, they can search for records for a person, and add Ancestry record events and sources into a person profile.

In addition, RootsMagic will be programmed to be able to read a native Family Tree Maker file and not have to go through a GEDCOM import from Family Tree Maker.

Look for RootsMagic Version 8 to incorporate all of these changes.

3)  So what does all of this mean?   I think a summary is:

*  The current TreeSync capability between an Ancestry Member Tree and a Family Tree Maker file will be retired after 1 January 2017.

* has not yet developed the API needed to implement the "new" synchronization with Family Tree Maker and RootsMagic.

*  It is probable that the synchronization between an AMT and the desktop programs will not be a complete synchronization of everything in the desktop program file.

*  The "new" synchronization may be similar to that between RootsMagic and FamilySearch Family Tree - one person, one event, one source, one note, etc. at a time.  Or perhaps matching one person, and all of their events, notes, media, sources, etc. at a time.

*  This is supposed to happen by 31 December 2016.

4)  Stay tuned!  

5)  UPDATE:  Tamura Jones interviewed the Software MacKiev President in New Family Tree Maker Future (posted 9 February 2016) - be sure to read it!


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DearMYRTLE YouTube Videos About RootsTech 2016

My friend and colleague, Pat Richley-Erickson (aka DearMYRTLE) continues to produce very useful and interesting videos almost every week.

1)  She recently hosted two Mondays With Myrt sessions using Google+ Business Hangouts On Air that discussed RootsTech 2016 and are worthwhile viewing because of the content:

a)  Mondays With Myrt - 1 February 2016, from the Family Hiatory Library:

b)  Mondays With Myrt, 8 February 2016, with discussions about RootsTech events:

2)  There are two short AmbushCAM videos with Tony Proctor and Eric Jelle at this time:

There may be more of these videos posted over the next few weeks.


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Tuesday's Tip: Watch RootsTech 2016 Videos on YouTube

This week's Tuesday's Tip is to watch some of the many RootsTech 2016 videos that are already posted on YouTube.

I used the search "rootstech 2016" to find these videos (, but there may be others that did not include the year.

The live-streamed videos for each day are:

1)  Thursday, 4 February:

2)  Friday, 5 February 2016:

3)  Saturday, 6 February 2016:

4)  There are also individual videos for the Keynote talks (note that Doris Kearns Goodwin was not videoed).  

5)  There are some "Media Hub Video Booth" and "Sofa Talks" discussions - typically about 8 minutes long posted by the video host.

6)  Then there are the random short subject videos posted by Expo Hall vendors or visitors.

Enjoy!  It may take several weeks to watch everything!  Eventually, the livestreamed class videos and other class videos will be available on the pages.


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Monday, February 8, 2016

My Day 4 at RootsTech 2016 - The Geneabloggers After-Party

The very last event at RootsTech 2016 for me and about 40 other friends was the RootsTech Geneabloggers After Party at the home of Pat (DearMYRTLE) and Gordon Erickson.

We all carpooled from downtown Salt Lake City and Thomas MacEntee arranged a car service because it was cold and the Erickson home is about 30 minutes south of SLC.  Linda and I, and Eric Jelle, were chauffeured by Carol Petranek in her rental car.  We were picked up at 6:40 p.m. and got there at about 7:20 p.m. Thank you, Carol!

Gordon greeted us, and Pat helped us shed out coats in the bedroom with the help of her cute red-haired granddaughter, Hannah.  Pat's daughters, Carrie and Stacy, did the food preparation and serving and did a fantastic job.  The menu was Pasta Fagioli, breadsticks, salad, and delicious desserts.  They made Linda a chicken breast and steamed vegetables to avoid her allergies.  Everyone loved it!

Chairs were set up in many of the upstairs rooms for dinner, and people ate in small groups.  There was lots of great conversation and stories.  One highlight for me was talking to Michael McCormick and seeing his 9 month old daughter, Leah.  Very cute!  I did not take a lot of pictures - I was telling and listening to stories!

Here are some of my pictures from the Geneabloggers After Party:

1)  The DearMYRTLE nerve center for the Mondays With Myrt, Wacky Wednesday and other Hangouts on Air:

2)  Lara Diamond, Carol Petranek, Israel Pickholtz, Banai Feldstein and Daniel Horowitz:

3)  Jill Ball taking a picture with the kitchen in the background:

4)  Geoff Mulholland and Gordon Erickson:

5)  Jana Last, her husband (name?) and (name?) - sorry I can't recall!

6)  Lisa Alzo and Peggy Lauritzen:

7)  Shannon Bennett, (name?) and Jennifer Alford:

8)  Chris (name?), Amy Archibald and Schelly Talalay Dardasti seated, and Michael McCormick with Leah (on the floor)

I will update the missing names when I learn them!  My apologies to those I can't recall.


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