Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where is the Old Fulton NY History Site?

I was putting my presentation together for my CVGS Research Group meeting on Newspapers tomorrow, and when I clicked on my Bookmark for the Old Fulton County NY History site with old postcards and newspapers ( I got:

Ruh-roh...what happened?  Did it move?  If so, where?  Did they not pay their provider?  Did someone swallow it up behind a firewall?  Does anyone know?  Is there someone to contact? 

A Google search revealed no announcement or comment about the site.  It would be a shame to lose this site.

UPDATE:  The commenters Roger and Norman and Karen Leverich (in a Facebook comment) cleared this yup - the link is now .  And Charley G clarified it is not Fulton County but the town of Fulton in Oswego County... Thank you all!


  1. Try this link:


  2. Change it to and it will work - someone has messed with their domain name records and it seems to need to have the www. in front of it now.


  3. I'm glad Norman and Roger figured it out. Thanks guys!

    I used the site this morning and received 404 message this afternoon. I've updated my bookmark.

  4. Hi! It's 10:21 pm in The OC. Tried both links suggested and no luck :-( Maybe more problems?

  5. It is Down due to a power surge. It will be back online when new hardware arrives