Thursday, December 29, 2011

Assessing My 2011 Genealogy Goals and Objectives

It seems like every year I make a set of lofty goals and objectives, and then fail to meet many of them.  Here are my assessments of my goals and objectives for 2011:

1)  Research:  Grade = C

I went to the FHC once, and to Carlsbad Library once.  I did get to the Allen County (Indiana) Public Library for one day of research.  My to-do lists are lacking and not up-to-date.  I did solve one brickwall research problem and spent quite a bit of time adding information and sources to my genealogy database.

2)  Data Organization:  Grade = C

I managed to create couple-based digital folders and transferred many, but not all, of my documents into those folders using a consistent file naming convention.  I sorted out the paper piles into "to be filed" and "to be entered and then filed" stacks and have worked through about 20% of the "to be entered..." stack.  I haven't filed anything.  I created a surname notebook system and managed to fill up two surname notebooks, leaving, oh, about 200 to go.  The photos have not been added to the couple-based digital folders yet.

3)  Genealogy Database: Grade = C

I have added quite a few new sources, and quite a few source citations, as I add new information and work through my "to be entered..." stack.  However, I've added very few citations for sources previously entered.  I did several critical analysis reviews for brickwall ancestral families, including William Knapp.

4)  Education:  Grade = B

We went to the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree in June and the FGS Conference in September.  I attended a few webinars, but watched many more after the event.  I didn't read many new genealogy books.

5)  Society Activities:  Grade = A

I attended as many CVGS, SDGS and CGSSD meetings as I could, led the CVGS Research Group, edited the CVGS newsletter wrote on the CVGS blog, responded to queries, and contributed to the SDGS newsletter.

6)  Speaking and Teaching:  Grade = A

I spoke to CVGS, SDGS, CGSSD, NSDCGS, EGS, and GSNOCC during 2011, taught three OASIS courses, one Genealogy 101 course at CVGS, plus two library presentations on genealogy.

7)  Writing:  Grade = A

I have kept up my writing on my Genea-Musings, The Geneaholic,  and the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blogs, but the the South San Diego County Graveyard Rabbit blog has languished.  I wrote my four FGS FORUM columns, the Graveyard Rabbit Journal columns, and my yearly Seaver-Richmnd Family Journal.

8)  Real Life:  Grade = B

We went for a two-week Midwest vacation, visited with the daughters, grandchildren, and brother-in-law, but no brothers or cousins.  I actually lost 14 pounds by May, but have put it all back on since our vacation (I injured my foot), and ate too much).  I think I slacked off a bit on genealogy, averaging maybe 9 hours a day this year.
So, three A's, two B's and three C's.  The C's all relate to my research, organization and database work, and the A's all relate speaking, writing and teaching.  That's not as bad as I thought it would be!

How did you do with your 2011 genealogy goals and objectives?


  1. Randy, I think you have graded yourself too harshly! At least put a + behind all of those Cs! And the society and speaking categories should be weighted so instead of 4.0s they are 4.5s!!! :)

  2. Glad you're not my teacher - you are a hard marker.

    I've scheduled my report card to appear tomorrow but have already posted my goals for 2012 at

  3. Too harsh, for sure; although, it is those where you graded A that are most important, anyway. THANKS! ;-)

  4. Now I don't feel so bad about my own progress. I would have a few Ds mixed in, but progress was made. You get A+ though for your articles and for helping the rest of us stay on track. Happy New Year.

  5. I often read what you do and wonder where you find the time. I think you graded yourself a bit too harshly. What is important is that you are happy in the process.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. I'd say you'd rate top marks in "Keeps profitably busy," and agree with those who say you grade yourself too harshly. I had several goals this year: keep up with my blog at least once a week (never missed a post). May sound like a slacker but the posts take a long time with scanning, some translating and contextualizing. I would love to get faster, but can't seem to do it. I wanted to find a permanent, quality home for my archives (way too much for my kids) and did so at the Newberry in Chicago. Made progress on getting old German script letters deciphered and then I translated many into English. Found a great intern to work with me to scan thousands of pages of letters and diaries--so I have copies when all goes to the Newberry. It also forced me to organize all the WWII letters and memorabilia in a logical manner. Making progress on memoir/family history book--the biggest and hardest nut to crack! Thanks for sharing your amazing accomplishments in 2011!

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