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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- What Genealogical or Historical Societies Have You Joined?

  Calling all Genea-Musings Fans:

It's Saturday Night again -
time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment, should you decide to accept it (you ARE reading this, so I assume that you really want to play along - cue the Mission Impossible music!):

1)  What genealogical or historical societies have you joined to pursue your family history research over the years?

2)  Write your own blog post, or leave a comment on this post, or write something on Facebook.

Here's mine:

When I started my genealogy and family history research in 1988 in libraries, I quickly found periodicals like Everton's Genealogical Helper and subscribed to it.  There were many advertisements for genealogical societies in the magazine.  I gradually became aware that local, regional and national societies existed and could be used to help this lonesome researcher in San Diego to help contact researchers near my ancestral hometowns.

I often visited the  Chula Vista Public Library and met several members of the fledgling Chula Vista Genealogical Society (CVGS) in 1990, and I joined CVGS in April 1993.  Occasionally, I snuck away from work to attend the speaker meetings (at 10 a.m. on a Monday), and gave my first presentation about Prodigy in 1993. 
Since then, I've given over 50 presentations, and several beginner classes, to CVGS over the last 30 years.  When I retired from my real job in 2002, I was elected to the CVGS Board of Directors, and have been Treasurer, Program Chair, President (2007-2008), Research and Queries Chair, and Newsletter Editor (since March 2009).

I met other San Diego researchers at the San Diego Family History Center and the San Diego Public Library and started attending San Diego Genealogical society programs and joined SDGS in 1994.  I made about 40 presentations to SDGS starting in 2006, and hosted the RootsMagic classes for a number of years.

San Diego also had the Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego (CGSSD) and I joined that in about 2006 but it merged in 2016 with SDGS.  

I joined the New England Genealogical Society (NEHGS) in 1994 also, and have a fine collection (several high piles) of their periodicals.  

Then there was the National Genealogical Society (NGS), the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), and Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS), all of which sponsored in-person conferences and had interesting periodicals.  

I joined the Essex Society of Genealogists (ESOG), the Cape Cod Genealogical Society (CCGS), and the Wiltshire Family History Society in the 1990s because of my interest in families in those areas.  
I'm sure I've forgotten other local societies.  At present, I am a member of CVGS, SDGS and NEHGS.


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Added and Updated FamilySearch Record Collections - Week of 27 May to 2 June 2023

 I am keeping track of the new and updated historical record collections at FamilySearch ( every week.

As of 2 June 2023, there are 3,209 historical record collections on FamilySearch (an increase of 5 from last week):

The new and updated collections this week from FamilySearch are:

--- Collections Added   ---

*  Argentina, Buenos Aires, Civil Registration, 1861-2018  (; 1 indexed records with 1 record images, ADDED 31-Dec-1969

*  Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, Civil Registration, 1893-1932      (; 1 indexed records with 1 record images, ADDED 31-Dec-1969

*  Australia, New South Wales, Immigration Papers, 1877-1882       (; 2,412 indexed records with 2,412 record images, ADDED 30-May-2023

*  Paraguay, Births, 1898-1963     (; 1 indexed records with 1 record images, ADDED 31-Dec-1969

*  United States, Missouri, Naturalization Records, 1843-1991      (; 482,463 indexed records with 482,463 record images, ADDED 31-May-2023

--- Collections Updated ---

Alaska, Village Census Rolls, 1919-1972 (; 11,278 indexed records with 1,260 record images (was 10,315 records with 921 images), UPDATED 28-May-2023
Argentina, Catamarca, Catholic Church Records, 1724-1971        (; 188,410 indexed records with 102,718 record images (was 187,265 records with 102,718 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Argentina, Chaco, Civil Registration, 1889-1946 (; 88,267 indexed records with 87,992 record images (was 88,264 records with 87,989 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
Argentina, Corrientes, Catholic Church Records, 1734-1977       (; 451,184 indexed records with 207,943 record images (was 450,044 records with 207,943 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Argentina, Entre Ríos, Civil Registration, 1860-1965    (; 755,104 indexed records with 545,911 record images (was 755,096 records with 545,907 images), UPDATED 26-May-2023

Argentina, Jujuy, Catholic Church Records, 1662-1975    (; 155,775 indexed records with 69,981 record images (was 152,539 records with 69,981 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Belgium, Brabant, Civil Registration, 1582-1914 (; 45,650 indexed records with 6,411,594 record images (was 44,660 records with 6,411,594 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
Bolivia Catholic Church Records, 1566-1996      (; 9,266,776 indexed records with 1,649,601 record images (was 9,266,640 records with 1,649,601 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Brazil, Minas Gerais, Civil Registration, 1879-1949     (; 848,371 indexed records with 354,205 record images (was 847,851 records with 353,941 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Brazil, Paraná, Civil Registration, 1852-1996   (; 2,904,139 indexed records with 1,689,031 record images (was 2,894,340 records with 1,689,031 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023

Brazil, Pará, Civil Registration, 1815-1995     (; 55,706 indexed records with 19,202 record images (was 52,047 records with 18,367 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Civil Registration, 1860-2006        (; 1,670,624 indexed records with 852,798 record images (was 1,669,540 records with 852,049 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Civil Registration, 1829-2012   (; 6,844,577 indexed records with 5,100,470 record images (was 6,822,666 records with 5,100,470 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Brazil, Santa Catarina, Civil Registration, 1850-1999   (; 663,689 indexed records with 1,037,638 record images (was 662,066 records with 1,037,638 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
British Virgin Islands, Methodist Church Records, 1815-2012     (; 45,633 indexed records with 7,123 record images (was 45,580 records with 7,119 images), UPDATED 31-May-2023

California, passenger and crew lists at various ports, 1907-1956        (; 382,893 indexed records with 292,268 record images (was 394,191 records with 292,268 images), UPDATED 30-May-2023
Chile, Catholic Church Records, 1633-2015       (; 7,709,298 indexed records with 966,030 record images (was 7,695,024 records with 964,069 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Colombia, Bogotá, Burial Permits, 1960-1991     (; 230,993 indexed records with 212,744 record images (was 178,686 records with 212,744 images), UPDATED 31-May-2023
Colombia, Catholic Church Records, 1576-2018    (; 26,359,069 indexed records with 12,659,776 record images (was 26,326,830 records with 12,659,776 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Costa Rica, Catholic Church Records, 1595-1992  (; 4,181,203 indexed records with 962,203 record images (was 4,199,761 records with 962,203 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023

Costa Rica, Civil Registration, 1823-1975       (; 6,177,375 indexed records with 404,718 record images (was 6,176,849 records with 404,718 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1994        (; 2,985,902 indexed records with 1,421,761 record images (was 2,985,640 records with 1,421,761 images), UPDATED 31-May-2023
Dominican Republic, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1975  (; 2,273,150 indexed records with 238,265 record images (was 2,273,096 records with 238,265 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Ecuador, Catholic Church Records, 1565-2011     (; 6,145,711 indexed records with 1,454,787 record images (was 6,132,781 records with 1,454,787 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
El Salvador Catholic Church Records, 1655-1977  (; 2,264,765 indexed records with 592,191 record images (was 2,263,627 records with 592,191 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023

England and Wales, National Index of Wills and Administrations, 1858-1957       (; Index only (8,572,772 records), no images (was 8,572,759 records with 0 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
England, Cumberland Parish Registers, 1538-1990 (; 523,023 indexed records with 32,093 record images (was 522,854 records with 32,088 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
England, Surrey Parish Registers, 1536-1992     (; Index only (2,566,198 records), no images (was 2,566,198 records with 0 images), UPDATED 31-May-2023
Florida, Funeral Home Records, 1887-1971        (; 34,972 indexed records with 20,730 record images (was 34,572 records with 20,527 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
France, Calvados, Census, 1836  (; 1,501 indexed records with 52 record images (was 1,501 records with 19 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023

France, Calvados, Census, 1876  (; 41,735 indexed records with 2,456 record images (was 34,502 records with 1,462 images), UPDATED 26-May-2023
France, Hautes-Alpes, Census, 1876      (; 94,689 indexed records with 1,806 record images (was 90,843 records with 1,042 images), UPDATED 26-May-2023
Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Wuppertal, Civil Registration, 1810-1930       (; 15,219 indexed records with 14,986 record images (was 13,322 records with 13,111 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Guatemala, Alta Verapaz, Civil Registration, 1877-1994  (; 1,052,988 indexed records with 17,770 record images (was 1,052,817 records with 17,770 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
Guatemala, Baja Verapaz, Civil Registration, 1877-1994  (; 318,999 indexed records with 24,503 record images (was 318,942 records with 24,503 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023

Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1980   (; 12,826,101 indexed records with 5,864,285 record images (was 12,777,657 records with 5,864,285 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1740-1900   (; 2,957,563 indexed records with 107,041 record images (was 2,941,057 records with 106,305 images), UPDATED 28-May-2023
Italy, Caltanissetta, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1820-1935     (; 403,003 indexed records with 470,099 record images (was 403,003 records with 470,099 images), UPDATED 30-May-2023
Italy, Mantova, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1496-1906   (; 377,123 indexed records with 855,316 record images (was 377,258 records with 855,316 images), UPDATED 30-May-2023
Italy, Matera, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1925    (; Browse 1,323,614 Images only, no index (was 0 records with 1,323,614 images), UPDATED 30-May-2023

Italy, Ravenna, Ravenna, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1866-1929      (; 23,236 indexed records with 1,759,182 record images (was 22,867 records with 1,759,182 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Italy, Sassari, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1803-1942       (; 34,782 indexed records with 11,841 record images (was 34,624 records with 11,782 images), UPDATED 31-May-2023
Italy, Treviso, Treviso, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1871-1941      (; 4,253 indexed records with 427,232 record images (was 4,236 records with 427,232 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
Italy, Venezia, Venezia, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1871-1930      (; 11,338 indexed records with 628,744 record images (was 10,512 records with 628,744 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Mexico, Puebla, Catholic Church Records, 1545-1977      (; 8,555,553 indexed records with 6,124,553 record images (was 8,542,852 records with 6,124,553 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023

Mexico, Querétaro, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1970   (; 3,026,759 indexed records with 1,380,077 record images (was 3,026,738 records with 1,380,077 images), UPDATED 29-May-2023
Mexico, Sinaloa, Civil Registration, 1861-1929  (; 1,313,034 indexed records with 1,403,105 record images (was 1,291,351 records with 1,403,105 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Nicaragua Civil Registration, 1809-2013 (; 2,569,011 indexed records with 2,591,542 record images (was 2,568,988 records with 2,591,542 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
Ohio, Stillbirths, 1918-1953    (; 68,960 indexed records with 96,110 record images (was 68,510 records with 95,660 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Peru, Arequipa, Civil Registration, 1860-1976   (; 72,211 indexed records with 24,048 record images (was 71,888 records with 24,048 images), UPDATED 30-May-2023

Peru, Catholic Church Records, 1603-1992        (; 21,011,919 indexed records with 4,192,353 record images (was 20,998,555 records with 4,192,353 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Portugal, Faro, Civil Registration, 1880-1920   (; 22,032 indexed records with 12,851 record images (was 20,692 records with 11,880 images), UPDATED 28-May-2023
Portugal, Setúbal, Catholic Church Records, 1555-1911   (; 1,081,263 indexed records with 829,309 record images (was 1,081,004 records with 829,309 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
Puerto Rico, Catholic Church Records, 1645-1969 (; 3,350,929 indexed records with 191,547 record images (was 3,350,053 records with 191,547 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Russia, Lutheran Church Book Duplicates, 1833-1885      (; 281,967 indexed records with 128,317 record images (was 280,777 records with 128,317 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023

Russia, Tver Confession Lists, 1728-1913        (; 201,493 indexed records with 954,651 record images (was 126,184 records with 954,651 images), UPDATED 26-May-2023
South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers (Cape Town Archives), 1660-1970   (; 3,289,309 indexed records with 45,728 record images (was 3,062,262 records with 45,728 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Sweden, Jönköping Church Records, 1581-1935; index 1633-1860    (; 121,510 indexed records with 721,027 record images (was 95,612 records with 721,027 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023
Texas, County Marriage Records, 1837-1965       (; 2,112,849 indexed records with 538,510 record images (was 2,112,831 records with 538,510 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Texas, Hardin County, Deed Records, 1840-1920   (; 29,653 indexed records with 24,139 record images (was 26,888 records with 17,191 images), UPDATED 30-May-2023

United States, Indexes to Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers (NARA M629, M694, M872), 1784-1858, 1899-1901   (; 222,484 indexed records with 204,524 record images (was 49,921 records with 49,864 images), UPDATED 30-May-2023
Uruguay Civil Registration, 1879-1930   (; Index only (703,717 records), no images (was 693,672 records with 0 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Venezuela Civil Registration, 1873-2003 (; 1,005,390 indexed records with 586,312 record images (was 1,001,490 records with 586,312 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Venezuela, Archdiocese of Caracas, Catholic Church Records, 1638-2020   (; 67,470 indexed records with 32,436 record images (was 66,740 records with 32,301 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023
Virginia, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Birth Records, 1853-1896  (; 1,546,239 indexed records with 31,875 record images (was 1,215,285 records with 24,728 images), UPDATED 02-Jun-2023

Wisconsin, County Naturalization Records, 1807-1992     (; 1,530,279 indexed records with 1,135,393 record images (was 1,530,259 records with 1,135,393 images), UPDATED 01-Jun-2023

--- Collections with new images ---

French Polynesia, Civil Registration, 1780-1999 (; 74,356 indexed records with 153,389 record images (was 74,356 records with 152,948 images), last updated 15-Mar-2023

Germany, Rhineland, Diocese of Trier, Catholic Church Records, 1704-1957        (; 2,967,130 indexed records with 300,053 record images (was 2,967,130 records with 294,313 images), last updated 03-Nov-2020

Hawaii, Registrar of Bureau of Conveyances, Deed Records, 1846-1900     (; 24,917 indexed records with 10,350 record images (was 24,917 records with 7,926 images), last updated 24-Mar-2023
Maryland, Baltimore Passenger Lists Index, 1897-1952    (; 653,829 indexed records with 652,840 record images (was 653,829 records with 652,803 images), last updated 15-Apr-2020
Uruguay, Passenger Lists, 1888-1980     (; 3,641,119 indexed records with 157,092 record images (was 3,641,119 records with 149,106 images), last updated 19-Nov-2020

--- Collections with images removed ---

Australia, Albany, Inward Passenger Lists, 1873-1924    (; 226,067 indexed records with 3,023 record images (was 226,067 records with 4,216 images), last updated 02-Dec-2022
France, Calvados, Census, 1891  (; 58,856 indexed records with 2,642 record images (was 58,856 records with 3,611 images), last updated 17-Apr-2023
France, Saône-et-Loire, Parish and Civil Registration, 1530-1892        (; 7,237,336 indexed records with 1,953,429 record images (was 7,237,336 records with 1,973,983 images), last updated 30-May-2022
Hawaii, Collector of Customs, Ships' Passenger Manifests, 1843-1900     (; 527,525 indexed records with 218,251 record images (was 527,525 records with 226,446 images), last updated 06-Nov-2020
Martinique, Church Records, 1662-1847   (; 7,347 indexed records with 773 record images (was 7,347 records with 1,388 images), last updated 29-Nov-2022

Paraguay, Military Records, 1870-1965   (; 401,379 indexed records with 371,716 record images (was 401,379 records with 400,055 images), last updated 17-Apr-2023
Peru, Arequipa, Catholic Church Records, 1660-2020      (; 123,474 indexed records with 26,767 record images (was 123,474 records with 31,813 images), last updated 17-Apr-2023
Puerto Rico, San Juan, Cemetery Records, 1888-1988      (; 45,799 indexed records with 15,099 record images (was 45,799 records with 16,968 images), last updated 04-Nov-2022
Sierra Leone, Civil Births and Deaths, 1802-2016        (; 916,191 indexed records with 823,371 record images (was 916,191 records with 840,534 images), last updated 07-Jun-2022
South Africa, Pietermaritzburg Estate Files 1846-1950   (; 441,574 indexed records with 316,146 record images (was 441,574 records with 316,616 images), last updated 05-Aug-2020

United States, Veterans Administration Master Index, 1917-1940  (; 6,932,344 indexed records with 5,610,961 record images (was 6,932,344 records with 5,611,122 images), last updated 29-Nov-2022

--- Collections with records removed ---

England and Wales Birth Registration Index, 1837-2008   (; Index only (132,174,269 records), no images (was 132,174,270 records with 0 images), last updated 02-Oct-2014


My friend and SDGS colleague, Marshall, has come up with a way to determine which collections are ADDED, DELETED or UPDATED, and to alphabetize the entries in each category. Thanks to Marshall for helping me out here!

In order to select a specific record collection on FamilySearch, go      to and use the "Filter by collection name" feature in the upper left-hand corner and use keywords (e.g. "church england") to find collections with those keywords.

Each one of the collections listed above has a Research Wiki page (use the "Learn more" link). It would be very useful if the Wiki page for each collection listed the dates for when the collection was added as a new collection and the dates for major updates also.


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Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 27 May to 2 June 2023

  The following genealogy record collections were listed on the Recently Added and Updated Collections on during the period from 27 May to 2 June 2023: 

The Updated and ADDED collections include:

1931 Census of Canada; unindexed records with record images,  ADDED 6/1/2023

Charente, France Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1791-1912; indexed records with record images, Updated 6/1/2023

Indiana, U.S., Marriage Certificates, 1960-2012; indexed records without record images, Updated 6/1/2023

Upper Brittany, France Deaths & Burials, 1540-1995; indexed records without record images, Updated 6/1/2023

Ireland, City and Regional Directories, 1823-1949; indexed records with record images, Updated 6/1/2023

Upper Brittany, France Births & Baptisms, 1501-1911; indexed records without record images, Updated 6/1/2023

Upper Brittany, France Marriages, 1544-1947; indexed records without record images, Updated 6/1/2023

U.S., Partnership List of Chinese Firms, 1893-1943; indexed records with record images,    ADDED 5/31/2023

Hawaii, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index, 1800's-current; indexed records without record images, ADDED 5/31/2023

Delaware, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index, 1800's-current; indexed records without record images, ADDED 5/31/2023

Hampshire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1536-1812; indexed records with record images, Updated 5/31/2023

Wisconsin, U.S., Divorce Records, 1907-2015; indexed records without record images,   ADDED 5/31/2023

U.S., Select Crew Lists and Manifests, 1903-1962; indexed records with record images, Updated 5/31/2023

New York, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index, 1800's-current;  indexed records without record images, ADDED 5/31/2023

Guam, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index, 1900's-current; indexed records without record images, ADDED 5/31/2023

Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S., High School Records, 1871-1907; indexed records without record images, Updated 5/31/2023


The complete Card Catalog is at  

By my count, there were 7 NEW record collections ADDED this past week, per the list above.  There are now 33,299 collections available as of 2 June, an INCREASE of 7 from last week.


Disclosure: I receive a complimentary all-access subscription from, for which I am thankful. has provided material considerations for travel expenses to meetings, and has hosted events and meals that I have attended in Salt Lake City, in past years.

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52 Ancestors - Week 482: #762 Moses Barber (1652-1733) of South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Moses Barber (1652-1733) is #762 on my Ahnentafel List, my 7th great-grandfather, who married  #763  Susanna West (1666-1756)  in 1692 in Kingstown, Rhode Island.

I am descended through:

*  their daughter #381 Anna Barber (1717-a1800), married #380 Sylvester Kenyon (1710-1800) in 1740.
*  their son #190 John Kenyon (1742-1831), married #191  Anna Kenyon(?) (c1742-1824) in 1764.
*  their daughter #95 Nancy Kenyon (c1765-b1833), married #94 Joseph Champlin (1758-1850) in 1785.
*  their daughter #47 Amy Champlin (1798-1865), married  #46 Jonathan Oatley (1790-1872) in 1813.
*  their daughter #23 Amy Frances Oatley (1826-1864), married #22 Henry Arnold White (1824-1885) who married in 1844.
*  their daughter #11 Julia E. White (1848-1913), married #10 Thomas Richmond (1848-1917) in 1868.
*  their daughter #5 Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962), married #4 Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942) in 1900.
*  their son #2 Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983), married #3 Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002) in 1942.
*  their son #1 Randall Jeffrey Seaver (1943-living)


1)  PERSON (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Name:                        Moses Barber[1–5]

*  Sex:                            Male

*  Father:                       James Barber (c1620-1687)
*  Mother:                     Eleanor --?-- (c1628- ????)

2)  INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Birth:                         about 1652, Rhode Island, British America[1–2]

*  Death:                        before 17 December 1733 (before about age 81), South Kingstown, Kings, Rhode Island, British America[1-2,5]

*  Probate:                     17 December 1733 (about age 81), will proved; South Kingstown, Kings, Rhode Island, British America[1-2,5]

3)  SHARED EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Spouse 1:                    Ann --?-- ( 1655-1688)
*  Marriage 1:                 about 1679 (about age 27), Kingstown, Kings, Rhode Island, British America[1–2]

*  Child 1:                      William Barber 1679-1748
*  Child 2:                      Sarah Barber 1682-1727
*  Child 3:                      Moses Barber 1683-1758

*  Spouse 2:                   Susanna West 1666-1756
*  Marriage 2:                24 March 1691/2 (about age 39), Kingstown, Kings, Rhode Island, British America[1–4]

*  Child 4:                      Dinah Barber 1692-1774
*  Child 5:                      Lydia Barber 1694-1728
*  Child 6:                      Samuel Barber 1695-1760
*  Child 7:                      Susannah Barber 1697-1755
*  Child 8:                      Thomas Barber 1699-1762
*  Child 9:                      Joseph Barber 1701-1779
*  Child 10:                    Martha Barber 1703-1773
*  Child 11:                    Ruth Barber 1705-1755
*  Child 12:                    Benjamin Barber 1707-1792
*  Child 13:                    Mercy Barber 1709-1790
*  Child 14:                    Ezekiel Barber 1711-1782
*  Child 15:                    Abigail Barber 1713-    
*  Child 16:                    Daniel Barber 1714-1805
*  Child 17:                    Anna Barber 1717-1800

4)  NOTES (with source citations as indicated in brackets):    

The most detailed account of the life of Moses Barber is the Lois J. (Barber) Schroeder 1984 typescript titled Moses Barber of South Kingstown, Rhode Island and Many Descendants, 1652-1984[1].  A Rhode Island Genealogical Register article by Alden G. Beaman added more information[2].

Moses Barber was probably born about 1652, since a deposition of 17 March 1722 calls him "aged 70 and upwards"[1-2].  It is possible that a James Barber was the father or grandfather of Moses. James Barber is said to have come from Berkshire, England, landing at Boston in 1633. He later became a resident of Newport, Rhode Island.

In about 1679, probably in Kingstown, Moses Barber married a first wife named Ann[1-2]. They had three children: 

*  William Barber (1680-1748), married 1720 Sarah Mumford (1700-1747).
*  Sarah Barber (1682-1727), married 1706 David Greene (1677-1761).
*  Moses Barber (1683-1758), married 1705 Elizabeth Eldred (1687-1747).

The first wife of Moses died on 7 November 1688 in Kingstown[1-2].

Moses Barber married secondly at Kingstown on 24 Mar 1691/2 to Susannah West (or Wast, Wait Waist)[1-4]. Susannah was the daughter of Francis West and Susannah Soule.  They had 14 children, all born in what is now North or South Kingstown:

*  Dinah Barber (1693-1774), married 1716, Edward Wilcox (1693-1779).
*  Lydia Barber (1695-1728), married 1714 Benjamin Mowry (1680-1728).
*  Samuel Barber (1695-1760), married 1719 Anne Cory (1697-c1760).
*  Susannah Barber (1697-1755), married 1727 Benjamin Perry (1677-1749).
*  Thomas Barber (1699-1762), married 1725 Avis Tanner (1699-1777).
*  Joseph Barber (1701-1779), married 1724 Rebecca Potter (1701-1753).
*  Martha Barber (1703-1773), married 1727 Thomas Parker (1700-1773).
*  Ruth Barber (1705-1755), married 1724 George Bentley (1705-1802).
*  Benjamin Barber  (1707-1792), married 1730 Mary Tefft (1705-1782).
*  Mercy Barber (1709-1790), married 1727 Samuel Tefft (1703-1789).
*  Ezekiel Barber (1711-1782), married 1736 Hannah Webster (1713-1786).
*  Abigail Barber (1713-????).
*  Daniel Barber (1714-1805), married 1739 Deliverance Tefft (1722-1799).
*  Anna Barber (1717-a1800), married 1740 Sylvester Kenyon (1710-1800).

Moses Barber owned and operated a grist mill and was also a farmer.  His house stood on a knoll known as Bald Hill, just west of Barber's pond in South Kingstown[1].

Moses died at his South Kingstown home between the dates of 15 April 1728 when his will was written and 17 December 1733 when it was proved[1-3,5]. Burial was probably to the west or northwest of Barber's Pond but there are no markers or records of proof.

Moses Barber Sr. of South Kingstown wrote a will dated 29 March 1728, which was proved on 17 December 1733[1,5].  The will reads:

"In The Name of God Amen the Twenty Ninth day of March 1728  I Moses Barber Sen-r of South Kingstown In the Colony of Rhod Island Yeoman being Aged and Weak In Body but of Perfect Mind and Memory thanks be Given unto God for it therefore Calling into mind the Mortallity of My body and Knowing that it is Appointed for all men once to Dye Do Make and Ordain this My Last Will & Testament that is to Say principally and First of all I Give and Recommend my soul Into the Hands of God that Gave it and my body to be burried In Decent Christian Burial at the Discrestion of My Executrix and Executor Hearafter Named Nothing Doubting but at the Generall Reasurrection I shall Receive the Same again by the Mighty Power of God & As Touching upon Such Worldly Estate Wherewith It hath Pleased God to bless me In this Life I Give Demise and Dispose of the same In the following manner and Form that is to say --

"Imprimus  After my Just Debts Funeral Charges and Legacies are Duly Discharged and paid by my Executrix andor Executor The use of the Rest of my Movable Estate I Give and bequeath to Susanah my Wife So Long as She Remains my Widow as also the use of my Homested farm and House with all the priviledges and profits therewith belonging and further my Will is that at the Decease of my wife Susannah that then all the Remaining part of my said Estate Shall be Equally Divided between the Daughters of my said Wife or their Children.

"Item  I Give unto my Son William Barber one shilling In token of my Love he having Recieved his portion already In Land.

"Item  I Give unto my Son Moses Barber one Shilling in Token of my Love to him He having Recieved his portion already In Land.

"Item  I Give unto my Son Samuel Barber one Shilling in token of My Love to him he Having Recieved his portion already In Land.

"Item  I Give unto my Son Thomas Barber one Shilling In token of my Love to him he having Recieved his portion already In Land.

"Item  I Give unto my Son Joseph Barber one Shilling In token of my Love to him he having Recieved his portion already In Land.

"Item  I Give unto my Son Benjamin Barber a Certain Tract or parcell of Land Scituate Lying and being In Westerly by Estimation one hundred and Forty Six Acres which I bought of Francis Colgrove to be to him my said Son Benjamin and to his heirs & Assigns Forever.

"Item  I Give unto my Son Ezekiel Barber twenty Acres of Land being the North West Corner of my Homstead Farm Bounded Westerly on the Pebignamscut Line & Easterly on Yancey's Pond  I allso Give to my Said son Ezekiel Barber Twenty Five Acres of Land on the South East Corner of My Homestead Farm be the Same more or less - Butted and bounded as followeth Begining at a Certain Rock by the Pond where the brook Runs out of the pond and to Extend Westward to a Laege Oak Tree and heap of stones and so to Extend the Same Course to Samuel Barbers Land Southward on the Land of Robert Willcox and Eastward on the sd Brook and the brook is the bounds to the before Mentioned Rock and both the above mentioned percells of Land Which I give to my said Son Ezekiel Barber to him his heirs and assigns forever.  I allso give to my Said Son Ezekiel Barber one Loom and All my Weaving Utentials.

"Item  I Give unto my Son Daniel Barber all my Remainding part of my homstead Farm with all the housing Orchard and Fencing and all other to the same Belonging to him my said Son Daniel Barber and to his heirs and assigns forever.

"Item  I Give to my Youngest Daughter Ann Barber one Good feather Bead well Fixed and Twenty pounds In money to be paid to her when she Comes to the Age of Eighteen Years.

"Item  I Give to all my Daughters which are Married to Each of them Five Shillings In Token of My Love They Having Recieved their portion already.  also I Give to the heirs of my Daughter Lydia Mery Deceased Five shillings.  

Lastly my Will Is and I Do hereby Order Constitute and Appoint my True and Loving Wife my Executrix As allso my Son Benjamin Barber my Executor & this my Last will and Testament and I Do hereby Utterly Disallow Revoke and disannul All and Every Other Former Testaments Wills Leagacies and Bequeaths and Executors by Me In any Ways Named Willed and Bequeathed Ratifying and Confirming this and No other to be my Last will and Testament  In Wittness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Day and Year above Written.
                                                       Moses  M  Barber  (seal)
"Signed Sealed
published pronounced &
Declared by the said
Moses Barber as his Last
Will and Testament
In the Presence of us the Subscribers
Benjamin Potter
Josiah Shearman
Isaac Shelden"
"Isaac Shelden and Benjamin Potter Both appeared before the town Councill of South Kingstown this 17th Day of December 1733 and Did Declare upon Oath that they did see the above Moses Barber Sign Seal and Declare the above and foregoing to be his Last Will and Testament that at the same time he was In his perfect Mind and Memory and that they then In his presence signed as Wittnesses to the same allso att the same time saw Josiah Shearman Deceased sign as a wittness thereto in said Barbers presence.  This Will being proved as abovesd the Town Councill Doth Approve of the Same  Robert Hannah Councill clerk."

"A true inventory of all and singular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of Moses Barber of South Kingstown in Kings County and Colony of Rhoad Island Yeoman Late Deceased" was taken by Daniel Knowles and Isaac Shelden dated 13 December 1733.

The inventory was presented by Susannah Barber, widow and Executrix of Moses Barber of South Kingstown, deceased, and Benjamin Barber the son of the said Moses Barber, to the South Kingstown Town Council on 17 December 1733. The personal inventory totaled 452 pounds, 19 shillings, 10 pence.


1. Lois J. (Barber) Schroeder, Moses Barber of South Kingstown, Rhode Island and Many Descendants, 1652-1984 (Decorah, Iowa, Amundsen Publishing Company, 1984), accessed on FamilySearch Digital Library (, pages 1-9, Moses Barber family sketch.

2. Alden G. Beaman, Ph.D., "A Line of Descent from Moses Barber of Kingstown," Rhode Island Genealogical Register, Volume I, number 2 (October 1978), pp 112-120.

3. Anne Borden Harding (editor), Mayflower Families Through Five Generations : Volume 3: George Soule  (Plymouth, MA : General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1980), page 28, Susannah West/Wast sketch.

4. James N. Arnold, Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850, First Series, Births, Marriages and Deaths : a Family Register for the People (Providence, R.I.: Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., 1891-1912), "Vol. 05: Washington County: Births, Marriages, Deaths," North Kingstown Marriages, page 8 (image 17 of 523), Moses Barber and Susannah Wait entry, 24 March 1691/2.

5. South Kingston (R.I.) Town Clerk, "Town Council Records, 1704-1943,"  (South Kingston, R.I.), digital microfilm, FamilySearch (, on 8 microfilm reels (Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah), Volume 2, Pages 238-245 (on FHL Microfilm 0.931,833), Moses Barber will written 1728, proved 1733.


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