Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Randy's NGS 2010 Photos - Post 1

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to at the NGS Conference in Salt Lake City last week. And some of them turned out badly (I think my camera is not working perfectly... or the operator is flawed).

Some of the more "interesting pictures" I took include:

1) SNOW! For a San Diego boy who has seen snow fall like twice in his life, this was a really big deal:

This was at 12 noon just outside the convention center. I have my Einstein Genealogy T-shirt from JMK Gifts on... and you can barely see my "beard" the nametag and the nine little thingies that are attached to it.

2) Tim Firkowski walked around the Exhibit Hall in a Sherlock Holmes outfit - very cool. I posed for this picture with Tim and Alvie Davidson at the APG Booth:

3) Author and speaker Ron Arons, who wrote the books The Jews of Sing-Sing and WANTED: U.S. Criminal Records, wore an interesting outfit while manning his booth for Criminal Research Press:

4) This outfit was even more impressive - I hope he changed clothes before going out on the street or to the hotel:

More photos to come...


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Who is Tim Firkowski? I thought I saw him in Boston at the Ancestry/NEHGS Day workshop in February. He wore the same great costume!

Kerry Scott said...

It's so cool to connect faces with the names...thank you for sharing!

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Root Digger said...

I like what photos you decided to post. Thanks for sharing.

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