Saturday, August 8, 2020

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Play Ahnentafel Roulette

Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 

 It's Saturday Night again - 

time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!):

1) What year was one of your 2nd great-grandparents born?  Divide this number by 70 and round the number off to a whole number. This is your "roulette number."

2) Use your pedigree charts or your family tree genealogy software program to find the person with that number in your ancestral name list (some people call it an "ah
nentafel" - 
your software will create this - use the "Ahnentafel List" option, or similar). Who is that person, and what are his/her vital information?

3) Tell us three facts about that person in your ancestral name list with the "roulette number."

4) Write about it in a blog post on your own blog, in a Facebook post, or as a comment on this blog post.

5) NOTE:  If you do not have a person's name for your "roulette number" then "spin" the wheel again - pick a great-grandmother, a grandfather, a parent, a favorite aunt or cousin, yourself, or even your children!  Or pick any ancestor!

Here's mine:

1)  One of my 3rd great-grandfathers was David Jackson Carringer, born in 1828.  Dividing 1828 by 70 gives me a "Roulette" number of 26 (rounded off).  

2)  Number 26 in my "Ancestor Name List" (i.e., Pedigree Chart) is Devier James Lamphier Smith (1839-1894), who married Abigail A. Vaux (1844-1931) in 1861 in Dodge County, Wisconsin.

3)  Three facts about Devier James Lamphier Smith:

*  Devier was born in Jefferson county, New York with a surname of Lamphier/Lanfear, and was adopted by Ranslow and Mary (Bell) Smith in about 1840.

*  Devier officially changed his surname from Lamphier to Smith in a Wisconsin State Senate Act in 1866 after his mother died, and his father names him as his "adopted son" in his 1865 will proved in 1873 in Missouri. 

*  Devier patented 160 acres of land in the west half of the southwest quarter and the west half of the northwest quarter of Section 11 of Township 3 south, Range 40 west in Cheyenne County, Kansas.  He also patented 160 acres of land in  the southeast quarter of Section 10 of Township 3 south, Range 40 west in Cheyenne County, Kansas.  This was in the township of Wano.  


Copyright (c) 2020, Randall J. Seaver

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Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 1 to 7 August 2020

The following record collections were listed on the Recently Added and Updated List on during the period from 1 to 7 August 2020: 

The ADDED and Updated record collections are:

Georgia, Catholic Diocese of Savannah Cemetery Records, 1853-1975; indexed database with record images, Updated 8/6/2020

U.S., Freedman's Bank Records, 1865-1874; indexed database with record images, Updated 8/6/2020

U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-1999; indexed database with record images, Updated 8/6/2020

Ontario, Canada Births, 1832-1914; indexed database with record images, Updated 8/6/2020

Canada, Selected School Yearbooks, 1901-2010; indexed database with record images, Updated 8/6/2020

Montana, State Deaths, 1907-2018; indexed database with record images, Updated 8/4/2020


The complete Card Catalog is at  

By my count, there were 0 NEW collections ADDED this past week, per the list above.  There are now 32,811 collections available as of 7 August, a decrease of  1 from last week.  


Disclosure:  I have a complimentary all-access subscription from, for which I am thankful. has provided material considerations for travel expenses to meetings, and has hosted events and meals that I have attended in Salt Lake City, in past years.

Copyright (c) 2020, Randall J. Seaver

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Added and Updated Record Collections at - Week of 1 to 7 August 2020

I am trying to keep up with the new and updated record collections at FamilySearch   ( every week.

As of 7 August 2020, there are 2,845 historical record collections on FamilySearch (an increase of 4 from last week):

New and updated collections this week are (as Marshall provided them):

--- Collections Added ---

*  England and Wales, Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1640-1660 (; 28,868 indexed records with 28,868 record images, ADDED 03-Aug-2020
*  Texas, Manifests of Permanent and Statistical Alien Arrivals at El Paso, 1924-1954 (; 80,992 indexed records with 80,992 record images, ADDED 05-Aug-2020
*  Texas, Various Counties, Military Discharge Records, 1916-1990 (; 25,662 indexed records with 25,662 record images, ADDED 04-Aug-2020
*  Oregon Passenger and Crew Lists, 1888-1956 (; 512,300 indexed records with 512,300 record images, ADDED 05-Aug-2020
*  Indiana, Harrison County, Index Cards to Corydon Democrat Newspaper Obituaries, 1861-2008 (; 376,350 indexed records with 376,350 record images, ADDED 03-Aug-2020

--- Collections Updated ---

Brazil, Bahia, Civil Registration, 1877-1976 (; 100,173 indexed records with 92,379 record images (was 99,936 records with 92,195 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Peru, Tacna, Civil Registration, 1850-1998 (; 225,652 indexed records with 253,910 record images (was 225,652 records with 253,910 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020
Mississippi, County Marriages, 1858-1979 (; 930,169 indexed records with 299,155 record images (was 887,782 records with 266,117 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Venezuela, Catholic Church Records, 1577-1995 (; 1,219,670 indexed records with 1,899,876 record images (was 1,219,106 records with 1,899,876 images), UPDATED 03-Aug-2020
Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1980 (; 1,268,527 indexed records with 5,864,285 record images (was 1,268,527 records with 5,864,285 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

Brazil, Minas Gerais, Civil Registration, 1879-1949 (; 108,886 indexed records with 47,376 record images (was 104,592 records with 44,994 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Texas, Washington County, Birth Records, 1903-1991 (; 15,922 indexed records with 2,685 record images (was 10,069 records with 635 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Indiana Naturalization Records and Indexes, 1848-1993 (; 144,805 indexed records with 102,461 record images (was 112,845 records with 102,461 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020
Fiji, Passports, 1915-1991 (; 136,952 indexed records with 246,862 record images (was 136,952 records with 136,229 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
North Carolina, Center for Health Statistics, Vital Records Unit, County Birth Records, 1913-1922 (; 661,559 indexed records with 675,351 record images (was 629,181 records with 627,263 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

England, Yorkshire Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1613-1887 (; 322,876 indexed records with 316,476 record images (was 322,875 records with 316,475 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020
South Africa, Civil Marriage Records, 1840-1973 (; 674,263 indexed records with 600,049 record images (was 660,457 records with 582,672 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
England, Middlesex Parish Registers, 1539-1988 (; 695,002 indexed records with 50,869 record images (was 644,053 records with 47,138 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Pennsylvania Delayed Birth Records, 1941-1976 (; 156,726 indexed records with 132,321 record images (was 153,501 records with 132,093 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Connecticut, Military Census Questionnaires, 1917 (; 391,981 indexed records with 522,094 record images (was 391,981 records with 518,702 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020

Pennsylvania, Wayne County, Court of Common Pleas, Naturalization Records, 1799-1906 (; 15,813 indexed records with 4,386 record images (was 15,766 records with 5,946 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020
South Africa, Orange Free State, Civil Death Registration, 1902-1954 (; 7,216 indexed records with 8,738 record images (was 5,395 records with 5,394 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
South Africa, Natal Province, Civil Deaths, 1863-1955 (; 213,157 indexed records with 197,375 record images (was 190,323 records with 151,968 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Texas, Indexes and Manifests of Arrivals at the Port of Del Rio, 1906-1953 (; 104,679 indexed records with 206,054 record images (was 104,679 records with 206,054 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-2014 (; 30,047,344 indexed records with 46,885,453 record images (was 30,047,344 records with 46,885,453 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950 (; 2,289,287 indexed records with 1,789,697 record images (was 2,289,287 records with 1,789,697 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020
Texas, Laredo Arrival Manifests, 1903-1955 (; 575,335 indexed records with 1,322,540 record images (was 575,335 records with 1,322,540 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
Find A Grave Index (; 188,169,391 indexed records with 188,169,391 record images (was 188,169,391 records with 188,169,391 images), UPDATED 03-Aug-2020
Canada, New Brunswick, County Register of Births, 1801-1920 (; 143,062 indexed records with 5,652 record images (was 127,971 records with 5,037 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004 (; 473,178 indexed records with 355,318 record images (was 464,072 records with 355,318 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

United States, GenealogyBank Historical Newspaper Obituaries, 1815-2011 (; 35,411,516 indexed records with 4,830,472 record images (was 35,411,498 records with 4,830,472 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
South Africa, Civil Death Registration, 1955-1966 (; 154,530 indexed records with 158,012 record images (was 145,689 records with 145,444 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Iowa, Black Hawk County, Waterloo, World War I Pledge Cards, 1917-1918 (; 39,462 indexed records with 43,974 record images (was 39,423 records with 43,931 images), UPDATED 05-Aug-2020
Puerto Rico, Catholic Church Records, 1645-1969 (; 147,566 indexed records with 191,547 record images (was 121,298 records with 191,547 images), UPDATED 05-Aug-2020
Nova Scotia Delayed Births, 1837-1904 (; 94,960 indexed records with 70,782 record images (was 86,570 records with 70,782 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

Indiana Marriages, 1811-2007 (; 3,390,232 indexed records with 1,259,299 record images (was 3,390,232 records with 1,259,299 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
South Africa, Pietermaritzburg Estate Files 1846-1950 (; 441,537 indexed records with 316,613 record images (was 441,537 records with 316,609 images), UPDATED 05-Aug-2020
Washington, County Birth Registers, 1873-1965 (; 55,721 indexed records with 943 record images (was 49,035 records with 766 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
California, Los Angeles, Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery/Crematory Records, 1884-2002 (; 56,931 indexed records with 7,485 record images (was 52,149 records with 6,298 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Massachusetts, City of Boston Voter Registers, 1857-1920 (; 264,513 indexed records with 23,345 record images (was 264,391 records with 23,339 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020

Chile, Cemetery Records, 1821-2015 (; 1,061,409 indexed records with 3,675,058 record images (was 1,061,409 records with 3,675,058 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
United States Census, 1940 (; 134,827,283 indexed records with 3,841,151 record images (was 134,827,283 records with 3,841,151 images), UPDATED 05-Aug-2020
Hawaii, Collector of Customs, Ships' Passenger Manifests, 1843-1900 (; 337,980 indexed records with 171,385 record images (was 337,980 records with 139,195 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, Vital Records, 1868-1976 (; 126,163 indexed records with 124,340 record images (was 124,668 records with 122,189 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
United States, New York Land Records, 1630-1975 (; 22,393,539 indexed records with 8,129,310 record images (was 22,393,539 records with 8,129,310 images), UPDATED 05-Aug-2020

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Census, 1984 (; 61,173 indexed records with 18,428 record images (was 61,173 records with 11,319 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
Belgium, Limburg, Civil Registration, 1798-1906 (; 81,943 indexed records with 842,559 record images (was 81,941 records with 842,559 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020
California, County Birth and Death Records, 1800-1994 (; 6,198,437 indexed records with 2,841,076 record images (was 6,193,821 records with 2,841,076 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Bolivia Catholic Church Records, 1566-1996 (; 3,742,219 indexed records with 1,649,601 record images (was 3,742,219 records with 1,649,601 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
Virginia, Bureau of Vital Statistics, County Marriage Registers, 1853-1935 (; 168,239 indexed records with 5,632 record images (was 158,515 records with 5,213 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

United States Public Records, 1970-2009 (; Index only (875,610,578 records), no images (was 875,610,577 records with 0 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Mexico, Sinaloa, Civil Registration, 1861-1929 (; 594,224 indexed records with 1,403,105 record images (was 594,224 records with 1,403,105 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
Peru, Junín, Civil Registration, 1881-2005 (; 1,451,137 indexed records with 1,116,809 record images (was 1,423,480 records with 1,116,809 images), UPDATED 03-Aug-2020
Pennsylvania Cemetery Records, ca. 1700-ca. 1950 (; 524,384 indexed records with 76,523 record images (was 493,955 records with 74,133 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Puerto Rico, Civil Registration, 1805-2001 (; 5,007,024 indexed records with 4,581,756 record images (was 5,006,395 records with 4,581,756 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

Brazil, Civil Registration, 1860-2006 (; 17,912 indexed records with 9,109 record images (was 16,310 records with 7,718 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Illinois, Quincy, Greenmount Cemetery Records, 1875-1985 (; 43,658 indexed records with 31,373 record images (was 43,477 records with 31,240 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Peru, Prelature of Yauyos-Cañete-Huarochirí, Catholic Church Records, 1665-2018 (; 102,823 indexed records with 47,855 record images (was 101,273 records with 46,744 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Ecuador, Catholic Church Records, 1565-2011 (; 4,660,666 indexed records with 1,454,787 record images (was 4,660,666 records with 1,454,787 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
Micronesia, Civil Registration, 1883-1983 (; 7,841 indexed records with 8,444 record images (was 7,136 records with 7,121 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

Austria, Vienna, Jewish Registers of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1784-1911 (; 125,407 indexed records with 206,316 record images (was 125,407 records with 206,316 images), UPDATED 06-Aug-2020
Peru, Piura, Civil Registration, 1874-1996 (; 203,393 indexed records with 215,049 record images (was 175,768 records with 174,249 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
England, Herefordshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1583-1898 (; 1,082,980 indexed records with 88,729 record images (was 1,078,892 records with 88,524 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
England, Derbyshire, Church of England Parish Registers, 1537-1918 (; 2,977,813 indexed records with 53,151 record images (was 2,977,748 records with 53,151 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020
Great Britain, War Office Registers, 1772-1935 (; 803,087 indexed records with 3,617 record images (was 797,279 records with 3,617 images), UPDATED 03-Aug-2020

Brazil, Santa Catarina, Civil Registration, 1850-1999 (; 215,202 indexed records with 1,038,133 record images (was 213,512 records with 1,038,133 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Texas, Hardin County, Marriage Records, 1837-2009 (; 40,581 indexed records with 35,816 record images (was 33,146 records with 26,597 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Missouri, Pre-WWII Adjutant General Enlistment Contracts, 1900-1941 (; 150,837 indexed records with 607,070 record images (was 26,877 records with 607,070 images), UPDATED 31-Jul-2020
Ohio, Washington County Newspaper Obituaries, 1884-2013 (; 694,396 indexed records with 11,202 record images (was 694,396 records with 11,225 images), UPDATED 03-Aug-2020
Montana Manifests of Immigrant Arrivals and Departures, 1923-1956 (; 217,539 indexed records with 38,373 record images (was 217,530 records with 38,373 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020

England, Shropshire Parish Registers, 1538-1918 (; 940,438 indexed records with 62,857 record images (was 928,245 records with 62,607 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020
Michigan Obituaries, 1820-2006 (; 8,913,925 indexed records with 1,093,937 record images (was 8,468,046 records with 1,093,937 images), UPDATED 04-Aug-2020
Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands Newspaper Obituaries, 1900-ca.2010 (; 151,029 indexed records with 14,243 record images (was 135,141 records with 12,419 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Peru, Ayacucho, Civil Registration, 1903-1999 (; 580,445 indexed records with 575,220 record images (was 571,219 records with 565,881 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Washington, County Naturalization Records, 1850-1982 (; 138,021 indexed records with 170,198 record images (was 138,021 records with 170,198 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

Micronesia, Death Records, 1970-1986 (; 4,780 indexed records with 4,822 record images (was 4,256 records with 4,250 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
England, Essex Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1971 (; 36,038 indexed records with 4,609 record images (was 35,383 records with 4,538 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Dominican Republic Civil Registration, 1801-2010 (; 775,401 indexed records with 3,416,801 record images (was 775,401 records with 3,416,801 images), UPDATED 05-Aug-2020
Utah, County Birth and Death Records,1892-1951 (; 28,114 indexed records with 1,090 record images (was 24,677 records with 978 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
New Jersey, Gloucester County, Clarksboro, Eglington Cemetery Records, 1880-1983 (; 16,773 indexed records with 14,311 record images (was 16,348 records with 14,035 images), UPDATED 05-Aug-2020

Zambia, Archdiocese of Lusaka, Church Records, 1950-2015 (; 32,654 indexed records with 3,258 record images (was 30,222 records with 2,554 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020
Niue, Vital Records, 1818-1994 (; 40,671 indexed records with 30,552 record images (was 40,609 records with 30,434 images), UPDATED 07-Aug-2020

--- Collections with new images ---

New York, State Death Index, 1880-1956 (; 4,749,222 indexed records with 84,805 record images (was 4,749,222 records with 84,749 images), last updated 20-Aug-2019
Sweden, Swedish Mission Emigration Records, 1905-1932 (; 1,200 indexed records with 1,200 record images (was 1,200 records with 63 images), last updated 03-Jul-2019
North Carolina, Department of Archives and History, Index to Vital Records, 1800-2000 (; 7,926,454 indexed records with 96,271 record images (was 7,926,454 records with 96,196 images), last updated 02-Apr-2020
United States, New York, Index to Passengers Arriving at New York City, compiled 1944-1948 (; 1,129,668 indexed records with 1,112,549 record images (was 1,129,668 records with 1,112,544 images), last updated 18-Mar-2020
South Africa, Natal, Passenger Lists, 1860-1911 (; 154,219 indexed records with 6,701 record images (was 154,219 records with 6,696 images), last updated 02-Apr-2020

Kentucky Death Records, 1911-1965 (; 1,681,910 indexed records with 1,680,488 record images (was 1,681,910 records with 1,676,699 images), last updated 16-Jan-2020
Maine, Church Records, 1734-1907 (; 57,125 indexed records with 2,694 record images (was 57,125 records with 2,458 images), last updated 12-Feb-2020
Hawaii, Grantor and Grantee Index, 1845-1909 (; 429,814 indexed records with 21,508 record images (was 429,814 records with 18,670 images), last updated 11-Jun-2020
Georgia, County Voter Registrations, 1856-1909 (; 230,552 indexed records with 19,875 record images (was 230,552 records with 12,670 images), last updated 28-Apr-2020
Louisiana, New Orleans, Quarterly Abstracts of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, 1820-1875 (; 426,106 indexed records with 10,781 record images (was 426,106 records with 8,922 images), last updated 16-Jul-2020

--- Collections with images removed ---

Iowa, Records of Persons Subject to Military Duty, 1862-1910 (; 5,075,771 indexed records with 107,833 record images (was 5,075,771 records with 107,838 images), last updated 03-Aug-2019
Sweden, Stockholm City Archives, Index to Church Records, 1546-1927 (; 1,067,735 indexed records with 69,267 record images (was 1,067,735 records with 70,768 images), last updated 02-Jul-2020
Arizona, Nogales, Index and Manifests of Alien Arrivals, 1905-1952 (; 502,795 indexed records with 495,686 record images (was 502,795 records with 496,137 images), last updated 21-Apr-2020
South Africa, Orange Free State, Probate Records from the Master of the Supreme Court, 1832-1989 (; 638,400 indexed records with 80,761 record images (was 638,400 records with 82,254 images), last updated 23-Dec-2019
Australia, Victoria, Inward Passenger Lists, 1839-1923 (; 883,350 indexed records with 5,543 record images (was 883,350 records with 5,580 images), last updated 30-Jul-2019

Germany, Rhineland, Diocese of Trier, Catholic Church Records, 1704-1957 (; 2,043,205 indexed records with 201,571 record images (was 2,043,205 records with 206,436 images), last updated 11-Sep-2019
Maryland, Baltimore Passenger Lists Index, 1897-1952 (; 653,829 indexed records with 652,803 record images (was 653,829 records with 652,840 images), last updated 15-Apr-2020
France, Saône-et-Loire, Parish and Civil Registration, 1530-1892 (; 7,204,644 indexed records with 1,848,400 record images (was 7,204,644 records with 1,965,900 images), last updated 06-May-2020
United States, Missouri, Recruitment Lists of Volunteers for the United States Colored Troops, 1863-1865 (; 17,881 indexed records with 5,483 record images (was 17,881 records with 5,780 images), last updated 31-Dec-2019
United States, Native American, Census Rolls, 1885-1940 (; 6,031,182 indexed records with 309,214 record images (was 6,031,182 records with 327,055 images), last updated 20-Feb-2020

Louisiana, New Orleans Index to Passenger Lists, 1853-1952 (; 439,348 indexed records with 434,551 record images (was 439,348 records with 435,255 images), last updated 30-Jan-2020
Germany, Baden, Archdiocese of Freiburg im Breisgau, Catholic Church Records, 1678-1930 (; 11,346,687 indexed records with 1,704,477 record images (was 11,346,687 records with 1,709,697 images), last updated 02-Apr-2020


My friend, Marshall, has come up with a program to determine which collections are ADDED, DELETED or UPDATED.  Thanks to Marshall for helping us out here!

In order to select a specific record collection on FamilySearch, go to and use the "Filter by collection name" feature in the upper left-hand corner and use keywords (e.g. "church england") to find collections with those keywords.

Each one of the collections listed above has a Research Wiki page (use the "Learn more" link).  It would be very useful if the Wiki page for each collection listed the dates for when the collection was added as a new collection and the dates for major updates also.

Copyright (c) 2020, Randall J. Seaver

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Genealogy News Bytes - Friday, 7 August 2020

Welcome to Genealogy News Bytes, posted on Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon, where we try to highlight the most important genealogy and family history news and education items that came across our desktop over the past three days.

1)  News Articles:

2)  New or Updated Record Collections:

*  A Summer of DNA Virtual Conference (15 August 2020)

4)  Genealogy Education - Webinars and Online Classes (times are US Pacific):

 GeneaWebinars Calendar

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Tuesday, 11 August, 11 a.m.:  Working with Different Family Tree Views on MyHeritage, by Uri Gonen

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Wednesday, 11 August, 5 p.m.: Dissecting a Civil War Pension Packet--Union and Confederate, by Jill Morelli

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar: Tracing Australian and New Zealand World War One Ancestors,  by Helen V. Smith

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Using DNA to Solve Adoption and Unknown Parentage Mysteries, by Michelle Leonard

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Preparing a Portfolio: Applying to Become a Certified Genealogist®, by Angela Packer McGhie

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Tech Zone - Google Keep for Note Taking, by Lisa Lisson

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Learn Legacy Software Live! City directories, obituaries and more, by Geoff Rasmussen

5)  Genealogy Education - Podcasts:

*  Fisher's Top Tips:  #195r - Genealogy Bucket Lists

6)  Genealogy Videos (YouTube):

7)  Did you miss the last Genealogy News Bytes - 4 August 2020 ?


Copyright (c) 2020, Randall J. Seaver

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New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, 7 August 2020

I received this information from Findmypast today:


Findmypast Friday
New UK parish records and newspapers available to search

The largest online collection of UK parish registers continues to grow with 50,000 new additions from the south-eastern county of Hampshire. This week’s Findmypast Firday update also includes and whole host of new newspapers, with over 100,000 colour pages spanning the years 1926 to 1983 added to Britain’s longest-running tabloid newspaper, the Daily Mirror.

Hampshire Baptisms

Over 21,000 parish baptisms held by the Surrey History Centre have been added to the collection. Including transcripts and colour images of original church registers, the new additions cover the parishes of:

  • Crondall, All Saints from 1569-1812
  • Ewshott, St Mary from 1886-1912
  • Farnborough, St Peter from 1584-1912
  • Fleet, All Saints from 1863-1912
  • Headley, All Saints from 1540-1795
  • Rowledge, St James from 1871-1912
Each record will reveal a combination of your ancestor’s name, birth and baptism dates, their parent’s names, and parent’s occupations and where their baptism took place.

Hampshire Marriages

Did two branches of your family unite in Hampshire? Search over 15,000 new additions from the following parishes to discover the couple’s names, birth years, residences, fathers’ names and occupations, the date and location of their wedding and the names of any witnesses:

  • Cove, St John from 1917-1933
  • Crondall, All Saints from 1576-1933
  • Crookham, Christ Church from 1842-1915
  • Ewshott, St Mary from 1890-1933
  • Farnborough, St Peter from 1584-1933
  • Fleet, All Saints from 1863-1933
  • Grayshott, St Luke from 1901-1933
  • Hawley, Holy Trinity from 1839-1915
  • Headley, All Saints from 1912-1933
  • Minley, St Andrew from 1871-1933
  • Rowledge, St James from 1871-1933
  • South Farnborough, St Mark from 1906-1933
Hampshire Burials

This week's Hampshire update is rounded-off with nearly 16,000 brand new burials covering the parishes of:
  • Crondall, All Saints from 1570-1812
  • Crookham, Christ Church from 1842-1938
  • Farnborough, St Peter from 1584-1945
  • Fleet, All Saints from 1864-1917
  • Headley, All Saints from 1539-1795
  • Rowledge, St James from 1871-1940
Essential for learning more about your ancestor’s final years, these records will reveal their birth, death and burial dates, their age at death, their occupation and where they were laid to rest.

All of this week's new Hampshire records have been published in partnership with Surrey County Council and include a combination of transcripts and scanned colour images of original documents. For full details on the churches and time frames covered by our Hampshire Collection, see our comprehensive parish list.

This week, we’ve added six brand new papers to our ever-growing archive, along with more pages to two existing titles. The six new additions are:
  • Fleetwood Chronicle covering 1895-1896, 1899-1901, and 1903-1905
  • Eastbourne Chronicle covering 1914, and 1917-1925
  • Glamorgan Gazette covering 1895, 1898, 1900-1910 and 1911
  • Middleton Albion covering 1881-1892
  • Indian Daily News covering 1875-1880
  • Sligo Chronicle covering 1850-1855, 1857-1879
We have also added new pages to existing titles including:
  • Marylebone Mercury from 1877, 1879-1883, 1885, and 1887-1896
As well as a substantial update to the Daily Mirror, a national title of great historical significance:
Daily Mirror from 1903-1913, 1919-1920, 1922-1929, 1933-1937 and 1980-1986

Launched in 1903 by Lord Northcliffe as a newspaper for women, run by women, it was originally pitched to the middle-class reader before converting into a working-class newspaper after 1934, in order to reach a larger audience.

The Daily Mirror pioneered the use of photography in news reporting, branding itself as one of Britain’s first daily picture papers in 1904 in order to serve an untapped market interested in more accessible photo-illustrated news stories. The success of this innovation led to many other publishers quickly following suit and in no time national and local newspapers across the UK were covering events in both words and pictures.

Findmypast now has a near complete run of this significant record of British life, spanning the years 1903 to 1999.


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52 Ancestors - Week 342: #552 John Plimpton (1680-1730) of Medfield, Massachusetts

John Plimpton (1680-1730) is number 552 on my Ahnentafel List, my 7th great-grandfather, who married #553 Susannah Draper (1687-1769)  in 1707 in Medfield, now Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

I am descended through:

*  their son #276 John Plimpton (1708-1756) who married #277 Abigail Fisher (1711-1785) in 1731.
*  their son #138 Amos Plimpton (1735-1808) who married #139 Mary Guild (1735-1800) in 1756.
*  their daughter #69 Mercy Plimpton (1772-1850) who married #68  Aaron Smith (1765-1841) in 1795.
*  their son #34 Alpheus Smith (1802-1840)   who married  #35 Elizabeth Horton Dill (1791-1869) in 1826.
*  their daughter, #17 Lucretia Townsend Smith (1828-1884) who married #16 Isaac Seaver (1823-1901) in 1851.
*  their son #8 Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922) who married #9 Hattie Louisa Hildreth (1857-1920) in 1874.
*  their son #4 Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942) who married #5 Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962) in 1900.
*  their son #2 Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983) who married #3 Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002)  in 1942.
*  their son #1 Randall Jeffrey Seaver (1943-living)


1)  PERSON (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

* Name:                              John Plimpton[1–9]

*   Sex:                                 Male

*   Father:                            John Plimpton (1649-1704)
*   Mother:                           Elizabeth Fisher (1659-1694)

2)  INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):
*  Birth:                              17 March 1680, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States[1-2,6]    

*  Distribution:                   5 April 1704 (age 24), father's will administered; Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States[3]    

*  Death:                            19 January 1730 (age 49), Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States[1,5–6]    
*  Burial:                           after 19 January 1730 (after age 49), Vine Lake Cemetery, Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States[6]    

*  Probate:                        7 April 1730 (age 50), Letter of Administration, Inventory; Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States[7]    
*  Probate:                       7 June 1731 (age 51), administrator's account; Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States[8]    
*  Probate:                      28 November 1732 (age 52), distribution; Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States[9]  

3)  SHARED EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

 Spouse 1.                   Susanna Draper (1688-1769)    
*  Marriage 1:                 13 November 1707 (age 27), Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States[1,4]    

*  Child 1:                     John Plimpton (1708-1756)    
*  Child 2:                     James Plimpton (1709-1784)    
*  Child 3:                     Daniel Plimpton (1721-1777)    
*  Child 4:                     Elizabeth Plimpton (1726-1757)

4)  NOTES (with source citations as indicated in brackets):  

John Plimpton was born 17 March 1680 in Medfield, Massachusetts, the son of John and Susanna (Fisher) Plimpton of Medfield[1-2,6]. 

He married Susanna Draper (1688-1769) on 13 November 1707 in Medfield[1,4].  She was the daughter of John and Abigail (Mason) Draper of Dedham.  John and Susanna had four children, all born and recorded in the Medfield town records:

*  John Plimpton (1708-1756), married 1731 Abigail Fisher (1711-1785).
*  James Plimpton (1709-1784), married 1736 Lidia Lovell (1717-????).
*  Daniel Plimpton (1721-1777), married 1745 Deborah Smith (1723-1787).
*  Elizabeth Plimpton (1726-1757).

John's father, John Plimpton (1649-1704) died intestate, and his probate records are in Suffolk County Probate Court case files 2,865 (37 images)[3].  The eldest son, John Plimpton, was named administrator of his father's estate on 5 April 1704.  The Inventory totaled £529-3s-6d.  Being the eldest son, John received a double share of the estate, which after expenses, was about 149 pounds.  

In the division of his father's lands, John Plimpton received:

*  two thirds part of the dwelling house, barn, yard room, orchard, and land on both sides of the highway.
*  12 acres of pine swamp meadow bottom by Stop River next to John Fishers swamp
*  2 acres of meadow by Harbor Island adjoining hism other's on the sidee near Bullard's causeway
*  1 acre more of meadow land that was John Bullards
*  6 acres and 3 roods and 26 rods of a woodlot on the south side of Stop River.  
*  5 and a half acres of pine swamp near Wheeler's bottom
*  2 acres and a half of cedar swamp in Dedham bounds
*  parcel of swamp land at south side of Chinry's causeway
*  1 and a half acres of meadow in Broad meadow
*  4 and a half acres of swamp and meadow joining Daniel Thurston's meadow and Wrentham line
*  9 or 10 acres of upland on south side of Stop River
*  4 and a half acres of woodland afjoining to it
*  5 acres 1 rood and 28 rods of woodland that was Joseph Plimpton's
*  one half of 3 acres and a half of woodland that was Warfields
*  one common right in Wrentham bounds.

The Plimpton book[1] adds more information about John Plimpton:
"He resided at Medfield, and was the third John in succession on the original homestead. The first house having been occupied about seventy-five years, he built a new one east of the former site, and somewhat nearer the street. It was a "half-house," two stories high, with front door, entry and chimney at the westerly end. It had one square room below with a lean-to in the rear. This with subsequent additions was occupied by his descendants about one hundred and fifty years.
"A tract of unoccupied land lying between Brookfield and Woodstock, Brimfield and Oxford, attracted the attention of some of the enterprising inhabitants of Medfield, who petitioned the General Court for a grant.  'That it might furnish settlements for your petitioners, many of whom are destitute of settlements for themselves, and not well able to purchase necessary accommodations in towns already settled. And the other of the petitioners being in want of lands for their descendants.'
"The grant was obtained September 3d, 1729, and three days later the petitioners gathered at the house of Joshua Morse, in Medfield. Among those present were John, Joseph, and William Plimpton. At this meeting John Plimpton was chosen the first constable and collector for the proprietors of New Medfield, now Sturbridge. But when the first division of land was made the following spring, and ever after, his share was set off and described to 'ye heires of John Plimpton.'"
John Plimpton died intestate 19 January 1730 in Medfield, Massachusetts[1,5-6].  His gravestone is probably in Vine Lake Cemetery in Medfield, but there is no extant gravestone[6].

Probate records for John Plimpton are in Suffolk County Probate Court Records, in Case File 5,941.  

A Letter of Administration on John Plimpton's estate was granted to the widow Susannah Plimpton and the eldest son John Plimpton on 7 April 1730 by the Suffolk County Probate Court[7].  The letter says:
"Josiah Willard Esq Commissioned by his Excellency William Burnet Esq Capt General and Governour in Chief in and over his Majestys Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England deceased & Continued by the Hon^ble William Dumoner Esq Commander in Chief of the same by and with the advice and Consent of the Council to be Judge of the Probate of Wills &c for Granting Letters of Administration on the Estates of persons deceased having Goods Chattels Rights or Credits in the County of Suffolk in the Province aforesaid. To Susannah Plimpton Widow and John Plimpton Husbandman both of Medfield in the County aforesaid Greeting. Whereas John Plimpton late of Medfield aforesaid Husbandman deceased having while he Lived & at the time of his decease Goods Chattels Rights or Credits in the County aforesaid lately dyed Intestate, whereby the power of Committing Administration and full disposition of all & singular the Goods Chattels Rights& Credits of the said deceased, and also the hearing Examining and allowing the accompt of such Administration doth appertain unto me Trusting therefore in your care & fidelity, I do by these presents committ unto you full power to administer all and singular the Goods, Chattels, Rights & Credits of the said deceased. And well and faithfully to Dispose of the same according to Law, and also to Gather levy Recover and Receive all and whatsoever Credits of the said deceased which to him while he Lived and att the time of his Death did appertain and to pay all Debts in which the said deceased stood Bound so far as his Goods Chattels Rights & Credits can Extend According to the value Thereof, And to make a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the Goods Chattels Rights & Credits, And to Exhibit the same into the Registry of the Court of Probate for the County aforesaid at or before the seventh day of July next Ensuing, and to Render a plain & true Accompt of your said Administration upon Oath at or before the seventh day of April which will be in the year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred & Thirty one, And I do hereby ordain Constitute and appoint you Admin^rs of all and singular the Goods Chattels Rights & Credits aforesaid. In Testimony whereas I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the said Court of Probate Dated at Boston the seventh day of April Anno Domini 1730.John Boydell Reg^r                                            J. Willard"
An Inventory was taken on 10 March 1730 by Samuel Smith, Ebenezer Mason and Henry Harding  and was approved by the Court on 7 April 1730[8].  The inventory included:
"A True Inventory of the Estate of John Plimpton late of Medfield deced as I was apprized by the subscribers hereunto March 10^th 1730.  
To money and Bills of Credit & Bonds                                                         45 – 16 - 11
To Cloathing Books and armes & several Book Debts                                 45 – 09 - 10
To Beds & Bedding sheets and Linnen and wool                                         44 -    2 -
To Pewter Earthen Brass & Iron & wooden ware in the house                    30 -
To Provision Corn and Meat a stock of Leather and shoemakers tools        47 – 19 -
To a Cart and plow Chains Axes & other Husbandry Tools                         21 - 6 -
To the stock oxen Horses Cows Sheep and swine                                         87 -
To the Buildings & homelot of both sides the way                                     190 -
To 12 acres of Pine swampy Meadow by Stop River                                   80 -
To 5 acres of Meadow lying in three pcells                                                  85 -
To 25 acres of wood Land lying on the south side of Stop River                 77 -
To 8 acres of swamp and Upland near Wheelers Bottom                             25 -
To that pcell of plow Land near Lieut Plimptons& also 2 acres of 
Cedar swamp 1 Acre more of swamp                                                           34 -
To 7 acres & a half of Upland in 3 pcells & also 5 acres of Devident Land 26 -
To the Common Rights in Wrentham some laid out some not                      13 - 10
To the fiftieth part of the Rights in New Medfield so called                         25 -                                                                           Samuel Smith  
                                     Ebenezer Mason    
                                    Henry Harding                                             £879 – 3 - 9
Suffolk Ss. By the Hon^ble Josiah Willard Esq Judge of pro:&c 
"Susannah Plimpton & John Plimpton, Adm^rs presented the foregoing and made Oath that it Contains a true and perfect Inventory of the Estate of John Plimpton late of Medfield Husbandman deceased so far as hath come to their Knowledge and that if more hereafter appear they will Cause itto be added. The Three subscribing Apprizers were at the same time sworn as the Law Directs.  Boston April 7th 1730       Exam^d: Ss John Boydell Reg^r         J. Willard"
The estate was distributed after the appraisers decided that the real estate could not be equitably divided between the heirs[9].  The widow received her thirds in land and personal estate for the rest of her life, sons John and James received the real estate, and were to provide their brother Daniel and sister Elizabeth with 74 pounds plus interest. 

1. Levi B. Chase, A Genealogy and Historical Notices of the Family of Plimpton or Plympton in America, Plumpton in England (Hartford, Conn. : Plimpton Mfg. Co., 1884), page 74, John Plimpton (1680-1730) sketch.

2. Vital Records of Medfield, Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston, Mass. :  New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1903), Births, page 82, John Plimpton entry, 17 March 1679/80.

3. Suffolk County, Massachusetts, Probate case files, Case File 2865  "37 images" John Plimpton of Medfield, 1705; "Suffolk County (Massachusetts) Probate Records, 1636-1899," digital images, American Ancestors ( : accessed 6 August 2020).

4. Vital Records of Medfield, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, Marriages, page 165, John Plimpton and Susannah Draper entry, 13 November 1707.

5. Vital Records of Medfield, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, Deaths, page 229, John Plimpton entry, 19 January 1730.

6. Find A Grave, indexed database and digital image,  (, Vine Lake Cemetery, Medfield, Mass., John Plimpton (1680-1730) memorial #171799287.

7. "Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991," indexed database with digital images, (  : accessed 5 November 2017); Suffolk County, "Probate Records, V. 27-28, 1729-1731," Volume 27, pages 540-541 (image 281 of 586), John Plimpton letter of administration and inventory; Original images in Suffolk County [Mass.] Probate Court.

8. Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991, indexed database with digital images, ( : accessed 5 November 2017); Suffolk County, "Probate Records, V. 29-31, 1731-1734," Volume 29, pages 73-74 (images 45-46 of 856), John Plimpton, 1730, account; Original images in Suffolk County [Mass.] Probate Court.

9. Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991, indexed database with digital images, ( : accessed 5 November 2017); Suffolk County, "Probate Records, V. 29-31, 1731-1734," Volume 31, pages 190-192 (images 671-672 of 856), John Plimpton, 1732, distribution; Original images in Suffolk County [Mass.] Probate Court.


NOTE:  In 2014, Amy Johnson Crow suggested a weekly blog theme of "52 Ancestors" in her blog post  52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks on the No Story Too Small blog.  I have extended this theme in 2020 for a seventh year to 364 Ancestors in 364 Weeks.  The list of 52 Ancestors biographies from my great-grandparents to the 7th great-grandparents (in work) is in

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