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Added or Updated Record Collections at - Week of 6 to 12 May 2018

I am trying to keep up with the new and updated record collections at   FamilySearch   ( every week.

As of 12 May 2018, there were 2,313 record collections on FamilySearch (an increase of 0 from last week):

The added or updated collections are (as Marshall provided them):

--- Collections Updated ---

*  Oklahoma, School Records, 1895-1936     (; 14,154,892 indexed records with 3,007,818 record images (was 14,130,825 records with 3,007,818 images), Updated 9 May 2018

*  Peru, Puno, Civil Registration, 1890-2005       (; 1,336,834 indexed records with 1,495,223 record images (was 1,280,593 records with 1,495,223 images), Updated 9 May 2018

*  Peru, Junín, Civil Registration, 1881-2005      (; 405,391 indexed records with 1,016,556 record images (was 391,558 records with 1,016,556 images), Updated 9 May 2018

*  Italy, Agrigento, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1820-1865 (; Browse 1,218,927 Images only, no index (was 0 records with 1,218,927 images), Updated 7 May 2018

*  Brazil, São Paulo, Immigration Cards, 1902-1980 (; 2,314,850 indexed records with 4,039,657 record images (was 2,255,940 records with 4,039,657 images), Updated 9 May 2018

*  Denmark Census, 1911    (; 2,794,164 indexed records with 251,268 record images (was 2,794,164 records with 251,268 images), Updated 9 May 2018

*  Luxembourg, Civil Registration, 1796-1941       (; 69,300 indexed records with 767,518 record images (was 59,888 records with 767,518 images), Updated 9 May 2018

*  Italy, Torino, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1802-1813    (; Browse 58,319 Images only, no index (was 0 records with 58,319 images), Updated 7 May 2018

*  Kentucky Death Records, 1911-1965       (; 1,651,891 indexed records with 64,300 record images (was 1,620,301 records with 32,722 images), Updated 9 May 2018

*  Australia Cemetery Inscriptions, 1802-2005      (; 889,877 indexed records with 329,238 record images (was 886,238 records with 329,238 images), Updated 10 May 2018

--- Collections with records removed ---

*  Australia, Queensland Cemetery Records, 1802-1990       (; 2,168,407 indexed records with 1,121,438 record images (was 2,168,408 records with 1,121,438 images),  8 Oct 2015


In order to select a specific record collection on FamilySearch, go to and use the "Filter by collection name" feature in the upper left-hand corner and use a keyword (e.g. "church england") to find collections with those keywords..

My friend, Marshall, has come up with a way to determine which collections are ADDED, DELETED or UPDATED.  Thanks to Marshall for helping me out here!

Each one of the collections listed above has a Research Wiki page (use the "Learn more" link).  It would be very useful if the Wiki page for each collection listed the dates for when the collection was added as a new collection and the dates for major updates also.


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NGS 2018 Conference Blog Compendium - Updated

The National Genealogical Society (NGS) Conference is May 2 to May 5 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This post will attempt to collect blog posts by attendees at the Conference:

1)  Kathryn on the Upfront With NGS blog:

*  NGS Presents Its Filby Award (posted 1 May 2018)

*  NGS Presents Awards Honoring Editorship and Service to NGS (posted 2 May 2018)

 NGS Presents Awards for Excellence in Scholarship and Service (posted 4 May 2018)

2)  Dick Eastman on the Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter blog:

*  National Genealogical Society Presents Awards Honoring Excellence in Newsletter Editorship and Service to NGS (posted 2 May 2018)

*  The NGS2018 Conference in Grand Rapids was a Success! (posted 7 May 2018)

3)  Cari Taplin on the Genealogy Pants blog:

*  BCG Putting Skills to Work 2018 (posted 3 May 2018)

Great Lakes States -- State and Territorial Censuses (posted 4 May 2018)

Audio Recordings From NGS 2018 (posted 11 May 2018)

4)  Danni on the Talking Box Genealogy blog:

Made It! Day 1 -- 2018 NGS Conference: Paths To Your Past (posted 3 May 2018)

*  Day 2 Recap -- NGS 2018: Paths to Your Past (posted 3 May 2018)

Day 3 Recap -- NGS 2018: Paths to Your Past (posted 4 May 2018)

Day 4 Recap: NGS: Paths to Your Past (posted 5 May 2018)

5)  Amber Oldenburg on the One Branch at a Time blog:

*  National Genealogical Society 2018 Family History Conference (posted 7 May 2018)

Day 1 NGS 2018 Conference (posted 8 May 2018)

*  Day 2 National Genealogical Society’s (NGS) (posted 9 May 2018)

*  Board for Certification of Genealogists Seminar at NGS 2018 (posted 10 May 2018)

*  Day 3 National Genealogical Society’s (NGS) 2018 Conference Recap (posted 12 May 2018)

*  Day 4 of the National Genealogical Society’s (NGS) 2018 Conference (posted 14 May 2018)

6)  Brenda Leyndyke on the Journey to the Past blog:

*  NGS 2018 Conference "Paths to Your Past" A Blast! (posted 7 May 2018)

NGS 2018 Day 2 Ends in Dutch Meet and Greet (posted 8 May 2018)

*  Burning the Candle at Both Ends is Catching Up with Me at NGS (posted 9 May 2018)

*  NGS 2018 Ends with Five Great Sessions (posted 10 May 2018)

7)  Laura on the Branch and Leaf ... a Family History Blog:

Dutch Genealogy at the NGS Conference (posted 7 May 2018)

8)  Jennifer Dix on the California Genealogical Society and Library blog:

Nancy Peterson, Kathryn Doyle honored at NGS (posted 8 May 2018)

9)  Yvette Hoitink on the Dutch Genealogy blog:

*  Quick tip – NGS Recordings Now Available for Purchase (posted 10 May 2018)

10)  Amanda on the Geni Blog:

*  Genealogy Conferences: NGS 2018 Recap (posted 8 May 2018)

I will update this post several times a day until no more posts are forthcoming.

If I have missed a blog post about NGS attendees, please email me at or add a Comment to this post.

There are many posts and photographs on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram by attendees at NGS 2018.  Go search for them!  Some of the bloggers above have Facebook posts with more photographs.

First posted:  2 May 2018

Last Update:  14 May 2018, 11 a.m. PDT.


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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Celebrate Mother's Day - Show Us Some Photos

It's Saturday Night - 
time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to:

1) Sunday, 13 May is Mother's Day in the USA.  Let's celebrate it by showing some of our photos with our mother.  

2)  Extra credit:  What did you call your mother during her life?  What did your children call your mother?  

3)  More extra credit:  Have you written a biography or tribute to your mother?  If so, please share a link if you have one.

4)  Share your photo(s) on your own blog post or in a Facebook or Google + post.  Leave a link on this blog post to  help us find your Mom photos.

Here's mine:

1)  Mom photos

a)  A baby picture - me and mom (probably in late 1943):

b)  A pre-wedding photo - me and Mom in 1970:

c)  My family in 1985 (Linda, Lori, Mom, Tami, Randy):

d)  Mom and her three sons in 2001 (Randy, Stan, Scott, Mom):

2)  I think I called my mother "Mom" all of her life.  Perhaps a "Muh-ther" once in awhile when I was exasperated.  My daughters called her "Nana," as did the other grandchildren.    

3)  I enjoyed every day with my mother from 1943 to 2002.  You can read my tribute to her in  Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - A Tribute to Your Mother.


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Surname Saturday -- GIBSON (England to colonial Massachusetts)

It's Surname Saturday, and I'm "counting down" my Ancestral Name List each week.  

I am working in the 9th great-grandmothers by Ahnentafel number, and I am up to Ancestor #2115 who is Mary GIBSON (1622-1658). 
[Note: the earlier great-grandmothers and 9th great-grandfathers have been covered in earlier posts.]

My ancestral line back through two generations in this GIBSON family line is:

1. Randall J. Seaver

2. Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983)
3. Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002)

4. Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942)
5. Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962)

8. Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922)
9. Hattie Louise Hildreth (1857-1920)

16. Isaac Seaver (1823-1901)
17. Lucretia Townsend Smith (1827-1884)

32. Benjamin Seaver (1791-1825)
33. Abigail Gates (1797-1869)

66.  Nathan Gates (1767-1830)

67.  Abigail Knowlton (1774-1855)

132.  Simon Gates (1739-1803)
133.  Susanna Reed (1745-1833)

264.  Amos Gates (1706-1783)
265.  Mary Hubbard (1712-1754)

528.  Simon Gates (1667-1752)
529.  Hannah Benjamin (1669-1754)

1056.  Stephen Gates (1634-1707)
1057.  Sarah Woodward (1643-1706)

2114.  George Woodward, born about 1619 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England; died 31 May 1676 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.  He was the son of 4228. Richard Woodward and 4229. Rose Stewart.  He married before 1641 in probably Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.
2115.  Mary Gibson, born about 1622 in Suffolk, England; died 17 August 1658 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Children of George Woodward and Mary Gibson are:

*  Mary Woodward (1641-1718), married 1664 John Waite (1639-1691).
*  Sarah Woodward (1643-1706), married 1664 Stephen Gates (1634-1707)
*  Amos Woodward (1644-1679), married 1666 Sarah Patten (1645-1677).
*  Rebecca Woodward (1647-1727), married 1666 Thomas Fisher (1636-1707).
*  John Woodward (1649-1732), married (1) 1673 (1649-1696); (2) 1686 Sarah Bancroft (1652-1723).
*  Susanna Woodward (1651-1676).
*  Daniel Woodward (1653-1713), married 1679 Elizabeth Dana (1662-1702).
*  Mary Woodward (1656-1713), married 1676 George Barstow (1652-1726).

4230.  Joseph Gibson, born about 1595 in Suffolk, England.

Child of Joseph Gibson is:

Mary Gibson (1622-1658), married 1641 George Woodward (1619-1676).

I can find no published book or periodical article that discusses Joseph Gibson.  There was a John Gibson (1601-1688) who married Rebecca --?-- in 1634 and settled in Cambridge.  There is a published book for the descendants of John Gibson.  , but a relationship between Joseph and John is not known, even though they are contemporaries.  

I have done no original research on this Gibson line.  


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Friday, May 11, 2018 Says They Will Work on Technical Problems

Crista Cowan of just posted this on the Facebook Group page:

Hi everyone,
I’m reaching out with the following message from our Executive Vice President of Product and Technology, Nat Natarajan at Ancestry.

"Some users have recently been experiencing technical issues when using  We appreciate how frustrating this has been, and we wanted to give you an update on what is happening and why.

"We are in the process of making planned system enhancements and infrastructure upgrades which, once complete, will improve site performance and enable more records, more hints, and more connections, making the platform even more valuable for our community.

"The issues we are experiencing are directly related to the complexity of the infrastructure upgrades and they will end after the transition is finished. Please know that your data is safe with us. All the work you have done on your trees will be preserved even if you are experiencing some difficulties as the result of this upgrade.

"These intermittent issues will include the search and other parts of the site not working in the way you expect and, some of your data being temporarily unavailable. It’s important for us to say that these issues are not continuous and are unrelated to any specific group of users. Currently the site works as expected over 99% of the time, and in almost all cases if you experience something not working, if you try the site feature again later the issue should be resolved. We appreciate this is frustrating and want to thank you for your patience.

"We expect the transition to be completed by Thursday, May 31, 2018, and we will let you know if this date changes. If you notice an issue with the site, please report it using the link below, include your Ancestry username and our developers will review the issues and prioritize them according to the number of users impacted. While we cannot guarantee a personal response to your feedback, we can guarantee we will review it carefully and will incorporate it into the resolution process. We’re working to quickly make improvements and address issues that are reported during this time of site enhancements.

"After the system enhancements are fully operational, Ancestry’s platform will provide a significantly improved experience to everyone in our community. In addition to the technical improvements we from the upgrades, from now through early June, we are launching 22 new collections and over 60 million new records. In the same time frame, we will expand the number of records available to our Shaky Leaf hinting engine by approximately 700 million, add a Family Group Sheet view, and broaden the ability to perform searches from person profiles in public member trees to our Family History experience. These are just a few early examples of the improvements you can expect as we enter the next chapter of our journey. We look forward to continuing to have an open conversation with you on the products and features you’d like to see to enhance your family history experience.

"Thank you very much for bearing with us during this period. Everyone on the Ancestry team really appreciates it."

Feedback link:


My comments:  This is really GOOD NEWS.  May 31 is three weeks, so seems reasonable, considering all of the technical issues they seem to have.  We'll see.  It is obvious they have to do something to recover their reputation, and if this works, it should make everyone happy.  

On the other hand, the statement that the site works 99% of the time is laughable.  I think the problems that have been raised over the last few weeks by users demonstrate that, at this point in time, users cannot trust that a global search finds all of the matches whether you use the Records or Categories results.  Searches with a specific database seem to be reliable, and might meet the 99% measure.

Hat tip to Barry Sheldon for pointing me to the Ancestry post.

Copyright (c) 2018, Randall J. Seaver

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Genealogy News Bytes - 11 May 2018

Some of the genealogy news items across my desktop the last three days include:

1)  News Articles:

Announcing the Northwest Genealogy Conference 2018

*  New Features Added to GenealogyBank!

*  REVIEW: Unofficial Guide to Second Edition

*  RootsTech 2019 Call for Papers

*  Register of Qualified Genealogists’ Call for Speakers and Posters – The Way Ahead: Future Challenges for Genealogy

Dutch Genealogy News for April 2018

*  Version 12 of the The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (or “TNG”) has been Released

2)  Record Databases:

New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, 11 May 2018

*  New Records on, FamilySearch and Findmypast

3)  Genealogy Education:

 GeneaWebinars Calendar

 Free Family History Library Classes and Webinars for May 2018

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinars - Tuesday, 15 May, 5 p.m. PDT:  Developing Good Research Habits, by Paul Stuart-Warren

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinars - Wednesday, 16 May, 11 a.m. PDT: The First 5 Things to Do with Your New Test Results, by Blaine Bettinger

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  The Hidden Web: Digging Deeper, by Cyndi Ingle

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  A Checklist of African American Resources, by Angela Walton-Raji

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Creating a Community Indexing Project, by Thomas MacEntee

*  Nicka Smith YouTube Channel:  BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 57: Staying In It: Historical Trauma & Self Care for Researchers

*  BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel:  Using by Rayanne Melick

*  BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel:  An Overview of The FH Guide by Wayne Washer

*  Findmypast YouTube Channel:  20 Unmissable Resources for Tracing British and Irish Ancestors

*  Findmypast YouTube Channel: Winston Churchill's Life Story | Findmypast

*  Ancestry YouTube Channel:  What's New at Ancestry: May 2018 Edition

*  Family History Fanatics YouTube Channel:  How to Make a Surname Table

*  Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems YouTube Channel:  Episode 217 - The Golden State Killer and Your Genealogy and DNA

*  The In-Depth Genealogist YouTube Channel:  Luana Darby and the Red Team

4)  Bargains:

*  Genealogy Bargains for Friday, May 11,  2018

5)  Neat Stuff:

World’s largest Viking ship will visit East Coast in October

*  15 Secrets of Genealogists

Mother, son reunite after 52 years

Did you miss the last Genealogy News Bytes - 8 May 2018?


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New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, 11 May 2018

I received this information form Findmypast today:


New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday

There are over 1.3 million new records available to search and explore this Findmypast Friday, including:

Billion Graves Cemetery Indexes

Pinpoint your ancestor's final resting place with new additions to our Billion Graves Cemetery Indexes. Our latest update includes:

·        Over 670,000 new additions to the United States Billion Graves Cemetery Index

·        Over 23,000 new additions to the Canada Billion Graves Cemetery Index

·        Over 40,000 new additions to the England Billion Graves Cemetery Index

·        Over 500 new additions to the Ireland Billion Graves Cemetery Index

·        Over 23,000 new additions to the Scotland Billion Graves Cemetery Index

·        Over 2,000 new additions to the Wales Billion Graves Cemetery Index

·        Over 147,000 new additions to the Australia Graves Cemetery Index

·        Over 6,000 new additions to the New Zealand Billion Graves Cemetery Index

Findmypast's partnership with BillionGraves aims to make available all the cemetery records held on their site for free. Each entry consists of transcript, which includes a link to an image of the headstone with GPS details. The amount of information listed may vary, but most records will include a combination of the deceased's name, birth date, death date, cemetery, city and county. Each transcripts will also include an image link, allowing you to remotely view your ancestor's headstone.

Browse through original parish registers spanning more than 300 years of Norfolk history. Delve through more than 13,000 pages of baptism, marriage, banns and burial registers covering Church of England across the region.

Many of the records included in this collection predate civil registration and a number of registers date back to the early 16th century.

Explore more than 227,000 parish chest records from Norfolk in a collection spanning six centuries. These records will enable you to browse through account books, apprenticeship registers, vital event records, poor rate books, and much more.

A wide variety of topics and events are contained within the parish chest. A full list of everything included can be found at the bottom of the search screen.

Browse through over 60,000 assorted tax assessment records for the county of Norfolk. The collection spans the years 1665 to 1837. The Norfolk Record Office records included in this collection are classified into the following event type categories:

·        Assessment for ongoing war

·        Assessment lists for royal aids

·        Assessment lists for royal aids and window tax assessments

·        Land & window tax assessments

·        Land tax assessments

·        Poll & land tax assessments

·        Poll tax assessment

·        Window tax assessments

Browse through more than 58,000 Norfolk borough records from 1317 to 1981. There are 44 different types of record included this collection covering apprentices, freeman, courts, churches, petitions, sessions, poor rates and more.

The amount of information you can learn from these records will depend on the event type and the year of creation. A full list of what is included can be found at the bottom of the search screen.

Explore over 78,000 Archdeacon's transcripts to uncover vital details related to your ancestor's baptism, marriage, and burial.

Archdeacon's transcripts are copies of parish registers that were sent to the archdeacon. Prior to 1812, all copies of registers were sent to the archdeacon. After 1812, the copies were sent to the bishop and became known as the bishop's transcripts.


Disclosure:  I have a complimentary subscription to Findmypast, and have accepted meals and services from Findmypast, as a Findmypast Ambassador.  This has not affected my objectivity relative to Findmypast and its products.

Copyright (c) 2018, Randall J. Seaver

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52 Ancestors - Week 226: #317 Mary (Smith) Phillips (1698-1746) of Charlestown, Stoneham and Southborough, Massachusetts

Mary (Smith) Phillips (1698-after 1746) is #317 on my Ahnentafel List, my 6th great-grandmother, who married #316 Ebenezer Phillips (1695-1746)  before 1719 in Malden, Massachusetts.

I am descended through:

*  their son #158 John Phillips (1722 - about 1800) who married #159 Hannah Brown (abut 1725 - before 1774) 
*   their daughter #79 Martha Phillips (1764-????) who married #78 Isaac Buck (1757-1846) in 1780.
*  their daughter, #39 Sophia Buck (1797-1882 married  #38 Thomas J. Newton (ca 178800-????) in about 1834.
*  their daughter #19 Sophia Newton (1834-1923) married #18 Edward Hildreth (1831-1899) in 1852.
*  their daughter #9 Hattie Louisa Hildreth (1857-1920) married #8 Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922) in 1874.
*  their son #4 Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942) married #5 Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962) in 1900.
*  their son #2 Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983) married #3 Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002) in 1942.
*  their son #1 Randall Jeffrey Seaver (1943-living)


1)  PERSON (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Name:                      Mary Smith[1–2]
*  Alternate Name:      Mary Phillips[3]   
*  Sex:                         Female    

*  Father:                    John Smith (1647-1706)    
*  Mother:                  Ruth Cutler (1668-1758)

2)  INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):
*  Birth:                     4 March 1697/8, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States[1–2]    

*  Distribution:          21 August 1746 (age 48), will of husband Ebenezer Phillips proved; Southborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[3]    

*  Death:                   after 21 August 1746 (after age 48), probably Southborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States  

3)  SHARED EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Spouse 1:               Ebenezer Phillips (1695-1746)    
*  Marriage:              before 1719 (before about age 24), probably Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States    

*  Child 1:                 Mary Phillips (1719-    )    
*  Child 2:                 Ebenezer Phillips (1721-    )    
*  Child 3:                 John Phillips (1722-1800)    
*  Child 4:                 Samuel Phillips (1726-1810)    
*  Child 5:                 Joanna Phillips (1729-1788)    
*  Child 6:                 Ruth Phillips (1733-1746)  

4)  NOTES (with source citations as indicated in brackets):    

 Mary Smith was born on 4 March 1697/8 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, to parents John and Ruth (Cutler) Smith[1-2].  She was the second of four daughters. 

John Smith, the father of Mary, died in 1705, and left property to Mary when she became age 18.  The will is very difficult to read.  There was no guardianship record found in the Middlesex County Probate Records, although there was one for her older sister, Ruth Smith.

On 11 March 1706/7, Ruth (Cutler) Smith married Thomas Upham in Reading, Massachusetts, whose first two wives (Elizabeth Hovey and Mary Brown) had died, leaving him with small children.  Thomas and Ruth (Cutler) (Smith Uphsam had five children.  Mary Smith grew up in the Thomas Upham household in Malden with her sister Ruth (who married Thomas Upham, the son of Thomas Upham and Elizabeth Hovey) and the Upham children.

Mary married Ebenezer Phillips, son of Andrew and Sarah (Smith) Phillips of Charlestown, before 1719, probably in Malden, Massachusetts.  There is no marriage record in the town vital records.  They had six children born between 1719 and 1733.  The first child was recorded in Wakefield, the third child in Charlestown in 1722, and the last three in Stoneham.

When Ebenezer Phillips died before 21 August 1746, he bequeathed to his wife Mary[3]:

"I give and Bequeath to ^Mary^ my well beloved wife all my moveables within Doors Except One feather Bed partly filled, Likewise three Cows ^and one mare^. Likewise One third of all the Improvements I give to my Son Samuel Here after mentioned. I give to Mary my wife all the East part of my now Dwelling House with a Cellar Under the same ^Dureing her Natural Life & no Longer.^"

It is not known when Mary (Smith) Phillips died or where she was buried.  She may have died in Southborough soon after her husband  Ebenezer died.    

There are no land records in Worcester County for Mary Phillips selling property.  There are no probate records for Mary (Smith) Phillips in Worcester or Middlesex County probate court records.


1. Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, digital images, (, Charlestown > Archives, Births, Marriages, Deaths, 1629-1800, Births, page 111 (image 117 of 385), Mary Smith entry, 1698.

2. Roger D. Joslyn, Vital Records of Charlestown, Massachusetts to 1850 (Boston, Mass. :  New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1984), 3 Volumes, Volume 1, Births, page 176, Mary Smith birth entry, 4 March 1697/8.

3. Massachusetts, Worcester County, Probate Files, 1731-1925, Packet 46,400, Ebenezer Phillips of Southborough, 1746 (11 images); digital images,,  ( accessed 22 April 2018); citing original records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, with digitized mages provided by


NOTE:  Amy Johnson Crow suggested a weekly blog theme of "52 Ancestors" in her blog post 
 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks on the No Story Too Small blog.  I have extended this theme in 2018 to 260 Ancestors in 260 Weeks.

Copyright (c) 2018, Randall J. Seaver

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