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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your Fearless Females Education

 It's Saturday Night - 

time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1)  It's National Women's History Month, so I'm going to use today's prompt from Lisa Alzo.  What education did your mother receive? Your grandmothers? Great-grandmothers? Note any advanced degrees or special achievements.

2) Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook post. Be sure to leave a link with your answers in a comment.

Here's mine:

a)  My mother, Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002) went to elementary school, junior high school, and high school (San Diego High) in San Diego, California.  She was an excellent student.  She attended San Diego State College from 1937 to 1940, majoring in Art History, and received a Bachelor of Science degree, and served on the school yearbook committee.   She went on to teach Art to junior high students, and was an artist specializing in copper enamel works after her children were raised.

b)  My maternal grandmother, Emily Kemp Auble (1899-1977) went to elementary school in Chciago, and then high school in San Diego, graduating in 1917 from San Diego High School.  She married Lyle Carringer in 1918, and received no further formal education.  She had an interest in gardens and flower arrangements, and became a judge of flower arrangement in the San Diego area shows and fairs.  

c)  My paternal grandmother, Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962) attended elementary school and high school in Leominster, Massachusetts, and married Frederick Seaver in 1900.  She was an accomplished piano player and organist, serving many years in Leominster churches.

d)  The one great-grandmother that I know had some talent was Abbie Ardell "Della" Smith (1862-1944, who went to elementary school and high school in Concordia, Kansas, and married Henry Austin Carringer in 1887.  She had some musical and acting talent - I have playbills from the Wano, Kansas playhouse in the 1885-1886 time showing her playing leading roles.  

I don't know a lot about the schooling or talents of my other great-grandmothers - Georgianna Kemp (1868-1952) from Delhi, Ontario; Harriet Hildreth (1857-1922) from Leominster, Massachusetts; and Julia E. White (1848-1913).  My guess is that they all attended some school, but none of them attended college.  


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Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 19 to 25 March 2022

 The following record collections were listed on the Recently Added and Updated List on during the period from  19 to 25 March 2022:

The ADDED and Updated record collections are:

Germany, Find a Grave Index, 1600s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

U.S., Find a Grave Index, 1600s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

UK and Ireland, Find a Grave Index, 1300s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

Canada, Find a Grave Index, 1600s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

Australia and New Zealand, Find a Grave Index, 1800s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

Sweden, Find a Grave Index, 1800s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

Norway, Find a Grave Index, 1800s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

Mexico, Find a Grave Index, 1800s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

Global, Find a Grave Index for Burials at Sea and other Select Burial Locations, 1300s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

Italy, Find a Grave Index, 1800s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

Brazil, Find a Grave Index, 1800s-Current; indexed records without record images, Updated 3/23/2022

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Church Record Extractions and Family Registers, 1600-1925; unindexed records with record images, ADDED 3/21/2022

Angermünde, Brandenburg, Germany, Miscellaneous City Records, 1706-1922; unindexed records with record images, ADDED 3/21/2022

U.S., Mormon Migration Records, 1840-1932; indexed records without record images, ADDED    3/21/2022

U.S., Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881; unindexed records with record images, ADDED 3/21/2022


The complete Card Catalog is at  

By my count, there were 4 NEW collections ADDED this past week, per the list above.  There are now 33,141 collections available as of 25 March, an increase of  4 from last week.   


Disclosure: I receive a complimentary all-access subscription from, for which I am thankful. has provided material considerations for travel expenses to meetings, and has hosted events and meals that I have attended in Salt Lake City, in past years.

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Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 19 to 25 March 2022

 I am keeping track of the new and updated historical record collections at FamilySearch   ( every week.

As of 25 March 2022, there are 3,085 historical record collections on FamilySearch (an increase of 1 from last week):

The new and updated collections this week from FamilySearch are:

--- Collections Added   ---

*  Argentina, Chaco, Civil Registration, 1889-1946 (; 9 indexed records with 9 record images, ADDED 25-Mar-2022
*  Ukraine, Crimea Church Books, 1850-1925 (; 928,484 indexed records with 928,484 record images, ADDED 24-Mar-2022

--- Collections Updated ---

Austria, Vienna, Jewish Registers of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1784-1911   (; 312,992 indexed records with 206,316 record images (was 308,343 records with 206,316 images), UPDATED 21-Mar-2022
Belgium, Antwerp, Civil Registration, 1588-1913 (; 695,674 indexed records with 3,208,709 record images (was 687,016 records with 3,208,709 images), UPDATED 21-Mar-2022
Bolivia Catholic Church Records, 1566-1996      (; 8,675,812 indexed records with 1,649,601 record images (was 8,650,992 records with 1,649,601 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Brazil, Cemetery Records, 1850-2021     (; 728,833 indexed records with 150,972 record images (was 728,603 records with 150,972 images), UPDATED 24-Mar-2022
Brazil, Minas Gerais, Civil Registration, 1879-1949     (; 718,808 indexed records with 299,592 record images (was 715,250 records with 298,013 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022

Brazil, Paraná, Civil Registration, 1852-1996   (; 2,228,857 indexed records with 1,689,031 record images (was 2,221,350 records with 1,689,031 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Civil Registration, 1829-2012   (; 6,635,276 indexed records with 5,100,470 record images (was 6,635,276 records with 5,100,470 images), UPDATED 22-Mar-2022
Brazil, Santa Catarina, Civil Registration, 1850-1999   (; 532,254 indexed records with 1,037,638 record images (was 530,869 records with 1,037,638 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
California, Los Angeles, Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery/Crematory Records, 1884-2002 (; 356,625 indexed records with 193,379 record images (was 353,706 records with 193,320 images), UPDATED 24-Mar-2022
Chile, Catholic Church Records, 1633-2015       (; 6,810,716 indexed records with 835,817 record images (was 6,800,933 records with 833,841 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022

Colombia, Catholic Church Records, 1576-2018    (; 22,459,730 indexed records with 12,659,776 record images (was 22,405,583 records with 12,659,776 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Costa Rica, Catholic Church Records, 1595-1992  (; 3,533,035 indexed records with 962,203 record images (was 3,532,964 records with 962,203 images), UPDATED 24-Mar-2022
Denmark, Military Conscription Rolls, 1789-1792 (; 199,856 indexed records with 9,228 record images (was 197,138 records with 9,228 images), UPDATED 24-Mar-2022
El Salvador Catholic Church Records, 1655-1977  (; 1,927,299 indexed records with 592,191 record images (was 1,926,425 records with 592,191 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
England, Gloucestershire Non-Conformist Church Records, 1642-1996       (; 137,793 indexed records with 49,948 record images (was 137,323 records with 49,918 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022

England, Herefordshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1583-1898  (; 1,602,902 indexed records with 116,546 record images (was 1,602,283 records with 116,537 images), UPDATED 21-Mar-2022
England, Lancashire Non-Conformist Church Records, 1647-1996    (; 661,063 indexed records with 45,413 record images (was 586,198 records with 47,691 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
England, Lincolnshire, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1574-1885        (; 114,250 indexed records with 55,573 record images (was 110,585 records with 51,909 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
England, Middlesex Parish Registers, 1539-1988  (; 5,761,662 indexed records with 342,137 record images (was 5,760,826 records with 342,118 images), UPDATED 23-Mar-2022
England, Northumberland Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1920        (; 398,851 indexed records with 43,609 record images (was 383,648 records with 41,580 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022

France, Charente, Parish and Civil Registration, 1550-1936      (; 2,592,386 indexed records with 1,045,469 record images (was 2,592,386 records with 873,176 images), UPDATED 24-Mar-2022
France, Hautes-Alpes, Census, 1856      (; 228,720 indexed records with 4,631 record images (was 216,269 records with 3,002 images), UPDATED 24-Mar-2022
France, Saône-et-Loire, Parish and Civil Registration, 1530-1892        (; 7,231,105 indexed records with 1,936,048 record images (was 7,230,546 records with 1,972,621 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Grenada Births and Baptisms, 1866-1891  (; Index only (79,734 records), no images (was 79,720 records with 0 images), UPDATED 19-Mar-2022
Hawaii, Registrar of Bureau of Conveyances, Deed Records, 1846-1900     (; 17,797 indexed records with 11,294 record images (was 15,493 records with 9,909 images), UPDATED 24-Mar-2022

India, Madras Diocese Protestant Church Records, 1743-1990      (; 104,983 indexed records with 39,904 record images (was 97,400 records with 39,904 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Indiana Marriages, 1811-2019    (; 5,237,379 indexed records with 1,259,299 record images (was 5,237,379 records with 1,259,299 images), UPDATED 22-Mar-2022
Italy, Avellino, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1947  (; 109,726 indexed records with 3,099,458 record images (was 109,726 records with 3,099,458 images), UPDATED 18-Mar-2022
Kansas, Swedish Church Records, 1863-1914       (; 19,579 indexed records with 1,550 record images (was 18,381 records with 1,542 images), UPDATED 22-Mar-2022
Martinique, Church Records, 1662-1847   (; 2,736 indexed records with 423 record images (was 335 records with 49 images), UPDATED 20-Mar-2022

Mexico, Coahuila, Catholic Church Records, 1627-1978    (; 1,537,341 indexed records with 393,502 record images (was 1,537,341 records with 393,502 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Mexico, Puebla, Catholic Church Records, 1545-1977      (; 7,125,843 indexed records with 6,124,553 record images (was 7,111,858 records with 6,124,553 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Mexico, Querétaro, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1970   (; 2,337,398 indexed records with 1,380,077 record images (was 2,333,224 records with 1,380,077 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Nicaragua, Catholic Church Records, 1740-1960   (; 773,750 indexed records with 86,119 record images (was 773,713 records with 86,119 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Paraguay, Asunción, Cemetery Records, 1842-2011 (; 46,642 indexed records with 66,809 record images (was 37,916 records with 66,809 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022

Peru, Arequipa, Civil Registration, 1860-1976   (; 64,543 indexed records with 24,048 record images (was 64,424 records with 24,048 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Peru, Catholic Church Records, 1603-1992        (; 20,069,596 indexed records with 4,192,353 record images (was 20,062,421 records with 4,192,353 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Peru, Cusco, Civil Registration, 1889-1997      (; 807,857 indexed records with 942,817 record images (was 807,804 records with 942,817 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Peru, Junín, Civil Registration, 1881-2005      (; 1,555,571 indexed records with 1,116,809 record images (was 1,552,128 records with 1,116,809 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Peru, Puno, Civil Registration, 1890-2005       (; 1,376,398 indexed records with 1,509,870 record images (was 1,373,093 records with 1,509,870 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Portugal, Setúbal, Catholic Church Records, 1555-1911   (; 427,458 indexed records with 829,309 record images (was 426,960 records with 829,309 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022

Samoa, Vital Records, 1846-1996 (; 84,234 indexed records with 316,679 record images (was 84,188 records with 306,194 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Scotland, Lanarkshire Church Records, 1823-1967 (; 17,802 indexed records with 676 record images (was 17,686 records with 671 images), UPDATED 22-Mar-2022
South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004       (; 967,156 indexed records with 355,318 record images (was 945,352 records with 355,318 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers (Cape Town Archives), 1660-1970   (; 735,952 indexed records with 45,728 record images (was 721,230 records with 45,728 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
South Africa, Johannesburg, Cemetery Records, 1840-2019 (; 183,673 indexed records with 7,578 record images (was 118,653 records with 4,984 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022

South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, Vital Records, 1868-1976   (; 319,290 indexed records with 643,161 record images (was 314,498 records with 638,121 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
South Africa, Reformed Church Records, 1856-1988        (; 1,142 indexed records with 40,337 record images (was 1,142 records with 40,337 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Ukraine, Kharkiv Church Records, 1710-1938      (; 2,502,407 indexed records with 1,923,089 record images (was 38,804 records with 1,923,089 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-2014      (; 29,761,753 indexed records with 46,885,461 record images (was 29,761,753 records with 46,885,461 images), UPDATED 23-Mar-2022
Uruguay Civil Registration, 1879-1930   (; Index only (396,675 records), no images (was 395,028 records with 0 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022

Venezuela Civil Registration, 1873-2003 (; 615,906 indexed records with 586,312 record images (was 601,790 records with 586,312 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022
Venezuela, Catholic Church Records, 1577-1995   (; 19,165,537 indexed records with 1,899,876 record images (was 19,165,518 records with 1,899,876 images), UPDATED 25-Mar-2022

--- Collections with new images ---

Brazil, São Paulo, Civil Registration, 1925-1995        (; 15,484,003 indexed records with 15,919,701 record images (was 15,484,003 records with 15,919,673 images), last updated 10-Mar-2022
Canada, Ontario Tax Assessment Rolls, 1834-1899 (; 5,117,377 indexed records with 268,791 record images (was 5,117,377 records with 254,441 images), last updated 16-Feb-2022
South Carolina, Charleston District, Bill of sales of Negro slaves, 1774-1872   (; 256,346 indexed records with 7,234 record images (was 256,346 records with 2,477 images), last updated 23-Feb-2022
Texas, El Paso Alien Arrivals, 1909-1924        (; 200,166 indexed records with 198,636 record images (was 200,166 records with 187,539 images), last updated 30-Apr-2019
Uruguay, Passenger Lists, 1888-1980     (; 3,641,119 indexed records with 157,673 record images (was 3,641,119 records with 154,476 images), last updated 19-Nov-2020

--- Collections with images removed ---

England, Cambridgeshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1538-1983 (; 1,108,130 indexed records with 108,654 record images (was 1,108,130 records with 114,977 images), last updated 29-Sep-2021
France, Dordogne, Church and Civil Registration, 1540-1896      (; 7,866,340 indexed records with 3,090,114 record images (was 7,866,340 records with 3,099,653 images), last updated 07-Jun-2021
Germany, Baden, Archdiocese of Freiburg im Breisgau, Catholic Church Records, 1678-1930 (; 11,346,687 indexed records with 1,709,641 record images (was 11,346,687 records with 1,709,697 images), last updated 02-Apr-2020
Germany, Rhineland, Diocese of Trier, Catholic Church Records, 1704-1957        (; 2,967,130 indexed records with 221,928 record images (was 2,967,130 records with 245,015 images), last updated 03-Nov-2020
Hawaii, Collector of Customs, Ships' Passenger Manifests, 1843-1900     (; 527,525 indexed records with 226,445 record images (was 527,525 records with 226,446 images), last updated 06-Nov-2020

Norway Census, 1801     (; 878,979 indexed records with 13,206 record images (was 878,979 records with 13,207 images), last updated 19-Oct-2020
Paraguay, Military Records, 1870-1965   (; 213,803 indexed records with 202,864 record images (was 213,803 records with 212,640 images), last updated 18-Feb-2022

--- Collections with records removed ---

United States Public Records, 1970-2009 (; Index only (875,610,283 records), no images (was 875,610,291 records with 0 images), last updated 19-Aug-2020


My friend and SDGS colleague, Marshall, provides this list to me from a program he wrote that compares the current FamilySearch record collections list to the previous week's list.

In order to select a specific record collection on FamilySearch, go to and use the "Filter by collection name" feature in the upper left-hand corner and use keywords (e.g. "church england") to find collections with those keywords.

Each one of the collections listed above has a Research Wiki page (use the "Learn more" link). It would be very useful if the Wiki page for each collection listed the dates for when the collection was added as a new collection and the dates for major updates also.


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Friday, March 25, 2022

Genealogy News and Education Bytes -- Friday, 25 March 2022

Welcome to Genealogy News and Education Bytes, posted on Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon, where we try to highlight the most important genealogy and family history news and education items that came across our desktop since the last issue.    

1)  News Articles:

2)  New or Updated Record Collections:

3)  Genealogy Education -- Conferences and Institutes

4)  Genealogy Education - Seminars, Webinars and Online Classes (times are US Pacific):

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Wednesday, 30 March, 11 a.m.:  Family Stories in 30 Minutes or Less, by Brenda Hudson

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:    A Deep Dive into Deep Nostalgia™, by Masha Novak

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Get ‘Grammin’! How to Instagram Your Family History, by Elizabeth M. O'Neal.

5)  Genealogy Education - Podcasts/Radio Shows:

6)  Genealogy Videos (YouTube and Facebook):

*  Aimee Cross - Genealogy Hints:  Tips and Tricks for Accepting Ancestry Hints

*  Just Genealogy:  JG0011 - Virginia Public Claims
*  Just Genealogy:  JG0012 - WWI 724 cards

*  Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems:  Gretna Green and Marriage Records

7)  Did you miss the last post in this series -  Genealogy News and Education Bytes - 22 March 2022?


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