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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Three (Or More) Things About a Great-Grandparent

 Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 

 It's Saturday Night again - 

time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music):

1)  Pick a great-grandparent of yours - any one of your eight.  Tell us three (or more) things about him or her.

2)  Tell us in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or on Facebook.  Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your blog post on this post.

Here's mine:

I choose to share about my great-grandfather, Thomas Richmond (1848-1917).  He was my father's mother's father.  Here are my things (I can't do just three!):

*  Thomas was born on 10 June 1848 in Hilperton, Wiltshire, England, and was baptized on 16 June 1848, the son of James and Hannah (Rich) Richman.  He was the oldest of nine children.

*  Thomas came to the United States aboard the British ship Osprey on 14 November 1856, sailing from Bristol, with his mother and siblings.  His father, James, had arrived in the United States in 1855 and the family lived in Burrilville, Rhode Island in 1860.  He had 

*  Thomas Richmond (note the name change!) married on 20 June 1868 in Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut to Julia E. White (1848-1913) and they resided in Stonington, Connecticut in 1870, in Killingly, Connecticut in 1880, in Leominster, Massachusetts in 1900, and in Killingly in 1910.  They had 9 children.  Thomas worked in a woolen mill for many years.

*  Thomas Richmond of Killingly, Connecticut became a citizen of the United States on 10 September 1890 at a Superior Court held in Putnam, Windham County before the Hon. S.A. Robinson, Judge. 

*  Thomas Richmond was musically talented - he was the choir director at St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Putnam, Connecticut for many years, and there is a plaque honoring him in that church.

*  Thomas Richmond died of pernicious anemia on 9 November 1917 in Clinton, Massachusetts at the home of his eldest daughter, and is buried in Grove Street Cemetery in Putnam, Connecticut.  

*  Thomas Richmond died intestate in Clinton, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  His probate records are in Worcester County Probate Records (Enclosure 65,803B).  Administration of the estate was filed on 18 April 1918 and was granted to son Edwin T. Richmond on 7 May 1918 by the Court.  Edwin T. Richmond, George S. Boynton and James C. Smith, all of Leominster, were bondsmen, with a bond of $700 posted on 16 April 1918.  The heirs-at-law were identified, and an inventory indicated an estate of no real estate at $509.27 in personal property, including bank accounts, a piano and household furniture.


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Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 7 to 13 August 2021

   I am trying to keep up with the new and updated record collections at FamilySearch ( every week.

As of 13 August 2021, there are 3,005 historical record collections on FamilySearch (an increase of from last week):

The new and updated collections this week from FamilySearch are:

--- Collections Added   ---

*  Ireland, Merchant Navy Crew Lists, 1857-1922    (; 832,770 indexed records with 832,770 record images, ADDED 11-Aug-2021

*  Texas, Grimes County, Deed Records, 1869-1917   (; 722 indexed records with 722 record images, ADDED 09-Aug-2021

*  Norway Church Books, 1815-1930  (; 17,901,159 indexed records with 17,901,159 record images, ADDED 04-Aug-2021

*  England, Devon, Plymouth, Plague Rate, 1626-1629        (; 659 indexed records with 659 record images, ADDED 09-Aug-2021

--- Collections Updated ---

Brazil, Bahia, Civil Registration, 1877-1976    (; 213,729 indexed records with 204,679 record images (was 212,121 records with 203,071 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Mississippi, County Marriages, 1858-1979        (; 1,765,988 indexed records with 562,516 record images (was 1,765,983 records with 562,511 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Mexico, Chiapas, Catholic Church Records, 1557-1978     (; 1,490,975 indexed records with 968,865 record images (was 1,237,173 records with 968,865 images), UPDATED 10-Aug-2021
South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers (Cape Town Archives), 1660-1970   (; 536,871 indexed records with 45,728 record images (was 532,967 records with 45,728 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Brazil, Minas Gerais, Civil Registration, 1879-1949     (; 549,574 indexed records with 233,473 record images (was 542,358 records with 230,526 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021

Mexico, Chihuahua, Catholic Church Records, 1632-1958   (; 836,963 indexed records with 378,612 record images (was 794,522 records with 378,612 images), UPDATED 10-Aug-2021
Mexico, Durango, Catholic Church Records, 1604-1985     (; 1,376,519 indexed records with 504,812 record images (was 1,221,289 records with 504,812 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Mexico, Colima, Catholic Church Records, 1707-1969      (; 337,383 indexed records with 228,566 record images (was 285,033 records with 228,566 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Mexico, Sonora, Catholic Church Records, 1657-1994      (; 540,036 indexed records with 383,518 record images (was 479,278 records with 383,518 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Finland, Passport Registers, 1900-1920  (; 12,857 indexed records with 330 record images (was 8,709 records with 244 images), UPDATED 09-Aug-2021

New Jersey, Death Index, 1901-1903; 1916-1929   (; 268,039 indexed records with 2,260 record images (was 267,783 records with 2,258 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Mexico, Sinaloa, Catholic Church Records, 1671-1968     (; 1,042,929 indexed records with 521,512 record images (was 620,291 records with 521,512 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Mexico, Coahuila, Catholic Church Records, 1627-1978    (; 1,196,544 indexed records with 393,502 record images (was 1,166,258 records with 393,502 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
England, Middlesex Parish Registers, 1539-1988  (; 3,002,653 indexed records with 201,774 record images (was 2,893,144 records with 195,302 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Sweden, Örebro Church Records, 1613-1918; index 1635-1860       (; 648,985 indexed records with 647,469 record images (was 641,932 records with 647,469 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021

Chile, Catholic Church Records, 1710-1928       (; 2,972,890 indexed records with 381,968 record images (was 2,708,552 records with 344,939 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
El Salvador Catholic Church Records, 1655-1977  (; 1,260,538 indexed records with 592,191 record images (was 1,228,536 records with 592,191 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
India, Madras Diocese Protestant Church Records, 1743-1990      (; Browse 39,904 Images only, no index (was 0 records with 39,904 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Spain, Province of La Coruña, Municipal Records, 1648-1941      (; 881,452 indexed records with 258,646 record images (was 881,452 records with 258,646 images), UPDATED 09-Aug-2021
Massachusetts Town Deaths Index, ca. 1640-1961  (; 782,626 indexed records with 52,719 record images (was 782,626 records with 91,207 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021

Australia, Victoria, Wills, Probate and Administration Files, 1841-1926 (; 11,090 indexed records with 3,998,555 record images (was 11,090 records with 3,998,555 images), UPDATED 09-Aug-2021
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Catholic Church Records, 1514-1970    (; 4,586,726 indexed records with 4,263,289 record images (was 4,329,918 records with 4,263,289 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
England, Hertfordshire, Marriage Bonds, 1682-1837       (; 9,346 indexed records with 9,332 record images (was 9,220 records with 9,206 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Portugal, Porto, Catholic Church Records, 1535-1949     (; 360,464 indexed records with 1,207,157 record images (was 358,782 records with 1,207,157 images), UPDATED 09-Aug-2021
England, Lincolnshire, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1574-1885        (; 73,731 indexed records with 15,085 record images (was 73,520 records with 14,874 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021

England, Lancashire, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1746-1799  (; 40,825 indexed records with 40,803 record images (was 35,861 records with 35,843 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Vanuatu, Vital Records, 1900-2001       (; 155,540 indexed records with 151,120 record images (was 146,905 records with 145,280 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Mexico, Nuevo León, Catholic Church Records, 1667-1981  (; 1,190,550 indexed records with 447,381 record images (was 872,494 records with 447,381 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Mexico, Zacatecas, Catholic Church Records, 1605-1980   (; 2,517,099 indexed records with 1,663,800 record images (was 2,326,479 records with 1,663,800 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
England, Gloucestershire Non-Conformist Church Records, 1642-1996       (; 134,481 indexed records with 49,594 record images (was 134,468 records with 49,591 images), UPDATED 11-Aug-2021

Mexico, Tlaxcala, Catholic Church Records, 1576-1994    (; 604,782 indexed records with 1,012,693 record images (was 340,893 records with 1,012,693 images), UPDATED 11-Aug-2021
Puerto Rico, Catholic Church Records, 1645-1969 (; 808,449 indexed records with 191,547 record images (was 758,066 records with 191,547 images), UPDATED 10-Aug-2021
Indiana Marriages, 1811-2019    (; 5,233,542 indexed records with 1,259,299 record images (was 5,182,515 records with 1,259,299 images), UPDATED 09-Aug-2021
Mexico, Tabasco, Catholic Church Records, 1803-1970     (; 202,489 indexed records with 121,509 record images (was 72,264 records with 121,509 images), UPDATED 11-Aug-2021
New Zealand, Electoral Rolls, 1865-1957 (; 5,569,382 indexed records with 58,158 record images (was 5,243,610 records with 54,835 images), UPDATED 11-Aug-2021

Iowa, Death Records, 1904-1951  (; 1,426,585 indexed records with 475,273 record images (was 909,681 records with 475,273 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Uruguay Civil Registration, 1879-1930   (; Index only (292,999 records), no images (was 291,812 records with 0 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Mexico, Morelos, Catholic Church Records, 1598-1994     (; 1,033,220 indexed records with 531,787 record images (was 1,009,687 records with 531,787 images), UPDATED 11-Aug-2021
England, Northumberland Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1920        (; 160,430 indexed records with 19,209 record images (was 157,283 records with 18,565 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, Vital Records, 1868-1976   (; 439,002 indexed records with 424,329 record images (was 429,210 records with 414,877 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021

Papua New Guinea, Vital Records, 1867-2000      (; 241,836 indexed records with 209,713 record images (was 241,836 records with 209,713 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Mexico, Guerrero, Catholic Church Records, 1576-1979    (; 3,159,806 indexed records with 1,584,621 record images (was 2,966,349 records with 1,584,621 images), UPDATED 11-Aug-2021
Bolivia Catholic Church Records, 1566-1996      (; 6,898,329 indexed records with 1,649,601 record images (was 6,715,164 records with 1,649,601 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Mexico, Hidalgo, Catholic Church Records, 1546-1971     (; 5,246,742 indexed records with 1,750,627 record images (was 5,194,159 records with 1,750,627 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Mexico, Puebla, Catholic Church Records, 1545-1977      (; 4,000,184 indexed records with 6,124,553 record images (was 3,129,514 records with 6,124,553 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021

Mexico, Nayarit, Catholic Church Records, 1596-1967     (; 563,547 indexed records with 499,694 record images (was 529,742 records with 499,694 images), UPDATED 11-Aug-2021
Benin, Civil Registration of Deaths, 1891-2014  (; 23,804 indexed records with 21,173 record images (was 19,473 records with 21,173 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-2014      (; 30,047,337 indexed records with 46,885,461 record images (was 30,047,337 records with 46,885,461 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Mexico, Oaxaca, Catholic Church Records, 1559-1988      (; 5,897,616 indexed records with 3,458,764 record images (was 5,839,600 records with 3,458,764 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
England, Navy Allotment Records, 1795-1812      (; 485,017 indexed records with 52,892 record images (was 0 records with 16,655 images), UPDATED 10-Aug-2021

France, Saône-et-Loire, Parish and Civil Registration, 1530-1892        (; 7,220,552 indexed records with 1,968,621 record images (was 7,220,178 records with 1,970,620 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Mexico, Michoacán, Catholic Church Records, 1555-1996   (; 3,009,969 indexed records with 5,283,986 record images (was 496,477 records with 5,283,986 images), UPDATED 10-Aug-2021
California, Los Angeles, Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery/Crematory Records, 1884-2002 (; 337,115 indexed records with 193,022 record images (was 334,147 records with 192,964 images), UPDATED 11-Aug-2021
Mexico, Tamaulipas, Catholic Church Records, 1703-1964  (; 325,463 indexed records with 199,328 record images (was 306,257 records with 199,328 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
England, Herefordshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1583-1898  (; 1,545,789 indexed records with 115,096 record images (was 1,545,581 records with 115,086 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021

Mexico, Jalisco, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1979     (; 6,620,905 indexed records with 5,797,486 record images (was 1,853,830 records with 5,797,486 images), UPDATED 09-Aug-2021
Mexico, Querétaro, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1970   (; 1,942,727 indexed records with 1,380,077 record images (was 1,923,946 records with 1,380,077 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021
Brazil, Santa Catarina, Civil Registration, 1850-1999   (; 468,941 indexed records with 1,038,133 record images (was 468,378 records with 1,038,133 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Mexico, Aguascalientes, Catholic Church Records, 1601-1962      (; 723,967 indexed records with 618,532 record images (was 643,399 records with 618,532 images), UPDATED 10-Aug-2021
Mexico, Yucatán, Catholic Church Records, 1543-1977     (; 2,041,377 indexed records with 1,234,534 record images (was 1,948,296 records with 1,234,534 images), UPDATED 12-Aug-2021

Mexico, Campeche, Catholic Church Records, 1638-1944    (; 442,311 indexed records with 189,697 record images (was 438,676 records with 189,697 images), UPDATED 09-Aug-2021
Massachusetts, Town Clerk, Vital and Town Records, 1626-2001    (; 5,901,872 indexed records with 1,962,488 record images (was 5,901,872 records with 1,962,488 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Samoa, Vital Records, 1846-1996 (; 17,626 indexed records with 70,707 record images (was 17,592 records with 66,470 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
England, Essex Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1971 (; 176,904 indexed records with 17,983 record images (was 176,589 records with 17,959 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Dominican Republic Civil Registration, 1801-2010        (; 1,528,508 indexed records with 3,416,801 record images (was 1,461,373 records with 3,416,801 images), UPDATED 11-Aug-2021

South Africa, Reformed Church Records, 1856-1988        (; Browse 40,337 Images only, no index (was 0 records with 40,337 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Sweden, Västerbotten Church Records, 1619-1896; index, 1688-1860        (; 299,420 indexed records with 170,304 record images (was 292,449 records with 170,304 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
Zambia, Archdiocese of Lusaka, Church Records, 1950-2015        (; 292,288 indexed records with 24,150 record images (was 283,296 records with 23,497 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021
South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Records, 1840-1972   (; 3,072,933 indexed records with 2,216,270 record images (was 3,068,591 records with 2,216,270 images), UPDATED 13-Aug-2021

--- Collections with new images ---

Uruguay, Passenger Lists, 1888-1980     (; 3,641,119 indexed records with 154,400 record images (was 3,641,119 records with 149,651 images), last updated 19-Nov-2020
United States, Veterans Administration Master Index, 1917-1940  (; 6,931,032 indexed records with 5,610,978 record images (was 6,931,032 records with 5,610,973 images), last updated 09-Aug-2019
England, Cambridgeshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1538-1983 (; 1,104,555 indexed records with 114,913 record images (was 1,104,555 records with 114,833 images), last updated 05-Aug-2021
Germany, Rhineland, Diocese of Trier, Catholic Church Records, 1704-1957        (; 2,967,130 indexed records with 289,809 record images (was 2,967,130 records with 272,451 images), last updated 03-Nov-2020
Germany, Prussia, Saxony, Census Lists, 1770-1934       (; 536,295 indexed records with 45,174 record images (was 536,295 records with 35,974 images), last updated 29-Jun-2021

--- Collections with images removed ---

Sierra Leone, Civil Births and Deaths, 1802-2016        (; 310,867 indexed records with 145,358 record images (was 310,867 records with 145,360 images), last updated 28-Jul-2021
Austria, Carinthia, Gurk Diocese, Catholic Church Records, 1527-1986    (; 218,159 indexed records with 34,220 record images (was 218,159 records with 48,860 images), last updated 26-Jul-2021
Finland, Tax Lists, 1809-1915   (; 537,125 indexed records with 7,187 record images (was 537,125 records with 8,989 images), last updated 16-Jul-2021
South Africa, Natal, Passenger Lists, 1860-1911 (; 154,219 indexed records with 5,763 record images (was 154,219 records with 6,701 images), last updated 02-Apr-2020
Louisiana, Orleans and St. Tammany Parish, Voter Registration Records, 1867-1905        (; 2,882,324 indexed records with 1,079,754 record images (was 2,882,324 records with 1,081,451 images), last updated 02-Aug-2021

Germany, Saxony, Church Book Indexes, 1500-1900 (; 117,497 indexed records with 60,420 record images (was 117,497 records with 66,302 images), last updated 28-Jul-2021
Australia, South Australia, Immigrants Ship Papers, 1849-1940   (; 578,819 indexed records with 23,079 record images (was 578,819 records with 23,080 images), last updated 18-Feb-2021
Canada, Ontario Tax Assessment Rolls, 1834-1899 (; 1,904,988 indexed records with 93,028 record images (was 1,904,988 records with 93,641 images), last updated 20-Jul-2021
Georgia, Tax Digests, 1787-1900 (; 1,568,105 indexed records with 71,233 record images (was 1,568,105 records with 75,058 images), last updated 05-Aug-2021
French Polynesia, Civil Registration, 1780-1999 (; 65,512 indexed records with 70,554 record images (was 65,512 records with 86,720 images), last updated 21-Jul-2021

Washington, County Death Registers, 1881-1979   (; 105,198 indexed records with 706 record images (was 105,198 records with 1,509 images), last updated 02-Aug-2021
Zimbabwe, Voter Registration, 1938-1973 (; 27,198 indexed records with 23,579 record images (was 27,198 records with 27,025 images), last updated 03-Aug-2021
Argentina, Cemetery Records, 1882-2019  (; 306,198 indexed records with 305,983 record images (was 306,198 records with 305,996 images), last updated 20-Jul-2021


My friend and SDGS colleague, Marshall, provides this list to me from a program he wrote that compares the current FamilySearch record collections list to the previous week's list.

In order to select a specific record collection on FamilySearch, go to and use the "Filter by collection name" feature in the upper left-hand corner and use keywords (e.g. "church england") to find collections with those keywords.

Each one of the collections listed above has a Research Wiki page (use the "Learn more" link). It would be very useful if the Wiki page for each collection listed the dates for when the collection was added as a new collection and the dates for major updates also.


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Friday, August 13, 2021

Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 7 to 13 August 2021

 The following record collections were listed on the Recently Added and Updated List on during the period from  7 to 13 August 2021:

The ADDED and Updated record collections are:

Florida, U.S., County Marriage Records, 1823-1982; indexed records with record images, Updated 8/12/2021

Halle(Saale), Germany, Burial and Cemetery Registers, 1720-1934; indexed records with record images, Updated 8/13/2021

New York State, Birth Index, 1881-1942; indexed records with record images, Updated 8/12/2021

Halle(Saale), Germany, Military Recruitment Lists, 1828-1888; indexed records with record images, Updated 8/13/2021

Westminster, London, England, Wills and Probates, 1504-1829; indexed records with record images, ADDED 8/12/2021

Halle, Germany, Thadden Regiment, Muster Roll, 1752 and 1792; indexed records with record images, Updated 8/13/2021

Carinthia, Austria, Catholic Church Registers, 1614-1940; indexed records with record images,   ADDED 8/11/2021

Styria, Austria, Catholic Church Registers, 1614-1938; indexed records with record images,   ADDED 8/11/2021

Pennsylvania, U.S., Birth Certificates, 1906-1913; indexed records with record images, Updated 8/10/2021

U.S., American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Obituaries, 1899-2012; indexed records with record images, ADDED 8/9/2021


The complete Card Catalog is at  

By my count, there were 4 NEW collections ADDED this past week, per the list above.  There are now 33,037 collections available as of 13 August, a decrease of from last week.   So Ancestry removed 7 record collections last week.  What were they?


Disclosure: I have a complimentary all-access subscription from, for which I am thankful. has provided material considerations for travel expenses to meetings, and has hosted events and meals that I have attended in Salt Lake City, in past years.

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Findmypast Friday: New British Army, English Parish, and Newspaper Records

 I received this from Findmypast this morning:


Findmypast Friday
Thousands of brand new records and FREE newspaper pages

With new British Army and English parish records, amazing family discoveries await this Findmypast Friday. And in case you missed it, over a million newspaper pages are now FREE to explore.

British Army, Royal Engineers 1900-1949

Findmypast have completed this collection with over 130,000 new tracer card records, the majority of which cover personnel who served World War 2.

Soldiers from the Royal Engineers in Europe, 1945.

Each record includes an image of the original tracer card or cards documenting a soldier's movements within and between regiments. Most men have one card but some have multiple, with text on both the face of the card and the reverse.

The amount of information listed varies, but all records include the man’s first name/s, last name and army number. Many men also have their date of enlistment and or date of birth included.

Service records for men who served with the Royal Engineers, and indeed with all corps from 1920, are still with the MoD. Tracer cards essentially provide a headline summary of service through which a man's movements can be tracked.

British Army Service Records

Findmypast has further expanded this must-search military resource over 6,000 new Chelsea Pensioners’ discharge documents.

This record from 1794 lists the soldier's name, birthplace, 
occupation, regiment, reason for discharge and more.

These discharge papers are some of the oldest records available within this vast collection, allowing you to trace your military ancestor's life and career way back to the 18th century. Including both transcripts and images, they record the servicemen’s birth place, the length of service, and why the soldier was discharged.

Essex Parish Records

In partnership with Waltham Forest Family History Society, Findmypast has also added over 43,000 new transcripts to their existing Essex baptism and burial collections.

These latest baptism records cover the parishes of:
  • Leytonstone, Holy Trinity, 1825-1907
  • Waltham Abbey, Waltham Abbey & Leyton Wesleyan Circuit, 1803-1837
  • Walthamstow, Marsh Street Congregational Church, 1787-1837
  • Walthamstow, St Peter-in-the-Forest, 1844-1916

While the burial records come from:
  • Chingford, St Peter & St Paul, 1813-1963
  • High Beach, Holy Innocents, 1884-1985
  • Leyton, St Mary the Virgin, 1813-1984
  • Leytonstone, St John the Baptist, 1834-1979
  • Waltham Abbey, Paradise Row Baptist Churchyard, 1825-1857
  • Waltham Abbey, Waltham Holy Cross, 1813-1878
  • Walthamstow, St Mary, 1813-1979
  • Walthamstow, St Peter-in-the-Forest, 1845-1949

Baptism and burial records are essential for jumping back through the generations and expanding your family tree. Discover your Essex connections in these newest additions.


13 new titles have joined Findmypast’s ever expanding newspaper archive, including:

While additional pages have been added to the following 22 publications:
In case you missed the big announcement earlier this week, in partnership with the British Library, Findmypast have made over a million newspaper pages completely free to search and explore.


Disclosure: I have a complimentary subscription to Findmypast, and have accepted meals and services from Findmypast, as a Findmypast Ambassador. This has not affected my objectivity relative to Findmypast and its products.

Copyright (c) 2021, Randall J. Seaver

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