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Added and Updated Record Collections at - Week of 1 to 7 September 2019

I am trying to keep up with the new and updated record collections at FamilySearch   ( every week.

As of 7 September 2019, there were 2,577 historical record collections on FamilySearch (an increase of 4 from last week):

The added or updated collections are (as Marshall provided them):

--- Collections Added   ---

United States, Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Military Servicemen in World War I Records, 1919      (; 4,736 indexed records with 4,736 record images, ADDED 6 Sep 2019

Germany, Prussia, Saxony, Census Lists, 1770-1934       (; 39,246 indexed records with 39,246 record images, ADDED 5 Sep 2019

--- Collections Updated ---

South Carolina, Charleston County, Charleston, Birth Registers, 1901-1926       (; 15,856 indexed records with 1,029 record images (was 15,282 records with 992 images), Updated 6 Sep 2019

Italy, Caserta, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1866   (; 368 indexed records with 368 record images (was 228 records with 228 images), Updated 6 Sep 2019

Costa Rica, Civil Registration, 1823-1975       (; 4,631,965 indexed records with 404,718 record images (was 4,589,503 records with 404,718 images), Updated 6 Sep 2019

Peru, Cemetery Records, 1912-2013       (; 114,487 indexed records with 2,946 record images (was 111,406 records with 2,903 images), Updated 7 Sep 2019

Portugal, Porto, Catholic Church Records, 1535-1949     (; 291,397 indexed records with 1,207,157 record images (was 264,238 records with 1,207,157 images), Updated 2 Sep 2019

Alabama, County Birth Registers, 1881-1930      (; 52,411 indexed records with 9,983 record images (was 21,390 records with 3,083 images), Updated 7 Sep 2019

Spain, Province of La Coruña, Municipal Records, 1648-1941      (; 582,466 indexed records with 258,646 record images (was 552,202 records with 258,646 images), Updated 3 Sep 2019

United States Deceased Physician File (AMA), 1864-1968  (; 420,824 indexed records with 707,724 record images (was 373,843 records with 707,724 images), Updated 7 Sep 2019

Denmark Census, 1855    (; 1,733,541 indexed records with 99,773 record images (was 1,733,541 records with 99,773 images), Updated 6 Sep 2019

United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-2014      (; 34,153,315 indexed records with 46,885,712 record images (was 34,153,316 records with 46,885,712 images), Updated 6 Sep 2019

*  Peru, Puno, Civil Registration, 1890-2005       (; 1,348,719 indexed records with 1,509,870 record images (was 1,339,558 records with 1,509,870 images), Updated 6 Sep 2019

Paraguay, Catholic Church Records, 1754-2015    (; 872,153 indexed records with 373,775 record images (was 712,628 records with 373,775 images), Updated 3 Sep 2019

Panama, Catholic Church Records, 1707-1973      (; 675,019 indexed records with 240,799 record images (was 638,558 records with 240,799 images), Updated 2 Sep 2019

Peru, Lima, Civil Registration, 1874-1996       (; 5,664,334 indexed records with 3,505,112 record images (was 5,357,538 records with 3,505,112 images), Updated 3 Sep 2019

Bolivia Catholic Church Records, 1566-1996      (; 2,642,799 indexed records with 1,649,601 record images (was 2,522,471 records with 1,649,601 images), Updated 3 Sep 2019

Virginia, Slave Birth Index, 1853-1866  (; 121,923 indexed records with 2,063 record images (was 88,637 records with 1,497 images), Updated 7 Sep 2019

Germany, Prussia, Westphalia, Minden, Miscellaneous Collections from the Municipal Archives, 1574-1912  (; 110,298 indexed records with 7,654 record images (was 110,280 records with 7,654 images), Updated 5 Sep 2019

North Carolina, Wake County, Death Records, 1900-1909   (; 1,245 indexed records with 1,237 record images (was 1,146 records with 1,138 images), Updated 6 Sep 2019

Nova Scotia Marriages, 1864-1918        (; 175,709 indexed records with 21,950 record images (was 175,689 records with 21,950 images), Updated 1 Sep 2019

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Cemetery Records, 1845 - 1960       (; 193,049 indexed records with 39,606 record images (was 192,870 records with 39,600 images), Updated 1 Sep 2019

Nova Scotia Deaths, 1864-1877   (; 8,768 indexed records with 27,717 record images (was 8,646 records with 27,717 images), Updated 6 Sep 2019

Louisiana, Orleans Parish, Birth Records, 1819-1906     (; 5,805 indexed records with 2,916 record images (was 3,064 records with 1,548 images), Updated 7 Sep 2019

Russia, Samara Church Books 1748-1934   (; 2,470,984 indexed records with 1,909,956 record images (was 2,464,521 records with 1,909,956 images), Updated 6 Sep 2019

--- Collections with new images ---

France, Hautes-Alpes, Census, 1856      (; 145,696 indexed records with 3,090 record images (was 145,696 records with 2,490 images),  30 Mar 2018

South Africa, Transvaal, Civil Death, 1869-1954 (; 781,045 indexed records with 779,807 record images (was 781,045 records with 779,000 images),  6 Aug 2019

Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1500-1971   (; 3,503,512 indexed records with 8,050,119 record images (was 3,503,512 records with 8,050,059 images),  14 Mar 2019

Scandinavia, Mission Emigration Records, 1852-1920      (; 27,406 indexed records with 893 record images (was 27,406 records with 813 images),  11 Jul 2019

Iowa, Birth Records, 1921-1942  (; 743,126 indexed records with 741,019 record images (was 743,126 records with 740,963 images),  22 May 2019

--- Collections with images removed ---

New York, State Death Index, 1880-1956  (; 4,749,222 indexed records with 84,796 record images (was 4,749,222 records with 84,805 images),  20 Aug 2019

New Zealand, Cemetery Transcriptions, 1840-1981 (; 486,930 indexed records with 22,606 record images (was 486,930 records with 22,680 images),  25 Apr 2019

France, Dordogne, Church and Civil Registration, 1540-1896      (; 7,882,907 indexed records with 3,095,940 record images (was 7,882,907 records with 3,099,653 images),  28 Mar 2018

Kentucky Death Records, 1911-1965       (; 1,678,119 indexed records with 1,676,641 record images (was 1,678,119 records with 1,676,683 images),  16 Mar 2019

Australia, Victoria, Inward Passenger Lists, 1839-1923  (; 883,350 indexed records with 5,548 record images (was 883,350 records with 5,575 images),  30 Jul 2019

--- Collections with new records ---

England, Northumberland, Parish Registers, 1538-1950    (; 1,930,692 indexed records with 61,776 record images (was 1,930,558 records with 61,776 images),  16 Apr 2019

--- Collections with records removed ---

United States Public Records, 1970-2009 (; Index only (875,610,662 records), no images (was 875,610,666 records with 0 images),  17 Jun 2015


In order to select a specific record collection on FamilySearch, go to and use the "Filter by collection name" feature in the upper left-hand corner and use keywords (e.g. "church england") to find collections with those keywords.

My friend, Marshall, has come up with a way to determine which collections are ADDED, DELETED or UPDATED.  Thanks to Marshall for helping me out here!

Each one of the collections listed above has a Research Wiki page (use the "Learn more" link).  It would be very useful if the Wiki page for each collection listed the dates for when the collection was added as a new collection and the dates for major updates also.

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Create Your Own Tombstone

Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 

 It's Saturday Night again - 

time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!):
1)  Create your own tombstone at  And/or create one for a relative who doesn't have one, or one for an event or significant issue.

2)  Share your creation with the genea-sphere in your own blog post, or on Facebook or Instagram.  Be sure to drop a link in a comment to this post.

Here's mine:

*  My own gravestone, with a fitting epitaph:

I am shooting for 100 years...hope I don't get too excited.

*  Charles Auble (1849-1916), who is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego and doesn't have a gravestone:

I decided against putting a comment about the cause of death being falling down stairs while drunk.


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Surname Saturday -- CHAMBERLAIN (England to colonial massachusetts)

It's Surname Saturday, and I'm "counting down" my Ancestral Name List each week.

I am working in the 9th great-grandmothers by Ahnentafel number, and I am up to Ancestor #2379 who is Susanna CHAMBERLAIN (1616-1697). [Note: the more recent ancestral families have been covered in earlier posts.]

My ancestral line back through two generations in this CHAMBERLAIN family line is:

1. Randall J. Seaver

2. Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983)
3. Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002)

4. Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942)
5. Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962)

8. Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922)
9. Hattie Louise Hildreth (1857-1920)

18.  Edward Hildreth (1831-1899)
19.  Sophia Newton (1834-1923)

36.  Zachariah Hildreth (1783-1857)
37.  Hannah Sawtell (1789-1857)

74.  Josiah Sawtell (1768-1847)

75.  Hannah Smith (1768-1827)

148.  Ephraim Sawtell (1735-1800)
149.  Abigail Stone (1737-1800)

296.  Hezekiah Sawtell (1703-1779)
297.  Joanna Wilson (1702-1786)

594.  John Wilson (1673-1717)
595.  Elizabeth Foster (1673-1742)

1188.  John Wilson (1652-1735)
1189.  Johanna Carter (1647-1698)

2378.  Joseph Carter, born about 1604 in England; died 30 December 1676 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.  He was the son of 4756. Thomas Carter and 4757. Mary LNU.  He married about 1644 in probably Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States.
2379.  Susanna Chamberlain, born about 1616 in Hingham, Norfolk, England; died Aft. 10 March 1697 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Children of Joseph Carter and Susanna Chamberlain are:
*  Joseph Carter (1645-1706), married 1669 Bethia Pearson (1653-????).
Johanna Carter (1647-1698), married 1673 John Wilson (1652-1735).
*  Henry Carter (1648-????).
*  Susanna Carter (1649-1708), married 1674 Henry Summers (1643-1724).

4758.  Henry Chamberlain, born about 1592 in Hingham, Norfolk, England; died before 29 July 1674 in Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. He married about 1615 in Hingham, Norfolk, England.
4759.  Jane LNU, born about 1595 in Hingham, Norfolk, England; died 1686 in Hingham, Norfolk, England

Children of Henry Chamberlain and Jane are:
Susanna Chamberlain (1616-1697), married (1) 1644 Joseph Carter (1604-1676); (2) 1677 Richard Eccles (1614-1697).
*  Henry Chamberlain (1619-1678), married 1651 Sarah Jones (1635-1710).
*  William Chamberlain (1623-1678).
*  John Chamberlain (1626-1666), married 1653 Ann Brown (1628-1661).
*  Ursula Chamberlain (1632-1673), married 1655 John Cole (1623-1673).
*  Faith Chamberlain (1634-1709), married (1) 1654 Edward Patterson (1601-1672); (2) 1672 Thomas Huet (1644-1710).

Information about the Chamberlain family was obtained from:

*   David Conrad Chamberlin, Sr., "The Two Henry Chamberlins of Hingham, Massachusetts: 1636-1649," New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume. 139, April 1985, pages 126-138.

I have done no original research on this Chamberlain line.


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Friday, September 6, 2019

Genealogy News Bytes - 6 September 2019

Some of the genealogy news and education items across my monitor the last three days include:

1)  News Articles:

MyHeritage Live 2019 Conference LiveStreaming - FREE!! and MyHeritage Live 2019 Live Streaming Schedule

2)  New or Updated Record Collections:

3)  Genealogy Education - Webinars:

 GeneaWebinars Calendar

*   Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Friday, 6 September, 8 a.m. PDT:  Reasonably Exhaustive Research: The First Criteria for Genealogical Proof, by Elizabeth Shown Mills

*   Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Friday, 6 September, 9:15 a.m. PDT:  Finding Immigrants Who ‘Disappeared’: A Research Approach Based on Recognizing and Challenging Assumptions, by Martha Garrett

*   Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Friday, 6 September, 10:30 a.m. PDT:  Share and Share Alike: The Rules of Genealogical Privacy, by Judy G. Russell

*   Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Friday, 6 September, 12:30 p.m. PDT:  Details of New and Modified DNA-Related Standards, by Karen Stanbary

*   Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Friday, 6 September, 1:45 p.m. PDT:  How to Write a Case Study that Meets the New Standards for DNA: As Codified by the Board for Certification of Genealogists, by Melinda Henningfield

*   Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Friday, 6 September, 3:00 p.m. PDT:  Reconstructing an Entrepreneurial Woman’s Life: From Family Intrigue to Water Rents, by Rick Sayre

*  Upcoming SCGS Webinar - Saturday, 7 September, 10 a.m. PDT:  The Home Archivist: Preserving Family Records Like a Pro! by Melissa Barker

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Tuesday, 10 September, 11 a.m. PDT:  TRIBAL QUEST: The Latest Expedition, by Golan Levi

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Wednesday, 11 September, 5 p.m. PDT:  Advanced DNA Techniques: Using Phasing to Test DNA Segments, by Blaine Bettinger

*   Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Are you Lost? Using Maps, Gazetteers and Directories for British Isles Research, by Paul Milner

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Combining DNA and Traditional Research - In-Depth Case Studies, by Michelle Leonard

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Successful Collateral and Cluster Searches, by Thomas MacEntee

4)  Genealogy Education - Podcasts:

*  Fisher’s Top Tips:  #103 - Y-DNA

5)  Genealogy Videos (YouTube):

*  Family history Fanatics:  What are the benefits of AncestryDNA ThruLines?

6)  Genealogy Bargains:

7)  Did you miss the last Genealogy News Bytes - 3 September 2019?


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New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, 6 September 2019

I received this information from Findmypast today:


New records available to search this Findmypast Friday

Yorkshire School Logs

Discover your Yorkshire ancestors who attended or were teachers in schools between 1862 and 1959. This new and exclusive collection of more than 137,000 transcripts allows you to explore their school records to find the year and the school they attended.  The collection includes records from 63 schools in Yorkshire’s West Riding. School records can be an extremely rich source of information for genealogy research and add colour to the life of your ancestor with the details that they provide.

Scotland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms

Over 236,000 additional records covering 146 parishes have been added to our collection of Scottish Catholic baptisms.  Each result includes both a transcript and an image of the original document that will reveal a combination of your ancestor’s birth date, baptism date, baptism place and parents' names. Images may also reveal the names of godparents or sponsors as well as additional comments.

Scotland Roman Catholic Parish Marriages

A further 129,000 Scottish Catholic marriages are also available to search.  These transcripts and images reveal when and where your ancestor was married as well as the names of their spouse and father. Images will often reveal additional details such as the names of witnesses and couple’s residences.

Scotland Roman Catholic Parish Burials

Discover where your Catholic ancestors were laid to rest with over 16,000 additional burial records.
All of this week’s Scottish Catholic additions are exclusive to Findmypast and cover 124 parishes across the country. As well as birth year, death date, burial date and location, images may reveal their marital status, cause of death or additional comments.

Scotland Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records

Last but not least, a further 114,000 congregational records are now available to search.
Covering all eight Scottish Catholic dioceses, this collection includes registers of confirmations and communion recipients, as well as parish lists, seat rentals, and lists of people who converted to Catholicism.

International records update – Portugal

Explore your Portuguese roots with three indexes to more than 570,000 transcripts of baptisms, marriages and deaths.  Spanning the years 1570 to 1910, these records will reveal important dates and locations as well as the names of parents and spouses.

British & Irish newspaper update

This week sees 100,598 brand new pages joining The Archive, with updates to 14 of our existing titles, as well as five new titles joining our collection. Four new Scottish titles are now available to search; the Ayrshire Post, the Wishaw Press, the Irvine Herald and the North British Agriculturalist. This bi-weekly specialty title described itself as a ‘magazine of farming, gardening, forestry and rural economy.’

Rounding off our new publications for this week is another specialist title – Holmes’ Brewing Trade Gazette. This curios journal, published by one Joseph Holmes, a brewer’s chemist from Leeds, was a ‘monthly journal dedicated to the interests of Brewers, Publicans, Wine & Spirit Merchants.’


Disclosure:  I have a complimentary subscription to Findmypast, and have accepted meals and services from Findmypast, as a Findmypast Ambassador.  This has not affected my objectivity relative to Findmypast and its products.

The URL for this post is:

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52 Ancestors - Week 294: #505 Margriet (Wies) Potman (1726-after 1765) of New Jersey

Margriet Wies (1726-after 1765) is number 505 on my Ahnentafel List, my 6th great-grandmother, who married #504 Victor Davidse Potman (1721-after 1765)  in about 1745, probably in New Jersey.

I am descended through:

*  their son, #252 Peter Putman (1760-1835) who married #253 Sarah Kinnan (1760-1841) in 1780.
*  their son, #126 John Putman (1785-1863) who married #127 Sarah Martin (1792-1860) in 1810.
*  their daughter, #63 Elizabeth Putman (1818-1895) who married #62 Alexander Sovereen (1814-1907) in 1840.
*  their daughter, #31 Mary Jane Sovereen (1840-1874), who married  #30 James Abraham Kemp (1831-1902) in 1861.
*  their daughter #15 Georgianna Kemp (1868-1952)  who married  #14 Charles Auble (1849-1916) in 1898.
*  their daughter #7 Emily Kemp Auble (1899-1977), who married #6 Lyle Lawrence Carringer (1891-1976) in 1918.
*  their daughter #3 Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002) who married #2 Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983) in 1942.
*  their son #1 Randall Jeffrey Seaver (1943-living)


1)  PERSON (with source citations as indicated in brackets):
*  Name:                      Margriet Wies[1]    
*  Alternate Name:      Grietje Wiser[3]
*  Sex:                          Female    

*  Father:                     Nicholas Wieser (1700-    )    
*  Mother:  

2)  INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Birth:                       about 1726, New York, United States[2]    

*  Death:                     after August 1765 (after about age 39), Sussex, New Jersey, United States[2]    
3)  SHARED EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Spouse 1:          Victor Davidse Potman (1721-after 1765)    
*  Marriage:          about 1745 (after about age 24), New Jersey, United States[1]

*  Child 1:             Maria Putman (1749-????)    
*  Child 2:             Elisabetha Putman (1751-????)    
*  Child 3:             Saertje Putman (1753-????)    
*  Child 4:             David Putman (1755-????)    
*  Child 5:             Johannes Victorse Putman (1757-1798)    
*  Child 6:             Peter Victorse Putman (1760-1835)  

4)  NOTES (with source citations as indicated in brackets):  

Margriet Wies was born in about 1726, perhaps in New Jersey[2].  Her father may have been Nicholas Wies or Wieser.  Nothing more is known about Margriet's birth family.

According to the Putman Family Bulletin website, Victor Potman married Margriet Wies in about 1745, perhaps in New Jersey.[2] They probably had at least six children:[2]

*  Maria Potman (1749-????).
*  Elisabetha Potman (1751-????).
*  Saertje Potman (1753-????).
*  David Potman (about 1755-????).
*  John Potman (about 1757-1798).
*  Peter Potman (1760-1835), married Sarah Kinnan (1760-1841) in 1784.

In 1749, Victor and Margriet Potman lived in the Minisink Valley of the Delaware River, possibly on the New Jersey side above the Water Gap, across the river from Smithfield, Pennsylvania.  Their three daughters (Maria, Elisabetha and Saertje) were baptized at the Dutch Reformed Church of Smithfield, Pennsylvania which served both banks of the Delaware River.[1,3]  

Margriet Wies or Wiser is given as the name of the mother of Maria Potman, Saertje Potman and Elisabeth Potman in the Reformed Dutch Church records in Smithtown, Pennsylvania.[1,3] 

No information is available as to her death and burial, which may have occurred after August 1765 in Sussex County, New Jersey.[2] 

1. "Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950," indexed database, FamilySearch (, Dutch Reformed Church, Smithfield, Penn., Elisabetha Potman entry, daughter of Victor Potman and Margriet Wies.

2. Mark R. Putnam, "David Janse Pottman, Also Known as David Potman and Putman," The Putman Family Bulletin ( : accessed 22 January 2015), page 20, biography of Victor Davidse Potman.

3. "Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950," indexed database, FamilySearch (, Dutch Reformed Church, Smithfield, Penn., Saertje Potman entry, daughter of Victor Potman and Grietje Wiser.


NOTE:  In 2014, Amy Johnson Crow suggested a weekly blog theme of "52 Ancestors" in her blog post  52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks on the No Story Too Small blog.  I have extended this theme in 2019 to 312 Ancestors in 312 Weeks.

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