Thursday, May 10, 2007

Family, not genealogy

A day without any genealogy research, or even pondering genealogy, is welcome sometimes. I had one of them today. We are visiting my daughter and her two sons - ages 3-1/2 and 15 months.

The little one just started walking about 5 weeks ago, and he goes pretty well now. He falls or trips sometimes, but gets up and goes on. He is very persistent. When he sees you (and anyone, not just me) he gives you a big smile and giggle and holds his arms out. He is a chow hound - he loves food and he and I share a lot of it - today it was grapes and melon. We took him for a walk at the park today with their new dog, then to the store and home for lunch. I put him to sleep at nap time and bed time today - he has to be on your shoulder to fall asleep - and it's hard to put him in the crib without waking him up.

The older one is a ball of fire. His motor never stops, nor does his mind or his mouth. He went to pre-school today, and I enjoyed meeting the teachers and helpers. After our nap (yes, I had one too!), he and I played outside for about two hours. He rode his bike a bit, and we played ball, then hide and seek, and we built sand castles. Then his mom came out with his little brother and we cleaned out the wading pool and the boys went in naked. They had a blast. We found some worms and a slug in the weeds, and the boys watched them for awhile and gave them a bath. I'm not sure they survived - we lost some of them in the process.

I got to put him to bed tonight - he played a card game with grandma, then we read two books, and I told him a dinosaur story in the dark. Then he asked me about dying and what happens to your body and your clothes. I told him (and his mom said this is a frequent question from him). He wants me to stay in his room until he's asleep, so I did - it only took 10 minutes tonight.

So it was a good day without genealogy, but I sure had a fun time with family, and maybe created a little family history for my grandsons. They are probably too young to remember these adventures with grandpa, but I'm not!


Miriam Robbins said...

Randy, I don't think life gets any better than this! Your grandsons are very blessed to have their loving grandparents in their lives.

Sally J. said...

Randy, I'm glad you have the opportunity to have such an enjoyable, relaxed visit with your grandkids. Our youngest turns four tomorrow, which is difficult for me to believe. They're small for such a brief flash of time.

P.S. Is there anything as sweet as child you adore falling asleep on your shoulder?