Thursday, December 6, 2007

Want a research challenge? Try the Forensic Genealogy contest!

One of the best programs we've had at CVGS was Colleen Fitzpatrick on "Forensic Genealogy." Colleen has a web site with a weekly contest at You are given a picture, and asked some questions about it. The challenge is to use your research skills to find the answer and post it to Colleen.

This week, the contest has this picture:

The questions are:
1. Where was this picture taken?
2. What date was it taken on?
3. Who took it?

Isn't this a wonderful picture? Look at the prices for food, and the prices for barber services. Amazingly, you can find many pictures like this on the Internet in historical society or art collections.

This one was fairly easy for me - I got lucky in my search. Some of the previous week contests are very difficult.

If you want an occasional challenge, try to solve Colleen's puzzles. They will really help you solve your own photograph puzzles by honing your searching and researching skills.

Besides, it's FUN!

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