Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ruth and her Grandma Genie Camp

My Chula Vista Genealogical Society colleague, Ruth, has her four grandchildren with her for Thanksgiving and she has taken the opportunity to hold a Grandma's Genie Camp for them this week. She has been posting her daily episodes on her blog, Genealogy is Ruthless Without Me.

The posts to date are:

* Thanksgiving and Genealogy -- the plan for Grandma Ruth's genealogy camp

* Day One Grandma's Genie Camp -- see Ruth's 10-generation chart on her wall.

* Day Two Grandma's Geni 101 Class -- reading about ancestors and tracing migration paths on maps

* Day 3 of Grandma's Genie Camp -- more map work and working on the ancestor chart tracing a family.

* Day 4 --- Grandma's Genie Camp -- the kids go to the CVGS meeting and work on the pedigree chart, then enjoy family stories.

I can hardly wait for the rest of the days of Ruth's Genie Camp. I will add them to this post as they are posted by Ruth.

Isn't this a great example of taking genealogy to the family? The kids are participating and enjoying their time with Grandma, and it is obvious that she is really enjoying her time with them.

Well done, Ruth... what a wonderful bonding experience for everyone. I know that you and the grandchildren will remember this week for the rest of your, and their, lives.

Don't you wish your grandmother had done this with you when you were a child? Have you thought about doing something similar with your grandchildren when they get old enough?

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