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Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 176: Death Certificate for Emily Kemp (Auble) Carringer (1899-1977)

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to showcase some of the collected documents and other treasures of my ancestors.

Here is the Death Certificate for my grandmother, Emily Kemp (Auble) Carringer (1899-1977), obtained from the San Diego County Department of Public Health Office:

Here is the transcription of the information in the death certificate (typed portions underlined, handwritten portions in italics):

State of California - Department of Health
Office of the State Registrar of Vital Statistics
Local Registration District and Certificate Number: 8009   [blank]
1a.  Name of Deceased - first Name:  Emily
1b.  Middle Name: Kemp
1c.  Last Name: Carringer
2a. Date of Death: June 19, 1977
2b.  Hour: 7:14 P.M.
3.  Sex: Female
4. Color or Race: Cauc
5. Birthplace: Illinois
6.  Date of Birth: August 19, 1899
7.  Age:  77
8. Name and Birthplace of Father: Charles Auble: Canada
9.  Maiden Name and Birthplace of Mother:  Georgia Kemp; Canada
10. Citizen of What Country:  USA
11.  Social Security Number: 553-10-9373
12.  Married, Never Married, Widowed, Divorced - Specify:  Widowed
13.  Name of Surviving Spouse:  
14.  Last Occupation:  Homemaker
15.  Number of Years in this Occupation:  59
16.  Name of Last Employing company or Firm: Self
17.  Kind of Industry or Business: Own Home
18a.  Place of Death:  Doctors Hospital
18b.  Street Address:  3475 Kenyon Street  
18c.  Inside City Corporate Limits?: Yes
18d.  City or Town:  San Diego
18e.  County:  San Diego
18f.  Length of Stay in County of Death:  66 years
18g.  Length of Stay in California:  66 years
19a.  Usual Residence:  825 Harbor View Place
19b.  Inside City Corporate Limits?:  Yes
19c.  City or Town:  San Diego
19d.  County:  San Diego
19e.  State:  California
20.  Name and Mailing Address of Informant:  Betty Seaver, 2199 30th Street, San Diego, California, 92104
21a.  Coroner:  [blank]
21b.  Physician [attendance]:  From 6-18-77 To 6-19-77, last seen 6-19-77
21c.  Physician or Coroner   S?????, M.D.
21d.  Date Signed:  6-20-77
21e.  Address:  7930 Frost #401 
21f.  Physician's California License Number:  G31180
22a.  Specify Burial Entombment or Cremation:  Cremation
22b.  Date:  6-22-1977
23.  Name of Cemetery or Crematory:  Cypress View Crematory
24.  Embalmer Signature and License Number:  NOT EMBALMED
25.  Name of Funeral Director:  Cypress View Mortuary
26.  Was Death Reported to Coroner?:  No
27.  Local Registrar Signature:  John R. Philip M.D.
28.  Date Received For Registration by Local Registrar:  JUN 21 1977
29.  Part I: Death Was Caused By:  Immediate Cause:  (A) Renal Failure
                                                    To, or as a Consequence of: (B) Myoglobenuria
                                                    To, or as a Consequence of:  (C) C.V.A.
30.  Part II: Other Significant Conditions:  None
31.  Was Operation or Biopsy Performed...:  No
32a.  Autopsy?:  No
32b.  If Yes, were findings considered?:  [blank]
33.  Specify Accident, Suicide or Homicide:  [blank]
34.  Place of Injury: [blank]
35.  Injury at Work: [blank]
36a.  Date of Injury: [blank]
36b. Hour: [blank]
37a.  Place of Injury: [blank]
37b. Distance of Place of Injury to Usual Residence: [blank]
38.  Were Laboratory Tests done for drugs or toxic chemicals?: [blank]
39.  Were Laboratory Tests done for alcohol?: [blank]
40.  Describe How Injury Occurred: [blank]

In the left margin, typed vertically:

This is to certify that, if bearing the Official Seal of the County of San Diego Department of Public Health, this is a true and correct copy of the original document filed.  Fee paid $2.00
John R. Philip M.D
County of San Diego Department of Public Health
1600 Pacific Hwy., San Diego, CA 92101
Dated: JUN 22 1977

The source citation for this death certificate is (using the Evidence Explained template for a Death Certificate, local level):

Emily Kemp Carringer certificate of death, Local Registration District 8009 (San Diego County), Local Certificate No. _____ (1977), County of San Diego Department of Public Health, San diego, California. 

The only errors I see on this form are the birthplace of Emily's father - Charles Auble was born in New Jersey, not in Canada.  Oh - one more, the County Public Health Department didn't put a local reference number on this form.  The death certificate was obtained from the county for estate purposes.

As a result of this death certificate, I now know the cause of death, the contributing conditions, the attending physician's name, and the disposition of her body.  

I was curious about the second and third causes of death - what is myoglobinuria?  The definition is somewhat helpful - damaged muscles that leads to myoglobin in the urine which leads to kidney failure.  And what is a C.V.A?  A cerebrovascular accident - a stroke.  So the stroke led to the myoglobinuria which lead to the renal failure and then to death.  

Emily died in a hospital after being found on her living room floor, alive but incoherent, by her daughter and grandson following a stroke several days earlier.  The attending doctor was on the hospital staff and had not treated her before.  She died on her 59th wedding anniversary.  

One more interesting fact:  Emily's mother died in 1952, Emily died in 1977, and Emily's daughter, Betty, died in 2002.  25 years apart.  Each was a beautiful person who lived a life devoted to their husbands, children, and grandchildren.  

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