Sunday, June 3, 2018

Randy at Jamboree 2018 - Day Three Activities

Day Three (Saturday) at Jamboree 2018 was busy - I went to two classes (out of six time slots), walked around the Exhibit Hall a bit, and we left at 3 p.m.  Linda spent about four hours at the swimming pool.  After we left Burbank, we stopped in Huntington Beach on the way home for dinner and saw our daughter and her family.  

We had breakfast in the blogger lounge cafe again , I had a banana and muffin, and Linda had a bagel and juice. 

My 8:30 a.m. class was "Finding Substitutes for Vital Records" by Peggy Clemens Lauritzen.  This was interesting and humorous - Peggy had us all laughing  throughout the talk.  The examples were voluminous and interesting.  The class was full (~ 80 attendees).

I took a quick spin through the Exhibit Hall and then was off to the 10 a.m. class on "A Farm Family Moves West" by Annette Burke Lyttle.  Annette took us through the centuries with description of the farm tasks, equipment, and more.  It wasn't until 1870 that the census showed farmers were less than 50% of workers in the USA.  

At 11 a.m., I went to the room and packed everything up, then took it all to the car, and came back to check out of the hotel.  Then I found Linda at the pool and we had lunch in the breezeway between the buildings.  After lunch, I went into the Exhibit Hall, had a photo with other geneabloggers (courtesy of Elizabeth Swanay O'Neal, see below.  Who can name all of the folks in the photo?), had Daniel Horowitz show me some MyHeritage DNA updates, and took photos. I posted some of my Day Three photos in Randy at Jamboree 2018 - Day Three Photos.

I almost went to a 2 p.m. class, but I didn't - I sat and talked to Thomas MacEntee, George Arvanites, and Elyse Doerflinger for awhile. 

At 2:30 p.m. I collected Linda at the pool, we visited the Exhibit Hall one more time, and left at 3 p.m.  It took 90 minutes to go the 48 miles to our daughters house - it was stop-and-go all the time we were on I-5 south.  We had dinner at the Marie Callender's in Huntington Beach, went back to the house afterwards to talk, enjoy the grandkids, and watch softball on TV, and we left at 7:30 and were home by 9 p.m.  (102 miles in 90 minutes, no stopping!).  

I did attend five classes out of the 12 class sessions, but we left on Saturday before two of the sessions.  So fiveo ut of ten is 50%, which was my goal. 

This was our 11th Genealogy Jamboree in a row, and I think we will come back next year for the 50th Anniversary confab.  It will be four days, May 30 to June 2, 2019.  

It seemed like there weren't as many attendees this year.  I know the Genetic Genealogy and Family History Writing conferences on Thursday were well attended, but it seemed like the two Jamboree days were not jam-packed.  However, many of the classes were packed.  It was disappointing to not see Findmypast, Forever, AmericanAncestors, GenealogyBank and several other record providers not in the Exhibit Hall. 

The highlight of any conference for me is meeting new people and greeting old friends.  Many folks walking by me in the exhibit hall or in the hallways told me they read my blog, and I thank them for doing that and saying hello at Jamboree.  


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