Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ancestry Member Trees, Family Tree Maker 2012, and the iPhone Ancestry App - Post 3

The previous posts in this series are:

Ancestry Member Trees, Family Tree Maker 2012, and the iPhone Ancestry App in which I noted that the Media items that I had attached to my Ancestry Member Tree using my iPhone had not been added to the Family Tree Maker 2012 tree that I had synchronized to the Ancestry Member Tree. 

Ancestry Member Trees, Family Tree Maker 2012, and the iPhone Ancestry App - Post 2 in which I started over after my FTM 2012 database would not sync with the Ancestry Member Tree for some reason.  I unlinked the Ancestry Member Tree from the Family Tree Maker 2012 database, then created a new Family Tree Maker 2012 database from the Ancestry Member Tree.  This worked with no sync errors.

Last night, I added more links to historical records on to my Ancestry Member Tree using my iPhone - and I did this only for persons in the Tree that I had not added links to records previously.  Let's see how we did:

1)  Before I tried to Sync the FTM 2012 database to the modified Ancestry Member Tree, I took this screen shot of the Plan workspace:

The screen told me that I was not in Sync with the Ancestry Member Tree, and that a Sync was needed.  So I clicked on the Sync Now button and waited while the FTM 2012 database synced to the ancestry Member Tree.

2)  It finished, and the Sync Change Log appeared:

The Sync Change Log told me that these items had changed:

*  30 People had Changes
*  2 Sources had been added
*  74 Citations had been added

3)  The Plan workspace screen showed:

The FTM 2012 database and the Ancestry Member Tree are now in Sync.

Note that the "Media processing" ribbon is only partially green, so I have to wait until that finishes.

4)  After the "Media processing" ribbon finished, I clicked on the "Media" workspace tab and saw:

There are now 89 images in the Media workspace, up from 67 yesterday.  So while I added 74 new Citations, only 22 new images were added to the database.  this is because more than one person were linked to the images, but citations were added for each Fact added to each Person. 

5)  What about the Person screens for these added citations?  Here is the screen for Severt Oliver Leland:

There are now seven Birth Facts for Severt Leland, and six of them have images attached to them.  I checked the other persons with Facts and links to record images added last night, and they all appear to be there.

6)  Summary:

*  All of the Facts added and the images attached using the iPhone to an Ancestry Member Tree were added to the Ancestry tree, and then synced to the Family Tree Maker 2012 database.

*  The origin of this Tree started as an Ancestry Member Tree, not as a Family Tree Maker 2012 tree.  So the iPhone to Ancestry to FTM2012 works fine when the starting tree is an Ancestry Member Tree.

*  Russ Worthington had me add Facts and links to images using the iPhone to a shared Ancestry Member Tree, created originally from an FTM 2012 database, and then he synced that to the FTM 2012 database.  That worked.  He reported on it in his  Ancestry Member Trees, Family Tree Maker 2012, and the iPad Ancestry App post yesterday.

*  Why did I have a problem with my iPhone to Ancestry to FTM2012 in my Post 1?  And why wouldn't it Sync for me?  I don't know. 

*  My conclusions here are: 

*** Be very careful how you add Facts and links to historical record images using any of these tools.  *** Keep your FTM 2012 database in Sync with your Ancestry Member Tree. 
*** Don't add content to them separately - use them one at a time, and Sync afterwards.  That way the last one you worked on can be used to create a new database for the other. 
*** If you add content with an iPhone or iPad or another mobile device, be sure to check the Ancestry Member Tree that the content was added, and then Sync the information to the FTM 2012 database. 
*** If you discover that some Media did not download to FTM2012, then try the Ctrl-F5 key combination to add missing media. 

*  The major problem I see for users working with these tools is that if a Shared Tree has added content, and an FTM 2012 database won't Sync with it, any changes made in the FTM 2012 database will be lost to the Shared Tree.  Deleting a Shared Tree, and uploading a new FTM 2012 database,  will result in having to invite the other tree editors and guests again to the new shared Ancestry Member Tree.

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Cousin Russ said...


Two additional recommendations. 1) Compact your file BEFORE you SyncNow, and 2) View the Details on the Change Log.

At the moment, there is not a way to Print that Change Log. What I did was to do a Screen Capture, as noted in my earlier post, then print that screen capture and work from that. It will tell you what changes were made.

I posted what I did for Clean Up.

I think that you and I were both working on the same file, the AMT file, 01d the FTM2012 file during the day. I have not found that to be an issue. I had made changes in FTM2012 and when I first did the SyncNow, I saw changes in both places. So, I think that is not a concern. (working in AMT and FTM2012 at the same time)