Friday, October 7, 2016

New Records Available To Search Findmypast Friday, 7 October 2016

I received this press release from Findmypast this morning:


New Records Available To Search Findmypast Friday

Over 4.3 million records are available to search this Findmypast Friday including:

Britain, Registers of Licences to pass beyond the seas 1573-1677

Released in association with The National Archives, the new “Britain, Registers of Licences to Pass beyond the Seas 1573 - 1677” collection records the details of pioneering early travellers who left Britain for Ireland, continental Europe, New England, Barbados, Bermuda and other overseas colonies at the dawn of the age of sail.

The collection is comprised of over 27,000 fully searchable transcripts and scanned colour images of original documents from the TNA series E 157. It includes lists of soldiers who signed a statutory oath of allegiance before serving in the "Low Countries" between 1613 and 1633, licences for individuals traveling to Europe between 1573 and 1677, and registers pertaining to individuals traveling to the Americas between 1634 and 1639.

Britain, Registers of Licences to pass beyond the seas 1573-1677 BROWSE

The browse function allows you to explore 33 individual pieces in their entirety.

United States births and christenings 1867-1931

United States births and christenings 1867-1931 contains over 17,000 records taken from various state collections from all over the United States. Each result will provide you with a transcript that will reveal when your ancestor was born, where they were born, when and where they were christened, the names of both their parents and their residence.

United States deaths and burials 1833-1970

United States deaths and burials 1833-1970 contains of over 1,900 names and is a collection of various states’ records. The collection consists of transcripts that will reveal when your ancestor was born, when and where they died, when and where they were laid to rest, their marital status and residence.

Wales, Monmouthshire workhouse registers 1837-1929

Wales, Monmouthshire workhouse registers 1837-1929 contains 138,000 records from the Abergavenny workhouse in Monmouthshire. The collection contains a variety of assorted documents including admissions, medical notices, religious creed registers, and school admissions. The Abergavenny Union was formed in 1837 and workhouse was located in Hatherleigh Place, Abergavenny. By 1891 it held 189 inmates.

Each record includes both a transcript and an image of the original record from the Gwent archives. The detail found in each record will vary depending on the type of document though most transcripts will list your ancestor’s name, birth year, residence and admission date.

Wales, Monmouthshire Electoral Registers 1839-1889

The Monmouthshire Electoral Registers contain over 10,000 records that allow you to discover where your Welsh ancestors lived, whether they were eligible to vote and the details of any property they owned or rented. The electoral registers are presented as a portable device format (PDF) and each record can vary depending on the constituency or the year of the register.

Wales, Monmouthshire Electoral Registers 1832-1889 Image Browse

Over 100 volumes of the Monmouthshire Electoral Registers 1832-1889 are available to browse, allowing you to trace your ancestor’s movements year by year or explore the history of your home or local area.

Wales, Monmouthshire marriage notices 1859-1877

The Monmouthshire marriage notices contain over 4,000 records that allow you to discover whether your ancestor submitted a marriage notice with the district superintendent registrar of Abergavenny. Each record includes a transcript of the notice that will list your ancestor’s birth year, marital status and residence, as well as the name, age and status of their intended spouse.

Marriage notices gave the public notice of a couple’s intention to marry. Once civil registration was established in Wales in 1837, couples were given the option to either have banns announced in the established church or to register their marriage notice with the registrar if they intended to be married in a non-conformist church or at the register office. The existence of a marriage notice does not guarantee that a marriage did take place.

Great Britain & Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) periodicals

Containing over 9,000 records, Great Britain & Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) periodicals consist of one series of the Annual Monitor of the Quakers for Great Britain & Ireland, a complete run from 1813-1918 with obituaries for all dead Quakers in Great Britain and Ireland. There are 65 issue in total, broken up by year.

For some listed in these periodicals, a lengthy obituary is printed, which provides significant details and valuable insight into your ancestor’s character, life, and family. This may include details about the cause of death and your ancestor’s final days.

United States marriages

Over 4 million new records have just been added to our collection of United States Marriage records. This latest update contains substantial new additions from 21 states including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia. The records include transcripts and images of the original documents that list marriage date, the names of the bride and groom, birthplace, birth date, age, residence as well as fathers' and mothers' names.

Yorkshire Baptisms

Over 29,000 new records covering parish churches in Rotherham, Maltby, Kimberworth, Thrybergh, Wickersley have been added to our collection of Yorkshire Baptisms. The information contained within each record may vary but most transcripts typically list the child’s name, year of baptism, place of baptism, and the names of their parents. Images of the original documents may reveal additional information.


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