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Seavers in the News- William Nathanael Seaver Dies in 1960

It's time for another edition of "Seavers in the News" - a semi-regular feature from the historical newspapers about persons with the surname Seaver that are interesting, useful, fun, macabre, or add information to my family tree database.

This week's entry is from the Boston [Mass.] Herald newspaper dated 18 July 1960:

The transcription of this article is:

"W.N. Seaver Dead at 82

"Librarian at MIT From 1925 to 1947

"William Nathanael Seaver, 82, librarian emeritus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, died last night.

"He lived at 141 Warwick Rd., Melrose.

"He was librarian at M.I.T. from 1925 until retirement in 1947.  A native of Melrose, Mr. Seaver was graduated from Harvard University cum laude in 1900 and joined the staff of The Library Journal  and Publishers Weekly.

From 1910 to 1918 he was on the staff of the New York Public Library and from 1920 to 1924 he was librarian of the Woburn Public Library.  He became assistant librarian at M.I.T. in 1924 and remained in that position while the library grew and became one of the leading science and engineering libraries in the nation.

"After retirement, he spent three years planning a library for the Instituto Tecnico de Auronautica near Sao Paulo, Brazil.  During World War I, he was a delegate for the Library War Service of the American Library Association at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, later transferring to the dispatch office at Newport News, Va.  There he had charge of the collection of books and periodicals for servicemen overseas.

"Mr. Seaver was a member of the Massachusetts Library Club and editor of its bulletin from 1921 to 1929.  He was a member of the American Library Association, the Special Libraries Association, the New England Association of College Libraries, and Delta Upsilon.

He was also active in the Melrose Unitarian Church and the Laymen's League.  He was a descendant of John Aden and Mary Chilton.

"He leaves his wife, the former Inez Mildred Waite of Woodstock, Vt.; three daughters, Mrs. Norman R. Anderson of Towson, Md.; Mrs. Donald G. Harrington of Endicott, N.Y.; and Mrs. Richard Kimball of Lexington, and nine grandchildren.

"Memorial services will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Unitarian Church, Melrose."

The source citation for this article is:

"W.N. Seaver Dead at 82
Boston [Mass.] Herald, 18 July 1960, page 8, column 4, William Nathanel Seaver obituary; online image, GenealogyBank ( accessed 19 April 2018), Newspaper Archives collection.
William Nathanael Seaver (1877-1960) was the son of Nathaniel and Marietta Mills (White) Seaver.  He married Inez Mildred Waite (1893-1974) on 23 September 1922 in Woodstick, Vermont.  They has the three daughters mentioned in the obituary:

*  Priscilla Waite Seaver (1923-1969), who married Norman Roy Anderson.
*  Anne Codman Seaver (1927-2013), who married Donald George Harrison in 1950.
*  Martha Lawrence Seaver (1932-????) who married Richard Kimball in 1953.

I corresponded with Martha (Seaver) Kimball about her Seaver families in the 1990s.  

I had all of these persons in my RootsMagic family tree database, but I did not have the biographical material or photograph for William Nathanael Seaver.

William Nathanael Seaver (1877-1960)  is my 6th cousin 4 times removed.  Our common ancestor is Robert and Elizabeth (Ballard) Seaver, the immigrants to Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1633-4.


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1705 Birth Record of Mary Bouden in Lynn, Mass. - Post 409 for Treasure Chest Thursday

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - a chance to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is the 1705 birth record of Mary Bouden and her siblings in the Lynn, Massachusetts vital record book:

The Bouden children record is:

The transcription of this record is:

"BOUDEN, Benjamin, s. Michall and Sarah, Feb. 1, 1721-2
BOUDEN, Ebenezer, s. Michall and Sarah, Aug. 6, 1716
BOUDEN, Francis, s. Michall and Sarah, June 1, 1701.
BOUDEN, Hanah, d. Michall and Sarah, Aug. 15, 1707
BOUDEN, John, s. Michall and Sarah, July 29, 1709.
BOUDEN, Liddia, d. Michall and Sarah, Aug. 15, 1712.
BOUDEN, Martha, d. twin, Michall and Sarah, July 19, 1705.
BOUDEN, Mary, d. twin, Michall and Sarah, July 19, 1705.
BOUDEN, Michail, s. Michall and Sarah, Sept. 6, 1714
BOUDEN, Sarah, d. Michall and Sarah, Dec. 16, 1702
BOUDEN, Susanna, d. Michall and Sarah, Sept. 13, 1699.
BOUDEN, Susanna, d. Michall and Sarah, Oct. 29, 1717."

The source citation for this record is:

Vital Records of Lynn, Massachusetts to the end of the Year 1849 (Salem, Mass. : The Essex Institute, 1906), 2 Volumes, Births, page 56, Mary Bouden, 1705.

Mary Bouden (1705-1755) was the daughter of Michael Bouden and Sarah Davis of Lynn.  She married Joseph Richards (1703-1748), who was the son of Crispus Richards and Sarah Collins of Lynn, Mass.   Joseph and Mary (Bouden) Richards had eight children between 1730 and 1746.  

Joseph Richards and Mary Bouden are my 6th great-grandparents.  I am descended from their daughter Mary Richards (1733-????) who had a relationship with Isaac Buck (1732-????).


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Are There Search Problems on - UPDATED

I, and many other researchers, have been frustrated by the "search" problems that proliferated in recent months on  A review of the Facebook group page reveals a number of complaints of trees gone missing (temporarily?), strange and inconsistent search results, record images linked incorrectly, etc.  The problems seem to have been exacerbated over the past two months.

A)  We discussed this on the 23 April Mondays With Myrt webinar and several comments were made by the panelists and the viewers, including:

* moved their entire server system, which housed all of their record collections and family trees, from an in-house server farm to Amazon Web Services Cloud, which is scalable.

*  A phone call to Ancestry by a user, which was referred to a manager, indicated that fired their in-house IT department.  The manager said it would take up to four weeks to fix the problems.

UPDATED:  A comment from "Still here" on this post notes that:

"I work in the IT department at Ancestry and the in-house team was NOT fired, we are still here and working to solve the problems so that service will return to normal or better."

Thank you to "Still here" for the information. 

I don't know how accurate the above comments are, but if the comments are true then the recent problems may be related to them.

B)  One of my readers with database engineering and management experience made some comments in a Facebook message to me.  He works on extensively in the records and his tree, and made these observations on Monday:

*  Unbelievably bad performance across the entire site (especially when new batches of DNA test results are being added to the database). Since processing costs increase exponentially as new tests are added to the database, and tests are selling very briskly, this problem is getting worse at an alarming rate. The site is virtually at a standstill this morning.

*  Query timeouts

*  Pages rendering with incomplete data (several data elements missing, presumably because the individual queries didn't come back in time - this also indicates very sloppy flow control - i.e., bad engineering)

*  Major inconsistency between the number of results shown on the search summary page and the actual number of results found on the detail page - I can see that some query parameters are no longer getting passed from the summary page to the detail page).

*  Defective sections in search summary result page (a section, e.g. family trees, will render without any information, and the link to the detail page renders no data, even though the search should have returned data).

*  Incongruity between redundant search datasets (e.g., you click on a tree in the "public trees" section of the search only to find the tree is actually private; or you do a search by surname in the DNA matches only to discover that some of the trees in the result set no longer have anyone with that surname).

*  Incomplete search results when you search by surname in the DNA cousin-matches. I used to get 15 pages of results when I search my matches for surname Hall, but lately I only get about 2-3 pages)

*  Cousin-match search by birth location returns very inaccurate results. If you also specify a surname, the results are complete nonsense. This has been broken for a few years now (if it ever worked).

*  While traversing from page to page in online trees, when I click on certain people, I get taken to a full-page ad trying to sell me a new membership, as if I were merely browsing as a visitor... while I am logged in! If I go back and forward a few times, it eventually takes me to the right place.

C)  I asked him for examples and he sent these examples in email.

1)   Subtotal on BMD section is incorrect (4 vs. 5).

2)  Summary page says there is a match in the SS Applications index, but detail page fails to find it:

3)  Search results incorrectly include private trees among the public tree results:

4)  Summary search results include family trees that have been deleted:

Upon further review, it looks like the tree is still there, but the URL in the search result was no good.  When a later search took me back to this same tree, I fund that the tree was actually there, and when I jumped to the person I was trying to access before, I found that she was still present in the tree, but the URL provided in the previous search was wrong.  Upon closer inspection, it appears that the user changed the person's name from Betsey to Betsy, and changed her birth date slightly, but the search results still had data for Betsey's old record which no longer exists.  Looks like they are having some real "transactional integrity" problems... bad engineering....

5)  My reader also has comments and screen captures from his DNA Match pages but I'm not going to show them because I don't want to reveal his or his matches identity.

D)  My comments are:

*  I have seen most of these problems also, and they've gotten more frequent over the past two months.  They are very frustrating when they occur on a regular basis.  Some are probably explainable by a tree being deleted or made private.

*  There may be more important issues with search - if you have one, please make a comment to this post or send me an email with an example.

*  Sunday nights seem to be a real challenge.  I usually work in my Ancestry Member Tree Hints on Sundays, and last Sunday I had to reload a tree Hint page, and search result pages, five or six times before I received the requested results.

*  Most genealogy researchers with experience recognize how very difficult it is to keep things humming on a system with billions of records with customers expecting near-instantaneous results that provide results that are responsive to their search requests.

*  Most genealogy researchers recognize that has the most complex and sophisticated search process and, when used consistently, finds records responsive to the search parameters used.

*  Customer expectations are high because of previous good experiences, and when customers are unhappy and frustrated, well, complaints happen.

*  I sincerely hope that corrects their database and family tree search problems and provides the customer service at the highest level.

*  I have to believe that is aware of these database and search problems and is trying to fix them.  However, they have not been very transparent in the face of complaints like the above and on Facebook.

E)  Thank you to my readers for their input.  Ancestry needs to hear these comments and reply with openness and truthfulness.  Please don't shoot at the messengers!


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The Grandgirls Visit Chula Vista in 2014 -- Post 513 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

I'm posting family photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, but they aren't Wordless Wednesday posts like others do - I simply am incapable of having a wordless post.

In August 2014, we had the grandgirls for several days in Chula Vista, and I got some cute photos of them:

1)  I don't know where this is - a library? a store? - but they had San Diego Charger cutouts for them to pose in.  Here's Audrey (age 6 at the time):

2)  Here's Lauren (age 9 at the time):

3)  Audrey had the bright idea to sell lemonade out on the street at the end of the cul-de-sac.  She made a sign, we whipped up some lemonade, and hoped for customers:

Besides Lauren drinking up some of the supply, and probably me too, a neighbor came home, stopped, and bought a cup of lemonade.  But the girls enthusiasm was not drained.

We all agreed that we should take the setup over to the busier cross street to get more customers.  

This is part of MY family history!

More photos next week!


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Genealogy News Bytes - 24 April 2018

Some of the genealogy news items across my desktop the last four days include:

1)  News Articles:

FamilySearch Adds 2 Billionth Image of Genealogy Records

GRIP genealogy education this summer! Discounted tuition ends April 30th.

2)  Record Databases:

Added or Updated Collections - Week of 15 to 21 April 2018

*  Added or Updated Record Collections at - Week of 15 to 21 April 2018

3)  Genealogy Education:

 GeneaWebinars Calendar

 FamilySearch Classes Presented at RootsTech 2018 Now Online

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Get the Most from the MyHeritage Search Engine for Historical Records, by Daniel Horowitz

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Wednesday, 25 April 11 a.m.: Verifying Information You Find Online, by Marian Pierre-Louis

Genealogy Gold Podcast: (#175) How Did They End Up There?

*  The Genealogy Guys Podcast:  #342

*  Genealogy Journeys Podcast:  #51: Earth Day

*  WikiTree YouTube Channel:  WikiTree's 2018 Clean-a-Thon Wrap-Up (and many more!)

*  Cousin Russ YouTube Channel:  Use of Task ToDo List Categories

*  Cousin Russ YouTube Channel:  How do I merge duplicate source citations ?

*  Family History Fanatics YouTube Channel:  How does Family History Benefit your Family?

*  Family History Fanatics YouTube Channel: What is the Best DNA Company, Really?

*  Jennifer Holik YouTube Channel:  Our research and stories are never finished

*  Jennifer Holik YouTube Channel:  Passing along values in our family stories

*  The NextGen Genealogy Network YouTube Channel:  Faces of NextGen Live - Steve Fulton

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube Channel:  Genealogy Game Night - April 2018

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube Channel:  Mondays with Myrt - 21 Apr 2018

*  Extreme Genes YouTube Channel:  Episode 233 - Young Man’s Job: Interviewing World War II Combat Vets Every Day

*  Jenny Hawran YouTube Channel:  Scott Hamilton at RootsTech 2018

*  RF Tree Genealogy YouTube Channel:  GEDMatch

*  RF Tree Genealogy YouTube Channel:  "Cherokee" Ancestry

4)  Bargains:

*  Genealogy Bargains for Tuesday, April 24,  2018

*  Giveaway! Win an Ancestry DNA Bundle valued at $250 USD

5)  Neat Stuff:

DNA trails lead to San Antonio for one Frenchman

She searched 35 years for her birth father; she found him this month

Did you miss the last Genealogy News Bytes - 20 April 2018?


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Explore the Website

I received an email from researcher Ray Gurganus recently, introducing me to his new website,

There are over 243,000 records in this site - with names, dates, places, and links for teachers, graduates, judges, sheriffs, ministers, and even more "officials."  Your ancestors may be on this list.

Ray has been collecting historical records for specific public and private offices into lists, and now his website is available to share them.

Ray wrote:
"This project started when I found a list of 50+ previous pastors of my home Methodist church in NC, and wanted to know where they served before and after they were at my church. 
"There was no one resource to answer this -- just a lot of random googling, hoping to find something. So as I was searching and finding lists from other churches, I thought I should start recording them for future reference. 
"Well, that has gotten out-of-hand. My list is now at over 106,000 minister records from all states and all church denominations I have searched so far... and as I was searching, I kept finding other lists of people I thought I should record too. So I expanded the webpage to include church deacons, postmasters, justices of the peace, sheriffs, treasurers, judges, university professors, lighthouse keepers, and more. Anywhere I can find a list of people with their dates of service in a specific position, and especially positions that might otherwise not have as much visibility. All in one searchable list, I'm up to over 243,000 records in total, and still adding more daily. 
"This list can be helpful for one-name studies -- finding anyone with a surname, anywhere they may be, or studying a location, and finding many of the people who served in that location, or for searching for individual people. For anyone found, the quoted source may have more information on the person. Almost all sources are online. 
"I hope you find it as useful as I believe it can be."

Needless to say, I found it very useful, providing information about many persons in my RootsMagic family tree. For instance, I searched for last name = "seaver" and saw:

There are 23 entries with the Seaver surname - including many that I have in my RootsMagic family tree, but there are some that are not yet in my Seaver tree.

Note that the "Type" (occupation) column is color coded so that all of the ministers have the same background color.

Another example:  I searched for a Place name = "killingly" and the results were:

There is a list of 28 ministers who served in the East Killingly [CT] Baptist Church, including my ancestor Jonathan Oatley in 1834.

Ray's base site has many more features - go explore  You may find out something about your ancestors.  


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Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1944 Voter Registration List for Lee and Edna Leland in San Francisco

This week's Tuesday's Treasure is the 1944 Voter Registration record for Leo S. and Edna Leland in San Francisco, California:

The Leland listings are on the right-hand page of the image above:

The extracted information from this Voter Registration record is:

*  No. 6,   Leland, Mrs. Edna M., 1726-47th Av., Stenographer    Rep[ublican]
*  No. 7,   Leland, Leo S., 1726-47th Av., Salesman                      Rep[ublican]

The source citation for this record is:

"California Voter Registers, 1900-1968," digital images, ( :, San Francisco County > 1944 > Roll 073, no page number, image 897 of 1300, Leo S. Leland entry.

Lee Severt Leland (1911-2002) is my wife's father, who was born in Gardiner, Montana to Severt Oliver and Amelia Anna (Brocke) Leland.  He married Edna May Schaffner (1913-1979) in 1937 in San Francisco.


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Monday Genea-Pourri - 23 April 2018

Here are some of my family history and genealogy related activities over the past week:

 Downloaded four land records for Joseph Richards (1695-1748) of Southborough, Mass.  from FamilySearch, abstracted them, and was able to include them in the biography post - see  52 Ancestors - Week 223: #314 Joseph Richards (1703-1748) of Lynn and Southborough, Massachusetts.

2)  Found and downloaded the 11 pages of the probate records of Ebenezer Phillips (1695-1746) of Southborough, Mass. from, transcribed the will for the Amanuensis Monday post.  

3)  Downloaded my autosomal DNA match chromosome segments from 23andMe and saved them in a spreadsheet.  I still need to do this for FamilyTreeDNA and GEDMatch, and then I will try to get my DNA Painter chart started.

4)  I taught the third class of "Beginning Computer Genealogy" at OASIS (a senior adult-education center) on Thursday.  This session covered creating charts in RootsMagic software (including pedigree, relationship and wall charts), online family trees (including an Ancestry Member Tree, and FamilySearch Family Tree, message boards and mailing lists, and census information.  

5)  I made more progress on my genealogy project - I am researching the ancestry of a local personality, and will present what I find at the CVGS Family History Day in September.   I figured out the mystery great-grandmother's name, and her parents names.  I found an index entry for the 1861 naturalization for another great-grandparent in Wisconsin, but couldn't find the record in FamilySearch digital microfilms. The RootsMagic tree has grown - 177 persons with 510 citations (I deleted some that were Ancestry generated).  I TreeShare this with an Ancestry Member Tree (which generates Hints!), access the WebHints for Ancestry, FamilySearch and Findmypast, and share data with  FamilySearch Family Tree profiles.

6) There were occasional sessions working in RootsMagic to update FamilySearch Family Tree profiles for Seaver families and other database families, with occasional additions to the RootsMagic profiles. I have matched 23,218 of my persons with FSFT.  I now have 49,865 persons in my RootsMagic file.   I TreeShared once during the last week.  There was also one session in Ancestry Hints to add content and source citations for the new RootsMagic profile additions.   I've fallen behind on the Record Hints with 61,212 waiting to be resolved, but I'm working on them.

6)  I participated in the 23 April edition of the Mondays With Myrt webinar.  In today's webinar, we discussed:  Revolutionary War soldiers and DAR/SAR applications; the "Pirates of the Pedigree" conference in October; access and search problems on; the FamilySearch catalog; WikiTree cleanup project and benefits;  FamilySearch Family Tree use and benefits; DNA Day on 25 April, and DNA analysis features.

8)  I have 281 Shared Ancestors on my AncestryDNA list (I had 279 last week), 846 4th cousins or closer (up from 832 last week), and 756 pages (over 37,750 matches with at least 5 cM) (was 744 pages last week) of  matches.  I have 13 matches that are third cousins or closer, and 94 matches with 34 cM (0.5%) or more (was 94 last week).  My highest match has 779 cM (11.5%), and is one of my first cousins.  I have 19 DNA Circles (was 19 last week). Very few of the new matches have an Ancestry Member Tree.

9)  I have 3,567 DNA Matches on MyHeritage (up from 3,488 last week) with at least 8 cM (0.1%), with 21 matches with more than 34 cM (0.5%) or more (was 20 last week).  I have two close relatives, both first cousins twice removed.  The highest match is 293 cM (4.0%).  Most of my  matches have very small trees with no common ancestors shown.

10)  I have 1,054 DNA Relatives on 23andMe (I had 1,046 last week) who share at least 0.10% with me.  Of these, only 1 shares 1.0% or more, and 42 share 0.50% or more (was 42 last week), with the highest match being 1.54%.  I struggle to find out anything about most of these testers.

11)  I have 2,563 autosomal DNA Matches on FamilyTreeDNA (up from 2,537 last week) who share 0.25% (18 cM) or more, with the highest match being 96 cM (1.42%).  I have 12 who share at least 1.0% (68 cM) with me, and 1,372 who share at least 0.50% (34 cM) or more (was 1,367 last  week) with me.  I have had better luck finding shared ancestors here with a few of these testers.


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CVGS Program on Wednesday, 4/25 Is Carole Sobke Presentation

Wednesday, 25 April 2018, 12 noon
CVGS Program Meeting

  Carole Sobke on “A New Family Tree to Plant, or How 
My Hobbies Have Branched Together”

at Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library 
(365 F Street) Auditorium

The Chula Vista Genealogical Society (CVGS) program meeting is Wednesday, 25 April, at 12 noon in the Auditorium of the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library (365 F Street, Chula Vista CA 91910).

The program speaker is CVGS member Carole Sobke on "A New Family Tree to Plant, or How My Hobbies Have Branched Together."

This is a Power Point presentation about Carole's hobbies and how they relate to her genealogy. There is a little German and Scottish ancestry, but mostly San Diego and Sacramento family history.  It was just something she put together for fun!  It won't be necessary to take notes and there is no handout.

Carole is a native San Diegan and "root bound" as she has never lived more that 10 miles from where she was born - Mercy Hospital!  Many years were spent as a bookkeeper and library technician.

She has dabbled in family history off and on for about fifty years but didn't get really get "hooked" until she took Randy Seaver's OASIS class. During one session, she discovered an insane asylum record for a 2nd great-grandmother!  That did it - the "skeletons in the closet" began to appear - and she has found many!

All CVGS programs are free to attend.  There will be a short business meeting after the presentation, followed by an opportunity drawing and then a social time with refreshments.


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Amanuensis Monday - Will of Ebenezer Phillips (1695-1746) of Southborough, Mass.

This week's document for Amanuensis Monday is from the Worcester County, Massachusetts Probate Packet records for Ebenezer Phillips of Southborough, Massachusetts:

a)  Worcester County (Mass.) Probate Packet 46,400, images 8 to 11 (of 11):

The transcription of this will is:

[image 9 of 11]

In the Name of God Amen The Twentieth Day 
of November 1745. I Ebenezer Phillips of Southborough
 In the County of Worcester and the Province of the Massachussetts 
Bay in New England yeoman, Being very Sick and weak in 
Body but of perfect mind and memory Thanks be Given to God. Therefore 
Calling to mind the mortality of my Body and Knowing that it is 
Appointed to all men once to dye, Do make and ordain this my 
Last will and Testament that is to Say principally And first of 
all I give and recommend my Soul into the Hands of God that 
gave it, and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in 
Decent Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Executors, 
Nothing doubting but at ye General Resurrection I Shall Receive 
The Same by the mighty power of God, and Touching such 
Worldly Estate Wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me 
In this Life, I Give Dismise & Dispose of the Same in the 
Following manner & form.  Imprimis I give and Bequeath 
to ^Mary^ my well beloved wife all my moveables within Doors Except 
One feather Bed partly filled, Likewise three Cows ^and one mare^. Likewise 
One third of all the Improvements I give to my Son
Samuel Here after mentioned. I give to Mary my wife all the East 
part of my now Dwelling House with a Cellar Under the same 
^Dureing her Natural Life & no Longer.^

Item I Give to my son Ebenezer So much ^Land^ as it will Take to 

Straiten a Line that runs between my House and his Where the Gate
Now is and So westward to a Stake Down by the Swamp and 
From thence to a Ditch in the medow and then runing northward 
To his Former bound. I also give and Bequeath to my Ebenezer 
One acre of Ash Swamp Lying before Ebenezer Duntons house 
as he and my Son Samuel Shall see Cause to Lay it out and the 
Reason why I Give him no more ^now^ is be cause I have given him his 
Portion before by a Deed of sale.  Item I Give to my son John 
Phillips thirty Four acres ^of Land^ be it more or Less being the Southeast 
Part of my farm bounded Easterly by David Johnson till it comes to 
a corner of an old Hedge which corner is to be 
The North east Corner of the Sd Land I give and Bequeath 
To my Son John and then Turning Westerly to a Stake and
Stone and so Runing Westerly Till it Comes to a Dead Bodyed  

[image 10 of 11]

White Oake and from Thence Westerly to a Large Topt White Oake
From thence to another White oake now Standing by the old 
Field bars it being y^t Northwest Corner of the said Land I Give and
Bequeath to my Son John, and from thence Runing Southerly as 
The Field Fence runs to the End of the field and now Turning 
Easterly to a mark Tree and so Runing Easterly Till it Comes to 
The first mentioned bounds, This South Line bounds partly upon Common 
Land and partly upon John ^Goulds^ Land and partly upon Isaac Newtons Land 
To have and to hold the said premisses with all the appurtenances 
Priviledges and Commodities to the same Belonging or in any wise 
Appertaining To him the Said John Phillips his Hiers and Assigns 
Forever, to his and their proper Use Benefit and behoof forever.
Also I give & bequeath unto my son John one piece of medow Containing 
about three acres be it more or Less Bounded as follows, Easterly upon my 
Land by a maple Stump and a pole and then Turning to the Ditch and
Runing as the Ditch Runs Till it comes to the North Shore bounded 
Northerly upon upland and Westerly upon Common Swampland and
Southerly upon my own Land, with Leaberty to pass and Repass with 
a Team from his own place to the medow for Carting of Hay also two 
Acres and a half more of Land Bounding Westerly upon Ebenezer Dunton 
Land and the North Line is to Extend four Rods north from a Stump 
That is a Mark between said Duntons Land and my own, this Line is to 
Extend Southerly Twenty five rods and then Turning & Runing Easterly 
Sixteen rods and then Turning and Runing northerly Twenty five
Rods and then Turning and ^runing^ Westerly Sixteen rods.  Which Land I
Give and bequeath unto my son John, only Reserving half the mine
Therein. Also I Give and Bequeath unto my son John a strip six rods 
in wedth from the oake that Stands by y^e old Field Bars to the last men-
tioned Land only reserving Leaberty to pass and repass over it to my Field.

"Item I Give and Bequeath unto my son Samuel my House and Barn 

And plough Land mowing Ground and pasture Land and Orcharding 
also all my Wood land To him Self his Hiers and Assigns 
For Ever to have and to hold the Said premises with all y^e Appurtenances
and Commodities to the same belonging or in way and appertaining to him 
The said Samuel Phillips His Hiers and Assigns forever. 

[image 11 of 11]

The Last mentioned Land which I Give and Bequeath 
To my Son Samuel is Bounded as Follows y^t is Easterly 
Upon David Johnsons Northerly upon Ebenezer Phillips Jun^-r 
Westerly ^upon^ Isaac Amsdens Land partly and partly upon Ebenezer 
Duntons Land Southerly upon John Phillips Land Likewise 
another peice of Land lying South of John Phillips Land 
Bounded Northerly upon John Phillips and Westerly upon 
Ebenezer Duntons and Southerly by Moses Johnson and Easterly 
by other Lands. Also I Give and bequeath unto my son Samuel one yoke of Oxen and one 
Cow & two Stear Calves also I Do Give unto Samuel all my moveables without Doors 
as oxen Plough Chains hoes Except half my Small Cart which I Give Ebenezer.

Item I Ordain and  appoint that my son Samuel shall pay to his 

Sister Mary Nickols one Hundred and Twenty ^pounds^ old Tenner Bills of Credit 
and Two Cows one half thereof to be paid and one Cow to be Deliver-
ed when he Takes possion of the Lands I have Given him and the 
Other part to be paid at his Mothers Death and the other Cow 
To be Delivered at ye same Time.   Also I Do give and 
Bequeath to my Daughter Mary one heifer.

Item I Do Give Unto my Well Beloved Daughter 

Joannah Phillips one Hundred and Twenty pounds old Tenner 
Bills of Credit to be Raised and paid by Samuel Phillips my Son 
And Two cows to be Delivered unto her by him.   I Do will that 
He Shall pay one Half thereof unto his sister Joannah when 
He Takes possion of What I have given and bequeath unto him and
One Cow to be Delivered unto her at the same Time and the other 
Half to be paid at y^e Death of his Mother and the second Cow to be 
Delivered unto her att the Same Time.  Item I Give and bequeath to my 
Daughter Joannah one heifer.

Item I Do give and bequeath unto my son Samuel and My Dearly Beloved wife 

Mary these two Whom I Do Constitute make and ordain my sole Executor 
And Executrix of this my Last will and Testament all the Debts that 
Are due from several persons unto me and that is Due for keeping 
Ambrous and also that will be Due for keeping Ambrous also I Do 
Give them full powers to act as to paying out money 

[image 8 of 11]

And Receiving of Money and To pursue To final Judgment 
And I Do hereby Utterly dissallow Revoke and Disanull 
All & Every other former Testament will Legacies and 
Bequests and Executors by me in any ways before named Willed and
Bequeathed Ratifying and Confirming this and no other To be 
My Last Will and Testament. In Wittness Whereof I have 
Hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and year above 

Signed Sealed & published pronounced and Declared 

By me y^e said Ebenezer Phillips as my Last Will and Testament 
In the presence of us the Subscribers
Jonathan Ward
Nathanael Webb                                      
 Ebenizer Phillips   {seal}

John Lyscom

The will was proved at the Probate Court in Worcester on 21 August 1746, with Jonathan Ward and John Lyscom appearing and making oath that they saw Ebenezer Phillips sign, seal and heard him publish, pronounce and declare it to be his last will and testament, and that he was of sound and disposing mind and memory.

The source citation for this document is:

"Worcester County, MA: Probate Papers, 1731-1881," digital images, American Ancestors ( : accessed, 22 April 2018), Packet 46,400, Ebeneazer Phillips of Southborough, 1746 (11 images); citing original records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, with digitized mages provided by

Ebenezer Phillips (1696-1746) married Mary Smith (1698-????) before 1719 in Malden, Massachusetts, and they had six children:

*  Mary Phillips (1719-????), married Nathaniel Nichols in 1745
*  Ebenezer Phillips (1721-????), married Hannah Lyscom in 1745
*  John Phillips (1722-????), married Hannah Brown in 1749
*  Samuel Phillips (1726-1810), married Martha Newton in 1747
*  Joanna Phillips (1729-1788), married Jonathan Fay in 1746.
*  Ruth Phillips (1733-????).

The will mentions the first five children, but does not mention daughter Ruth.  She probably died as an infant or child.

Ebenezer Phillips died after he wrote his will on 20 November 1745 and before it was proved on 21 August 1746.  It is not known when Mary (Smith) Phillips died.  

Ebenezer and Mary (Smith) Phillips are my 6th great-grandparents.  I am descended through their son, John Phillips (1722-????) who married Hannah Brown (abt 1725 - about 1773) and resided in Southborough, Shrewsbury, and Lancaster, Massachusetts.


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