Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mocavo Celebrates New Features and 300,000 Databases

Mocavo announced today, in the post Celebrating 300,000 Databases with New Features by Cliff Shaw, that:

*  Thanks to your support, free genealogy continues to gain a significant foothold in the family history community. One database at a time, we’ve brought more than 300,000 databases online to help you discover your story for free.

*  Today, I’m excited to announce that you now have the power to prioritize your search notifications. Simply select your favorite search terms and we’ll email you results based on those priorities, helping you make discoveries faster than ever.

*  As we continue to add millions of potential matches to our search engine, we want to provide different ways to quickly browse your results. Exclusively for Mocavo Gold members, you can find new search result displays under the Results & Summary Search Tabs. With so many new displays to choose from, making new discoveries has never been easier!

*  With Full Image View, you’ll see the full image of each record on your results page. You can view up to ten results and we will highlight your search terms so you can easily identify where they appear within the image.

*  Don’t have time to view the entire page, but still want some contextual info? Try out the new Tile View. Revealing a smaller image than the full page view, you’ll be able to quickly browse all results without losing any necessary contextual details.

*  Summary Search View allows you to group your results by category and database title, making it a breeze to target the databases that spark your interest, and quickly avoid those that are irrelevant to your research.

The blog post has more information with examples to demonstrate how the new features work.

I'm happy to see the additional search and presentation capabilities.

I've struggled to keep up with all of the new databases and how to access only the latest additions.  I think doing it every month or two is the best method, but then I need to remember when I last checked them.  I guess some sort of cheat sheet or search log is the answer.

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Dana Leeds said...

Thanks for sharing! I haven't tried Mocavo in long time. I'm going to try it again!

Brian Rhea said...
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Brian Rhea said...

Hey Randy,

I just wanted to let you know about a couple of shortcuts we provide that I think will help you out with this issue:

"I've struggled to keep up with all of the new databases and how to access only the latest additions."

You can go to:





Those URLs will show you exactly what it sounds like :) You'll also be able to search just those datasets using the search fields at the top of that page.

I hope this helps!

Brian Rhea
Chief of Product – Mocavo