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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- What Genealogy Search/Research Did You Do Last Week?

 It's Saturday Night - 

time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1)  What genealogy search/research did you do last week?  Did you have a research goal or plan?  Tell us about one or more search/research session.

2)  Write your own blog post, or add your response as a comment to this blog post, in a Facebook Status post or note.

Here's mine:

As many of you know, I was in the hospital having an angiogram (on 26 May) and a quadruple heart artery bypass operation (on 30 May) for most of the last two weeks.  

That didn't stop my mind from going a mile a minute on my family history work.  In the hospital, I was handicapped by having only my iPhone and my laptop which does not have an up-to-date RootsMagic file or most of my genealogy record files.  I could access email, Internet, Facebook, Feedly and Twitter on a daily basis either in bed or sitting in a chair in the hospital room.  I even wrote a few blog posts while at the hospital.

I came home on Tuesday night (7 June) and have been here ever since, trying to sleep, rest, recuperate, and not fall down or eat food with sodium or fat or sugar.  Boring, but it has to be done.  At least my Padres have been winning!

One of my blog posts since I came home was Rabbit Holes With Randy -- Six Degrees of Randy Seaver From WikiTree, posted 8 June 2022).  In that post, I complained that there were not enough descendants in WikiTree for many of my 3rd great-grandparents, based on a descendant chart created in WikiTree's profile for 3rd great-grandfather Abraham Kemp (1795-1864) of Ontario, Canada.  I have hundreds of his descendants in my RootsMagic file.  If they were in WikiTree, then other researchers who may also be descendants - my cousins! - might be helped in their research.  And they - in turn - might contact me and offer more information about their ancestral families.

I decided that I shouldn't complain without doing something, so I made a GEDCOM file of the descendants of John Kemp (1768-1864) - the father of Abraham Kemp - in RootsMagic.  So my goal for the week was to add the information in the GEDCOM to the 30 million other profiles in WikiTree.  This sounds easy - just upload the GEDCOM, right?

Well, it isn't.  WikiTree requires that every person in an uploaded GEDCOM to be matched against all of the other person profiles in WikiTree.  The user has to go through the information provided for every person in your GEDCOM and it will not be uploaded until the user has completed that task.

For many matches, they provide "suggested matches" and the user has to click to either "Match" or "Reject the Match" of each suggestion.  The user is left to judge if the suggest match person is the same person as the person in the GEDCOM.  I consider birth and death dates and places, parents names, spouse's name, children's name, etc. in my evaluation.  If a Match is accepted, then the user is encouraged to compare the information for the GEDCOM person to the WikiTree person and accept or edit the WikiTree profile information based on the information available.  

If there are no suggested matches for a GEDCOM person, or none of the suggested matches are not the GEDCOM person, the user can check the "completed" box for the person on the GEDCOM list to move on to the next GEDCOM person.  

My GEDCOM file for 6 generations of descendants of my 4th great-grandfather John Kemp had 1081 persons in it.  On WikiTree, as of today, I have confirmed 70 matches so far, and have rejected 343 suggested matches.  I have completed matching, rejecting and editing 456 of the GEDCOM profiles so far so I am well on my way to completing this task.  

I have spent about 12 hours doing these accept/reject matches and editing information to date, so I have another 15 or 20 hours to go.  This is really not genealogy fun for me, but it's one way to get more information into WikiTree.  One other way is to add new profiles one-by-one, entering vital event data, sources and notes as required.  

I'm pursuing this in about one hour sessions several times a day in order to finish the task and get some rest, food and exercise, and maybe even write more blog posts.


Copyright (c) 2022, Randall J. Seaver

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Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 4 to 10 June 2022

  I am keeping track of the new and updated historical record collections at FamilySearch ( every week.

As of 10 June 2022, there are 3,108 historical record collections on FamilySearch (an increase of 5 from last week):

The new and updated collections this week from FamilySearch are:

--- Collections Added   ---

*  Brazil, Mato Grosso do Sul, Civil Registration, 1875-2018       (; 1,080,483 indexed records with 1,080,483 record images, ADDED 06-Jun-2022
*  France, Creuse, Parish and Civil Registration, 1568-1903        (; 4,175,383 indexed records with 4,175,383 record images, ADDED 03-Jun-2022
Indiana, Military Discharge Records, ca.1864 - ca.1985  (; 5,888 indexed records with 5,888 record images, ADDED 07-Jun-2022
*  Ireland, Prison Registers, 1798-1928    (; 3,127,594  indexed records with 3,127,594 record images, ADDED 10-Aug-2021
New York, Military Discharge Records, 1865-1946 (; 2,368 indexed records with 2,368 record images, ADDED 08-Jun-2022

--- Collections Updated ---

Argentina, Chaco, Civil Registration, 1889-1946 (; 4,395 indexed records with 4,347 record images (was 3,305 records with 3,279 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Argentina, Entre Ríos, Civil Registration, 1860-1965    (; 747,265 indexed records with 538,413 record images (was 284,247 records with 184,118 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022
Australia, Western Australia, Fremantle, Inward Passenger Lists, 1890-1911      (; 363,576 indexed records with 11,640 record images (was 347,250 records with 10,857 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022
Bolivia Catholic Church Records, 1566-1996      (; 8,971,046 indexed records with 1,649,601 record images (was 8,954,795 records with 1,649,601 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Brazil, Minas Gerais, Civil Registration, 1879-1949     (; 752,751 indexed records with 315,123 record images (was 750,135 records with 313,788 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022

Brazil, Paraná, Civil Registration, 1852-1996   (; 2,409,715 indexed records with 1,689,031 record images (was 2,400,696 records with 1,689,031 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte, Catholic Church Records, 1788-1967 (; 7,385,268 indexed records with 54,182 record images (was 2,564,779 records with 54,182 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022
Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Civil Registration, 1860-2006        (; 1,467,163 indexed records with 748,791 record images (was 200,112 records with 89,504 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Brazil, Santa Catarina, Civil Registration, 1850-1999   (; 557,563 indexed records with 1,037,638 record images (was 555,367 records with 1,037,638 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Canada, Ontario Tax Assessment Rolls, 1834-1899 (; 6,231,630 indexed records with 260,863 record images (was 6,226,348 records with 318,255 images), UPDATED 08-Jun-2022

Canada, Registers of Chinese Immigration to Canada, 1885-1949   (; 106,721 indexed records with 4,007 record images (was 66,479 records with 1,915 images), UPDATED 08-Jun-2022
Cape Verde, Catholic Church Records, 1787-1957  (; 189,951 indexed records with 105,781 record images (was 184,868 records with 105,781 images), UPDATED 09-Jun-2022
Chile, Catholic Church Records, 1633-2015       (; 7,113,525 indexed records with 878,721 record images (was 7,106,686 records with 877,786 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Colombia, Catholic Church Records, 1576-2018    (; 24,274,117 indexed records with 12,659,776 record images (was 24,264,071 records with 12,659,776 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Costa Rica, Catholic Church Records, 1595-1992  (; 3,895,082 indexed records with 962,203 record images (was 3,894,605 records with 962,203 images), UPDATED 09-Jun-2022

Cuba, Church Records, 1584-1960 (; 191,355 indexed records with 41,707 record images (was 191,297 records with 41,707 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022
Czech Republic, Southern Bohemia, Třeboň Archive Church Books, 1650-1900        (; Browse 147,756 Images only, no index (was 0 records with 147,756 images), UPDATED 08-Jun-2022
El Salvador Catholic Church Records, 1655-1977  (; 2,110,367 indexed records with 592,191 record images (was 2,075,313 records with 592,191 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
England, Gloucestershire Non-Conformist Church Records, 1642-1996       (; 143,584 indexed records with 54,054 record images (was 141,729 records with 53,682 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
England, Lancashire Non-Conformist Church Records, 1647-1996    (; 1,282,425 indexed records with 97,631 record images (was 1,239,970 records with 91,005 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022

Finland, Passport Registers, 1900-1920  (; 56,406 indexed records with 1,485 record images (was 49,668 records with 1,317 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022
French Polynesia, Civil Registration, 1780-1999 (; 69,679 indexed records with 108,792 record images (was 69,679 records with 107,891 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022
Guatemala, Alta Verapaz, Civil Registration, 1877-1994  (; 587,216 indexed records with 17,770 record images (was 587,089 records with 17,770 images), UPDATED 09-Jun-2022
Haiti, Civil Registration, 1794-2012    (; 1,298,785 indexed records with 31,609 record images (was 308,177 records with 31,609 images), UPDATED 09-Jun-2022
Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1980   (; 1,953,339 indexed records with 5,864,285 record images (was 1,885,872 records with 5,864,285 images), UPDATED 08-Jun-2022

India, Madras Diocese Protestant Church Records, 1743-1990      (; 185,518 indexed records with 39,904 record images (was 179,692 records with 39,904 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Mexico, Coahuila, Catholic Church Records, 1627-1978    (; 1,580,849 indexed records with 393,502 record images (was 1,580,782 records with 393,502 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022
Mexico, Puebla, Catholic Church Records, 1545-1977      (; 7,256,044 indexed records with 6,124,553 record images (was 7,239,560 records with 6,124,553 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Mexico, Querétaro, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1970   (; 2,473,403 indexed records with 1,380,077 record images (was 2,461,374 records with 1,380,077 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Civil Registration, 1811-1950       (; 1,834,313 indexed records with 6,635,049 record images (was 1,817,743 records with 6,635,049 images), UPDATED 08-Jun-2022

New York, Birth Indexes outside of New York City, 1881-1942     (; 454,347 indexed records with 58,464 record images (was 364,754 records with 52,407 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Ohio Death Index, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2007   (; Index only (7,601,863 records), no images (was 7,601,863 records with 0 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022
Paraguay, Asunción, Cemetery Records, 1842-2011 (; 175,131 indexed records with 66,809 record images (was 161,714 records with 66,809 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Peru, Catholic Church Records, 1603-1992        (; 21,103,932 indexed records with 4,192,353 record images (was 21,089,949 records with 4,192,353 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Portugal, Setúbal, Catholic Church Records, 1555-1911   (; 879,211 indexed records with 829,309 record images (was 878,929 records with 829,309 images), UPDATED 09-Jun-2022

Puerto Rico, San Juan, Cemetery Records, 1888-1988      (; 35,791 indexed records with 10,534 record images (was 31,583 records with 6,368 images), UPDATED 08-Jun-2022
Samoa, Vital Records, 1846-1996 (; 88,249 indexed records with 397,278 record images (was 88,249 records with 391,670 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Sierra Leone, Civil Births and Deaths, 1802-2016        (; 916,191 indexed records with 840,534 record images (was 813,863 records with 692,270 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022
South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004       (; 1,271,431 indexed records with 355,318 record images (was 1,245,204 records with 355,318 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, Vital Records, 1868-1976   (; 359,607 indexed records with 705,485 record images (was 354,923 records with 699,432 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022

South Africa, Reformed Church Records, 1856-1988        (; 14,010 indexed records with 40,337 record images (was 14,010 records with 40,337 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Sweden, Örebro Church Records, 1613-1918; index 1635-1860       (; 732,693 indexed records with 647,469 record images (was 722,566 records with 647,469 images), UPDATED 09-Jun-2022
Ukraine, Kiev Confession Lists, 1741-1918       (; 824,020 indexed records with 40,448 record images (was 824,020 records with 40,448 images), UPDATED 08-Jun-2022
United States, Enlisted and Officer Muster Rolls and Rosters, 1916-1939 (; 98,322,874 indexed records with 3,392,796 record images (was 76,938,809 records with 2,715,595 images), UPDATED 08-Jun-2022
Uruguay Civil Registration, 1879-1930   (; Index only (427,393 records), no images (was 422,513 records with 0 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022

Venezuela Civil Registration, 1873-2003 (; 804,264 indexed records with 586,312 record images (was 792,624 records with 586,312 images), UPDATED 10-Jun-2022
Wales, Carmarthenshire, Parish Registers, 1538-1912     (; 507,624 indexed records with 14,763 record images (was 684,858 records with 689,958 images), UPDATED 09-Jun-2022
Washington, County Death Registers, 1881-1979   (; 481,389 indexed records with 7,765 record images (was 198,318 records with 2,829 images), UPDATED 07-Jun-2022

--- Collections with new images ---

Denmark, Århus Municipal Census, 1896   (; 29,717 indexed records with 2,365 record images (was 29,717 records with 1,453 images), last updated 23-May-2022
England, Cambridgeshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1538-1983 (; 1,108,130 indexed records with 114,637 record images (was 1,108,130 records with 97,709 images), last updated 29-Sep-2021
England, Northumberland Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1920        (; 450,987 indexed records with 48,181 record images (was 450,961 records with 48,180 images), last updated 03-Jun-2022
Germany, Rhineland, Diocese of Trier, Catholic Church Records, 1704-1957        (; 2,967,130 indexed records with 306,383 record images (was 2,967,130 records with 270,494 images), last updated 03-Nov-2020
Iceland Church Census, 1744-1965        (; 1,633,217 indexed records with 46,616 record images (was 1,633,217 records with 44,459 images), last updated 09-May-2022

Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1740-1900   (; 803,724 indexed records with 27,110 record images (was 803,724 records with 25,557 images), last updated 17-May-2022
Uruguay, Passenger Lists, 1888-1980     (; 3,641,119 indexed records with 149,687 record images (was 3,641,119 records with 144,413 images), last updated 19-Nov-2020
Zimbabwe, Voter Registration, 1938-1973 (; 82,798 indexed records with 82,316 record images (was 82,798 records with 82,269 images), last updated 13-May-2022

--- Collections with images removed ---

Argentina, Catamarca, Civil Registration, 1888-2000     (; 27,746 indexed records with 27,647 record images (was 27,746 records with 27,798 images), last updated 13-May-2022
France, Saône-et-Loire, Parish and Civil Registration, 1530-1892        (; 7,237,336 indexed records with 1,938,626 record images (was 7,237,336 records with 1,970,956 images), last updated 30-May-2022
Germany, Saxony, Church Book Indexes, 1500-1900 (; 189,648 indexed records with 89,915 record images (was 189,648 records with 115,605 images), last updated 23-May-2022
Hawaii, Collector of Customs, Ships' Passenger Manifests, 1843-1900     (; 527,525 indexed records with 221,204 record images (was 527,525 records with 226,446 images), last updated 06-Nov-2020
New York, Church Records, 1660-1954     (; 127,105 indexed records with 843 record images (was 127,105 records with 6,354 images), last updated 07-Apr-2021

--- Collections with new records ---

England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975      (; Index only (46,674,981 records), no images (was 46,665,065 records with 0 images), last updated 02-May-2022
England Marriages, 1538–1973    (; Index only (12,151,535 records), no images (was 12,151,534 records with 0 images), last updated 26-May-2022
Ireland, Petty Sessions Court Registers, 1828-1912      (; 21,832,352 indexed records with 1 record images (was 880,427 records with 1 images), last updated 24-Jun-2015
Nicaragua, Catholic Church Records, 1740-1960   (; 773,767 indexed records with 86,119 record images (was 773,766 records with 86,119 images), last updated 03-Jun-2022

--- Collections with records removed ---

Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-2002        (; Index only (4,267,590 records), no images (was 4,267,591 records with 0 images), last updated 06-May-2014
Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005        (; Index only (5,069,612 records), no images (was 5,069,613 records with 0 images), last updated 19-Sep-2019
United States Public Records, 1970-2009 (; Index only (875,610,242 records), no images (was 875,610,245 records with 0 images), last updated 19-Aug-2020


My friend and SDGS colleague, Marshall, has come up with a way to determine which collections are ADDED, DELETED or UPDATED, and to alphabetize the entries in each category.  Thanks to Marshall for helping me out here!

In order to select a specific record collection on FamilySearch, go to and use the "Filter by collection name" feature in the upper left-hand corner and use keywords (e.g. "church england") to find collections with those keywords.

Each one of the collections listed above has a Research Wiki page (use the "Learn more" link). It would be very useful if the Wiki page for each collection listed the dates for when the collection was added as a new collection and the dates for major updates also.


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Friday, June 10, 2022

Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 4 to 10 June 2022

 The following record collections were listed on the Recently Added and Updated List on during the period from  4 to 10 June 2022: 

Belfort, Alsace, France, Censuses 1836-1911; indexed records with record images, Updated 6/9/2022

1950 United States Federal Census; indexed records with record images, Updated 6/9/2022

Rhône, Census, 1836-1911; indexed records with record images, Updated 6/9/2022

UK, Imperial Yeomanry Records, 1899-1902; indexed records with record images, Updated 6/9/2022


The complete Card Catalog is at  

By my count, there were 0 NEW collections ADDED this past week, per the list above.  There are now 33,171 collections available as of 10 June, an increase of 0 from last week.


Disclosure: I receive a complimentary all-access subscription from, for which I am thankful. has provided material considerations for travel expenses to meetings, and has hosted events and meals that I have attended in Salt Lake City, in past years.

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Findmypast Friday: Millions of Newspaper Notices Added

  I received this information from Findmypast today:


Millions of newspaper notices added this Findmypast Friday


Findmypast adds new transcribed birth, marriage and death newspaper notices for England 

England, Newspaper Birth Notices



Over 200,000 make up this collection of transcribed newspaper birth notices, making it easier than ever to find your ancestors in black and white. Spanning across England, they have a particular focus on Lincolnshire, and also include snippets from the newspapers themselves. In addition to the birth, it’s often possible to read about parents, godparents, addresses and more.


England, Newspaper Marriage Notices


Go beyond traditional marriage records with these marriage notices. You might uncover wedding guests, gifts, and even details of what the happy couple wore. There are nearly 700,000 records in this collection with additional snippets from the original newspapers.


England, Newspaper Death Notices


The largest new collection this week contains over 1.8 million death notices. It may be possible to discover short obituaries, funeral details, occupations and residences.




Over 100,000 pages have been added to the newspaper archive this week, with one new title and 26 updated titles.


New titles:


Updated titles:



Disclosure: I have a complimentary subscription to Findmypast, and have accepted meals and services from Findmypast, as a Findmypast Ambassador. This has not affected my objectivity relative to Findmypast and its products.

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