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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- What Genealogy Resources Are You Currently Using?

  Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 

 It's Saturday Night again - 

Time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Come on, everybody, join in and accept the mission and execute it with precision. 

1)  What genealogy resources are you currently using? Books, periodicals, manuscripts, ephemera, websites, software, or ???

2) Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment on this post, or in a Facebook post.  Please leave a link on this post if you write your own blog post.

Thank you to Linda Stufflebean for suggesting this topic.

Here's mine:

I use these items every week to support my genealogy research, 

*  I put all of my family tree information from whatever source into RootsMagic 8 software.  I add events, notes and sources for my ancestral families, create reports (descendants lists, individual summaries, pedigree charts, etc.), using RootsMagic.

*  I use books and periodicals to feed information into the 52 Ancestors posts, usually from the bookcases with binders of paper in them filed by surname.  Some books and periodicals are online and I use those too.

*  Websites used include (DNA matches, record hints, record searches, news, etc.); (news, family tree profiles, profile sources, the Wiki, record searches, etc.); (news, DNA matches, record matches, record searches, etc.); (record searches, periodicals, etc.); FamilyTreeWebinars (education); YouTube (videos): Blogger (blog posts); Google (searches, email, contacts, maps, books, etc.); Newspapers,com (obituaries, marriages, articles, etc.); Find A Grave (cemetery records); Zoom (society programs); Feedly (reading blogs); and many more occasionally.

*  Ephemera includes family photos, family papers, most of which I have digitized.


Copyright (c) 2023, Randall J. Seaver

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Added and Updated FamilySearch Record Collections - Week of 21 to 27 January 2023

I am keeping track of the new and updated historical record collections at FamilySearch ( every week.

As of 27 January 2023, there are 3,179 historical record collections on FamilySearch (an increase of 3 from last week):

The new and updated collections this week from FamilySearch are:

--- Collections Added   ---

England, Military Pension and Service Records, 1702-1933        (; 911,344 indexed records with 911,344 record images, ADDED 20-Jan-2023

Ireland, Prison Registers, 1798-1928    (; 3,127,594 indexed records with 3,127,594 record images, ADDED 23-Jan-2023

United Kingdom, British India Office, Births and Baptisms, 1712-1965    (; 713,850 indexed records with 713,850 record images, ADDED 20-Jan-2023

--- Collections Updated ---

Argentina, Catamarca, Catholic Church Records, 1724-1971        (; 146,913 indexed records with 102,718 record images (was 144,948 records with 102,718 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Argentina, Corrientes, Catholic Church Records, 1734-1977       (; 433,541 indexed records with 207,943 record images (was 432,817 records with 207,943 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Argentina, Jujuy, Catholic Church Records, 1662-1975    (; 122,048 indexed records with 69,981 record images (was 120,794 records with 69,981 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Argentina, San Juan, Catholic Church Records, 1655-1975 (; 186,089 indexed records with 83,087 record images (was 184,045 records with 83,087 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Austria, Catholic Church Records, 1565-2007     (; 6,113,668 indexed records with 994,695 record images (was 2,481,872 records with 356,041 images), UPDATED 21-Jan-2023

Belgium, Antwerp, Civil Registration, 1588-1913 (; 775,345 indexed records with 3,208,709 record images (was 758,440 records with 3,208,709 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023
Bolivia Catholic Church Records, 1566-1996      (; 9,248,929 indexed records with 1,649,601 record images (was 9,243,807 records with 1,649,601 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Brazil, Bahía, Catholic Church Records, 1598-2007       (; 2,189,193 indexed records with 368,634 record images (was 2,189,189 records with 368,634 images), UPDATED 23-Jan-2023
Brazil, Maranhão, Catholic Church Records, 1673-1962    (; 242,772 indexed records with 41,812 record images (was 242,772 records with 41,812 images), UPDATED 20-Jan-2023
Brazil, Minas Gerais, Catholic Church Records, 1706-1999        (; 5,174,723 indexed records with 930,569 record images (was 5,174,675 records with 930,569 images), UPDATED 23-Jan-2023

Brazil, Minas Gerais, Civil Registration, 1879-1949     (; 823,032 indexed records with 343,606 record images (was 820,457 records with 342,417 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Brazil, Paraná, Civil Registration, 1852-1996   (; 2,697,064 indexed records with 1,689,031 record images (was 2,680,810 records with 1,689,031 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Brazil, Pará, Civil Registration, 1815-1995     (; 34,371 indexed records with 12,334 record images (was 33,678 records with 11,972 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Brazil, Pernambuco, Catholic Church Records, 1762-2002  (; 6,165,807 indexed records with 578,073 record images (was 6,165,781 records with 578,073 images), UPDATED 23-Jan-2023
Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Catholic Church Records, 1738-1952   (; 771,696 indexed records with 184,012 record images (was 771,688 records with 184,012 images), UPDATED 23-Jan-2023

Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Civil Registration, 1860-2006        (; 1,634,810 indexed records with 833,704 record images (was 1,632,886 records with 832,735 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Civil Registration, 1829-2012   (; 6,661,671 indexed records with 5,100,470 record images (was 6,660,047 records with 5,100,470 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Brazil, Santa Catarina, Catholic Church Records, 1714-1977      (; 788,139 indexed records with 166,596 record images (was 788,107 records with 166,596 images), UPDATED 23-Jan-2023
Brazil, Santa Catarina, Civil Registration, 1850-1999   (; 627,417 indexed records with 1,037,638 record images (was 626,042 records with 1,037,638 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
California, County Birth and Death Records, 1800-1994   (; 6,496,661 indexed records with 2,841,076 record images (was 6,496,573 records with 2,841,076 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023

Chile, Catholic Church Records, 1633-2015       (; 7,457,183 indexed records with 931,524 record images (was 7,450,557 records with 930,558 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Colombia, Catholic Church Records, 1576-2018    (; 25,807,835 indexed records with 12,659,776 record images (was 25,792,685 records with 12,659,776 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Costa Rica, Catholic Church Records, 1595-1992  (; 4,132,925 indexed records with 962,203 record images (was 4,132,491 records with 962,203 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Costa Rica, Civil Registration, 1823-1975       (; 6,144,694 indexed records with 404,718 record images (was 6,139,799 records with 404,718 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1994        (; 2,984,449 indexed records with 1,421,761 record images (was 2,984,345 records with 1,421,761 images), UPDATED 25-Jan-2023

Dominican Republic, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1975  (; 2,266,672 indexed records with 238,265 record images (was 2,266,647 records with 238,265 images), UPDATED 25-Jan-2023
Ecuador, Catholic Church Records, 1565-2011     (; 6,044,545 indexed records with 1,454,787 record images (was 6,038,368 records with 1,454,787 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
El Salvador Catholic Church Records, 1655-1977  (; 2,257,919 indexed records with 592,191 record images (was 2,257,822 records with 592,191 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023
England, Cumberland Parish Registers, 1538-1990 (; 45,259 indexed records with 3,315 record images (was 23,335 records with 1,822 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Finland, Passport Registers, 1900-1920  (; 111,283 indexed records with 3,008 record images (was 91,249 records with 2,360 images), UPDATED 25-Jan-2023

France, Haute-Garonne, Parish and Civil Registration, 1539-1993 (; 8,987,942 indexed records with 2,755,805 record images (was 7,072,804 records with 2,755,805 images), UPDATED 23-Jan-2023
French Polynesia, Civil Registration, 1780-1999 (; 73,227 indexed records with 138,335 record images (was 72,917 records with 115,383 images), UPDATED 20-Jan-2023
Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Wuppertal, Civil Registration, 1810-1930       (; 328 indexed records with 328 record images (was 63 records with 63 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Guatemala, Alta Verapaz, Civil Registration, 1877-1994  (; 1,045,331 indexed records with 17,770 record images (was 1,045,258 records with 17,770 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Guatemala, El Progreso, Civil Registration, 1877-1994   (; 245,304 indexed records with 103,502 record images (was 245,239 records with 103,502 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023

Guatemala, Quiché, Civil Registration, 1877-1994        (; 1,061,599 indexed records with 70,397 record images (was 1,061,542 records with 70,397 images), UPDATED 23-Jan-2023
Haiti, Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince, Catholic Church Records, 1866-2017        (; 29,196 indexed records with 6,359 record images (was 27,157 records with 4,924 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023
Honduras, Civil Registration, 1841-1968 (; 538,394 indexed records with 337,976 record images (was 538,357 records with 337,976 images), UPDATED 22-Jan-2023
Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1980   (; 10,459,958 indexed records with 5,864,285 record images (was 10,454,269 records with 5,864,285 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023
Illinois, Cook County Marriages, 1871-1968      (; Index only (1,764,089 records), no images (was 1,764,089 records with 0 images), UPDATED 25-Jan-2023

Illinois, Monroe County, Deed Records, 1816-1900        (; 112,890 indexed records with 15,894 record images (was 110,643 records with 15,502 images), UPDATED 20-Jan-2023
Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1740-1900   (; 1,804,845 indexed records with 61,935 record images (was 1,781,573 records with 60,964 images), UPDATED 23-Jan-2023
Italy, Ravenna, Ravenna, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1866-1929      (; 14,046 indexed records with 1,759,182 record images (was 13,589 records with 1,759,182 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Italy, Sassari, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1803-1942       (; 19,038 indexed records with 6,220 record images (was 18,742 records with 6,109 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023
Italy, Treviso, Treviso, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1871-1941      (; 3,795 indexed records with 427,232 record images (was 3,734 records with 427,232 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023

Mexico, Coahuila, Catholic Church Records, 1627-1978    (; 1,594,828 indexed records with 393,502 record images (was 1,594,818 records with 393,502 images), UPDATED 21-Jan-2023
Mexico, Puebla, Catholic Church Records, 1545-1977      (; 8,206,639 indexed records with 6,124,553 record images (was 8,169,134 records with 6,124,553 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Mexico, Querétaro, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1970   (; 3,021,742 indexed records with 1,380,077 record images (was 3,021,502 records with 1,380,077 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Netherlands Births and Baptisms, 1564-1910      (; Index only (1,593,461 records), no images (was 1,594,679 records with 0 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023
Netherlands Deaths and Burials, 1668-1945       (; Index only (211,582 records), no images (was 211,659 records with 0 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023

Netherlands Marriages, 1565-1892        (; Index only (457,126 records), no images (was 457,420 records with 0 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023
Netherlands, Gelderland Province, Church Records, 1405-1966     (; Browse 388,400 Images only, no index (was 0 records with 388,400 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023
Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Church Records, 1473-1965   (; Browse 2,113,313 Images only, no index (was 0 records with 2,113,313 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Civil Registration, 1811-1950       (; 1,941,948 indexed records with 6,635,049 record images (was 1,939,110 records with 6,635,049 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023
Netherlands, Zuid-Holland Province, Church Records, 1367-1916   (; Browse 730,286 Images only, no index (was 0 records with 730,286 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023

Nicaragua, Catholic Church Records, 1740-1960   (; 822,982 indexed records with 86,119 record images (was 822,837 records with 86,119 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Peru, Catholic Church Records, 1603-1992        (; 22,004,617 indexed records with 4,192,353 record images (was 21,994,782 records with 4,192,353 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Peru, Huánuco, Catholic Church Records, 1660-2020       (; 54,696 indexed records with 29,895 record images (was 54,692 records with 29,893 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023
Portugal, Faro, Civil Registration, 1880-1920   (; 19,600 indexed records with 10,924 record images (was 18,190 records with 9,663 images), UPDATED 25-Jan-2023
Portugal, Setúbal, Catholic Church Records, 1555-1911   (; 1,074,775 indexed records with 829,309 record images (was 1,074,455 records with 829,309 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023

Puerto Rico, Catholic Church Records, 1645-1969 (; 3,330,528 indexed records with 191,547 record images (was 3,329,115 records with 191,547 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Russia, Lutheran Church Book Duplicates, 1833-1885      (; 269,416 indexed records with 128,317 record images (was 269,179 records with 128,317 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Russia, Tver Confession Lists, 1728-1913        (; 56,837 indexed records with 954,651 record images (was 46,053 records with 954,651 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023
South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Records, 1840-1972   (; 3,115,141 indexed records with 2,216,270 record images (was 3,112,216 records with 2,216,270 images), UPDATED 25-Jan-2023
Spain, Province of Gerona, Municipal Records, 1566-1956 (; 1,150,736 indexed records with 390,064 record images (was 1,118,333 records with 389,418 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023

Sweden, Örebro Church Records, 1613-1918; index 1635-1860       (; 810,626 indexed records with 647,469 record images (was 805,882 records with 647,469 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023
Texas, Hardin County, Deed Records, 1840-1920   (; 9,243 indexed records with 8,754 record images (was 7,124 records with 6,819 images), UPDATED 20-Jan-2023
United States Bureau of Land Management Tract Books, 1800-c. 1955       (; 2,488,709 indexed records with 942,374 record images (was 2,200,074 records with 942,374 images), UPDATED 20-Jan-2023
United States Census, 1900      (; 76,479,141 indexed records with 1,602,454 record images (was 76,479,141 records with 1,602,454 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023
United States, New York Land Records, 1630-1975 (; 52,123,098 indexed records with 8,129,310 record images (was 52,123,098 records with 8,129,310 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023

Uruguay Civil Registration, 1879-1930   (; Index only (575,264 records), no images (was 567,120 records with 0 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Venezuela Civil Registration, 1873-2003 (; 976,358 indexed records with 586,312 record images (was 976,111 records with 586,312 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Venezuela, Archdiocese of Caracas, Catholic Church Records, 1638-2020   (; 40,567 indexed records with 22,922 record images (was 38,760 records with 21,663 images), UPDATED 27-Jan-2023
Virginia, Vital Records, 1715-1901      (; 1,710,996 indexed records with 91,505 record images (was 1,709,152 records with 91,439 images), UPDATED 26-Jan-2023
Zimbabwe, Catholic Church Records, 1897-2022    (; 663,857 indexed records with 64,543 record images (was 663,817 records with 64,542 images), UPDATED 24-Jan-2023

--- Collections with new images ---

Australia, South Australia, Immigrants Ship Papers, 1849-1940   (; 578,819 indexed records with 23,080 record images (was 578,819 records with 23,075 images), last updated 18-Feb-2021
Brazil, São Paulo, Civil Registration, 1925-1995        (; 20,824,559 indexed records with 21,090,509 record images (was 20,824,559 records with 21,090,504 images), last updated 03-Nov-2022
Hawaii, Collector of Customs, Ships' Passenger Manifests, 1843-1900     (; 527,525 indexed records with 224,125 record images (was 527,525 records with 212,031 images), last updated 06-Nov-2020
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Church Census Records (Worldwide), 1914-1960   (; 3,269,031 indexed records with 2,315,885 record images (was 3,269,031 records with 2,315,394 images), last updated 18-Oct-2022
United States, Veterans Administration Master Index, 1917-1940  (; 6,932,344 indexed records with 5,611,122 record images (was 6,932,344 records with 5,604,819 images), last updated 29-Nov-2022

--- Collections with images removed ---

Alaska, Village Census Rolls, 1919-1972 (; 6,289 indexed records with 631 record images (was 6,289 records with 731 images), last updated 04-Jan-2023
England, Cambridgeshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1538-1983 (; 1,108,130 indexed records with 111,912 record images (was 1,108,130 records with 114,977 images), last updated 29-Sep-2021
France, Calvados, Census, 1891  (; 49,682 indexed records with 1,590 record images (was 49,682 records with 2,676 images), last updated 30-Dec-2022
France, Hautes-Alpes, Census, 1876      (; 69,098 indexed records with 1,368 record images (was 69,098 records with 1,580 images), last updated 04-Jan-2023
France, Saône-et-Loire, Parish and Civil Registration, 1530-1892        (; 7,237,336 indexed records with 1,871,564 record images (was 7,237,336 records with 1,971,231 images), last updated 30-May-2022

Hawaii, Registrar of Bureau of Conveyances, Deed Records, 1846-1900     (; 22,824 indexed records with 5,316 record images (was 22,824 records with 9,580 images), last updated 18-Dec-2022
Iceland Church Census, 1744-1965        (; 1,826,801 indexed records with 46,698 record images (was 1,826,801 records with 47,678 images), last updated 02-Jan-2023
Montana, County Voting Records, 1884-1992       (; 702,746 indexed records with 65,556 record images (was 702,746 records with 65,967 images), last updated 30-Dec-2022
Norway, Oslo, Census, 1912      (; 12,748 indexed records with 1,590 record images (was 12,748 records with 2,676 images), last updated 30-Dec-2022
Texas, Grimes County, Deed Records, 1869-1917   (; 13,678 indexed records with 7,315 record images (was 13,678 records with 13,158 images), last updated 30-Dec-2022

Uruguay, Passenger Lists, 1888-1980     (; 3,641,119 indexed records with 137,480 record images (was 3,641,119 records with 155,155 images), last updated 19-Nov-2020
Zimbabwe, Voter Registration, 1938-1973 (; 180,875 indexed records with 167,015 record images (was 180,875 records with 179,602 images), last updated 03-Jan-2023

--- Collections with records removed ---

California Birth Index, 1905-1995       (; Index only (24,589,459 records), no images (was 24,589,460 records with 0 images), last updated 01-Mar-2012
California Divorce Index, 1966-1984     (; Index only (3,518,804 records), no images (was 3,518,805 records with 0 images), last updated 07-Mar-2012
England and Wales Birth Registration Index, 1837-2008   (; Index only (132,174,271 records), no images (was 132,174,272 records with 0 images), last updated 02-Oct-2014
Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005        (; Index only (5,069,610 records), no images (was 5,069,612 records with 0 images), last updated 19-Sep-2019
United States Public Records, 1970-2009 (; Index only (875,610,148 records), no images (was 875,610,154 records with 0 images), last updated 19-Aug-2020


My friend and SDGS colleague, Marshall, has come up with a way to determine which collections are ADDED, DELETED or UPDATED, and to alphabetize the entries in each category.  Thanks to Marshall for helping me out here!

In order to select a specific record collection on FamilySearch, go to and use the "Filter by collection name" feature in the upper left-hand corner and use keywords (e.g. "church england") to find collections with those keywords.

Each one of the collections listed above has a Research Wiki page (use the "Learn more" link). It would be very useful if the Wiki page for each collection listed the dates for when the collection was added as a new collection and the dates for major updates also.


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Friday, January 27, 2023

Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 21 to 27 January 2023

  The following genealogy record collections were listed on the Recently Added and Updated Collections  on during the period from  21 to 27 January 2023: 

The Updated and ADDED collections include:

1850 U.S. Federal Census - Slave Schedules; indexed records with record images, Updated 1/26/2023

Rzeszów, Poland, Death Certificates from Rzeszów Judenrat, 1939-1945 (USHMM); indexed records without record images, ADDED 1/25/2023

Web: Australia Business Number Datasets 1999-2022; indexed records without record images,   ADDED 1/25/2023

Netherlands, Phone Book Indexes, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2011; indexed records without record images, Updated 1/25/2023

U.S., Select Crew Lists and Manifests, 1903-1962; indexed records with record images, Updated 1/25/2023

Utah, U.S., Select Marriage Records, 1860-1944; indexed records with record images, Updated 1/25/2023


The complete Card Catalog is at  

By my count, there was 2 NEW collections ADDED this past week, per the list above.  There are now 33,263 collections available as of 27 January, an increase of 2 from last week. 


Disclosure: I receive a complimentary all-access subscription from, for which I am thankful. has provided material considerations for travel expenses to meetings, and has hosted events and meals that I have attended in Salt Lake City, in past years.

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52 Ancestors - Week 465: #742 Samuel Gray (1682-1712) of Plymouth, Massachusetts and Little Compton, Rhode Island

Samuel Gray (1682-1712)  is #742 on my Ahnentafel List, my 7th great-grandfather, who married #743  Deborah Church (1677-1752) in 1699 in Little Compton, Rhode Island.

I am descended through:

*  their daughter, #371 Lydia Gray (1707-????) , who married #370 Joseph Ladd (1701-1748), in 1731
*  their daughter #185 Elizabeth "Betsy" Ladd (1735-1814), married #184 Benedict Oatley (1732-1821) in 1755.
*  their son # 92 Joseph Oatley (1756-1815), married #95 Mary Hazard (1765-1857) in 1781.
*  their son #46 Jonathan Oatley (1790-1872), married #47 Amy Champlin (1798-1865) in 1813.
*  their daughter #23 Amy Frances Oatley (1826-1864), married #22 Henry Arnold White (1824-1885) who married in 1844.
*  their daughter #11 Julia E. White (1848-1913) who married #10 Thomas Richmond (1848-1917) in 1868.
*  their daughter #5 Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962) who married #4 Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942) in 1900.
*  their son #2 Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983) who married #3 Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002) in 1942.
*  their son #1 Randall Jeffrey Seaver (1943-living)


1)  PERSON (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Name:                     Samuel Gray[1–6]

*  Sex:                        Male

*  Father:                    Edward Gray 1623-1681
*  Mother:                  Dorothy Lettice 1633-1726

2)  INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Birth:                      1682, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States[1]

*  Death:                     23 March 1712 (about age 30), Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, United States[1,3-4]
*  Burial:                     after 23 March 1712 (after about age 30), Old Commons Burial Ground, Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, United States[4]

*  Probate:                  2 April 1712 (about age 30), will proved; Bristol, Massachusetts, United States[5–6]

3)  SHARED EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Spouse 1:                 Deborah Church 1676-1752
*  Marriage 1:              13 July 1699 (about age 17), Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, United States[1–2]

*  Child 1:                    Samuel Gray 1700-1764
*  Child 2:                    John Gray 1701-1702
*  Child 3:                    Dorothy Gray 1704-1740
*  Child 4:                    Joseph Gray 1706-1706
*  Child 5:                    Lydia Gray 1707-    
*  Child 6:                    Simeon Gray 1709-1742
*  Child 7:                    Ignatius Gray 1711-1712

4)  NOTES (with source citations as indicated in brackets):    

Samuel Gray was born in 1682 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the son and last child of Edward and Dorothy (Lettice) Gray[1].  

He married Deborah Church (1677-1752) on 13 July 1699 in Little Compton, Rhode Island[1-2].  She was the daughter of Joseph and Mary (Tucker) Church of Hingham, Massachusetts.

Samuel and Deborah had seven children, all recorded in the Little Compton town records:

*  Samuel Gray (1700-1764), married 1721 Hannah Kent (1702-1769).
*  John Gray (1701-1702).
*  Dorothy Gray (1704-1740), married (1) Samuel Throop (1700-1726); (2) 1729 Ebenezer Hyde (1702-1742).
*  Joseph Gray (1706-1706).
*  Lydia Gray (1707-????), married 1731 Joseph Ladd (1701-1748).
*  Simeon Gray (1709-1742), married 1731 Ann Hide (1713-1773).
*  Ignatius Gray (1711-1712).

The Samuel Gray family resided in Musquosh Hollow in Little Compton[1].

Samuel Gray died on 23 March 1712 in Little Compton, Rhode Island[3-4].  He is buried in Old Commons Burial Ground in Little Compton.

Samuel wrote a will on 20 March 1712 which was proved in Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Court on 2 April 1712.  The will says:

The Samuel Gray family resided in Musquosh Hollow in Little Compton.

Samuel Gray died testate, having written a will dated 20 March 1712, which was proved 2 April 1712[5-6].  
"In the Name of God Amen  The twentyeth day of March in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred & twelve  I Samuel Grey of Little compton in the County of Bristoll in her Majesties Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, yeoman, being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind & memory Thanks be given to God therefore Calling to mind the Mortallity of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to dye Do make & ordain this my Last will and Testament That is to say Principally and first of all I give & recomend my soule into the hands of God that gave it & my body I Recommend unto Earth to be buried in Decent & Christian mann-r at ye Discresion of my Exect-r, Nothing doubting but at the general Resurection I shall Receive the same by the Almighty power of God. And as Touching my worldly Estate wherew-th it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give & Devise & Dispose of the same in the following maner and form.

"Imp's.  I give and bequeath unto Deborah Grey my Dearly Beloved wife the Improvem't of my whole Estate both Real and personall for her own and her Childrens maintenance so long as she haves my name or Remaines my widow and do allso Constitute make & ordain Her and my beloved brother Thomas Grey Joynt Executors of this my last will & Testament. Item my will is y't if my wife after my decease do see cause to Marry again that then she shall have one hundred pounds Currant money of this Province payd to her out of my Estate and shall quit her Right, tithe, interest & ronrom [?] to & with any of the rest of my Estate.

"Item.  My will is that after my wives Marrying or Deceaseing the whole of my Estate Excepting the one Hundred pounds given unto her be divided among my Children in man'r and form following, viz.  I give to my Eldest & beloved son Samuel Gray three Hundred pounds.  Item I give to my Beloved son Simeon Grey one Hundred pounds.  Item I give to my Beloved son Ignatius Grey one Hundred pounds.  I give to my Beloved Daughter Dorothy one Hundred pounds.  Item I give to my Beloved Daughter Lidiah one Hundred pounds.

"Item  My will is that if my Estate be found worth more than Eight Hundred pounds after all my lawfull debts and funerall charges are payd that the Residue be equally divided between my two youngest son Simeon & Ignatius.

"Item My will is that my Execut'rs may when they see cause make sale of my Estate Either Reall or personall for money provided the principall be well served for my Children.

"Item  I do Constitute and appoint my Loveing friends Mr William Pabodie Cap't John Palmer & my Brother John Church to be Overseers of this my last will & Testament and do hereby oblige my Executors (if they sell my lands) to take the Advice & Consent of my overseers in Secureing & Improveing of the money.  And I do hereby Disallow, Revoke & Disannull all & every other former Testaments wills Legacies bequests & Executors by me in any wayes before named willed or bequeathed Rattifying & Confirming this and no other to be my Last will and Testament.  In Witness whereof I have set to my hand and seal the day and year above written.

"Signed sealed published & declared
by the said Samuel Gray as his last will                         Samuel Gray  (seal)
& Testament in the presence of us the
Edward Grey
Jonathan Hood
Richard Billings"

The inventory of the estate of Samuel Grey of Little Compton was taken by John Palmer, John Church and William Pabodie on 2 April 1712.  The inventory ran two pages and totaled 1,138 pounds, 9 shillings, 7 pence, including real estate of:

*   farm and buildings, orchard, fencing (850 pounds)
*   25 acres of outlands (26 pounds)

The personal estate included:

*   wearing apparel (11 pounds, 10 shillings)
*   feather beds, linen,
*  Chest, Table, Chairs and other furniture
*  2 Iron pots, 2 small brass kettles, 2 pewter plates, pots, beakers, plates, 3 porringers, etc.
*  1 pair of worsted combs, 3 pair old cards, 1 woolen wheel, 2 common wheel,
*  1 churn, 1 cradle, 1 cheese press, 1 warming pan
*  a chamber pot, 8 glass bottles
*  a plow, iron chains, iron bars, five hoes, 2 axes, cart wheels pitch forks, etc
*  a Negro man (18 pounds)
*  Silver money (12 pounds, 4 shillings, 7 pence), paper money (28 pounds, 10 shillings)
*  money due (5 pounds, 10 shillings)
*  25 bushels of Indian corn, a barrel and a half of beef
*  3 mares, 14 cows, 1 heifer, 5 two year old, 3 yearlings, 5 calves, 1 pair oxen, etc.

The inventory was presented to the Probate Court on 7 April 1712 and was approved on that day, and recorded on 28 April 1712[5-6].

No accounting was recorded in the Court of the legacies to the children of Samuel and Deborah Gray, who were all under age when Samuel Gray made his will and died.

On 3 June 1713, Deborah Throope, the late wife of Samuel Grey of Little Compton deceased, but the now wife of Danl Throope of Bristol stated that she had received the 100 pounds due her by the will of Samuel Grey, and that she quits her rights, titles, and interests in the estate of Samuel Grey.  It was recorded on 3 November 1713 by the Court[5-6].

The Accounts of Deborah Thrope (formerly Deborah Grey) and Thomas Grey, the executors of the estate of Samuel Grey, were presented to the Probate Court on 3 November 1713.  Additional debts were received, and a long list of small debts were paid out[5-6].


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