Randy's Genealogy

I have been pursuing my elusive ancestors for over 36 years, and still have many "holes" in my ancestral pedigree chart.

However, I have found out quite a bit about my ancestors and their families, and want to share what I've found in hopes that other family members and researchers will find it and want to share improvements or revisions with me.

1)  I have versions of my Family Tree at the following family tree websites:

*  My RootsMagic Family Tree - http://my.rootsmagic.com/rjseaver/index.html (ancestral families only, with sources and images, no notes)

*  Ancestry Member Trees (complete tree as of January 2024, with sources and some images, no notes) - a separate tree, synced with RootsMagic, see https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/184684370/family

*  MyHeritage World Trees (complete tree as of April 2023, with sources, few images, and notes) - a separate tree, but now out-of-date, see https://www.myheritage.com/fan-view-1742741-14023500/randy-seavers-genealogy-research

*  WikiTree (limited ancestral tree, with sources and notes) - a collaborative tree, but not complete, start at http://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Seaver-Family-Tree-15

*  FamilySearch Family Tree (universal family tree, with sources and notes, matched with RootsMagic database) - a collaborative tree; start at  https://familysearch.org/tree/#view=tree&section=pedigree&person=LH5L-4P9 (father's line) or
https://familysearch.org/tree/#view=tree&section=pedigree&person=LH5L-HC6 (mother's line)

2)  A pedigree chart for myself and the next three generations is shown below:

3)  I have written stand-alone genealogical sketches of my parents and grandparents in:

*  Father:  Frederick Walton Seaver, Jr. (1911-1983).

*  Mother:  Betty Virginia (Carringer) Seaver (1919-2002).

*  Paternal Grandmother: Alma Bessie (Richmond) Seaver (1882-1962).

*  Maternal Grandfather:  Lyle Lawrence Carringer (1891-1976).

*  Maternal Grandmother:  Emily Kemp (Auble) Carringer (1899-1977).

4)  I have written stand-alone genealogical sketches for many of my 1stto 7th great-grandparents - see the 52 Ancestors Biographies page.

5)  I have created static narrative ancestral reports in PDF format for my eight great-grandparents.  Here are links to them:

*  Ancestors of Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922) for 10 Generations - September 2012

*  Ancestors of Hattie Louisa Hildreth (1857-1920) for 10 Generations - September 2012

*  Ancestors of Thomas Richmond (1848-1917) for 6 Generations - September 2012

*  Ancestors of Julia White (1848-1913) for 10 Generations - September 2012

*  Ancestors of Henry Austin Carringer (1853-1946) for 10 Generations - September 2012

*  Ancestors of Abbie Ardell Smith (1862-1944) for 10 Generations - September 2012

*  Ancestors of Charles Auble (1849-1916) for 10 Generations - September 2012

*  Ancestors of Georgianna Kemp (1868-1952) for 10 Generations - September 2012

4)  I have created static narrative descendant reports in PDF format for some of my surname lines, from the first known person in my line.  Here are links to them:

*  Descendants of Shubael Seaver (1640-1730) - 8 Generations (September 2012)

*  Descendants of Caleb Seaver (1641-1713) - 8 Generations (September 2012)

*  Descendants of Joshua Seaver (1641-1730) - 8 Generations (September 2012)

*  Descendants of Nathaniel Seaver (1646-1676) - 8 Generations (September 2012)

*  Descendants of Martin Carringer (1758-1835) of Pennsylvania (October 2012)

*  Descendants of Andreas Able (1690-1851) of New Jersey (October 2012)

*  Descendants of Peter Dill (1645-1692) of Massachusetts (October 2012)

*  Descendants of Roger Buck (1617-1693) of Massachusetts (October 2012)

6)  I have created static narrative descendants reports in HTML format for my 4th great-grandparents.  Here are the links to the blog posts:


Updated January 2024


Anonymous said...

Hello Randy, We must be distant relatives because my search has led me to your blog, I was wondering if you have any more info on Henry Summers, husband of Susanna Carter, daughter of Joseph Carter whose will you posted. Thanks

jk said...

Hey Randy. I've been working on genealogy only for the past year and a half or so, and it's quickly become a favorite hobby of mine. I started on Ancestry, but have been keeping track of many things locally where Ancestry just doesn't capture things efficiently. I also started tracking on WikiTree recently, which I like quite a lot, and am using tools like Diigo, Evernote, and Mendeley to manage my research. Now I'm feeling bogged down by tracking things in multiple places and worrying about what's the best place to track what... I see that you have cited at least 4 places where you have your family tree documented. Can you give some insights into which tools you use for what and how you keep your workload manageable while keeping multiple things up to date? Thanks!

dragonfly192 said...

I have same issue. Did you find a solution?

Unknown said...

Hi, Randy. I am fairly new at genealogy and find your blog to be very interesting. I am taking an online class to learn how to blog, hoping that I can also create a genealogical blog for my family. Going through your blog has given me some ideas. Thanks for sharing your work!

Unknown said...

Hi Randy, I am starting to research my ancestors and your blog was recommended
for research into the Seaver line. My great grandfather was John Carpenter
In tracing his line I came across a marriage between Benjamin Carpenter and
Mary Seaver. Both were born in 1756.
Do you have any information about them?
Sincerely- Craig Daemon

Randy Seaver said...

Hi Craig,

I know nothing about a Mary Seaver who married a Benjamin Carpenter.

Please give me more information if you have it. What were Benjamin's birth and death years? Where was he born and where did he die? What do you know about Mary Seaver? She may be in my database but without a year and place estimate I can't work through it.

I have about 40 Mary Seaver persons in my database born between 1700 and 1850, and almost half of them have no spouse listed. Then, of course, Mary may have taken Benjamin as a second husband and is not actually a Seaver except by marriage.

Most of my Seaver folks in my database in the 1700s are from New England and New York.

Regards -- Randy Seaver

Please email me at randy.seaver@gmail.com. Thank you.

Deb said...

I attempted to send you an email question on your address shown on this site and it bounced. https://www.blogger.com/profile/17477703429102065294. I had a question on SIGs.

Randy Seaver said...


My email is randy.seaver@gmail.com now . I forgot to edit my Blogger profile two years ago! Sorry about that.

drtombell1 said...

Hi Randy,

My Grandma was a Richmond .. and I happen to have a copy of the three volume Richmond Family History. Just a small correction. It was Colonel John Richmond ... a Cromwellian who killed his brother Henry a Royalist.
Their father had we think 25 children of which 10 died. He also married few times. My direct Grandfather is by the next wife along ... Sylvester Richmond. He was the first recorded Doctor in Liverpool and Mayor in the 1690s.

Best wishes

Dr Tom Bell
South Zeal Devon

Elliot said...

Hi randy, I recently purchased a Pennsylvania 8 day tall case clock made by Rudolph Spangler circa 1770. My ancestor is Baltzer JR. Our family calls the clock “uncle Rudy”. After 250 years it keeps perfect time.

Louis Kessler said...

Randy: WikiTree says we're 28 degrees apart. https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Connection&action=connect&person1Name=Seaver-15&person2Name=Kessler-2015

Enno Borgsteede said...

Hi Randy, long time. We're 14th cousins.

Austin Cheney said...

Hey we’re related! My family line came from William Cheney of Roxbury as well. Then came to Utah from navoo in 1850 (nathanial Calhoun Cheney) that makes me 8th or 9th cousins to dick Cheney! Rad

JC said...

Mr. Seaver, firstly, your website is fantastic and a shining example of good scholarship practices! I'm not a relative in the traditional manner, or even by marriage, but by the house my family has lived in for three generations, built by your 7th great-grandfather Samuel Willis in Sudbury. The hand-hewn beams are still visible in the dry-stacked fieldstone basement, the well hasn't let us down yet, and while there's a few more neighbors along the road, a significant portion of the original Willis plot behind the house remains undeveloped and is home to all manner of wildlife.

I just wanted to point out that the links you give for FamilySearch did not work for me today (Nov 2023) instead redirecting to the FS homepage.

Thank you for all the hard work you've done and for taking so much effort to share it across so many platforms!