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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Survey of Genealogy Activities

Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 

 It's Saturday Night again - 
time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!): 

Answer these questions in my survey about your genealogy resources and usage:

a)  Which genealogy software programs for your computer do you use (e.g., Family Tree Maker, Reunion, GRAMPS, etc.)?

b)  Which online family trees have information submitted by you - in either a separate online tree (e.g., Ancestry Member Tree) or a universal (collaborative) online tree (e.g., WikiTree)?

c)  For which subscription genealogy record providers (e.g., Ancestry) do you have a subscription?

d)  Which FREE genealogy record providers (e.g., FamilySearch) do you use regularly?

e)  How much time do you spend each week doing actual genealogy research online?  [Note:  not reading, or social networking, but actual searching in a record provider].  Estimate an average number of hours per week.

f)  How much time do you spend each week doing actual genealogy research in a repository (e.g., library, archive, courthouse, etc.)?  Estimate an average number of hours per month over, say, a one year period.

g)  How much time do you spend each week adding information to your genealogy software program (either on your computer or online)?  Estimate an average number of hours per week over, say, a one month period.

h)  How much time do you spend each month at a genealogical society meeting, program or event (not a seminar or conference)?  Estimate an average number of hours per month over, say, a one year period.

i)  How much time do you spend each month on genealogy education (e.g., reading books and periodicals, attending seminars, conferences, workshops, webinars, etc.)?   Estimate an average number of hours per month over, say, a one year period.

j)  How much time do you spend each week reading, writing and commenting on genealogy blogs, websites, and social media?   Estimate an average number of hours per week over, say, a one month period.

2)    Answer the questions in a blog post of your own (and please drop a link as a comment in this post), in a comment to this post, or in a Google+ or Facebook post.

Here's mine:

a)  I use RootsMagic 7 to enter all ancestral information into a database.  I also use Family Tree Maker 2014 and Legacy Family Tree 8 occasionally to take advantage of their features.

b)  I have my family tree information in these online tree systems:

i)  Separate tree:

*  Ancestry Member Tree (several, replaced very 1-2 years), use Hints 
*  MyHeritage (rarely updated), use Record Matches
*  GeneaNet (never updated)
*  FindMy Past (never updated), use Record Matches
*  Mocavo (never updated)

ii)  Collaborative tree:

*  FamilySearch Family Tree (updated frequently), use Record Hints
*  WikiTree (updated occasionally)
* (updated occasionally)
*  WeRelate (updated rarely)

c)  My subscription genealogy record collection websites:

*  MyHeritage (tree and data)
*  FindMyPast
*  Mocavo
*  GenealogyBank
*  American Ancestors

d)  My most-used FREE genealogy record providers:

*  FamilySearch
*  Find a Grave
*  Google
*  USGenWeb
*  Rootsweb

e)  Doing online genealogy research each week:  Average per week = 8 hours

f)  Doing repository research each month:  Average per month = 2 hours

g)  Adding information to family tree database each week:  Average per week = 12 hours

h)  Genealogy society events and meetings:  Average per month = 16 hours

i)  Genealogy education:  Average per month = 16 hours

j)  Reading genealogy websites or contributing to social media:  Average per week = 32 hours

Adding all of that up totals about 60 hours per week.  Which is about right, I think!

Since I do a lot of genealogy blogging, I spend at least half of my time every day on social media.  I try to streamline my time reading by using my iPhone for email and blogs, and try to limit my time on Facebook to 30 minutes a day or less.  I really should get out more to the local repositories.  I do spend at least one day each year at the Family History Library and an hour or two at the local libraries each month.  My genealogy education this past year was limited to society events, webinars, RootsTech and Jamboree.  The last three years, we went on a genealogy cruise.

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Surname Saturday -- HOBART (England > colonial Massachusetts)

It's Surname Saturday, and I'm "counting down" my Ancestral Name List each week.  

I am in the 8th great-grandmothers and I'm up to Ancestor #1143 who is Rebecca HOBART (1611-1677) 
[Note: the earlier great-grandmothers and 8th great-grandfathers have been covered in earlier posts].

My ancestral line back through two generations of this HOBART family line is:

1. Randall J. Seaver

2. Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983)
3. Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002)

4. Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942)
5. Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962)

8. Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922)
9. Hattie Louise Hildreth (1857-1920)

16. Isaac Seaver (1823-1901)
17. Lucretia Townsend Smith (1827-1884)

34. Alpheus B. Smith (1802-1840)
35. Elizabeth Horton Dill (1791-1869)

70.  Thomas Dill (1758-1836)
71.  Hannah Horton (1761-1797)

142.  Nathaniel Horton (1721-1763)
143.  Eunice Snow (1722-1816)

284.  Samuel Horton (1686-1778)
285.  Hannah Atwood (1686-1771)

570.  Stephen Atwood (1653-1722)
571.  Apphia Bangs (1651-1722)

1142.  Edward Bangs, born before 28 October 1591 in Panfield, Essex, England; died 16 February 1677 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States.  He was the son of 2284. John Bangs and 2285. Jane Chavis.  He married about 1635 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States.
1143.  Rebecca Hobart, born before 29 December 1611 in Wymondham, Norfolk, England; died Bef. 1677 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States.  

Children of Edward Bangs and Rebecca Hobart are:
*  Rebecca Bangs (1635-1679), married 1654 Jonathan Sparrow (1634-1707).
*  Sarah Bangs (1638-1683), married 1656 Thomas Howes (1626-1676).
*  Jonathan Bangs (1640-1728), married (1) 1664 Mary Mayo (1650-1711); (2) 1719 Sarah LNU (1641-1719); (3) 1720 Ruth Cole (1651-1735).
*  Lydia Bangs (1642-1706), married 1661 Benjamin Higgins (1640-=1691).
*  Hannah Bangs (1644-1677), married 1662 John Doane (1635-1709).
*  Joshua Bangs (1646-1710),. married 1669 Hannah Scudderr (1651-????).
*  Bethia Bangs (1650-1696), married 1669 Gershom Hall (1648-1732).
*  Apphia Bangs (1651-1722), married (1) 1670 John Knowles (1644-1675); (2) 1677 Stephen Atwood (1653-1722).
*  Mercy Bangs (1651-????), married 1671 Stephen Merrick (1646-1705).

2286.  Edmund Hobart, born before 01 January 1574 in Snoring Magna, Norfolk, England; died 08 March 1646 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States.  He was the son of 4572. Thomas Hobart and 4573. Hellena Winsofer.  He married 07 September 1600 in Hingham, Norfolk, England.
2287.  Margaret Dewey, born about 1580 in Norfolk, England; died 23 January 1649 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States.

Children of Edmund Hobart and Margaret Dewey are:
*  Nazareth Hobart (1601-1658), married 1630 John Beal (1593-1688).
*  Edmund Hobart (1603-1685), married 1632 Elizabeth Elmer (1607-1675).
*  Peter Hobart (1604-1679), married (1) 1628 Elizabeth Ibrook (1608-1645); (2) 1646 Rebecca Peck (????-1693).
*  Alice Hobart (1605-1674), married 1631 Thomas Chubbuck (1607-1676).
*  Thomas Hobart (1606-1689), married 1629 Ann Plomer (1610-????).
*  Rebecca Hobart (1611-1677), married 1635 Edward Bangs (1591-1677).
*  Elizabeth Hobart (1612-1660), married 1640 Ralph Smith (1612-1685).
*  Joshua Hobart (1614-1682), married 1638 Ellen Ibrook (1622-1700).

Information about the Edmund Hobart family was obtained from:

*  Robert Charles Anderson (editor), The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633 (Boston, Mass. : NEHGS, 1995, Volume II, pages 958-960, Edmund Hobart sketch.

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Lesson Learned Again: Don't Trust Online Family Trees

Well, at least for colonial ancestors who migrated from England to New England during the 1620-1650 time frame.

I wrote Lesson Learned: Don't Trust Online Family Trees on 24 April 2012, saying:

I received an email this week about the ancestry of Susanna Page (ca 1611-1691) who married Thomas Gleason (ca 1610-1686), asking if I knew who her parents were, since there were several sets of parents given in the Ancestry Member Trees. 

The background on this can be found in:

*  Who were parents of Susanna Page (ca1611-1691)? (posted 19 April 2010)

*  English Parish Record data and Forrest Gump

*  Images of the Will of Thomas Page (died Hawstead, Suffolk, 1637)

To summarize - I found that Thomas Page of Hawstead, Suffolk was the father of Susanna (Page) Gleason, based on a message board post that referred to a 1637 will in the Suffolk Probate records.  While in Salt Lake City in 2010, I found the 1637 will of Thomas Page of Hawstead with the help of the FHL staff.  

Today, the thought occurred to me - has the percentage of persons with the correct parents of Susanna (Page) Gleason (ca 1611-1691) improved from the 0% three years ago?

For the study, I used Ancestry Member Trees, and these search criteria:

*  First Name = susan* (exact)
*  Last Name = Page (exact)
*  Birth year:  1614 (plus/minus 5 years)
*  Spouse first name:  thomas (exact)
*  spouse last name = gle*son (exact)

There were 979 matches for these search criteria:

I then added more search terms for different names of fathers and mothers I saw in the list of matches:

For instance:

*  Father's First name = john [exact] = 320 matches
*  Father's First name = john [exact] and Mother's first name = ph*be = 315 matches

*  Father's First name = robert [exact] = 56 matches
*  Father's First name = robert [exact] and Mother's first name = lucy = 15 matches

*  Father's First name = william [exact] = 14 matches

*  Father's First name = thomas [exact] = 61 matches
*  Father's First name = thomas [exact] and Mother's first name = susan* = 10 matches

Here is screen shot of the last, and correct, search results:

So 10 out of the 979 matches for my Susanna Page provide the correct names for the parents - that's 1%!!  That's up from 0% three years ago.

The 61 matches for the father being Thomas means that over 6% have the right father, which is up from about 1% in 2012.  

Kudos to those 1% that have added the correct names as Susanna Page's parents - it's taken 8 years to get to 1%!  The first online record of the correct parents names were published in  GenForum message written by Dan Page on the GLEASON Message Board on 19 August 2007.

I didn't look at other family tree resources, but my guess is that the results would be similar.  The exceptions might be the collaborative trees - (NO), WikiTree (YES!) and FamilySearch Family Tree (YES, but several duplicates, including many wrong parents).

My comments from three years ago still apply, I think:

What does this mean?  As we all realize eventually, many of the entries in online family trees (including Ancestry Member Trees) are copied from the trees of other researchers without any check of the possible records involved.  I admit that I did this over 15 years...and now I'm in the process of trying to fix those problems by finding authoritative sources (published, images on microfilm, or images in record collections). That's a lot harder to do than copying information from an online tree, but it's the right thing to do.

The lessons learned (again) is:  Don't trust online family trees.  Use them for clues.  Verify the assertions, add source citations for assertions, etc. for every person in your tree.

This problem seems especially common with the immigrants to North America during the early colonial years.  There are thousands of persons whose ancestry is not known, or known erroneously, from this time period because of the lack of research in original records.  For early colonial New England ancestry, research in the Great Migration volumes (available on and may be helpful.  The peer-reviewed journals, like the New England Historic Genealogical Register, the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, The American Genealogist, and others frequently have articles about the ancestry of early colonials.  

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 83: #98 Cornelius Feather (1777-1853)

Amy Johnson Crow suggested a weekly blog theme of "52 Ancestors" in her blog post Challenge:  52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks on the No Story Too Small blog.  I am extending this theme in 2015 to 104 Ancestors in 104 Weeks. Here is my ancestor biography for week #83:

Cornelius Feather (1777-1853) is #98 on my Ahnentafel list,
 my 4th great-grandfather, married before 1804 to  #99 FNU LNU (ca 1780-before 1830).

I am descended through:

* their daughter, 
#49 Sarah Feather (1804-1848), who married #48 Henry Carringer (1800-1879) in about 1825.
*  their son, #24 David Jackson Carringer (1828-1902), who married #25 Rebecca Spangler (1832-1901) in 1852.
*  their son, #12 Henry Austin Carringer (1853-1946), who married #13 Abbie Ardell "Della" Smith (1862-1944) in 1887.
*  their son, #6 Lyle Lawrence Carringer (1891-1976), who married #7 Emily Kemp Auble (1899-1977) in 1918.
*  their daughter, #3 Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002), who married #2 Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983) in 1942.
*  their son, #1 Randall J. Seaver (1943-....)


1)  PERSON (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Name:                      Cornelius Feather[1–7,9-12]   

*  Alternate Name:      Cornelius Feathers[8]
*  Sex:                          Male   

*  Father:                     Stephen Feather (1736-1804)   
*  Mother:                   FNU LNU (1740-    )   
2)  INDIVIDUAL FACTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):
*  Birth:                      1777, Middlesex, New Jersey, United States[3,7]   
*  Residence:             about 1800 (about age 23), early settlement; Warren, Trumbull, Ohio, United States[2]   
*  Census:                 1 June 1800 (about age 23), Fallowfield, Washington, Pennsylvania, United States[8]
*  Residence:            1823 (about age 46), Otter Creek, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[1]   
*  Census:                 1 June 1830 (about age 53), Salem, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[4]   
*  Census:                 1 June 1840 (about age 63), New Lyme, Ashtabula, Ohio, United States[5]
*  Land Warrant:      17 April 1846 (about age 69), 203 acres in Salem township; Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[6]
*  Census:                1 June 1850 (about age 73), Salem, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[7]
*  Pension:               23 April 1851 (about age 74) , affidavit in John Feather's Revolutionary War pension file; Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[3]   
*  Death:                  1 April 1853 (about age 76), Salem, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[10]   
*  Probate:               20 June 1855 (about age 78), John Feather appointed administrator; Mercer, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[9]   
*  Probate:              20 August 1855 (about age 78), Petition for writ of partition; Mercer, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[10]
*  Probate:              20 August 1855 (about age 78), Proof of Contract of Sale of Real Estate; Mercer, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[11]
*  Probate:              23 November 1855 (about age 78), Account of the estate; Mercer, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[12]

3)  SHARED FACTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):
*  Spouse 1:             FNU LNU (before 1785 - before 1830)   
*  Marriage 1:          before 1804 (before about age 27), probably Trumbull, Ohio, United States   

*  Child 1:               Sarah Feather (1804-1848)   
*  Child 2:               John Feather (1806-    )   
*  Child 3:               George Feather (1808-1890)   
*  Child 4:               Mary Ann Feather (1815-1855)   

*  Spouse 2:           Mary  LNU  (about 1792 - before 1855)   
*  Marriage 2:        before 1850 (before about age 73), probably Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States[7]   
4)  NOTES (with source citations as indicated in brackets):   

 Cornelius Feather was born in about 1777, probably in Middlesex County, New Jersey, to Stephen Feather and his wife.  The 1850 census taken in June 1850 says he is 73 years old[9], and his affidavit in April 1851 in his brother's Revolutionary War Pension File indicates he was 74 years old[3]

Cornelius Feather was probably with his father, Stephen Feather, when he moved his family to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania after the Revolutionary War.

In the 1800 US Census, Cornelius Feathers was a head of household in Fallowfield, Washington County, Pennsylvania[10].  The household included only himself, aged 16 to 26.  Next on the alphabetical list was his father, Stephen Feathers, who had one male under age 10, one male aged 26 to 45, one female under age 10, and one female aged 26-45.

There are no records for the marriage of Cornelius Feather and his wife, Mary Partridge (1792-1855), daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Wakeman) Partridge.  The marriage probably occurred around 1804, perhaps in Trumbull County, Ohio.  They settled in Warren township, Trumbull County, Ohio.  He appears in the 1804 through 1810 tax records of Trumbull County, Ohio.  They had four children between 1804 and 1815.

Cornelius Feather wrote a narrative about the settlement of Warren township, which is in the manuscripts of the Ashtabula Historical Society.  The narrative includes[2]:

"The plat of Warren in September, 1800, contained but two log cabins, one of which was occupied by Capt. Ephraim Quimby, who was proprietor of the town and afterwards judge of the court.  He built his cabin in 1799.  The other was occupied by Wm. Fenton, who built his in 1798. On the 27th of this month, Cornelius Feather and Davison Fenton arrived from Washington County, PA.  At this time Quimby's cabin consisted of three apartments, a kitchen, bed-room and jail, although but one prisoner was ever confined in it, viz. Perger Shehigh, for threatening the life of Judge Young, of Youngstown.

"The whole settlements of whites within and about the settlement of Warren, consisted of sixteen settlers, viz: Henry and John Lane, Benj. Davison, Esq., Meshach Case, Capt. John Adgate, Capt. John Leavitt, William Crooks and Phineas Leffingwell, Henry Lane, Jr., Charles Daily, Edward Jones, George Loveless and Wm. Tucker, who had been a spy five years under Capt. Brady.

"At this time, rattlesnakes abounded in some places.  And there was one adventure with them worth recording, which took place in Bracefield township.

"A Mr. Oviatt was informed that a considerable number of huge rattlesnakes were scattered over a certain tract of wilderness.  The old man asked whether there was a ledge of rocks in the vicinity, which way the declivity inclined, and if any spring issued out of the ledge.  Being answered in the affirmative, the old man rejoined, "we will go about the last of May and have some sport."  Accordingly they proceeded through the woods well armed with cudgels.  Arrived at the battleground, they cautiously ascended the hill, step by step, in a solid column.  Suddenly the enemy gave the alarm, and the men found themselves completely surrounded by hosts of rattlesnakes of enormous size, and a huge squadron of black snakes.  No time was lost.  At the signal of the rattling of the snakes, the action commenced, and hot and furious was the fight.  In short, snakes beat a retreat up the hill, our men cudgelling with all their might.  When arrived at the top of the ledge, they found the ground and rocks in places almost covered with snakes retreating into their dens.  Afterwards, the slain were collected into heaps, and found to amount to 486, a good portion of which were larger than a man's leg below the calf, and over five feet in length.

"The news of this den of venomous serpents being spread, it was agreed that the narrator and two more young men in Warren, and three in Braceville, should make war upon it until the snakes should be principally destroyed, which was actually accomplished.

"One circumstance I should relate in regard to snake-hunting.  Having procured an instrument like a very long chisel, with a handle eight or nine feet long, I proceeded to the ledge alone, placed myself on the body of a butternut tree, lying slanting over a broad crevice in the rocks, seven or eight feet deep, this bottom of which was literally covered with the yellow and black serpents.  I held my weapon poised in my right hand, ready to give the deadly blow, my left hold of a small branch to keep my balance, when both my feet slipped, and I came within a hairs' breadth of plunging headlong into the den.  Nothing but the small limb saved me from a most terrible death, as I could not have gotten out, had there been no snakes, the rocks on all sides being nearly perpendicular.  It was a merciful and providential escape."

No census records for 1810 or 1820 could be found for Cornelius Feather (or any sensible spellings of his given name and last name, such as Fether, Fetter, etc).  He was probably in Trumbull county, Ohio during these census years.

The Mercer County, Pennsylvania history book says[1]:

"He moved to Mercer County, Pennsylvania in about 1823, settling in what is now Otter Creek township.  He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, voted the Democratic ticket, and served in the War of 1812.  His family included John, George, Mary (Mrs. Charles Milner), Sarah (Mrs. Henry Carringer), all of whom are dead except George, who was born in Warren, Ohio in 1808."

In the 1830 US census, the Cornelius Feathers household resided in Salem township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania[4].  The household included:

*  one male aged 20-30 (John?), 
*  one male aged 50-60 (Cornelius?), 
*  one female aged 10-15 (Mary Ann?), 
*  one female aged 20-30 (Sarah?) 
*  one female aged 30-40 (his second wife?).

When Mary's father, Thomas Partridge, died intestate in Trumbull County, Ohio on 1 October 1828, he owned land in Trumbull County, Ohio.  With a widow and at least seven living children, the family decided to quitclaim the land to son David W. Partridge.  The deed, dated 9 November 1830 in Trumbull County, named all of the children and heirs-at-law of Thomas Partridge.[13]  The partial transcription of this deed is:

"George W. Patridge & others quitclaim deed to David Patridge Know all men by these presents that We George W. Patridge and Elizabeth Patridge wife of the said George W., Jasper Patridge and Orrit Patridge wife of the said Jasper, Isaac Patridge and William Patridge of the Township of Gustavus Trumbull County State of Ohio, Elijah Beckwith and Sarah Beckwith wife of the said Elijah of the Township of New Lyme, Ashtabula County State aforesaid, Samuel Patridge and Elizabeth Patridge wife of the said Samuel, Cornelius Feathers and Mary Feathers wife of the said Cornelius of the Township of East Salem, County of Mercer State of Pennsylvania for diverse good causes and considerations thereunto moving especially for one hundred dollars received to our full satisfaction of David Patridge of the aforesaid Township of Gustavus, have remised, released and forever quitclaimed and do by these presents for ourselves and our heirs, justly and absolutely remise, release and forever quitclaim unto the said David Patridge and to his heirs."

In the 1840 US census, the Cornelius Feather family resided in New Lyme township, Ashtabula County, Ohio[5].  The household included:

*   one male aged 60-70 (Cornelius?), 
*  one female aged 0-5, 
*  one female aged 5-10, 
*  one female aged 30-40 (who?) 
*  one female aged 40-50 (his second wife?). 

Cornelius Feather received a Land Warrant patent for a lot in Salem township in Mercer County on 17 April 1846.  The Land Warrant document says[6]:


"WHEREAS, there hath been surveyed and returned into the Surveyor General's Office, agreeable to the acts of ^the 27th day of March 1813 3d April, 1792, and of the Act of March, 1811, and the 3d of April, 1833, a certain tract of Land, containing 203 Acs 23 psand allowance situate in Salem township, Mercer county, on the actual settlement and improvement of Jacob Layman (Being Lot No. 963 in the 5th donation district.).

"And Whereas, it appears from the depositions now presented, that the said settlement and improvement is such as is required by the above mentioned acts.

"And Whereas, The said Jacob Layman, who by deed dated the 25th day of October AD 1823, Conveyed all his right and title unto Cornelius Feather and the said Cornelius Feather having paid the purchase money, at the rate of twenty dollars per hundred acres, together with the interest due thereon.  I have, therefore, accepted said survey,and direct a Patent to issue thereon, agreeably to the acts of 17th day of April, 1843, and 29th day of April, 1844.

"In witness whereof, John Laporte Surveyor General, hath hereto set his hand, and caused to be affixed the Seal of said office, at Harrisburg, the Seventeenth day of April A.D. 1846."

Cornelius must have married secondly before 1850, and perhaps as early as the late 1820s, a woman named Mary.  She appears with him in the 1850 U.S. Census, and is the right age to be the older woman in the 1830 and 1940 U.S. census records, but she is not mentioned in the probate records of Cornelius Feather, except as a deceased widow in 1855.

In the 1850 US census, this family resided in Salem township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania[7].  The household included:

*  Cornelius Feather -- age 73, male, a farmer, $1000 in real property, born NY
*  Mary Feather -- age 58, female, born PA

The Mercer County history book[1] ascribes Cornelius' son John Feather as the one who married Phoebe Condit and had eleven children, including Stephen, George and Ira, who are described in the history book. However, research by Feather descendants indicates that the John Feather who married Phoebe Condit was the son of John Feather, brother to Cornelius.  The primary evidence is the graveyard monuments in Oak Hill Cemetery near Sandy Lake, John Feather was the son of John Feather and the father of Ira Condit Feather.

Cornelius Feather dictated an affidavit for the Revolutionary War Pension File of his brother, John Feather[3].  It reads:

"State of Pennsylvania
County of Mercer  S.S.

"Personally appeared before the subscriber a Justice of the Peace in and for said County - Cornelius Feather aged 74 years a resident of East Salem township in said county - who being first duly sworn according to law doth depose and say that he is a Brother to John Feather deceased late a revolutionary Soldier and pensioner of the United States at the rate of $39.89 per annum who died in Mercer county in the month of May 1838 leaving a widow whose maiden name was Mary Wheeler - who died on the 18th day of March eighteen hundred & forty seven (1847) in said County of Mercer - deponent states that his Father Stephen Feather emigrated from Middlesex County State of New Jersey about 2 years after the close of the revolutionary War to Westmoreland County Pennsylvania and that William Wheeler who was the reputed father of said Mary was a neighbor to his said father in Middlesex Co State of New Jersey and emigrated in company with his said father to the vacinity of Carlisle Cumberland county & state of Pennsylvania - the aforesaid John Feather and Mary his wife being in the same company and that said Wheeler settled at that time as he believes in the State of Virginia and in the following winter his said Brother John left Westmoreland Co for the State of Virginia and returned in the following Spring to Westmoreland County & State of Pennsylvania together with his said wife Mary and lived in lawful wedlock with her up to the time of his aforesaid death - deponent also states that seven children are now living who were born to the said John Feather and Mary his wife 5 of which were born prior to the year seventeen hundred and ninety four whose names are Hannah Hunter Jane Neely John Feather Betsey and Nancy Feather and subsequent to 1794 was born Polley Stewart and Stephen Feather - deponent states that about the year 1798 the said John was a boy of eight or 9 years old in company with him to see a large boddy of soldiers who were on march near a Camp on Carnahane hill in the west part of Westmoreland County - who were soldiers engaged in the Whisky insurection so caled of 1794.

"Sworn to and subscribed  ...............  Cornelius Feather
on this 23rd day of April 1851
before me - I als certify that
deponent Cornelius Feather is a
credable witness M.A. Leeck J.P."

The death date of Cornelius Feather is explicitly written as 1 April 1853 in Salem township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania in the Petition for writ of heirs for partition in the probate records for Cornelius Feather[10].

There is no burial record for Cornelius Feather or his two wives.

The probate records for Cornelius Feather are in the Orphans Court Docket for Mercer County, Pennsylvania[9-12]:

1.  The Administration citation says[9]

"April Term 1855
Citation to John Feather
42    of
Cornelius Feather de^d
Shff Moore               2.00
Clerk Findley            1.25
Re^c of John Feather my Certs of
gave Recepted bill. Mach
24th 1860   (s) D W Findley

"At An Orphans Court held at Mercer in and for the County of Mercer on the 20th day of June A D 1855 the petition of George Feather was presented praying for the reasons therein stated that a citation may be issued to John Feather administrator of Cornelius Feather dec^d Commanding him to file an account of his administration of said estate.
June 20 1855  Citation awarded. Issued
Jun 20 1855  Citation Issued
July 4 1855  Served the within on John Feather by
giving him a certified copy So A????
John Moore Shff by
James Moore Depty"

2)  The Petition for writ of partition says[11]:

""August Term 1855
In re the petition of 
John Feather for a
writ of partition on
the estate
5    of
Cornelius Feather
Shff Moore on Rule  4.35
Shff on 2^d Rule      6.19
Advertising               4.00
Jury                           6.00
Shff Moore               8.87
Clerk Findley            6.50
Clerk Warner on report 3.25
Shff files the receipt of George & John M.
Carringer for their D???? as ?????

"At an Orphans Court held at Mercer on and for the County of Mercer, on the 20th day of August A D 1855, the petition of John Feather son and heir of Cornelius Feather Dec^d late of Salem Township Mercer County, was presented setting forth: that your petitioner's said father Cornelius Feather lately died intestate leaving him surviving a widow since Dec^d and Issue, your petitioner and George Feather, and also the Issue of two Daughters of said Cornelius Feather towit, Cornelius A., and Ester Ann Milner, children of Mary Milner who was formerly Mary Feather, and said Ester Ann Milner being a miner and having no Guardian; and Eliza, David J., George W., Cornelius A., and Mary Carringer and Sarah, Henry, Loisa M., Matilda S. and Harvy M Carringer, all children of Sarah Carringer intermarried with Henry Carringer who was formerly Sarah Feather, of whom Sarah, Henry, Loiza, Matilda and Harvy are miners and have no Guardian chosen.  That said intestate died seized in his demesne as of fee, of and in a certain tract of land situate in Salem Township, Mercer County Penna bounded North by land of John Hurry's heirs, East by Harry Furnace property owned by Gen. Irvin, South by Said Irvine and lot sold to Charles Milner and West by J. Russell and containing six acres more or less.  Your petitioner therefore prays your honors to award an inquest to make partition of the premises aforesaid to and among the children and representatives of said intestate in such manner and such proportion as by the laws of this Commonwealth is directed.  If such partition can be made without prejudice to or spoiling the whole, but if such partition cannot be made thereof as aforesaid then to value and appraise the same and make report of their proceedings herein according to law and he will ever pray &c.

"August 20th 1855.  Rule to show cause granted returnable to first day of next term                                                                                                    per Curiam

"August 20th A D 1855.  Rule issued.
Oct 11th 1855.  Served the within Rule on George Feather, Cornelius A. Milner, Eliza, David J., George W., Cornelius A. & Mary Carringer personally by reading, and on Chas. Milner Guardian of Esther Ann Milner, and Henry Carringer Guardian of Sarah, Henry, Louisa M., Matilda S. & Harvy M. Carringer personally by reading.  So A????
                                                             John Moore Shff

"And now to wit Nov 21st 1855 On motion Court appoint D.W. Findley Guardian ad litem for Sarah Henry Loisa M Matilda S. and Harvy M. Carringer and award the writ of partition in the above case returnable to next Term personal notice on those in the County and to those out of the County by three advertisements in two newspapers in Mercer.  The last of which shall be ten days before the day of holding said Inquest.
 Nov 26 1855 Writ of partition issued

"Mercer County SS
An Inquisition indented and taken at Salem Township in the County of Mercer aforesaid this 5th day of January A D 1856 before John More Esqr. High Sheriff of said County by the oaths and affirmations of the jurors whose names and seal are hereunto annexed good and lawful men of my bailiwick who say upon their oath and affirmations, that having been taken by the said John Moore High Sheriff as aforesaid in his proper person to the premises described to the writ to this Inquisition annexed, and the parties in the said writ named having been severally warned and as many as those being present, that they cannot divide the within described premises without prejudice to or spoiling of the whole and they have therefore appriased and valued the same and do appraise and value the same at the rate of Seventeen dollars per acre.

"In testimony whereof the said John Moore Esqr High Sheriff as aforesaid as well as the jurors aforesaid have hereunto affixed their hands and seals the day and year first above written.
                                                               John Moore Shff {seal}
George Carringer  {seal}    John M. Carringer  {seal}   David P. Long {seal}
Wm Hutchison {seal}         Allen Hutchison {seal}       William Sheakley {seal}
Samuel Long {seal}            Andrew Robinson {seal}   T.A. Robinson {seal}
George Beggs {seal}          David Hadley {seal}          John Adams {seal}

"January 23rd 1856 presented and confirmed a Rule on heirs and legal representatives to appear on the first day on next term and accept or refuse the property at the valuation of the Inquisition or in case of refusal show cause why the property should not be sold.
                                                                         per Curiam
"Rule Issued February 18th 1856
Samuel Griffith Esqr accepts Service for Cornelius Feather of the within Rule, D W Findley Guardian ad litem for Sarah Henry, Louiza M., Matilda L & Harvy M. Carringer accepts service of the within Rule.    So A???? John Moore Shff
Apr l 26th 1856.  On Motion the Court order and decree Sale of Said Real Estate described in said writ of partition and appoint John Moore Trustee to make date of the same.  Notice to be given by said Trustee in double the appraised value.  Terms one third in hand and bal in two equal annual payments with interest from consummation of sale.
                                                                                       per Curiam

"July 12th  Bond taken & order made out.
To the Honorable the Judges of the Orphans Court of Mercer County Pa. John Moore Trustee by appointment of said Court respectfully reports that pursuant to the within order of this Court, he did after due public and timely notice, by him given of the time and place of sale according to the directions within mentioned on the 18th day of August A D 1856 Expose the premises within described to sale by public auction or outcry and sold the same to Peter Henry for the of one thousand & sixty dollars, he being the highest and best bidder and that the highest and best price bidden for the same, whereupon the Trustee your petitioner prays that your Honors may confirm the same.

"Nov 21 1856  Sale confirmed and deed ordered to be made to the purchaser on compliance with the terms of sale.                         By the Court
Nov 22 1856  Court appoint Robert Taylor Esqr Auditor to distribute proceeds in hands of Sheriff arising from sale to and maong the heirs & legal representatives 
Nov 22 1856  Certificate issued
Jany 16 1857  Report presented & confirmed and distribution ordered accordingly                                   By the Court

"Jany 18 1858  On motion court appoint S.R. Mason Esqr an auditor to distribute money in hands of John Moore Esqr trustee for sale of Real Estate
Jany 18 1858  Certificate issued
March 15 1858  Auditor Report presented & filed and confirmed and distribution ordered accordingly.                       By the Court

"and now April 19 1858 It appearing to the Court that the auditor appointed to distribute the funds in the hands of the Sheriff have overlooked six & 50/100 dollars of the Costs on partition the Court therefore order and decree that the report of S.R. Mason Esqr be corrected as follows to wit:

Balance for distribution among the heirs as 
per RS Masons Report                                           $366.33
from which didn't amount of Certs omitted               6.50
Bal for distribution among heirs =                        $359.83

To George Feather 1/4                              ===  89 95 3/4
To John Feather 1/4                                  ===  89 95 3/4
To Cornelius A & Esther Ann Milner  }
    minor children of Mary Milner &c }       ===  89 95 3/4
To Eliza, David J., Geo. W., Cornelius }
    Mary, Sarah, Henry, Louisa M.       }
    Matilda S & Harvy M. minor chil   }
    dren of Sarah Carringer &c           }        === 89 95 3/4    359.83

By the Court   J. S. McCalmont
                       Pres^g Judge"

3)  The Proof of Contract of the Sale of Real Estate is[10]:

"August Term 1855
Proof of Contract of the Sale
of Real Estate of Cornelius
Feather deceased
   22   To
Charles Milner
Clerk Findley                   3.50
Rec. March 24 1860 of John Feather
my Certs & gave Receipted hel
D W Findley

"At an Orphans Court held at Mercer in, and for, the County of Mercer on the 20th day of August A.D. 1855, the petition of John Feather of Perry Township Mercer County Pa. was presented, setting forth, that Cornelius Feather, late of Salem Township in said County died on the first day of April 1853 intestate, and Letters of administration have been issued in due cause of law to your petitioner, John Feather Administrator of all and singular the goods chattels and estate of said Cornelius Feather.  The said Cornelius Feather in his lifetime, to wit, in the month of April A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty was seized in fee of and in five acres, one rood and eighteen perches of land, commencing at a post, thence, West fifty six perches to a post, thence North eleven perches and four links to a post, thence North 79 deg East forty eight perches to a post, thence East 22 deg South twenty two perches to the place of beginning, containing as above stated fve acres one rood and eighteen perches, and being part of Donation Lot No. 963 in the fifth donation District, and fully described in a draft or plot hereto attached as surveyed on the 12th day of March 1855 by Benjamin Robinson and being so seized the said Cornelius Feather did by a parcl contract or bargain, bind himself to Sell and convey said above described piece or parcel of land to Charles Milner in fee simple, in consideration of one hundred dollars to be paid to said Cornelius by said Charles.  That said Charles Milner paid said Cornelius in his lifetime towit, in the Spring of 1850, the sum of fifty five dollars on said purchase money as part thereof and that the balance thereof, towit, the sum of forty five Dollars with interest thereon since said April 1850 remains still due and unpaid on said land.  That said land Cornelius Feather intended to make, execute and deliver to said Charles Milner a deed for said land, but he was prevented from doing so by death;  that said Charles is ready and willing to pay the balance of the consideration money on said land, but that no sufficient provision for the performance of said bargain or contract appears to have been made by said Cornelius Feather in his lifetime, though he was well satisfied and intended that the same should be consumated.  Your petitioner therefore prays that the Honorable Court will be pleased to designate some day certain at which notice may be given to said Charles Milner, purchaser of said Real Estate to appear in your said Honorable Court and answer this petition, and furthermore that this Honorable Court will be pleased to decree the specific performance of said Contract, inorder to the completing of title of said land 
to said purchaser, according to the Act of Assembly in such case made and provided and he will as in duty bound ever pray &c.

"Charles Milner the respondent to the foregoing petition (as per paper filed and dated August 17, 1855) appears in Court, and admits the facts set forth in the above petition, and joins in the prayer of the petitioner.

"And now towit August 20th A.D. 1855 prayer of the petitioner granted and the Court decree a specific performance of the Contract, and order the administrator John Feather to convey the premises aforesaid to the purchaser, Charles Milner, by deed in fee on his Compliance with the terms of the contract.
                                                                    Per Curiam"

4)  The Account of the Estate is[12]:

"November Term 1855

"Account of the Estate
     31      of
Cornelius Feather dec^d

"At an Orphans court held at Mercer in and for the County of Mercer on the 23d day of November A.D. 1855.  The Account of John Feather Administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits which were of Cornelius Feather late of Salem Township Mercer County, dec^d, was presented for confirmation and allowance (after having first passed the Register) in which said administrator charges himself with the
Sum of                                            $172.01
and claims credit for                      $ 173.32 
Ballance due Administrator            $    1.31

"Nov. 23 1855 presented and the Court order that the same be confirmed Nisi if no exceptions be filed on or before the first day of next term.
Jany 21 1856  Confirmed" 


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