Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Videos on YouTube Channel

I try to stay up on the latest information on and appreciate all of the social media connections posted by on the Internet. continues to add instructional and informational videos to their YouTube channel (

The recently added videos include:

*  Updating Your Profile Page and Other Account Settings

*  Googling Your Family History

*  Genealogy To-Do Lists

*  How Irish Are You?

*  Genealogy Spring Cleaning

*  State Research Guides and Place Pages

*  What's New at March 2014 Edition

*  Five Minute Find: Sending Documents Home From the Library

*  Five Minute Find:  Start Small, Go Big -- How Sliders Can Improve Your Searching

*   Five Minute Find: Finding Irish Origins

*  Five Minute Find: One Trick That Will Improve Your Search For Vital Records

*  Correcting Mistakes in Your Family Tree

*  Some Genealogy Records Have No Names

*  AncestryDNA:  Contacting and Collaborating With Cousins

*  Love Stories in Your Family Tree

*  Five Minute Finds: Favorite Genealogy Myths Debunked

*  Highlights from RootsTech 2014

*  African-American Family History Research:  Breaking the 1870 Wall

*  What's New at February 2014 Edition

*  Soundex, Wildcards and Other Search Options

*  Understanding Baptismal Records

That's just in the last two months!  There are a lot more on the YouTube Channel that may help you work in and find information about genealogical topics.

I like the videos because they are relatively short (5 to 30 minutes) and I can listen/watch them while doing other tasks.

There are, of course, other online webinars and videos available on other sites.

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