Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting into the FREE WorldVitalRecords.com databases

The WorldVitalRecords press release received last night offered three free days (August 11, 12 and 13) access to ALL of the databases at http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/.

Here is what a non-subscriber will have to do to obtain access.

* Go to http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/. There is a signup box here for the three days. You need to supply a working email address:

* Once you have filled in the blanks, then pressing the green "Continue" button will show you another information box:

This box tells you that you will get an email with a link to the free access.

* go to your email client and find the email from WVR:

* There is a link in the email that takes you to a validation of your account at the WorldVitalRecords site:

* Click on the link "To starting using WorldVitalRecords.com, click here" link:

Your name appears in the upper right hand corner. Your account will terminate at midnight MDT on 14 August (11 p.m. PDT Thursday night).

Note that they now have your email address, your name and a phone number. But you did not provide a credit card number for them to bill you.

After your three days expire, you can still visit the Recently Added databases and obtain free access for ten days after the database was added - at least for US databases. There are many good databases added on 10 August!

Good luck!


Shaz said...

Hi Randy,

Enjoy reading all your different blogs.

I tried to get into the World Vital Records the way you suggested -- two days ago --and I still have not received my welcoming e-mail!!

Sharon in Surprise, AZ

Anonymous said...

The phone number was the stop sign for me. I get more junk calls now than I got before 'no call' lists. And I am on those. It has to be giving your phone number out online. I've only gave it to gen sites online, so I have more than just a hint they sell them by the constant ringing going on in my home (and my head). :o)
I would like to know what they have in the way of records, but I don't know why a trial requires a phone number unless....... well fill in the blank yourself. LOL
Sheri (Bush from TwigTalk)

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