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Surname Saturday - ALLEN (England > Massachusetts)

It's Surname Saturday, and I'm "counting down" my Ancestral Name List each week.  I am now up to number 357, who is Rachel Allen (1708-????), one of my 6th-great-grandparents. [Note: The 6th great-grandfathers have been covered in earlier posts] 

My ancestral line back through five generations of ALLEN ancestors is:

1. Randall J. Seaver

2. Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983)
3. Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002)

4. Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942)
5. Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962)

10. Thomas Richmond (1848-1917)
11. Julia White (1848-1913)

22. Henry Arnold White ((1824-1885)
23. Amy Frances Oatley (1826-before 1870)

44. Jonathan White (1806-1850)
45. Miranda Wade (1806-1850)

88. Humphrey White (1758-1814)
89. Sybil Kirby (1764-1848)

178.  David Kirby (1740-1832)
179. Martha Soule (1743-1828)

356.  Ichabod Kirby, born about 1710 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States; died about 1794 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.  He was the son of 712. Robert Kirby and 713. Rebecca Potter.  He married 21 February 1733 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.
357.  Rachel Allen, born 11 July 1708 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.

Children of Ichabod Kirby and Rachel Allen are:  John Kirby (1734-1809); Ruhamah Kirby (1737-1807); David Kirby (1740-1832); Rachel Kirby (1747-1818).

714.  Joseph Allen, born 04 March 1667 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States; died 31 January 1735 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.  He married before 1700 in probably Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.
715.  Rachel, died 10 April 1731 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.

Children of Joseph Allen and Rachel are:  Lidia Allen (1700-1772); Phillis Allen (1703-1790); Joseph Allen (1704-????); Rachel Allen (1708-????); Elizabeth Allen (1710-1759).

1428.  Joseph Allen, born about 1647 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States; died September 1704 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.  He married July 1664 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States.
1429.  Sarah Holloway, born about 1642 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States; died about 1675 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.  She was the daughter of 2858. Joseph Holloway and 2859. Rose Allen.

Children of Joseph Allen and Sarah Holloway are: Abigail Allen (1663-1733); Rose Allen (1665-????); Joseph Allen (1667-1735);  John Allen (1669-????); Philip Allen (1671-????); William Allen (1673-1760); Josiah Allen (1675-1718).

2856.  Ralph Allen, born about 1615 in England; died before 19 March 1698 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.   He married about 1638.
2857.  Susannah, died before 1691 in Massachusetts, United States.

Children of Ralph Allen and Susannah are: Philip Allen (1640-1671); Benjamin Allen (1642-1669); John Allen (1644-1706); Joseph Allen (1647-1704); Ebenezer Allen (1650-1725); Increase Allen (1659-1724); Zachariah Allen (1662-????); Mary Allen (1664-1675); Patience Allen (1666-1711).

5712.  George Allen, born before 1585 in Weymouth, Dorset, England; died before 02 May 1648 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States.  He was the son of 11424. John Allen.

Children of George Allen are:  Samuel Allen (1605-1669); John Allen (1607-1689); Rose Allen (1609-1692); Joan Allen (1613-1638); Robert Allen (1615-1661); Ralph Allen (1615-1698); George Allen (1618-1693)

The best information that I have, with significant biographical information about these families, is:

The English ancestry and New England descendants of George Allen have been treated in several works, but the conclusions drawn have not been consistent or complete.  One line of the family was treated in the book The Ancestry of Dr. J.P. Guilford by Joan S.Guilford (published by Sheridan Psychological Services, Inc., 1990), Volume 1, page 1. This work extensively discusses the available English data and the New England family, including a transcription of George Allen's will. This work discusses the hypotheses that this particular George Allen married Katherine Starkes or Catherine Davis, and states that the available data does not support either supposition.  Another hypothesis offered by Guilford is that George Allen was the one baptized on 4 April 1582 in Exeter in Devonshire, son of John Allen, who died in Landkey in Devonshire and left a will naming sons siblings William, George, James, Mathew and John.  Guilford makes a strong case that this George Allen had a brother named Ralph Allen, born about 1590.

The most recent work is the book Ancestral Lines, Third Edition by Carl Boyer, 3rd, published by the author, Santa Clarita, CA, 1998. Boyer reviews the previous works and concludes that the first George Allen and the first Ralph Allen of Sandwich, Massachusetts were brothers, and the sons of John Allen of Saltford in County Somerset in England.  He discussed the possibility that the George Allen who married Katherine Starkes in 1624 in All Hollows Church in London, the son of Richard Allen, moneyer of the Tower of London, is this particular George Allen, but the age of this Katherine was not consistent with the age of the immigrant Katherin Allen in 1635. Boyer suggests that he married (lastly) Katherine Davis of Tickenham in County Somerset, the daughter of Rice Davis.  Unfortunately, the surviving Saltford parish registers start in 1712, and the extant Bishop's Transcripts are not helpful.

Are there any Allen cousins with authoritative information?

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Howard Swain said...

Cousin Randy:

Probably the most authoritative source is the sketch on George Allen in the second series of Great Migration books: Robert Charles Anderson, et. al, The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, vol I, pp. 27-35. They say the George's origin is "unknown". See his comments at the end re. the Guilford account.

Also see Richard LeBaron Bowen, Jr., "Notes on George Allen of Weymouth and Sandwich", NEHGR vol 155 (April 2001), pp 212-214.
This also discusses the two Ralph Allens.

Mr. Bowen mentions at the end a typescript by Bertha W. Clark, "A Sandwich-Dartmouth-North Kingstown Allen Line (1955). She has extensive citing of references. This is available from the LDS as film #547019.

Also, Anderson, et al, mention the older (1941) article by Charles Carroll Gardner in GMNJ vol XVI. (This has been reprinted in Genealogies of New Jersey Families.

The first two items I mentioned are cited in Martin E. Hollick's book:
New Englanders in the 1600s: A Guide to Genealogical Research Published Between 1980 and 2005; NEHGS, Boston, 2006. This book really ought to be on your bookshelf.

Sue Barry said...

Randy, hate to say it, but you use one of my pet peeves, the listing of a site in Massachusetts in the 1600s as "United States"... but I love all your posts and the fun challenges... It's too late to do the random name search tonight, but I'm going to try it later this week! what cool sites you find!!!

Leslie Ann said...

Hi Randy. It looks like we are cousins! I am also a descendant of Joseph and Sarah Holloway Allen. It has been one of my projects for quite a while to prove once and for all that our George Allen is not the same George who married Katherine Slarks/Starks. That George was indeed the son of Richard Allen, moneyer of Tower of London.

Thanks to the The Records of London's Livery Companies Online => I was able to find some tidbits that help confirm that fact.

George Allen, Clothmaker of St. Michael, Queenhithe, London was a new apprentice in 1613 to Joseph Usher. This gives him a birth date of abt 1598. He was admitted a freeman in 1620. He was a master apprentice to a William Johnson in 1658.

His brother Henry was apprenticed in the 1610. When you put Henry's will (which I have transcribed => )together with the Livery information you can see it more clearly.

George was mentioned in brother Henry's will in 1640. By this time our George was already in Mass.

I plan to do a post about it soon.