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Significant New England Record Collections Added to

It always seems to happen when I'm away for a week on vacation or visiting the my daughters or the grandchildren - adds a significant record collection to their list of databases and I don't see it until two weeks later! added these indexed collections on 18 June 2013:

*  Massachusetts Birth Records, 1840-1915 (3,829,538)
*  Massachusetts Marriage Records, 1840-1915 (3,059,458 records)
*  Massachusetts Death Records, 1841-1915 (2,713,911 records)
*  Massachusetts, Mason Membership Cards, 1733-1990 (336,033 records)

*  Vermont, Vital Records, 1720-1908 (1,426,900 records)

*  New Hampshire, Birth Records, 1659-1900 (478,413)
*  New Hampshire, Marriage and Divorce Records, 1659-1947 (1,082,845 records)
*  New Hampshire, Death and Disinterment Records, 1754-1957 (659,426 records)

*  Connecticut, Hale Cemetery Inscriptions, 1675-1934 (1,288,415 records)

*  Rhode Island, State Censuses, 1865-1935 (2,643,678 records)

*  New England Historical and  Genealogical Register, 1847-2011 (300,569 records)

Each of those are significant additions to the list of historical record collections.

For my own research, I have been searching for record images of Massachusetts vital records using the collection on the NEHGS site, AmericanAncestors.  I will probably use the Ancestry collections, at least as a finding aid, in the future because the Ancestry search system is easier to use, works faster, and the image loads faster.

Have I mentioned that I love New England records?  Since my father had 75% New England ancestry, and my mother about 40% New England ancestry, these records are invaluable for my research.

In future posts, I will look at several of these databases in more detail.

I do have a problem with the source citations for several of these databases, and I'll describe that in a future post.

PS: What was I doing on June 18, 2013?  My daughter, grandsons and I went to the Raging Waters water park in San Jose on a nice sunny, but not too hot, day.  A day in the sun, getting wet, laughing with the family, watching girls and eating junk food beats sitting in front of a computer any day of the week.  I wore my hat, too.

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