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Transferring Media Files Between Software Programs - Post 3: RootsMagic GEDCOM Imported to Legacy Family Tree 7.5

I am posting a series on transferring Media Files between genealogy software programs and an Ancestry Member Tree using a GEDCOM export.  Here are the posts to date:

* Transferring Media Files Between Software Programs - Post 1: Project Defined and RootsMagic GEDCOM Created

*  Transferring Media Files Between Software Programs - Post 2: RootsMagic GEDCOM Imported to Family Tree Maker 2014

In this post, I'm going to import the GEDCOM file created using RootsMagic 6 into Legacy Family Tree 7.5 and see if all of the Media Files transfer during this process. 

1)  The GEDCOM import into Legacy Family Tree 7.5 was done in the File menu item, selecting "Import From," and then "GEDCOM File" from the list.  I then browsed for my file and selected the Test 1 GEDCOM File that I created with RootsMagic.  When the import finished, I saw the small message box on the screen:

The message box said there were:

*  50 Individuals
*  27 Families
*  68 Sources.

There was no count for Media items or for Media inks.  

The RootsMagic file had:   50 people, 27 Families, 370 Events, 63 Places, 68 Sources, 327 Citations, 100 Multimedia Items and 320 Multimedia links in the file.  

2)  Let's see how many media items that my three selected persons have.  In the "Family View," here is the screen for my father, Frederick Walton Seaver, Jr. (1911-1983):

I noted that the thumbnail pictures are shown on the screen above.

I double-clicked on my father's name, and saw the "Individual's Information" screen for him:

I can see the "Media Gallery" for the person by clicking on the Media icon (the small portrait with two persons (to the right of the Surname field on the screen above):

There were 9 media items in the "Media Gallery" for my father.  The thumbnail picture was there twice, exactly like it was in FTM 2014.  My RootsMagic file had 17 media items in the "Media" for my father, and many were also attached to Facts.

I clicked on each one of the Event/Facts on the "Individual Summary" window, and in the "Edit" button for each Event/Fact, and then the Media icon again, I was able to see the media item attached to each Event/Fact.

All 16 of the Media items attached to Event/Facts are present, but only 9 are attached to the Person.  I think that may be user error on my part, which was discussed in Post 2.

3)  My second selected person was my grandfather, Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942).  Here is his "Media Gallery:"

Their were 16 Media items attached to the person, but two were duplicates.  In all, there were 18 different media items attached to either the person or to a source or a fact.  In the RootsMagic file, there were 18 media items attached to the person. 

4)  My third selected person is my great-grandmother, Julia (White) Richmond (1848-1913), with the "Media Gallery" selected:

There were 10 Media items attached to the person in FTM, and none were duplicates.  In all, there were 10 different media items attached to either the person, a source or a fact.  In the RootsMagic file, there were 10 media items attached to the person.

5)  A user can see where each media item has been used.  I clicked on Tools on the top menu, then "Picture Center" and that window opened.  There is a list of persons with attached media on the left, a "Picture List" in the center, and the "Attached Pictures" in the lower center column.  In the right-hand column is the image selected from "Attached Pictures," and I could edit or add a caption, a date, a description, etc.  I could make the photo the "Preferred" image.  On the lower left-hand area, the file folder and file name location of the media item is shown:

6)  It appears that Legacy Family Tree 7.5 has imported the GEDCOM file and put the Media items where they belong - the thumbnail profile picture was attached to the correct area, those attached to a Person are shown in the Media icon on the "Individual Summary," and media attached to a Fact/Event are shown when that Fact/Event is selected.  

More and more, I'm thinking that my problems with some media items not being attached to a Person are the result of my failed attempts to do that in RootsMagic 6 and are not the fault of either Family Tree Maker 2014 or Legacy Family Tree 7.5.

In the next post, I will do essentially the same task by importing the same GEDCOM into a new Ancestry Member Tree.

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Bob Coret said...

In GEDCOM there's room for media files, but the concept of (primary) thumbmail profile is missing. So the profile picture a program shows is like a big gamble!

Cousin Russ said...


Wow. Thank you. I tried to go from FTM2014 to Legacy 7.5 and NONE of my media files "made it" into Legacy.

I will go back and see what I did wrong in FTM2014 that Legacy didn't pick up my media.

Thank you,


Cousin Russ said...


I don't think there is a Tag in a GEDCOM file that tells the 'receiving' program that an image is a Primary Profile image.


Unknown said...

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