Monday, October 19, 2015

Enriching My RootsMagic Database - Miss Sadie Vaux

One of the fun "genealogy hunt" activities I pursue on occasion is to check GenealogyBank (and other newspaper providers) for articles about my relatively close relatives - second and more distant cousins whose descendants might show up in an autosomal  DNA test match.

Today, it was Sadie Vaux (1879-1972) of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Sadie is my 2nd cousin 3 time removed.  She was the daughter of George Planes Vaux (1847-1925) and Charlotte Josephine "Joe" Searle (1850-1943).  Our common ancestors are James Vaux (1787-1839) and Mary Palmer (1790-1845), who migrated from England to New York in about 1832.

I didn't know much about Sadie other than her husband's name and their vital records, so I searched for her on GenealogyBank (using her name and "colorado springs" as keywords):

The Newspaper Archives (1690-2010) collection on GenealogyBank had 46 matches:

The second match is an engagement announcement;

The third match is the wedding article:

I captured those articles, noted the source information, and will transcribe the information tonight and add it to my RootsMagic database.

There were several other articles about Sadie Vaux and her family, her parents, and her siblings also.  I saved a few more articles to read and transcribe.

Sadie and her first husband had two children, who are both deceased now.  They married, and I have information about them, but I haven't found children for them (who would be my 4th cousins once removed).

Not every city is covered as well as Colorado Springs is by GenealogyBank, so a researcher has to seek out the articles where they can find them.  I have a subscription because they also cover San Diego extremely well at this time, which is very helpful.

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