Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wheel of Genealogy Fortune - Post 5: An epitaph?

You all know how to play Wheel of Fortune -I've given you R S T L N and E just like in the Final Round on the TV game!

Take a crack at this quote:

_ E ' S .... _ _ _ S E _ .... _ _ S .... _ N _ E S T _ R S ....

_ L L .... _ _ S .... L _ _ E --- _ E ' S .... _ _ N E ....

T _ .... _ E T .... T _ E .... _ N S _ E R S.

Can you figure this out, determine who was the speaker, and find it on a web page?

Please put your answer in Comments.


Anonymous said...

I'll probably think "oh of course" when the real solution is presented.
Right now it seems that my limited ESL skills are not up to guessing the second (third) word.
Here's a partial solution with a word that fits the letters, but the sentence does not seem right to me.
The misspelling "trased" does not fit any better.

"he's chased his ancestors all his life - he's gone to get the answers"

RootsMagic said...

My buddy George Morgan said that at the bloggers summit in Burbank.


John said...

Tamura is correct, I think.

Here's a webpage/blog it appears on. APparently a genea-blogger named George Morgan (surname mentioned in post prior to the linked one) wants it as his epitaph.

Anonymous said...

The solution:
"He's chased his ancestors all his life...he's gone to get the answers."

will be George's epitath...
(George Morgan)

from blog genlighten

Anonymous said...

Hm, "he's" is a contraction of "he is", while that sentence needs "he has", or is this some dialect usage?

Surely George doesn't want his descendants noticing an error instead of his wit?

Randy Seaver said...

Tamura got it the first time, without being able to find it online. Well done! At 12:154 in the AM.

I couldn't tell if George meant "he's" or "he has" when he said it. The transcription from the Genlighten blog was "he's".

I use "he's" all the time to mean "he has" but maybe that's a Southern California thing.