Saturday, July 5, 2008

The MoSGA Messenger

What is an MoSGA? The Missouri State Genealogical Association, of course!

The MoSGA Messenger is the name of the MoSGA blog, and they have written over 1,000 posts since the blog started in November 2007. Congratulations to MoSGA on this accomplishment of averaging about 4 posts per day.

The MoSGA Messenger blog is different from most blogs, in that it often provides just a snippet of information and then a link to the web page with the original content- it's pithy and terse at times. Go there and see what I mean. This is an effective means of communication - I wish I was more pithy and not as prolix!

The MoSGA Messenger blog is one of my favorite blogs because they post often about interesting genealogy web sites and activities. It is an excellent model of a genealogy society blog that keeps its members up-to-date on the genealogy news of the day, plus interesting web sites to peruse.

Check out the MoSGA web site also to see their programs, their newsletter, their surname list, and much more. If I had any Missouri ancestry, I would join this great society.

It's funny how blogging works sometimes - I started this post after reading about the 1,000th post on their blog on Bloglines, and when I clicked on the link to the blog there was a post about Bloglines linking to my post about Bloglines! Cool.

Thanks for the links, MoSGA, and I wish you many more years of blogging and serving your members, and the entire online genealogy community.

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I don't know the name(s) of the prolific bloggers on the MoSGA Messenger. Martha Henderson is the President of MoSGA. You can read their latest newsletter using the Newsletter web site link.

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