Thursday, July 29, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - A 30th Wedding Anniversary

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to display another artifact or document from the musty files given me by my mother or from a cranny on my computer hard drive.

Today it is a newspaper clipping of the 30th wedding anniversary announcement of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Knapp in Riverside, California:

The announcement reads:


"A very pleasant gathering of friends took place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Knapp on Eight street Monday evening last, it being the thirtieth anniversary of the wedding of the host and hostess. The evening was pleasantly spent by those present in playing games and social conversation. Elegant refreshments were served during the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Funk and others agreeably entertained the company by several selections of vocal music most excellently rendered. The affair was one long to be favorably remembered by all present, and especially by Mr. and Mrs. Knapp, for whose welfare and future happiness and long life many earnest wished were expressed.

"Among those present we noticed the following well known Riversiders. Mr. and Mrs. J. Funk, Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild, Mr. and Mrs. Knowles, Mr. and Mrs. Patchin, Mr and Mrs. Wiggings, Mr. and Mrs. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Hagen, Mr. and Mrs. Munro, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Funk, Mr. and Mrs. Fleck, Misses Cora Bates, Ida Knapp, Mrs. Shepperd, John Acket, Ellwin Knapp, Mrs. Kirk, W. Knapp and M. Thurber."

Written in Della (Smith) Carringer's hand at the bottom of the clipping is:

Austin's cousin."

There is no date given on this newspaper clipping, but I'm guessing that it is in the 1890 to 1920 time frame. If someone was researching the associates of the H.A. Knapp family, this announcement would provide some useful clues.

I have always wondered who this H.A. Knapp is, and now I'm going to figure it out. Either Mr. or Mrs. Knapp was Austin Carringer's cousin, so it is in the Carringer, Spangler or Feather family line. I'll post the solution when I find them.

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