Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who is Chelsea Clinton related to?

Chelsea Victoria Clinton, daughter of President William Jefferson and Senator Hilary Diane (Rodham) Clinton is getting married this Saturday in New York.

To celebrate the occasion, the Family Forest organization have released a list of Chelsea's ancestor's and notable relatives at Chelsea Clinton Family Forest Kinship before Wedding.pdf .

There are some notable persons on this list, and Family Forest wonders if any of them are invited to the wedding. Here are some of the notables that I saw on the list:

* Adrienne Barbeau (10th cousin twice removed)
* Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (10th cousin once removed)
* Celine Dion (9th cousin once removed)
* Angelina Jolie Voight alias Angelina Jolie (10th cousin once removed)
* Jean Louis "Jack" Kerouac (9th cousin once removed)

* Alanis Nadine Morissette (11th cousin)
* Sean Justin Penn (spouse of 10th cousin once removed)
* William Bradley "Brad" Pitt (spouse of 10th cousin once removed)
* Guy Ritchie (spouse of 10th cousin once removed)
* Duchess Camilla Rosemary Shand (10th cousin)

* William Robert "Billy Bob" Thornton (spouse of 10th cousin once removed)
* Eilleen Regina Edwards alias Shania Twain (10th cousin twice removed)
* Mark Twain (10th cousin twice removed) - I'll bet this isn't Samuel Clemens!
* Jonathan "Jon" Voight (spouse of 10th cousin)
* Prince Charles Phillip Arthur George of Wales (spouse of 10th cousin)

I admit to being not too hip when it comes to popular culture, so I probably missed some famous people.

Unfortunately, none of my ancestors are listed on this 16-page list, so I guess I'm not a cousin of Chelsea's.

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Martin said...

It's sad that the organization Family Forest cites to absolutely nothing. I really hate people who steal other people's thunder. All those charts are the hard work of other genealogists who at least deserve to have a footnote and their research recognized.

No one should use the Family Forest materials because of that. P.S. I know all the genealogists who did the ancestry of Bill and HIllary.