Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Other Genealogy Software Options to Replace Family Tree Maker - UPDATED

Several readers have asked what desktop genealogy software I recommend.  As I noted earlier, I use RootsMagic and Legacy Family Tree to document and display my research, and use RootsMagic to enter all of my information.  So I'm partial to those two programs.  Here are some special offers for Family Tree Maker users:

1)  RootsMagic - They have an offer for Family Tree Maker users at  RootsMagic is offering a full Windows or Mac version (download), plus a free printed book, Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic (a $14.95 value) for $20.

2)  Legacy Family Tree - They have an offer for the full Windows version for $19.95 (download) - see

Legacy also posted a blog about how to import your Family Tree Maker file into Legacy Family Tree (with al ink to a video) here.

3)  Family Historian ( -- They are offering a 20% discount for a download license for Family Tree Maker users ($37.20).

4)  Ancestral Quest ( -- They have a $10 discount off their software as a special offer for Family Tree Maker ($19.95 for a download).

5)  Family Tree Builder ( -- This is a FREE program that synchronizes with a MyHeritage family tree.  MyHeritage is offering a FREE MyHeritage tree site (any number of persons) for Family Tree Maker users - see

6)  Other software programs may have a special offer for Family Tree Maker users and I will update this post when I become aware of them.

There are user genealogy software program reviews at and comparison of features at

Updated:  11 December 2015

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Linda Stufflebean said...

Heredis is more widely used in Europe, but it is available in both Windows and Mac versions and is on sale until Jan. 3 for 50% off at $14.99.

SAMPUBCO said...

You mentioned two that are FamilySearch certified - but do you know Ancestral Quest is available, too and in both of PC and Mac?

Linda Stufflebean said...

Family Historian is only available for Windows and is based in England, but it just announced a 20% discount until the end of January. $37.20 for a download license.

mbm1311 said...

I planned on using My Heritage in 2016 and it comes with Family Tree Builder. I'm going to use that and see how I like as I have read good reviews and I can use it on my Mac. It works for all of us if Ancestry has a good competitor. As needed, I plan on using both companies going forward.

Louis Kessler said...

Synium have specials to switch from FTM to MacFamilyTree or MobileFamilyTree:

Dawn said...


Ancestral Quest does have a special for Family Tree Maker users at this link,

T said...

I wish they would have a deal mid summer when I would have the money to spend on myself.
One thing I really need in a program is the family tree display that ancestry has that shows all the members of the family, not the pedigree view. My family insisted upon using the same name for all children of each person, generation after generation. I have to see the 3 or 4 generations on the screen all at the same time to be sure I am in the right place. Does any other program have that view?

Hilary Gadsby said...

Family Historian has always been complemented on the abilities to display the family as a diagram. It can display any part of the family tree that you want and you can hide branches.

Unknown said...

A word of caution about RootsMagic. If you used the Description field in the Fact excessively (as I have done) in FTM 2014, the import into RootsMagic truncates this field. I have lost probably 2/3 of my field information on 13,500 people x at minimum 5 Facts per person. If you haven’t used this field or put in mimimal information (about 50-60 characters) you should be okay. I checked the GEDCOM 5.5 file by importing it back into FTM 2014 and the information was in the GEDCOM. But, given this major setback, RootsMagic is not the one to replace FTM 2014 for me.

Notes, Media, Source Citations, and all Custom Facts except one SEEMED to have imported okay. I have done spot checks but not reviewed the entire file.

I have written a blurb about my experience on my Facebook page. Not sure it will allow me to post the link here but you can search for user Anni El to find it or copy/paste the url below