Friday, December 11, 2015

MyHeritage Offers Family Tree Builder Software and a FREE MyHeritage Family Tree Site with Unlimited Size FREE for Family Tree Maker Users

I read this information on the MyHeritage blog today:


As you may have heard, Ancestry® has recently announced that it will no longer sell its Family Tree Maker® (FTM) software as of the end of this month, with further plans to discontinue support for the program.

At MyHeritage, we believe there is still a place in the world for genealogy software, and there is value in the ability to work offline, and enjoy more powerful functionality that many websites cannot offer. We also believe that people should be able to discover and preserve their family history on whatever platform they are comfortable with. That's why we are constantly innovating new technologies and enhancing our website, mobile apps and our Family Tree Builder genealogy software.

So for all disappointed FTM users looking for alternative genealogy software, look no further! MyHeritage Family Tree Builder is the ideal tool to continue growing your family tree, and open new frontiers of research. You'll enjoy its innovative technologies and easy-to-use features.

Family Tree Builder is FREE and you can use it to build a tree of up to 100,000 individuals on your computer. This is not an imposed size limit, but rather a technical limitation, but if you have a larger tree, you can use our new version that's in beta.

Download Family Tree Builder now

Family Tree Builder is also available for Mac through the Family Tree Builder Mac Extension.

Download Family Tree Builder Mac Extension

Former FTM users: after installing Family Tree Builder, we recommend that you sync your family tree with your MyHeritage family site. You'll get many benefits such as enhanced Smart Matches and Record Matches, ability to view and edit your tree using our free mobile apps, robust online backup of your tree data, and more.  If you choose to sync, we will be happy to gift you with unlimited tree size capacity on your online family site, which is normally limited to 250 individuals on a free account. Simply email our support team at to ask for this free upgrade. Feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding the transfer of your data to Family Tree Builder.

To proceed, export your current family tree from FTM or Ancestry® into a GEDCOM file, download and install Family Tree Builder using the links above, import your GEDCOM into Family Tree Builder, and let the good times roll.

For assistance on how to export your current tree as a GEDCOM file from another genealogy software or website, read our quick step by step guide.

Family Tree Builder 7.0 features full tree syncing, Smart Matches and Record Matches, photo tools, charts, maps, consistency checks and much more.

In early 2016, we will release Family Tree Builder 8.0, which we have been developing for the past two years. Some of our power users are currently testing it in beta, and are enthusiastic about the new version's improvements.  We've invested significant resources to rewrite the program's internals in order to support very large family trees (up to 500,000 individuals), with faster performance.

You can learn more about the features of Family Tree Builder 7.0 or watch the video below:


This is an excellent opportunity for Family Tree Maker users to retain a synchronization capability with their online family tree.  Note that users would receive the free Family Tree Builder 7 genealogy software AND a free MyHeritage family tree site.  

In order to search MyHeritage record collections and receive Smart Matches (with other MyHeritage tree persons), Record Matches (with records), and Instant Discoveries (additional relatives of tree persons), a user will have to subscribe to their Data Plan subscription, which is $120 per year retail as I recall.  

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T said...

I am feeling overwhelmed with "special" offers for replacement software. The Myheritage offer didn't make it clear it was a subscription site and the free trial is limited to a few people UNLESS you email them for more space. I don't know what the upgrade to version 8 will mean to us who are experimenting with replacement programs. There is no way I will put my tree on a site/software now if I have to jump through new hoops in a month.
Since my ancestry software will still work for an undetermined time, I am not rushing to find a replacement. When I move I want to move once. I don't even want to learn a new program let alone several.
My tree is at the point where I have run out of documentation. It's more for preservation than research. If only my ancestors would have gotten arrested or gone into politics or been rich! THEN they would be documented somewhere. I used to think it was really cool when a family named 4 or 5 generations of sons the same name. Not any more! I'm tired of sorting Elizabeths, too.
And then there's the German side. I've elected not to go there. Crying in English is bad enough.