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A Smith Family Bible

Pages from a Family Bible were in the family papers that I received from my mother when I started doing genealogy and family history research. I don't know the present location of this Bible, or the bibliographic information or publishing date of the Bible.

What I do have is family information (and knowledge of the person who wrote it):


BIRTHS (all in the hand of Devier J. Smith)

Devier J. Smith, May 7th 1842
Abbey A. Smith, Oct. 28th 1844
Abbey Ardelle Smith, April 11th 1862
Devier David Smith, Oct. 15th 1863
Mary Ann Smith, May 7th 1866
Agnes Bell Smith, Feb. 26th 1868
Leutie H. Smith, June 18th 1875.

DEATHS (first two in the hand of Devier J. Smith, next two in hand of Abbie (Vaux) Smith, last 5 lines in hand of Lyle L. Carringer)

Agnes Bell Smith, April 26th 1870
Leutie H. Smith, March 19th 1878
Grandson of Devier & Abbie Smith
Devier David Carringer Borne Aug 19, 1889
died May 10, 1890.
Devier James Smith - died May 1, 1894
Abbey A. Smith (wife of D.J. Smith) died Sept. 11, 1931 (10:00 AM)
Devier David Smith, died Feb. 2, 1920
Mary Ann (Matie) (Smith) Morrill Died July 14,
Abbey Ardelle (Della A.) (") Carringer Jan. 1, 1944
Abbey A. Smith

MARRIAGES (all in the hand of Devier J. Smith)

Devier J. Smith & Abbey A. Vaux, April 4th, 1861
Abbey Ardell Daughter of D.J. & A.A. Smith Sep. 11 1887
Devier David, son of D.J. & A.A. Smith 1889
Matie Smith Daughter of D.J. & A.A. Smith 1889

MEMORANDA (in the hand of Devier J. Smith)

Spring Ranch Cheyenne Co Kans.
I wrote the Mairages Births and Deaths
of or Little Daughter & Son this 10th Day
of Nov 1889. This is the Sabath. I have
writen a Letter to My Dear Wife in Nation
-al City California a Daughter and
soninlaw there with a Granson and
Son and Daughter & Daughterinlaw in
McCook Neb. Myself on the Ranch
alone, have red a number of Chapt
in this good Book today it does my
Heart good to read the Holy Bible
May we all prais the Lord for
ever, is my Prair, Devier J. Smith.

There was also two untitled pages along with the pages removed from the Bible. These pages include:

Page 1 (in hand of Abbie (Vaux) Smith):

Parents of D J Smith
Mary Smith Borne April 23, 1805
....................... Died May 12, 1865
Ranslow Smith borne July 11, 1805
their only child
Diver James was born May 7, 1839
.......................... Died May 1, 1894
his wife
Abbie A. Smith was born Oct 28, 1844

Thier Children
Abbie Ardell ^Della^ Smith was born April 11th 1862
Davie Diver Smith Born Oct 15, 1863
Mary Ann (Matie) Born May 7, 1866
Agness Bell Smith - born Feb 26, 1868
............................ died April 26, 1870
Lutie H. Smith Born June 16, 1875
.......................... died March 19, 1878

Page 2 (in hand of Abbie (Vaux) Smith):

DJ Smith and Abbie A. Vaux
April 4, 1861 Wis. Rolling Prairie, Dodge Co.
Abbie Ardell (Della Smith an
Henry Austin Carringer Sep 11, 1887
Wano, Cheyenne Co., Kans
Matie Smith and George Chenery
Married Dec 20, 1889 McCook Neb
Divorced April 1895 at San Diego, Calif.
Grand Children of D.J. and Abbie Smith
Devier David Carringer Borne Aug 19, 1889
................................... Died May 10, 1890
son of Della & Austin Carringer
Lyle L. Carringer born Nov 2, 1891
David & Leeva Smith's child
Eva Etta Smith born May 6 1890.


I have not found any of the dates above in any other record, except for the California deaths after 1905. Therefore, these are the only dates and locations of events available to family researchers. Besides myself and my brothers, there may be progeny of David Devier Smith still living - I have some information on those families in my records, mainly from the California vital records and some obituaries.

I have posted about my great-great-grandfather, Devier James Smith here and here.

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