Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your Interests?

It's Saturday Night - time for more Genealogy Fun!!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

* Tell us about your "other" hobbies or interests outside of genealogy and family history research, writing, speaking, etc.

* Write a blog post of your own, respond with a comment to this post, or add a comment on the Facebook version of this post.

Here's mine:

Do I really have a life outside of Genealogy and family history research, blogging and speaking? Of course I do - I only do that 8 to 10 hours a day when the grandkids aren't here or we're not traveling.

My other interests include:

* Being with my two daughters and their families, including the four grandchildren (boys aged 6.4 and 3.9, girls aged 4.9 and 1.7). I'm not averse to making family history with all of them!

* Traveling - although we usually combine genealogy with sightseeing and visiting friends.

* Reading mystery novels - authors like James Patterson, John Sandford, John Grisham, Dean Koontz, J.A. Jance, Michael Connelly, Ridley Pearson, John Lescroart, Tom Clancy, etc. I usually read in the evening while watching baseball games or news shows.

* Keeping up with current events (including politics, science, religion, aerospace) via online forums and websites, cable news shows, print newspapers, etc.

* Being a devoted fan of the San Diego Padres (MLB baseball - we go to about 25 games a year) and San Diego Chargers (NFL football - we don't go).

* Eating and sleeping - Linda is an excellent cook and I really appreciate her culinary talents. I try to get 7 hours a night to stay sane, and often take a 20-30 minute power nap in the afternoon in my recliner with the TV on.

Pretty tame, isn't it? But, but, but - see, I have a life!


GrannyPam said...

Hi, Randy. Fun, as usual! Mine is here.

Linda McCauley said...

I've enjoyed reading these for awhile so now I'm going to play. My list is at

grace said...

Hi Randy, Fun Saturday night mission

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun Randy, mine is

Kathryn Lake Hogan said...

Greetings Randy,
Another good mission for SNGF. Here's mine

Terri said...

Great idea again Randy! Fun to read what everyone is up to. Here's mine:

M. Diane Rogers said...

Interesting mission, Randy. I'm in at CanadaGenealogy, or, Jane's Your Aunt

Anonymous said...

This was a great week, a little different from the others. Here is my link.

Saturday Night Fun

Tina (Gtownma)

Carol Genung said...

Hi Randy, my post is here.

Greta Koehl said...

Hi, Randy, It will be fun to read the answers to this. Mine are at

Bill West said...

Here's mine, Randy:

Joan Miller said...

Hi Randy, a day late (because I was at a genealogy conference...really, I DO have a life outside of genealogy :)
Click on my name for the link to my post.
Thanks again for your fun SNGF.

Tracy said...

Fun topic that makes me wish for more hours in the is mine.

gsgenealogy said...
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gsgenealogy said...

Tis' Monday...I posted mine just now.
If you look at my Interest list, the item on the top will tell you why!