Friday, August 3, 2012

Research Summary - Joshua Smith of Brookline, NH

I have written a little about one of my brick-wall ancestors, Hannah Smith (ca1767-1824, who married Josiah Sawtell in 1789 in Brookline, Hillsborough, New Hampshire) in Surname Saturday - SMITH (NH > MA) and The Elusive Hannah Smith (ca1767-1827, wife of Josiah Sawtell).

My summary from the second post:

"There were many Smith families in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire in the 1760 to 1770 time frame. Joshua Smith was the only one who resided in the town of Raby (now called Brookline), and he lived in the southeast part of Raby on the road towards what is now Pepperrell, Massachusetts. There are many town records of Joshua Smith, and the town history names his two wives, but they do not name a daughter Hannah Smith."

Today I realized that I committed to creating Research Plans for the SNGF Genealympics Games, and I'd better get my plans in gear ... so I decided to do a Research Plan of my own for Joshua Smith to see if I can find resources that might lead me to more information about him and whether he is the father of my Hannah Smith.

Over the past ten years, I've used a "Research Summary" form of my own design, in Microsoft Word format, to try to keep track of what I know about a person, an Online Research summary, a Timeline, and a To-Do list.  

Here are relatively small images of my updated "Research Summary" for Joshua Smith (ca 1725 - ca 1805) of Brookline, Hillsborough, New Hampshire:

I see that I need to add more online record collections to the list - I edited it a bit, but have not finished adding records to search.  The To-Do list ends in 2004, which is when I last put the "Smith in NH" notebook in the bookcase ... and now it's hiding from me so I cannot review it.  I'm going to look for it soon!

I'm going to count this update to a previous Research Summary for the SNGF Genealympics.

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Diane B said...

Hi Randy ... Can you post a link to a full size pdf of the four pages? I'd like to see them. I am recognizing lots of surnames from my Pepperell/Townsend, MA ancestors. I plan to go there this week and visit a few cemeteries. If you have any "missions" for me, let me know! I know you are on the other side of the country. -- Diane

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Yes, I recognize some of the names, too (like Sawtell). We buy our lamb every years from a Sawtell in Hillsborough County. I'd love to see the other names on the pagses. Also, did you know that Laura Prescott is from Brookline?

Randy Seaver said...

diane, would you please email me at and i'll send you a PDF of the pages. I can't post a PDF on the blog (um, if I can, I don't know how!).

Heather, same thing if you want. This is a research task for when I come to New England again...

I did know that Laura is in Brookline. I wonder if she knows the people in the Joshua Smith house on the road to Pepperrell?

GeneJ said...

I +1 Diane's suggestion.

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Randy, if you need a photo of the Joshua Smith house, just let me know and I'll try to get you one. I pass through there whenever I go visit my Mom. Diane has a point here. The route 13 I take to my Mom's house goes from Brookline to Townsend to Lunenburg to Leominister (don't you have ancestors in all those places?) One day I traced route 13 from Townsend to Hancock to see the migration of my Emerson branch of the family tree, and I was surprised to find most of the houses and cemeteries I needed to photograph right along the roadside.