Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Who Do You Think You Are?" at Torrance, California Centennial

There will be a "Who Do You Think You Are?" program on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 at 7 p.m., at the  James R. Armstrong Theatre in Torrance, California, presented by the South Bay Cities Genealogical Society (SBCGS).  The program will celebrate the Centennial of the City of Torrance.  See the program flyer at

Three presentations will be made:

*  "Looking Back with the Post Family" - one of the earliest families to settle in Torrance.

*  "Honoring the Present with The Scottos" - Mayor Frank Scotto and Centennial Committee Cindy Scotto

*  Moving Forward with Michael Shafer - Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce 2012 Citizen of the Year.

The show will be produced and narrated by Lisa Schumacher and Connie Moretti, with guest experts Janet Payne, Eric Siess, and Paul Lipinski.

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I think that this is a wonderful way to celebrate a city centennial (or any major anniversary) while demonstrating the value and capabilities of genealogy research.  I love that they picked a founding family, the current mayor (brave man!) and a future leader.  I hope that they sell out!

Thank you to Connie Moretti for passing this information to me.  It should provide food for thought to other genealogical societies who want a community-centered program, or for genealogical presenters looking for case study ideas.  Having put together my "Discovering Jane's Roots..." program and presented it twice, there is a definite market and interest for this type of presentation - we all like to see how someone else has succeeded in their research, and learn something about their process, the records searched for and found, etc.

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South Bay Cities Genealogical Society said...


Thank You for mentioning our Torrance: Who Do You Think You Are? Program in your blog!

The Society has been working very hard to make this an exciting event filled with great research and a few surprises of course!

Thanks once again ~ and we hope you can make it!

Sharon Popp