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Tombstone Tuesday - Crittenden at Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego

I photographed more gravestones at Mount Hope Cemetery last week while I was chasing down the stone for my Stephen-Hassard correspondent (I wrote about it in A Visit to Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego). 

I photographed only "interesting to me" stones that were in sunlight (it was really bright last Friday!).  

One of the stones, and several surrounding stones, were the Crittenden family:

In front of this larger stone are six smaller stones, the closest four are:

And off to the side of the large upright stone is:

You can see why my curiosity for this set of gravestones was piqued - why did Barbara and John Crittenden have a middle name of Seaver?  Is Barbara a wife of one of the Crittenden sons?  Is John one of their sons?  I don't know...yet.

Now I know - I checked my genealogy database!  Howard Baldwin Crittenden (1908-1986, on the upright gravestone) married Barbara Seaver (1910-1997, daughter of Walter Hibbard and Grace (Whittemore) Seaver) in about 1937, and had a son John Seaver Crittenden (26 June 1939 to 30 July 1960).  They also had two other children (according to the California Birth Index, 1905-1997) - Grace born in 1947 and Howard Baldwin born in 1952.    

It turns out that Barbara (Seaver) Crittenden is my seventh cousin three times removed (at least in my Seaver line).  Our common Seaver ancestor is Robert Seaver (1608-1683).

Howard Baldwin Crittenden (1908-1986), Barbara (Seaver) Crittenden (1910-1997) and John Seaver Crittenden all died in the Bay area, not in San Diego.  However, they are buried in San Diego with their Crittenden parents and grandparents.  They are in the Mount Hope Cemetery listing on the http://files.usgwarchives.net/ca/sandiego/cemeteries/mthope-c.txt website (with several names misspelled!).  Now I can add a burial fact to my database for all three of them.

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