Friday, August 30, 2013

My Line of Descent from Charlemagne - 42 Generations!

I wasn't going to write this post...but Drew Smith challenged us over on Facebook to list our line from Charlemagne to I did.

The list below from Charlemagne to Thomas Dudley was taken from the book Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists by Frederick L. Weis, published 1979.

1. CHARLEMAGNE, b. 747, d. 814, King of France 768-814, crowned Holy Roman Emperor 25 Dec 800, married ca. 771 HILDEGARDE.
2. PEPIN b. 773 d. 810, King of Italy 781-810.
3. BERNARD b 797, d 818, King of Italy 813-817, m. Cunigunde.
4. PEPIN b 817/8, d after 840, Count of Senlis, Peroune and St. Quentin.
5.  HERBERT I DE VERMANDOIS b ca 840, d 902, Count of Vermandois, Seigneur of Senlis, Peroune, and St. Quentin.
6.  HERBERT II, b 880-90, d ca 943, Count of Vermandois and Troyes, m. LIEGARDE dau of Robert I, Duke of France.
7.  ALBERT I, the Pious, b. ca 920 d 988, Count of Vermandois; m. GERBERGA OF                 LORRAINE, dau. of Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine.
8. HERBERT III, b. ca. 955, d ca. 1000, Count of Vermandois.
9. OTHO (Eudes or Otto) b. ca 1000, d 1045, Count of Vermandois.
10. HERBERT IV, b. ca. 1032, d. ca 1080, Count of Vermandois.
11. ADELAIDE DE VERMANDOIS, d. ca 1120, Countess of Vermandois, and Valois, m. HUGH MAGNUS, d. 1101, Duke of France and Burgundy, Marquis of Orleans, Count of Vermandois, Leader of the First Crusade.
12.  ISABEL DE VERMANDOIS d 1131, Countess of Leicester; m. 1096 Sir Robert de Beaumont, b. ca. 1049, d. 1118, Count of Meulan, companion of William the Conqueror at Hastings 1066, first Earl of Leicester.
13.  WALERAN DE BEAUMONT b. 1104, d. 1166, Count de Meulan, Earl of Worcester, m. ca 1141 Agnes d'Evreux.
14.  SIR ROBERT DE BEAUMONT d. 1207, Count de Meulan, m. 1165 Maud, dau. of REGINALD FITZ-ROY, Earl of Cornwall, base son of King Henry I.
15.  MAUD (Mabel) DE BEAUMONT living 1204, m. William de Vernon, b. 1155, d. 1217, fifth Earl of Devon.
16.  MARY DE VERNON, m. 1200 (1) Sir Peter de Proux of Changford, Devon; m.(2) SIR ROBERT DE COURTENAY d. 1242, Baron of Oakhampton.
17.  SIR JOHN DE COURTENAY, d. 1274, Baron of Oakhampton, m. Isabel de Vere, grandson of Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford, Lord Chamberlain of England, Magna Charta Surety.
18.  SIR HUGH DE COURTENAY d. 1291, Baron of Oakhampton, m. Eleanor le Despenser, dau. of Hugh le Despenser, Justiciar of England.
20. SIR RICHARD DE GREY b. 1281, d. 1334/5, m. Joan Fitz Payn.
21. JANE DE GREY, m. SIR WILLIAM DE HARCOURT, Knight, d. 1349.
22.  SIR THOMAS DE HARCOURT, Knight of Stanton-Harcourt, Oxford, and two others, d. ca. 1417, m. MAUD DE GREY.
23. SIR THOMAS DE HARCOURT, Knight of Stanton-Harcourt, Oxford, d. 1420, m. Jane Franceys.
24. SIR RICHARD HARCOURT, Knight, d. 1486 of Wytham, Berkshire, m. EDITH ST. CLAIR.
25. ALICE HARCOURT m. William Bessiles, of Bessiles-Leigh, Berkshire.
26. ELIZABETH BESSILES, m. Richard Fettiplace of E. Shelford, Berkshire.
27. ANNE FETTIPLACE b. 1498 d. 1568, m. Edward Purefoy.
28. MARY PUREFOY, m. Thomas Thorne of Yardley-Hastings, Northampton.
29. SUSANNA THORNE, bapt. 1560, m. Capt. Roger Dudley, d. 1585.
30.  GOVERNOR THOMAS DUDLEY, bapt. Yardley-Hastings, Northampton, 1576, d. Roxbury MA 1653, m. 1603 Dorothy Yorke.

My ancestral line from the immigrant, Thomas Dudley, is:

31.  ANNE DUDLEY, born about 1612 in England, married Simon Bradstreet about 1628 in England, and died 16 Sept 1672, age 60. They had children: Samuel, Simon, Dudley, John, Ann, Dorothy, Hannah and MERCY.
32.  MERCY BRADSTREET was born 1647 in Andover MA, married Nathaniel Wade 31 Oct 1672 in Andover MA, and died 5 Oct 1715 in Medford MA. They had children: Nathaniel, Simon, Susannah, Mercy, JONATHAN, Samuel, Anne and Dorothy.
33.  JONATHAN WADE was born 5 Mar 1681/2 in Medford MA, married Mary _____ before 1702, and died before 1720. Their children were Mercy, Jonathan, Nathan and NATHANIEL.
34.  NATHANIEL WADE was born 27 Jan 1708/9 in Charlestown MA, married Ruth Hawkins 26 June 1731 in Scituate RI, and died 13 May 1754 in Scituate RI. Children: SIMON, Dudley, Mary, Ruth, Deborah and John.
35.  SIMON WADE was born 11 Dec 1731 in Scituate RI, married Deborah Tracy before 1767. Their children were: Levi, SIMON, Nehemiah, Gideon, Ruth, Molly and Deborah.
36.  SIMON WADE was born 22 Nov 1767 in Foster RI, and was married before 1790 to Phebe Horton, they lived in Foster RI. Their children were James, Catharine, Sarah, Arnold, Olive, MIRANDA and Fenner.
37.  MIRANDA WADE was born 25 June 1804 in Foster RI, married Jonathan White before 1824, and died 27 Oct 1850 in Killingly CT. They had children HENRY, Albert and Harriet.
38.  HENRY ARNOLD WHITE was born about 1824 in Glocester RI, married Amy Oatley 30 June 1844 in Thompson CT, and died 1 August 1885 in Killingly CT. Their children were Ellen, JULIA, Emily, Henry and Frederick.
39.  JULIA  E. WHITE was born 8 September 1848 in Killingly CT, married Thomas Richmond on 20 June 1868 in Elmville CT, and died 4 October 1913 in Putnam CT. Their children were Annie, Frederic, Everett, Grace, Emily, Charles, ALMA BESSIE, Edwin and James.
40.  ALMA BESSIE RICHMOND was born 16 February 1882 in Killingly CT, married Freerick Walton Seaver on 21 June 1900 in Leominster MA, and died 29 June 1962 in Leominster MA.  Their children were Marion, Evelyn, Stanley, Ruth, FREDERICK WALTON, Edward and Geraldine.
41.  FREDERICK WALTON SEAVER was born 15 October 1911 in Leominster, MA, married Betty Virginia Carringer on 14 July 1942 in San Diego CA, and died 26 May 1983 in San Diego CA.  Their children were RANDALL JEFFREY, Stanley and Scott.
42.  RANDALL JEFFREY SEAVER was born 23 October 1943 in National City CA, married Linda Joan Leland on 21 March 1970 in Chula Vista CA.  They have two children and four grandchildren.

I guess I can get the 6-foot long scroll made now, eh?

Now, some readers may question the descent from Charlemagne to Thomas Dudley.  I just took this out of a book that is not held in high regard by some.  If there is a more authoritative work, with the line from Charlemagne to Thomas Dudley, I would appreciate knowing of it.  

I put this list together back in 1992 for the 16-page Seaver-Richmond Family Journal that I sent to about 20 family members (aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins).  They loved this kind of material.  It helped them understand why some people pursue family history research.  The same goes for researchers today - they are really happy if and when they find links to European royalty.  I admit that it gives me a thrill.  It also provides blog fodder.

Copyright (c) 2013, Randall J. Seaver


Elizabeth Handler said...

Cool - I am descended from Thomas Dudley in at least two ways, so you've taken care of this for me. Thanks so much ;-)

T said...

Well, nuts! Since we share so many ancestors I thought I had hit a pot 'o gold when I saw this headline. Unfortunately, No. But it's OK. I have enough responsibilities, I don't need to be royal on top of it! I'd have to buy a dress. And have my hair done. No more tennis shoes, I suppose. My chickens think I'm a goddess and that beats queen any day!

T said...

I wonder about this source
It just seems tooooo........improbable.

Kitty Cooper said...

It is probable that everyone with Northern European ancestry is descended from Charlemagne. I have put together a list of links that discuss that here

Rockfish Files said...

That's very interesting.Charlemagne or Charles the Great had 10 wives and concubines and has a long ancestral tree.He was certainly one of the most significant men in History

DavidBartlett said...

I am descended from Anne Bradstreet's sister Mercy through some of her descendants in Connecticut. There are actually several separate lines linking Thomas Dudley to Charlemagne, some of which pass through several English kings. Ancestral Roots, the source of the above genealogical line (I have a copy) shoes lines for Charlemagne going back to the 5th century in Roman Gaul. Some genealogists will even tell you there is a strong and partially documented likelihood that Charlemagne can be traced to several Roman Emperors and since those same Emperors can trace even deeper into antiquity, we may some day be able to link Thomas Dudley to Ancient Persia, Egypt and Greece nearly 3000 years ago. But for now it looks like about 1500 years back is as far as we can go with a reasonable degree of certainty.

Unknown said...

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Sue Benoit said...

You mentioned you got your line of descent from a book that was not held in high regard and wanted to know about a more authoritative work for the line from Charlemagne back to Thomas Dudley. On Familysearch blog, there is an article entitled "Documenting Royal Ancestry" posted on Oct 13, 2015 by Nathan Murphy. He tells how to go about doing that and gives reliable sources for you to check. The link is:

I looked at your post of 2013 on your line of descent and then I went to the familysearch blog article to help me document my line and was able to do so. I already had documented my line to Gov.Thomas Dudley through his granddaughter, Dorothy Dudley who married Deacon Moses Leavitt. Seeing your old post, gave me the incentive to follow my line to Charlemagne and beyond. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I thought you might like to know that if you follow your ancestry back from Maud de Grey (Thomas de Harcourt's wife) instead of Jane de Grey, your family line enters the English monarchy at Henry II (Plantagenet), one of the Angevin kings. That also puts William the Conquerer in your direct line, as well as St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland through her marriage to Malcolm Canmore (III), and as a consequence of her being the last Anglo-Saxon princess of England, all of the English kings of the House of Wessex. This includes Aethelred the Unready, Alfred the Great, Ecgbehrt who was one of the greatest kings of that line, all the way back to Cerdic Wessex, who was born in the early 400s and came over to England from Ancient Saxony. Thomas Dudley is my 11th great-grandfather, so our history backwards from him is the same.