Thursday, October 31, 2013

Searching From within the FamilySearch Family Tree - Found a Goodie

I wrote Search Records From Within the FamilySearch Family Tree (posted 23 July 2013) three months ago and have been doing it sporadically on my ancestors and siblings of ancestors since then.

While at the FamilySearch Center yesterday (what, you say, Randy went to the FSC?  Will wonders never cease!), I searched from the FamilySearch Family Tree in one branch of my tree.

I was pleasantly surprised by one record I found.  Here was my process and the result:

1)  In the Pedigree view on the tree, clicked on my 3rd great-grandfather, Jonathan White (1805-1850) of Killingly, Connecticut, and saw his Profile:

Over on the right side, under "Research Help," is a link to "Search Records."

2)  I clicked on the "Search Records" link and the search results appeared:

The first result on the list is for the 1850 U.S. Census Mortality Schedule entry for Jonathan White.  I knew that I had not seen that before.

3)  I clicked on the Jonathan White link for that record and saw the record summary:

Okay, that's interesting, but it isn't very helpful.  There is a "View Image" in the right-hand panel.

4)  I clicked the "View Image" link in the right-hand panel and saw the image (only partial in screen shot below):

There is Jonathan White in the third row above the bottom of the page.  And his wife, Maranda (Wade) White is the second one from the bottom.  This record is at

5)  What to do now?  I plan to:

*  Extract information from the record, and use it in a future Treasure Chest Thursday post.
*  Craft a free-form source citation for it and enter it into my RootsMagic database, adding the record extraction to the Source Detail Text field.
*  Add a Census Fact for Jonathan White for this record, including the transcription of the record in the Fact Note, and adding the Source citation to this Fact.
*  Add the document image to my RootsMagic database and tagging it to this Fact.

I have already adding this record to the Sources for Jonathan White and Miranda (Wade) White.  The Source citation in the FamilySearch Family Tree in the Jonathan White profile is:

"United States Census (Mortality Schedule), 1850," index and images, <i>FamilySearch</i> ( : accessed 31 Oct 2013), Jonathan White, 1850.

The link is to the record summary page in the FamilySearch Family Tree, not to the document image itself.

I found several other useful documents yesterday at the FSC, and had some genealogy fun.

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