Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Facts are Included in RootsMagic Software?

Russ Worthington posted FTM2014 - List of ALL Existing Facts on his Family Tree Maker User blog this morning.  I wondered if there was a comparable list of ALL Facts in RootsMagic.

RootsMagic has a list of existing Facts, and the capability to edit the Fact usage, inclusion and sentence template for each Fact.  A user can also Add a new Fact in RootsMagic.  Here's how to find the List of Facts:

1)  In RootsMagic, click on the "Lists" menu item and select the "Fact Type List:"

2)  That opens the "Fact Type" screen, which lists all of the existing Facts in the left-hand column and displays the information about the Fact in the right-hand column, including the usage, inclusion and sentence template:

3)  Rather than show you several screens of the existing Facts, I will list them in alphabetical order, with an indication of how I have edited them (for whatever reason!) for use in in GEDCOM (G), Publish Online (P), Group sheets (S), Narrative Reports (N), Individual Summary (I), and Lists (L):

*  Administration - G P S N I L
*  Adoption - G P S N I L
*  Alt. Birth -  G P S N I L
*  Alt. Burial - G P S N I L
*  Alt. Christening - G P S N I L
*  Alt. Death - G P S N I L
*  Alt. Marriage - G P S N I L
*  Alternate name - G P S N I L
*  Ancestral File Number - G P S N I L
*  Annulment - G P S N I L

*  Baptism - G P S N I L
*  Bar Mitzvah - G P S N I L
*  Bas Mitzvah - G P S N I L
*  Birth - G P S N I L
*  Blessing - G P S N I L
*  Burial - G P S N I L
*  Caste - G P S N I L
*  Cause of Death - G P S N I L
*  Census - G P I L
*  Census (family) - G P S N I L

*  Christen - G P S N I L
*  Christen (adult) - G P S N I L
*  Confirmation - G P S N I L
*  Cremation - G P S N I L
*  Death - G P S N I L
*  Deed - G P S N I L
*  Degree - G P S N I L
*  Description - G P S N I L
*  Distribution - G P S N I L
*  Divorce - G P S N I L

*  Divorce filed - G P S N I L
*  DNA Test - G P S N I L
*  Draft Registration - G P S N I L
*  Education - G P I L
*  Election - G P S N I L
*  Emigration - G P S N I L
*  Engagement - G P S N I L
*  Excommunication - G P S N I L
*  First communion - G P S N I L
*  Friends - G P S N I L

*  Graduation - G P I L
*  Guardianship - G P S N I L
*  Illness - G P S N I L
*  Immigration - G P I L
*  Inventory - G P S N I L
*  LDS Baptism - G P S N I L
*  LDS Confirmation - G P S N I L
*  LDS Endowment - G P S N I L
*  LDS Initiatory - G P S N I L
*  LDS Seal to parents - G P S N I L

*  LDS Seal to spouse - G P S N I L
*  Living - G P S N I L
*  Marriage - G P S N I L
*  Marriage Bann - G P S N I L
*  Marriage Contract - G P S N I L
*  Marriage Intentions - G P S N I L
*  Marriage License - G P S N I L
*  Marriage Settlement - G P S N I L
*  Military - G P I L
*  Miscellaneous - G P S N I L

*  Mission - G P S N I L
*  Name Change - G P S N I L
*  Namesake - G P S N I L
*  Nationality - G P S L
*  Naturalization - G I L
*  None-Ending - G P S N I L
*  Not Married - G P S N I L
*  Obituary - G P S N I L
*  Occupation - G P N I L
*  Ordination - G P S N I L

*  Other-Begin - G P S N I L
*  Partners - G P S N I L
*  Pension - G P I L
*  Petition - G P S N I L
*  Private-Begin - G P S N I L
*  Probate - G P S N I L
*  Property - G P S N I L
*  Reference No - G 
*  Religion - G I L
*  Residence - G P N I L

*  Residence (family) - G P I L
*  Retirement - G I L
*  Separation - G P S N I L
*  Single - G P S N I L
*  Soc Sec No - G P S N I L
*  SSN Issued - G P S N I L
*  Stillborn - G P S N I L
*  Title (Nobility) - G P S N I L
*  Unknown-Begin - G P S N I L
*  Will - G P N I L

4)  There are 90 different existing Facts in this list (tailored in some cases by myself).  I can't tell which Facts are Standard Facts in a newly installed RootsMagic program, and which ones I've added over time.  I think that I have added several Fact types over the years.

I think that every Fact type starts out with a Yes for G P S N I L inclusion.  I know I edited some of them to eliminate them from certain reports (perhaps I need to review that...).  Some Facts have a Yes for Description and some don't - the user can change that also.

I don't know which of those Facts are standard GEDCOM items - I know many are, but some create custom GEDCOM tags.

I'm curious about the None-Ending, Other-Begin, Private-Begin, and Unknown-Begin Facts.  I have no idea what they might be used for.  Does anyone have an example?  Are these GEDCOM tags of some sort?

What Facts do you use that RootsMagic doesn't use?  What Facts should RootsMagic add as standard Facts?

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RootsMagic said...

None-Ending, Other-Begin, Private-Begin, and Unknown-Begin are all fact types from the old versions of Family Tree Maker (2006 and earlier). They had something to do with the beginning and ending of couple relationships (besides Marriage, Divorce, etc).

Geolover said...

Should be added: Alt. Relationship, Betrothal, Briss, Circumcision, Marriage Bond, Marriage Publication, Godparent.

Do you have reasons for having both Baptism and Christening?

Laura said...

RootsMagic program facts:

Alternate name
Ancestral File Number

Bar Mitzvah
Bas Mitzvah

Census (family)
Christen (adult)

DNA test
Divorce filed

First Communion



LDS Baptism
LDS Confirmation
LDS Endowment
LDS Initiatory
LDS Seal to parents
LDS Seal to spouse

Marriage Bann
Marriage Contract
Marriage License
Marriage Settlement




Reference No
Residence (family)

Soc Sec No

Title (Nobility)


Any other facts are User defined facts which were either created by the user or facts imported from other programs.

Linda Schreiber said...

Depending on the denomination and time and place, christenings are generally near or within some months of birth. Baptism could be then, or at age 13, or later.

Cousin Russ said...


Great listing. I didn't do that because I had entered many user created Facts. From what I can tell, once you create a User Created Fact, it is NOT linked to a specific Family File, but to the Program. That may be at the Version level, but once you open a file from a previous version, that custom facts are put within the new version of the programs list of Facts.

I just counted my list and it was 130 Facts.

Haven't tried to test the impact on a GEDCOM file. Not sure it's worth the time and energy to do so.

I printed my list and it's in front of me and as I update my records, I will check what I have listed as Facts, will update as I go.

Also, haven't run a report on the Fact Usage. As I remember, system provided Facts can not be Deleted. Custom Fact, those that I created can be edited and/or deleted. Haven't tried the User Created Edit/Deleted.

As to the facts that the Roots Magician made, those listings were from the World Family Tree CD's that were in the Family Archive collections, as I recall. You may remember seeing WFT Dates. Those pre-dated our online trees. There was an over lap of the WFT trees and the ability for Version 16 and earlier to have Family Tree Maker User Home Pages.

Thanks for the dialog.


SearchShack said...

Love seeing this whole list - thanks for posting!

I've added facts called
Biography Notes - add sources that contain biographies
Other Researchers - keep a list in the notes section and add a source for e-mails received or notes others posted on ListServes. This "fact" helps me reconnect and collaborate with others.

Would LOVE to learn how to print out a report showing what facts are used as some came over here when I imported my FTM file but to clean that up, I need to be able to create a report showing which fact is used for which person.

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

Great post, Randy. I have 130 facts but some of them are really strange and I don't know why I created them. Some of the ones I created that I use a lot:

WWI Draft
WWII Draft
Household Examination (Swedish)
Moving In Record (Swedish)
Moving Out Record (Swedish)
Voter Registration

I was trying to print out the list, and ended up typing it into Word and counting them there. When I tried to print in the list dialog box, I found a way to find out who was attached to the various facts. Some of the facts I would like to consolidate or change and now I have a way to see who has that fact.

By the way, if you try to delete a fact, you can't if it's a RootsMagic defined fact.