Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday's Tip - FamilySearch Now Provides an Index Bar With an Indexed Record Image

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  FamilySearch has added an Index Bar to record images in historical record collections that have been indexed.

I usually search FamilySearch for specific record locations or record types from the Historical Record Collections list page - https://familysearch.org/search/collection/list.  For example, I searched for Texas collections (in the search field in the upper left-hand corner) and saw:

You can tell which collections have a record image by the camera icon on the left-hand side of the "Title" column on the collection list.  You can also tell if the collection is indexed if it has a number in the "Records" column.

I selected the "Texas Birth Certificates, 1903-1935" collection and searched for "Seaver" and received several matches, including this one for Margaret Louise Seaver:

As you can see, the indexed fields are listed in columns below the image.  The person selected is highlighted in light blue.

Here's another example from the 1940 United States Census, for my father, Frederick W. Seaver:

A third example for Grace K. Seaver in the Vermont, St. Albans Canadian Border Crossings, 1895-1924 collection:

This is, I think, an advance in the technology and presentation at FamilySearch.  In a long list of names, the indexed information may be very helpful in finding the actual record.

The "Image index" can be eliminated by clicking on the "Image index" down arrow on the left side of the index bar on the image above.

I think that this is a new feature from FamilySearch.  The index bar appears for every historical record collection that is indexed and has record images available from FamilySearch.

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Lisa S. Gorrell said...

I searched in Familysearch records today and this viewer came up automatically for me when I clicked on the camera from the results screen. I like the transcription. What I didn't like was the whole document couldn't be seen without moving it with my mouse and I couldn't move to the next screen. When I click "print" all I got was what was showing in the viewer, not the whole page.

To get to the whole page, select "Open in New Window" button. Now you see what we are accustomed to seeing and you have the ability to move forward and backward through the collection. What I was looking at was a two page spread and I needed to see the second page.