Monday, June 22, 2015

SCGS Jamboree Interviews on "A Savory Spotlight"

One of the persons I met at the SCGS Jamboree 2015 was Sheri McNeil Savory, who has a website, along with Tina Sansone, called Research DNA Writers (  Sheri and Tina also have an online radio talk show called "A Savory Spotlight" on L.A. Talk Radio (see

The Jamboree radio interviews are at

Further down the page are the Jamboree interviews (on the left side of the page):

If you click on one of the persons, then click on the play icon (the right arrowhead), you can hear the interviews.  They play consecutively so when one finishes, the next one starts unless you stop it with the Stop icon.

There are short (3 to 12 minutes) interviews with:

*  Blaine Bettinger
*  Crista Cowan of Ancestry
*  Dave Dowell
*  Michael Provard of FamilySearch
*  Lisa Louise Cooke, of Genealogy Gems

*  Rich Brownell of Genisyss DNA Vault
*  George Horn of Jamestowne Society
*  Michael Booth of RootsMagic
*  David McDonald
*  Randy Seaver

*  Dr. Michael Lacopo
*  Steve Morse
*  Kitty Cooper
*  Janine Adams
*  Craig Scott of Heritage Books

*  Anna Swayne of AncestryDNA
*  Angie Bush
*  Ron Arons
*  Ross Curtis of AncestryDNA
*  Paul Woodbury

*  Ron Higgins of CAAGS
*  Dr. Tim Janzen
*  Jim Heddell of
*  Judy Russell
*  Karen and Tom

*  Drew Smith
*  Thomas MacEntee

There is a little bit for everyone here.  Sheri focused on DNA issues because that is one of the main themes for her radio show.

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